Wednesday, 28 October 2009

No, its not a proper post

I recently came across this "Art of Living" advertisement which said they were conducting a 6 day program & asking people to register. The best part is that it's being conducted pretty close to where I'm located but the bad news is that the kids are having exams around the same week.

I'm interested but full of doubts. I checked the net for information & got the general jist of their programs.

But I want more a personal account or review. Have any of u done this course or do u know anybody who's done it??? Tell me whatever u know!!!!


  1. Hummm ...First to comment .. :D ...well I too did a bit of wiki...only was able to get some basic you the link
    let me know if anything that helped you...


  2. Prabodh, I already checked Wiki;-D...infact thts one of the 1st things I did. But thanks for making the effort:-))!!!!

  3. One of my friend attended it long time back(all most 6 years back).I'm told that before attending it , he was a very reserved person and that 1 week camp made a big diffrence on his personality.But according to me,since he attended the camp, he(his 'changes') was a head ache for all of hyper active... unnecessary involving in all unnecessary matters and all.Anyways it took almost 4 years 4 us to bring him back to 'normal stage'.Between he is a very nice guy.....
    I myself haven't attended any,will ask my other friends about the same and get back 2 U

  4. LOL thanks for the info Anish...u r making me have second thoughts. Do let me know if u can find out anything else;-D

  5. May be she could give you more details here Dilse @

  6. Hey thanks Pins N Ashes....will check it out immediately:-))!!!

  7. yeah I did this course in Auckland New Zealand, Its basically a yoga course along with the main focus on breathing exercises.

    It is advisable if you have breathing problem, tiredness, lack of motivation, anxiety etc, I have asthma so it was suppose to help me but it is not a cure, its a lifestyle, you have to continue doing it every morning to have an impact.

    And to explain what it does is: The vigorous breathing you do pumps oxygen in your body and the effect is you feel refreshed and motivated to take on the world.

    I am very embarassed to admit that I didn't managed to continue like many others I gave up too, I suggest you do it as long as you are not expecting some miracalous outcome and you have time and money to kill, its an experience of its kind.

    OMG I always end up entering embarassingly long comments :(

    Good Luck!

  8. Thank a lot somebody who has done the course ur view on the whole course is important to me. Thank U:-))
    Like they say in that advertisement..."Daag achche hai", similarly looong comments bahut achchae hai;-D

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  11. I got invitation for this course..they ususally come to offices for advertisement but i never attended....

    But heard from others they give classes and stress on importance of meditation in your life...

    there is one shortcoming with all these feel change till the time you are doing it ..the moment you stop following their perscribed routine..back to zero again :-)

  12. nope.. no first hand info, but my parents did attend and they quite liked it, shall ask them more about it and let you know

  13. I did the course (the first level) just recently and I found the sessions really helpful.It mainly consisted of various breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and some insightful discussions.
    My impression for the course is that it helps you develop a lifestyle for your self. They do not force anything on you. And you can do the course (and various activities) at your own level of ease. So if you are not flexible enough (like me :-) for some of the Yoga, they will tell you some easy modifications.
    I have been trying to maintain and practise some of the things I learnt there and will love to continue it. Even I had heard a lot about it, so when I got to know they were offering very close to my neighbourhood, I just jumped at the opportunity.
    Hope this information will help you in making the decision.

    Sorry, if I went too detailed :-)

  14. I haven't done it -but have lots of friends and family who swear by it.. But yes, what they say is that you have to stick by it and do it very regularly..

  15. i know quite a few people who have done it...but can't ask them...will kinda harm my reputation na ;)

  16. No, I have not attended any, but know of a few people who have, and it is highly recommended.I would suggest you definitely try and make it.

  17. Kiran did it.
    Her link is on my site under "fitness solution"

  18. OK, here it is, her link is:

  19. my mom had tried it a few years back but did not like it too much...its mostly breathing techniques and they make you take really deep breaths to improve blood circulation in the mom suffers from a low bp problem and the breathing exercises just made it worse for her!

    but on the flipside ive heard a lot of good things about it as well! so i guess its a very subjective opinion... :)

  20. I heard a lot about it and my brother, mom and bhabhi did it and they appreciate a lot, but I dont, because they dont have any harmony in the house:)...they teach us about positivity, and Pranayaam, but its always about individuals,earlier I also wanted to do it, but when I saw that it didnt bring a change in them as individuals, they are what they were, no change in thinking:) so I dont give a dime for these courses,

  21. hmmm... I have no experience with Art of Living, but yeah have heard a lot about it and have been involved in a similar organisation for a long time.
    If you want to take a break from your normal routine and spend some time understanding urself, then its always good to get into something like this, cos its helps us to be on track (first) and then there's always someone else around who's going to motivate and push things.
    Again, Art of Living is all about breathing and your body... so anything done in that regards can keep you in good spirits and healthy ;-)

  22. Sorries Nancy! .. Nothing helpful to share.

    I have a funny story though. Everytime I used to be stubborn (which is usually me), my uncle would be preachy & tell me to attend 'Art of Living' course. I would scowl in return and really hated the mention of the course. LOL.

  23. I havent done it.I've been wanting to though.My brother-in law(R's brother) & co-sister are ardent followers.They are quite satisfied with how their life has shaped up ever since they started attending the classes.

    So if you're really interested,my advice would be to go for it.

  24. I have heard of AOL, but not experienced what they have to offer. But I have experienced very similar programs, if the title is anything to go by, and I can tell you that you will be VERY inspired the first few days...then life will catch up with you and the impact starts to fade. It's all about making a decision for change and then implementing it (which is the tough part). I hope it helps you Nance.

  25. waiting for you to go attend and let me know if it is as good as others (people i know)say it is!

  26. This course is expensive...not aware of how it actually is.

  27. I've come late- and never heard of the course- but I tell you I laughed so much at Anish's comment- definitely should not be an ambassador for the course= ha ha!! it actually made my day!!

    ps not to sound like a broken record, but have been missing your regular blogging!!

  28. Rashmi: Yeah I get what u mean....its says in their website tht lack of motivation is one the key points which will be discussed. I'm hoping tht shd sort out this problem;-D

    ISH: Please do, only if it is not too much of a problem. As u can see I have already received quite a lot of helpful advice;-D

    Dil Se: Thank a lot, whatever u have written has been eagerly read by me...just the kind of information I wanted:-)).

    Smitha: I'm hoping to be one among those people who swear by it;-D

    Blunt Edges: LOL ofcourse u musn't...what if they get the wrong idea about u;-o

    Passionate Goof: Thanks for helping me out;-))

    Agnes: Thanks for the link...will definitiely chk it out:-).

    Sunshine: I guess for different people it affects differently. Thanks for letting me know:-))!!!

    Renu: Points worth thinking about:-))!!!

    Sandhya: "there's always someone else around who's going to motivate and push things."
    I was hoping to bring about a few positive changes in my life & hoping this cd be a start to what I have in mind:-).

    Lostworld: LOL...I can just imagine ur irritation with AOL. Thank for sharing the incident;-D!!!!

    Deeps: Hmmm the general concensus is to go for it. Thanks for helping me out;-))!!!!

    Shades of Grey: I havent fully decided yet....the kids mid-term exams are happening around the same time, which is big deterrent;-(

    Suma: Will surely let u knw;-))!!!

    The Idle Devil: Its costs around 2k in India I've heard. Here it will cost me more than double but then everything costs more no point comparing. But I guess I cd save some money if I decide to do it the next time I go to India.

    Anjuli: LOL...Anish is in his early twenties I think. So I'd take whatever he says with a pinch of salt;-D
    Yeah I knw I've been slacking a bit....hopefully by next week I shd be back on track. Thank U for asking:-))!!!!

  29. No - haven't experienced it but dropping a comment or you'll again be worried about people lurking around :)

    But yeah, have heard good things about it...

  30. Ho ho ho...very funny;-/. U r not going to let me forget that post are u. u r again on one of ur official trips huh. Just a wild guess;-D

  31. Don't know much so really can't help. I can only say, if it is a real short course then you'll be spending a lot of money on something that can easily be done and started with few yoga classes :)

    I know I didn't hel, I'm sorry :(
    Just wanted to comment :D

  32. Hehe u knw what, I enquired abt yoga classes just last week and somebody helpfully pointed me to a place which was conducting 10 sessions of yoga classes for 500dhs;-D

  33. hey nancy, waiting for your feedback now because I have also been trying to find out about attending AOL in Dubai or Sharjah.

  34. My friends take it and swear by it. They asked me many time to attend it but since I am a totally non-spiritual person, I totally balk at the cost!! No nirvana for me in this life time :( :P

  35. you have an award waiting on my blog..come visit :D

  36. I have not attended one. But from what I hear, it really does not make that much of a difference. For starters, they don't tell u anything that you do not already know. Like, breathing well, thinking positive etc. These are things that you can practice on your own without sitting through an elaborate course. to me, it is just a money-making gimmick. I guess people who are really down and out and have really outsourced their thinking, might benefit.

    You can achieve good health through yoga. Sign up for a good yoga class instead. In yoga it is all about correct postures and breathing while doing the exercises. I don't chant and all. Those things are not for me.

    While I have said all of the above, take up the AOL, in case it is free!!! Ha Ha Ha! Atleast that way, you are not paying to hear stuff a sensible woman like you probably already knows!

  37. I haven't attended but lot of people seem to find it useful. My mother did attend and seemed to like it. It is breathing exercises and I understand that it is supposed to alter your attitude towards life and reduce stress. What I understood is that it teaches you that everything is okay so that you are able to face tough situations in life without getting tensed...but not sure if it really does change people!

  38. First time around here :) A friend recommended this blog to me.

    Dunno anything about art of living courses actually, though my aunt (who is staying in Bahrain) used to go for them and she used to enjoy them quite a bit.

  39. Elizabeth: Will definitely let u knw if I join:-)).

    Roshni: rest for the wicked huh;-D

    Titaxy: Thank U so much!!! Just gimme a minute and I'll be there;-D

    Butterfly: All these very thoughts occurred to me too. But guess what, 10 sessions of yoga will cost me 500dhs and 1 week of AOL classes which ofcourse contain yoga also costs me the same. So can u blame me for choosing AOL;-D

    Wannabewriter: Its not like I want to do it coz I'm stressed...just tht lack of motivation dogs me so I thought mayb AOL cd help;-P

    Dhanya: Thank U for visiting drop in again;-))!!!!!

  40. Yeah, my maternal aunt is into this Art of Living and has completed some levels... She is totally happy with it and keeps recommending it to one and all... If you really want to know more and in detail..tell me which city are you in..may be I can ask massi to talk to you...

  41. I know people who swear by it. Helps those who help themselves, and follow the directions given during the course. The course can only show one the way..the actual trudging has still got to be done by the individual...I did the first day of this course and did find it very interesting and useful... could not continue due to personal reasons.

  42. My mom has done the basic course. It is truly amazing as I have seen for myself the almost unbelievable transformation in her.
    Hope u get to do it.
    I intend doing it too.
    I have visited their centre at Bangalore and really liked it.

  43. If this is about the basic course; I have done it. But in the Ashram. It was amazing experience.

  44. Nu, JP Joshi, Preethi Shenoy, Bluemist: Thank U so much for the input. I was not able to join this course for a few reasons but definitely looking forward to join their next one which they said will be held in Jan. Once again, I so appreciate ur helpful comments:-))

  45. Nancy i did it about 6 years back...i liked it..lots of pranayams, philosophy but sorry i didnt experience anything amazing...though the first time i did the sudarshan kriya i laughed non stop ..some people cry, sob..i did it religiously fr a year til i developed a health issue. Then I stopped completely..i do my normal yoga class though. Recently met someone who did the basic course wth me and she sd that all these vigorous kriyas are meant fr yogis,people who eat sattvic food..its their lifestyle not fr urban people who eat junk and breathe poisonous air!I agree with her to an extent.No harm in trying if you have time and money but i wouldn`t kill myself to do it!

  46. Hey Nancy, I have attended the course, practiced it sincerely for a while and predictably gave up. I don't know the exact reason, but i'll try and list out a few in no particular order....

    1. I really wanted to see what it was all about. So it was just curiosity although i'm interested in Yoga and a bit more spiritual than many expect me to be.
    I eat saatvic food etc...

    2. Liked it. It was different and i like the way they spoke about life as if it were a mystery waiting to be conquered.

    3. They say different ppl experience different things. All i felt during the course was a kind of electric pulse passing thru my body, which i think is fresh energy. And i cried like a baby...

    The reasons for quitting:
    1. It invariably made me sleepy instead of making me feel energised! But that sleep was awesome...

    2. I found it difficult to take normal breaths. I mean the lung seemed to need more oxygen all day, which may be good but i kind of felt breathless many times, so was not comfortable.

    3. The people who were conducting 'Kriya' sessions, as in the long 'kriyas' that you are supposed to attend after the completion of the course started addressing everyone with 'Jai Gurudev' and they see 'Shri shri RaviShankar' as some kind of God, although they never mention it explicitly. I found it hard to pretend in every session. I see him as a Yoga Teacher, albeit a good one...

    Hope it helps... don't worry about your kids' exams. The sessions will keep coming. You can make it the next time, if you want to...

  47. Myspace, Preethi: Thank U so much for ur perspective. FInd it very helpful. I'm hoping to do it sometime in Jan.


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