Sunday, 29 June 2008

Does this happen with u……..

You are watching TV and you see something at the extreme edge of your vision…maybe something moving, maybe something solid or like a bug. You swing ur head to see what it is & its not there. It happens quite often with me.

I always attributed it to an incident which happened to me when I was small.
Location: Kerala.
Occasion: Summer Hols.
My aunt was cutting wood & my 3 yr old cousin was irritating her by simply crying for no reason. My aunt was patient for a while but got angry when there was no letting up from my cousin’ side. She took this huge piece of wood & advanced to beat her with it. I was sitting in the sidelines & was watching the proceedings with great interest. I was hoping my aunt would give the brat a sound whacking. When she started to beat her, I realized she meant business & jumped in to rescue my cousin. My aunt swung the wood upwards like a bat, bringing it down to connect my cousin’s backside, in the same instant I bent down to pull my cousin out of harms way and the piece of wood hit my eye….. and the world went black.

When I came to, I realized I couldn’t see with 1 eye. I still remember, as a remedy they brought some lactating mother’s breast milk, peeled open my swollen eyelid & poured droplets into my eye every 4 hrs for the next 2 days. My relatives(my parents were not around) also took me to a doc after a day(when they realized that my eyesight was not coming back by itself). The doc said there was nothing to worry as the eye was responding normally to all the tests he conducted. It was just shock & so prescribed bedrest.

My sight was back the 3rd morning & all was well. But it is after this incident I ‘feel’ I started seeing this distraction…….sometimes just a ant-sized something at the corner of my vision & sometimes a shadow.

But I find it strange that an incident that happened so long ago(more than 25 yrs back) can still be affecting me. So I’m wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this.

p.s- In case you r wondering whether I hold it against my aunt….. Nope. Not one bit. Infact I’ll always be grateful for the fact that she took the piece of wood to beat her daughter & not the axe she was cutting the wood with.


  1. the ending was funny!

    I dont feel it while watching tv.. but many a time.. i feel i see something from corner of my eye.. when there is nothing there!

  2. I also feel these, and doctor said that since I am a myopic, it happens and they are called floaters

  3. you must be an angel like figure to ur cousin!
    and childhood memories galore!! :)

  4. sometimes i see golden particles flyin around....and they dont disappear even i blink a few times...does it count??

  5. WTP: wow, u too...

    Renu: thanx, will google floaters & see what comes up.

    ISH: Oh she was one ungrateful wrench. seems to have improved with time tho;-P

    prakhar: golden particles which dont disappear, huh? I'm feeling much better.

  6. woa, that wasn't a very good idea on your aunt's part!

    well i don't have anything in the corner of my vision, but i do have a pair of floaters in each eye

  7. U bet I see stuff like u mentioned. But with my super vision I seek it out. My eyes don't fool with me and if it is a bug (it usually is), I let it have the bashing of its life! They are not going to mess with me!

  8. G-man: Oh I dont thk my aunt was going to beat her(like really beat) kid with that piece of wood. In hindsight I thk she merely meant to scare her. It was stupid me who thought she would:-S
    Floaters...u too Renu.

    Bins: Hehe. But I really dont understand how u manage to c them in the first place since ur eyesight is also is quite weak.

  9. Normally doctors say they are harmless I mean floaters, my nephew used to say--I am getting little mosquitoes in front of my eyes----that is the way they look like---since i normally go for a yearly check up, i always get my retina checkd up also.

  10. i do see something like dust particals that float around. You know when i was little and started learning about atoms and molecules and stuff, i thought the dust particals that float in front of my eyes are actually atoms and that the books are lying coz i could see them with my naked eyes [:D]

  11. Renu: so that means only people with short sight r the 1's who see this buzz in the eye. Hmm even I have short sight.
    I've saved 150dhs by writing this on my blog;-P.

    Sunshine: Hey even I had the same thought:-D

  12. Nancy Thats Awesome..i thought i was the only freak...phew

  13. :) Yeah--the lactating milk remedy sounds all too familiar..but I doubt if the incident would have an effect on your vision after 25 years..That too it doesn't occur on a regular basis right?Maybe it is the auras you care beginning to see like the great psychics!;-)

  14. Sunshine: LOL, I never for 1 moment assumed I was a freak....I just thot I had the GIFT:-D

    Ps: Aura Huh. Now there's an interesting thought:-D

  15. Nancy your way sounds better then mine :D Wow i am Gifted..thats so cool

  16. Ghosts!! perhaps... nah! just kidding.

  17. Sunshine: Doesnt it:-D.

    Preethi: Naaah nothing so exciting...have come to the conclusion they are floaters... like the others have mentioned above.

  18. forget all wht u have heard..u r seeing dead people....there! enjoy the nightmares :)

    hey got whacked with a piece of wood left for drying by my grandma once...becoz my imbecile younger brother fell off the balcony and they thought i had pushed him becoz i was laughing so hard at him ...nostalgia....

  19. tys on ice: Heehee u r really funny.
    ...fell of the must have hurt him but then i guess nothing of any importance happened since u were laughing thru it:-P


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