Thursday, 11 October 2012

In the News

Good Evening Viewers,

Welcome to the Bi-monthly from the RBC*.

The headlines

A popular blogging portal had selected Reflections last post as their Saturday Spicy pick. Confusion and chaos followed. Details below.

The term exams have started and there is tangible tension in the air.

And in sports news RBC celebrates the victory of underdogs WestIndies.

News in Detail

After 5 long yrs of blogging, one of Reflections post……….made it to Saturday Spicy pick.

She stared in amazement.

Rubbed her eyes and stared again.

It was true.

Her heart overcome with joy started a wild dance which refused to stop.

So what if the post was copied and pasted from an article she read.

She felt like……

She exclaimed that she couldn’t possibly explain how she felt.

But you know her, she needs to explain or she’ll burst….

We will now take you to her and let her explain in her own words how she felt….

“I was sooo thrilled. I now know how Amitabh Bachchanji must have felt when he finally received a filmfare award for Agneepath. Before I continue let me wish the superstar, "Happy 70th Budday" *waves to camera & blows kisses*

[pausing dramatically]

But it all came crashing down when I realised they misconstrued my entire post….

Bronnie Ware is the person who worked there not me[refer previous post for details].

I wrote to the concerned authorities immediately about the error and am hopeful they’ll do the neccesary amendment.

[leans forward and looks directly into the camera]

But I am not surprised.

You see, these things happen to me all the time.

People kinda assume I’m something which I’m totally not. And I so badly wish to be what they think I am, not because I want to be what they think I am[oh alright maybe a leeetle bit] but because I don’t want them to feel they have erred in their judgement. You get what I mean. You don’t??? Yeah well it’s complicated…….”

[Fade out & back to prim newsreader looking suspiciously like Ms. N’s twin sister ]

Thank You Maam. That was Ms N clarifying her stand on the issue.

[Pauses and continues]

Ms. N also listened to Mayawati’s speech at the Party rally 2 days back and shook her head in amazement. 
Time will reveal” she said cryptically when asked her stance on the issue and refused to comment further. 

In other news….

After 3 years and 8 months of successfully blocking the tv channels on their idiotbox, Ms. N’s family chanced upon a receiver lying unused in an acquaintance's safekeeping. They sort of blanked out after that. The next thing they know is that the receiver mysteriously found itself in their living room and nobody had logical explanation as to how it reached there. Ms N and family are now always found in front of the tv watching reruns of comedy circus back from 2009. They are also found laughing themselves silly over the episodes and don’t even leave their seats for fear of missing the wonderful advertisements aired.

Side by side, an uneasy atmosphere prevails in Ms N’s Household as the first term exams are going on. We are not prepared, the family gloomily admit. The children are quiet……very quiet, hoping to be overlooked if they made no noise and just kept to themselves. The adults ofcourse are aware that they’ll have only themselves to blame if the kids perform poorly.

On a happier note, Ms N had a celebrity moment a few days back. As you all are aware Ms N has very old friends who don’t think much of the blog and when questioned they critically analyse that there is more hype than matter in this space. So it came as a surprise to Ms N when an old friend told her that her new collegue was a big fan of this blog. The friend’s voice held a shocked element; Ms N face had a beeg grin on it and she wisely held her tongue. Ms N would like to thank this blog-friend for raising this humble blogger's value in her friend’s eyes;-D.

Sports News

Ms N was overjoyed when the West Indies lifted the T20 Trophy. Not surprising since she is always rooting for the underdogs. 
[A pop-up in the corner shows Ms N shrieking "Chris Gayle......BIG Fan*pointing to self*]

But she looked very dispirited when asked to comment about Lance Armstrong. “I’m very disappointed, seems like Heroes don’t exist anywhere except in storybooks. I keep hoping he’ll come back with proof and redeem all our faith but the evidence is damning. None of us like to admit we've been played for fools huh” shrugging her shoulders resignedly.

Ms N has also been eagerly waiting for the temperatures to drop so that she could make a start on her exercise regime. As expected, temperatures dropped but Ms N is still waiting. She is now waiting for inspiration.  Suggestion and comments on this topic are welcome. All messages will be read & replied to by Ms N personally.

That’s all in the news toda......

[News reader is handed a scrap of paper by random hand]

Reports have just come in that Ms N’s congratulatory message to Mr. Bachchan has been misconstrued by his fans. ABFA have asked for a public apology.

When questioned Ms N began dramatically “I’m completely innocent. Why is it that I am always in the news for the wrong reasons? It is all a big misunderstanding. I have nothing but respect for the old man........ ”

Fresh violence broke out among the protesters.

[fades out]

That’s all in the new today. Good day!!!!

[RBC signature tune follows] 

*Reflections Broadcasting Corporation


  1. FIRST!!!!

    I bet your news reader idea has its inspiration from little Ms N

    1. Hahahaaa.....not while writing it but just before posting it came to me;-D

  2. Congratulations on the Spicy Saturday Pick. Excellent interview!

    BTW, doping or not (although that was a worse twist), in his defense, Lance Armstrong has been a true fighter for the way he fought his cancer and reached where he is today. :)

    PS: Published that in haste so I don't miss out being first. You know how this is very important than the Congratulations and wishes :D

    1. What twist??? Do tell me because I'm at a point where I'm ready to believe anything....anything to save him fr falling in my eyes:-(.

      p.s: Heeeee....I knw;-D

  3. congrats on the Spicy Saturday picks.. better things to come from here on :)

    1. Hehe lucky I have a thick-skin otherwise I wd have closed my blog by now;-P.
      @better things Yeah...hanging on to the hope;-D

  4. Congrats Nance :) :) I saw the description there and rubbed my eyes when I saw that u were working there too :P Was wondering how u had never told us all about it :D

    And this is one classic Ms.N style post ;) Loved it :D

    1. Seriously...I like cringed when I saw it. Anyways I'm looking at it positively...see it gave me fodder for my next post;-D

      And heyyy thanks;-D

  5. Ms N is hereby conferred with the Best news reader award. She is also anointed as the most creative blogger - this post is testimony to that

    "New Colleague" is told to get in line behind all of us, long standing starry eyed fans of the celebrity Ms N

    Ms N is requested to do a passable imitation of Chris Gayle dancing Gangnam Style and post the video on this forum.

    1. Ms N is reading and rereading the comment, savouring it. Mr.R knows just the right thing to always:-)).

      As for Ganganam style dancing...not even a doubt abt it.....after Chris Gayle's epic moves, everybody & everything else pales into insignificance;-D.

  6. LOL, your blog always leaves me in splits!!! All the best to your girls, I feel for them, seriously. I'm sure they'll sail through just fine. And congrats on the pick, recognition is always good :)

    1. Hopefully...;-(((
      Atleast Hindi is over & done with...feels almost like the exams are over;-P

  7. Yayy congrats on being chosen ! Thoroughly enjoyed reading the post ! :-) (Hope the kids are keeping you busy with their exams :D )

    1. Hehehe its the other way around, I keep them busy;-D

  8. Kudos to RBC for bringing us the latest in Mrs. N's life and presenting it so well!

  9. If all news was presented so interestingly.. sigh

    BTW, I am one of the protesters if u say anything abt Big B.. And SRK of course! :D

    1. Arrey baba how was I supposed to dream that my engleesh budday wishes were going to be translated in Hindi;-(

  10. Take a bow, Ms. N!
    Understanding and misunderstanding be damned, it has brought back the mad N that all of us love. That is an award in itslef for us :-)

    Now for an encore, bring it on, lady!

    1. Awwwwww....

      AWWWWWWW......I feel so goooood, thank you Bindu.


      Errr....will posting everyday for the next 30 days do???

  11. Whaataay Post. had me laughing all through. I also imagined you reading this.. so what if I havent seen you ( I have seen a reflection of you, nothing more than that. but I have heard your voice, you singing that is in one of the very early posts, remember the kid in candy store day for me?)

    you are so utterly butterly ( this is just for the rhyming effect ) creative.

    1. Ermmm...when we are short of matter we have to think on our feet;-P. As long as u guys liked it.....nothing else matters:-))))).
      Thank U Vincy!!!!!

  12. nance, this is for the first of thirty posts. Just had to say I am glad to know you are getting to read from the library as u had hoped. looking forward to 30 days. don't worry i won't post comments here. just couldn't help it when i saw the book and reading part:-)

    1. Oh Lan to be honest the library is a disappointment;-(....within 3 trips I have read everything[mostly fiction] I like...the rest are books on technology, history, geography[meaning mostly ref. books] and Arabic books;-(((((. On the positive side I'm getting out of my comfort zone and exploring other genre's, sooo..I suppose it depends which way I want to look at it;-P

  13. Ms.N, you're hilarious, you know that right! LOLLLL!

    Congratulations on the well deserved spicy pick! That had to be picked, Nance, was such an enlightening post :)

    And why oh why have you closed comments for your latest post? *picture a la nagavalli emoticon from me*
    I loved English Vinglish too! :)

    1. Yeah loved English-Vinglish soo much that I was in suchae good mood past 2 days.
      Reality hit today when I realised what exactly I let myself in for;-o
      Ende ammmmae...;-(((*picture innacent's expression from Killukam*

  14. Congrats on the Spicy Saturday pick...its high time Blogadda motivates the great humor thats spread in these pages :)

    Loved your interview :)

    1. Ohhh Uma such a nice thing to say, thank U. I have no great yearnings...too lazy to care, just happy if u guys enjoy reading what I post:-D


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