Thursday, 22 October 2009

Was not at all planning to post today...

Oh my goodness, did u know about this site called Somebody just came into my page thru there & I ofcourse dutifully followed the link back and what do I find......a neat list of all the comments I post on the various blogs I visit.

Sheesh it gives me the heebie-jeebies to think that not just my posts but even my comments are been followed. I had no clue something like this existed. Till today I went about posting comments rather suddenly I feel sooo stooopid reading my own nonsense back.

Inane stuff like...

Nice post........[sheesh pansy]

Awww sho shweeet....[puke, puke]

Really, I had no clue....[dumb idiot]

Heeeee........[add haw & I'd sound like a donkey]

Oh my goodness.......[pppffffffffbbbbtttttt....just take a stick & beat me, will u]



I cant bear to go on. I'm in total shock....feel like digging a deep hole just enough for me to crawl in, sitting inside, covering the top of the hole with some leaves & wallowing in my insignificance[for want of a better word].

Please dont be taken aback by the comments u may receive henceforth......I suggest u arm urself with a thesaurus & a few reference books. I could be quoting anything from Keats to the Achimedes Principle to make my comments look important and relevant.

And oh yeah, dont panic if u dont see me around for a few days. I'll be busy at the British Library researching my new post.

p.s: Did U know about this site?????

p.p.s: Ummm....If u want to disagree with me abt the comments I post.......go ahead, I wont create a scene, Honest!!!!!!


  1. You do have company Nancy :) lets do the research together..

  2. I follow about 50 odd people on backtype.. am there since about a year almost.. !!!!!! :) :) :)

    Chirag if you know him posted about this site.. !! :D :D :D

    I use it to land exactly where spamming is happening on blogs !!!!

    and yes... now let me follow you there toooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!

    hee haw..

  3. heheh! Its fine! A lot of us do that when we like the article but actually can't think of anything else to say about it other than 'nice post'!!

  4. I did know about this, but I have never used it. I do see that some people come to my blog through backtype and reading Hitchy's comment, I think I just found out who ;)

  5. Mindspace: Oh goody, this is going to be fun;-D

    Hitchwriter: Hawhawhaw...thank u for the super tip;-D

    Roshni: Gosh I'm feeling so much better;-D

    Smitha: LOL

  6. Now,should I comment ot not?

    Knew this long back(when I began blogging). I read the summary of my comments and remind myself of the post(reverse learning:P)

    PS:Hope your daughter is better now. Best wishes and prayers....

  7. By the way, your comments have always been the Nancy style,honest with a tinge of humour. Now,don't threaten us with thesaraus and references,please!

  8. Nancy pass on the drink please *sakshi shivering* Boy I don't even have the guts to go to that site and see if my comments are there :( As if I myself didn't know that I am putting the concise Mahabharatha on every blog I visit, now you say others can get all the edition of my work on one site? *faints*

    What do you suggest? we take a sabbatical from blogging and go to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and mull about the comment mistakes we did in the past over some chilly drinks???

  9. oh my i didn't know about this site...will check it out...but believe me, i'm gonna feel comments, as i already know, are so lets see...don't worry, there are people like me who you can look at and feel better abt yourself ;-)...

  10. yikes!!!!

    the pressure of writing a post, now the pressure of writing intelligent comments? :)

  11. lol @ the british library part!!!

    have never heard about the site before!

  12. Awwwww........sho shweeeeet. :)))))

    (Nance, this backtype thing is used by almost all the bloggers and you can see all of our comments out there. We can't escape it. :( )

  13. Sakshi and I have some 'arse' and 'butt' comments. Imagine the impression we created.

    Now isn't your cute and sweet comments much better, Nance? :))

  14. lol...nope had no idea such a site existed! and like some1 said above...ur comments have been truly Nancy-style! :)

  15. Whoa!! Tht was an intresting site...

  16. woops, had no idea abt this site.. will hop right back after checking it out!
    and erm, does that mean my inane comments are up for the world to see :/

  17. I have contemplated and have arrived at the brilliant conclusion that henceforth my complete list of comments will exude Brobdingnagian intelligence and wit.

    I wish to sound good in my comments too. No more hee hawing for me. No no no.

  18. Internet guggu wants to know : What is the purpose of this site? Why is it being tracked? Pray tell me what good comes of it??

  19. Oh is their a site like that.. I never knew about that.. Anyway, we like your style of commenting and hence please dont change your style..

  20. Nice post Nance :P

    Just heard abt it but never used ;)
    Am ready to read the comments on Archimedes Principle and Calculus and trigonometry and what not :P Bring them on ;)

  21. Nancy, thanks for sharing the site ID. I will go there right away and and have a rellok at what crap i have posted on other peoples' blogs in the past. By the way , thanks for brightening up my day with your humour once again.

  22. And thanks for enabling instant comment posting. At least one comes to know the fault commited immediately and can delete the comment in case of a serious mistake.

    For example I have located instantly the typo above and can make amends instantly(please read 'relook' for rellok)

  23. Yeahh i know about this site :).I tried it few times back to find out wht all i commented on others blog :)

  24. haha that was a good one, looking forward for more humorous and reference friendly comments.

    Hope your little one is all good now....

    Good Luck, btw is there a british library in dubai (aren't you lucky) and what is the library like, coming from NZ where every residential area has a wonderful library, I am still at loss finding a right library here in Abu Dhabi :(

  25. I feel like a person from the Stone Ages! I'm so pathetic I don't even use google reader etc. I follow a few blogs & the rest I simply check every now and then :D I used to actually think (until recently) that people do the same with my blog too..

    Following comments !!! Next they'd be tracking how often I use the letter A or hit Enter !! Do they already ??!!??

    Btw, pls comment with all the theories & formulaes. I shall also concoct some chemical reactions in response & show-off :D

  26. Never knew about going to chk:)

  27. Chirag told us about this site, I merrily signed up and recently added more names to the list i follow, though I never get to actually follow 'follow'.... And yes it gives me the creeps too, to think that every comment of mine is recorded neatly at one place, and yes some make me feel rather stoopid too :P

  28. i think this happens for people who have been blogging for long...hehe..but yeah i normally end up with short comments mostly..sometimes with just a smiley..:-)

  29. I have not heard of this site at all!! Uh oh!! :(

    As for your posts AND comments- they are all equally delightful. I like you to post more often- forget the research- just post!! :)

  30. Don't you dare go prosey posey. We love you just the way you are, your comments are always straight from the heart, the way it should be.
    You sure know how to make us laugh, Nancy!

  31. no wonder you have been giving me 'car'ing tips about 'car'ressing my 'car'thavu!

    so the comment was a result of your visit to the british library?? goodness!!

    No I didnt know about the site.Let me go and check it out.I'm sure most of my comments will either be LOL,ROFL,goodness,I agree with you,I relate with you,hugs,blah blah blah...

  32. Athivas: U knew huhh!!! Makes me wonder what are the other things I dont know;-o
    Naina is much better now & thank u for the compliment:-))

    Sakshi: Do u even have to ask;-o???? Let GO!!!!!

    Titaxy: LOL..thanks for trying to make me feel better;-D

    Suma: Exactly...u said it in one sentence what I took 1 whole post to write;-P

    Blunt edges: Really??? I'm beginning to feel much better;-)).

    Solilo: wonder Sakshi is contemplating running away;-D

    Sunshine: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Prabodh: Chk it out:-))!!!

    ISH: If somebody decides to add u then yes;-o

    Meira: Errr, brobo..dingdong what...;-o?????

    Butterfly: Good question;-D!!!

    Never Ending Memories: Thank U:-))!!!

    Swaram: "Am ready to read the comments on Archimedes Principle and Calculus and trigonometry and what not :P Bring them on ;)"


    Balvinder Singh: Thank U:-))!!!
    Its funny but I didnt see the typo until u pointed it out;-D

    anishthomas: ;-D

    Sadiya: Yes there is a BL in Dubai!!!
    Seriously even I was so shocked when I first came here & found out that there were just 2 libraries for the whole of Dubai. There r others but most of them Arabic;-/

    lostworld: "pls comment with all the theories & formulaes. I shall also concoct some chemical reactions in response & show-off :D" will be like blind leading the blind huh;-D!!!!!

    Renu: ;-D

    indianhomaker: Comforting to know there are other who feel like me;-)).

    Mathew: Oh yes gotta agree here....a smiley's the safest;-D

    Anjuli: Hehe whenever I feel depressed I just have to read ur comments & feel instantly cheered up;-))

    Wanderlust: Awwwww, u r sho shweet...and I meant in the nicest way, Honest:-))!!!!

  33. Deeps: my library visits are showing on the vocab huh. Ende Karthavae;-D!!!

  34. :) ve never heard of the link, have to check it up!
    that was such a nice (cmon its an ok word!;)) post, honestly!! lovely command of language too, short but entertaining nevertheless...loved it. and dont go about changing your writing into something pompous, highhanded and boring!! that would just not be you!! :)so do stick on to your tickling sense of humour, if it be short and simple the better...

  35. thanks for informing ignorant people like me about it :)

  36. AH! Now I have an excuse for the "intelligent" comment though I had no clue about this website (and I am really hesitating to register at this website).

  37. I just checked it and yeah I could see all my comments..and age old comments too !

  38. Wow, seriously, I used to think that my wife would never discover how I flirt coz. I post a few flirty comments among the many intelligent ones on so many blogs :P Now I've to be careful...

  39. Wow, very weird (having a site like that).
    Hey, how is your daughter doing???

  40. Onlooker: Thank U, thank u, thank u....just the kind of comment I was looking out for;-D

    Elizabeth: My pleasure;-))!!!

    Colours: Seriously, so am I;-o!!!!

    Nu: ;-D
    ....those age-old comments are the worst;-o

    Rakesh: LOL...I dont think tht is the answer...just make sure u dont take her to any Bloggers Meet;-D

    Agnes: Very;-o!!! Naina is much better now, thank U for asking:-))!!!!

  41. Hey come on !!! I love ur comments - never did it look the way you had written it to be !!! Hee-haw - Donkey - hahhahhahha !!!!

    So what ???? Everybody comments like that !!!!

    Pl dont bring in Keats or Beats, for heaven's sake.

  42. LOL Ums...."Keats or Beats", dont say it so loudly, he's one of the gr8test poets of Literature;-o.
    Thank U so much for the shweeetest comment[see I havent changed 1 bit];-D!!!!

  43. didn't know about this. i assume you have to register there to see comments?

  44. Hiya!!! Didn't know about this site, but am not going there to check it out.

    And plz keep commenting the way you've always done....its honest & truly means a lot :)

  45. best comment search engine which ever I found, cool. Nice info sharing, so informatif posting. Thank's...

  46. lan: Yes u have to register if u r going there by typing the link. I actually followed the link which showed on my feedjit & so I got to see the log.

    Shalom: Good to see u back;-D. And thank U for the kind words:-))!!!!!!

    Hanum: My pleasure:-))!!!!


  47. hehe.. see there i go again.. i think the activity of involved reading of the post drains so much energy that the commenting takes a back seat and ends up being lame :)
    Do i sound intelligent? ;)

  48. Amrita, I know exactly what u mean. Sometimes when we read a very good post, words just dry up and everything we want to say sounds so inadequate....isnt tht what u r trying to say:-)!!!

  49. Ouch. never knew about this. :P
    How do we search there ? by screen name ?

  50. I myself am not too sure but I guess we first have to register and then follow others thru their links:-).


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