Thursday, 19 June 2008

Dear Mama,

1. Do you remember the glass of milk which I used to drink every morning?

Remember you gave me a beating when you caught me pouring my milk into the sink. What you don’t know is that I had been pouring the milk down the drain for 2 yrs before you caught me at it.

2. Remember the Kissan Orange Squash you used to keep locked in the fridge?
Well........I had this flat hair pin which could open the fridge. Whenever the coast was clear, moi would open the fridge with this flat pin and pour the 3 inches of Kissan concentrate into a glass.
Then open the cold water bottle which was kept just next to the Kissan Squash and pour 3 inches of water into the Kissan Squash Bottle, & carefully close the lid & keep it back.
Then pour some water into the glass of orange concentrate. Replace the water bottle back in the fridge.
Then relock the fridge with the flat pin and disappear with the glass of yummy OJ into the darkest corner of the house.

3. Remember that gold earring in the shape of the 3 petal flower ….it fell down & you & I spent 2 hrs searching for it under the washbasin & behind the fridge…….

Ummm……I actually lost the earring on my way to school. I was so scared to tell you, so I cooked up a story that it ‘just’ fell down now.

4. Remember those unavoidable, once in a while extra classes which lasted upto 5.30pm, and I came home only by 7pm.

Well, Galaxy(you remember…that movie theater near Corner House) had these afternoon shows which started only at 2.30pm, so……

5. Remember that study trip to a Castor-oil factory in
Kodaikanal …..

Errrr…..there are no castor-oil factories in Kodaikanal.
And those photographs with lots of students, which are there in the album…..that, my friends & I just gathered a random number of people to lend authenticity to our photos.

6. And remember I went to Mysore for a 1 day training when I was working at EDIT

By now u've got the jist.......ok, read the actual version here

P.s - I can tell u some more Mama……………but wanted to leave you with a few illusions.


  1. Heh heh hope mommie dearest is sitting down when she reads this!

    And sure, link away :)

  2. U have been one naughty kid! Does she actually know all this? She must be plotting some sweet revenge.. But nonetheless, u have been very creative with your crime-filled life. :)

  3. lmao!!! are you sure we aren't related?!?

  4. he he he!

    ur childhood has been as colorful as me!

    but I got caught :( they knew what they r dealing with :P

  5. Bikerdude: that is only IF mommy dearest gets to read this, right;-D

    Bins: oh u dont know half of it.... the creativity i mean;-)

    G-man: have to check the family tree, mayb we have common ancestors.

    Winnie the poohi: I too got caught a coupla times but mostly I got away with it.

  6. Naughty! Naughty!!! hee hee... That orange juice stuff sounds of my favourite things is vermicelli fried in ghee.. my grandma used to painstakingly break it into small pieces, fry in ghee and keep for her ekadashi fast or for payasams...I used to find all her hiding places and eat it up!!! hee hee...

  7. tsk, tsk, tsk, nancy i am surprised at you! OK it was fun reading. no.3 reminded me of a similar incident when i was in 2nd grade i think. we found the lost necklace years later hanging from a plant in our farm! gave an equal amount of gold back to the worker who returned it for his honesty. i am sure you don't regret the EDID trip one bit:-)

  8. hey.. wonderful!
    but then... i never got caught pouring the milk away. neva eva!
    and wait till ur children hand u a list :P

  9. :D pretty naughty..i was never good at sneaky stuff..tried so many times but was caught almost everytime :(

  10. Wannabe: :-D heeeheee. My kids do that to their grandma all the time:-D.

    Lan: yep, enjoyed the EDIT trip thoroughly except for the last bit:-P

    ISH: the adage "An apple never falls far from the tree" haunts me full-time:-(

    Sunshine: aaah u must cover all ur bases b4 even attempting to fool ur parents;-). Personally I believe I was extremely lucky coz I 'almost' got caught so many times & just escaped by the skin of my teeth:-O.

  11. now come to think of it, chachi always had some long winding explainations for all her actions...! Now it all fits in fine. Not tht i dint knw about some of them, but just chose to be silent about most of them...

  12. Anonymous is my sister who has magnamiously decided to comment today, who otherwise, walks in reads everything & walks out the same way:-/.
    And her comment is directed at all the others who have commented here:-P
    p.s - what she calls me. why? me.
    p.p.s - on the whole, she is a good egg. Well.....could have been worse:-P.

  13. hey ! I am on the other side of thefence and I still remember my son used to pour the glass of milk outside in a tulsi plant, but I caught him, You know mother's always know:), I knew because with the speed he was finishing milk with a smiling face:), I knew something is wrong somewhere:) he cant drink milk and be happy:)

  14. Yeah I know exactly wht u r talking about.....I myself was a naughty kid, so I know how their minds are working.
    Just like u said how can he drink milk and still be happy:-D

  15. You Naughty!!! Don't know if your mama read it, I am going to send it to your kids now!!

  16. Maddy: hehe, kids have already figured out that their Mama is not all sweetness & light:-P


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