Monday, 15 October 2012


I post so sporadically on the blog that sometimes I wonder why I bother.

I realise I need to get my ACT together.

Watched English-Vinglish bytheby.

Inspite of the fact kids had exams the next day.

TERM exams.

Can you even imagine the guilt???

But whattay movie I say!!! Totally motivating!!!!

Bas, I decided to post something on my blog everyday for the next 30 days.

It could be something I wrote, a forward I received, a quote, a cool fact, pictures..….anything.

Comments will be blocked for reasons I can’t explain.

Oh all right I can explain but it’s going to sound silly.

Still want to hear it???

Seee it’s like this….

There is a fear that I may not complete the task I’ve set myself.

A fear that I may not do justice to it.

Plus the fact that I feel guilty….


You don’t get it????

No, no forget it I can’t explain….

*N hides face in the book*

Which book???

Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama.

*N is rattled by the sudden silence her last sentence evoked*

What???? I'm not joking, I'm in the *looks in book* 243rd page right now.

He wrote this book way back before he became president. Did you know he was called Barry by everybody when he was small.

I think he is still called Barry but I can't be too sure as I haven't read till the end.

I know, I know.....if somebody told me 2 months back that I would be caught reading this book I too would have laughed at them.

See……I found this library a bus stop away soon after we shifted into our new place. The best part of it is we get to take home 20 books at a time. Cool huh!!!

The kids & I hammered out an agreement between ourselves wherein it was decided they get to take 10 books, I get 9 and the better-half gets 1.

Before you accuse me of injustice and what-not, let me tell you something about the better-half. He is a tv guy, an English[comedy] movie guy, a sleep, snooze, nap, siesta guy, even a magazine guy but not a book kinda guy.

1 book too many really.

But I told you….I was born with a guilty conscience.

So we get the books we want and he gets 1 book that I think he’ll like.

The latest ofcourse is BO’s book.

The previous was David Beckham: My Son by Ted Beckham.

I watched from afar as he scanned the pages of the latter. 

Lingered over the glossy photographs. 

And shut the book.

All this in 5 minutes.

Luckily Nikita showed some interest in the book and I was consoled.

The President’s book had no pictures.

It got 20 secs.

So I'm reading it now.


Guilt, my friends, I've realised is a powerful motivator.