Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Why do I Blog??????

The topic “Why do I Blog” keeps raising its ragged head again & again. Everytime I read a blogger’s take on this topic I keep thinking about putting up a post on it but it never happened….mainly because I didn’t have enough reasons to put forward in front of you without sounding like…….. like dumb for starters.

Like always let me start at the beginning; sometime in 2005 I registered in rediff specifically to blog….. I must have put up a total of 5 or 6 posts in a span of 6 months, so sporadic & half hearted was the effort that one fine day I realized that I had forgotten the password….yeah just like that. So that was that.

Cut to 2 years later….. the Interior Decoration Company I was working for, had hardly any work at 1 particular point in time & to top it we finally got the broadband connection which was awaited with great excitement. First, games for kids were duly downloaded & loaded at home, then new recipes were tried & tested in the kitchen….then what….oh yes I managed to pick up Excel from the Microsoft site[very easy with complete tips & tricks if anybody is interested]……if I were smarter I would have proceeded on that same track, you know, updating myself with more softwares & information…..but that’s simply not me....I have never haboured any hopes or plans to improve, not then and definitely not now.

Maintaining an online diary appealed to me……..you know, in school & college I used to have a diary where I recorded my thoughts & intentions on a weekly basis….which gradually became monthly & then after my marriage it declined some more & became on a yearly basis…..now nonexistent ofcourse.

I blogged in MSN Windows live for a few months and then for some reason the link to my blog stopped working. I could login but nobody else could view my page. Then a friend suggested blogger which was supposedly more popular with more options & more windows friendly to geeks like me. Painstakingly using the copy & paste option I moved all my posts to blogger. Blogger in the beginning wasn’t at all user friendly & didn’t have so many options which I took for granted in Msn but even inbetween all that the cussing I was halfheartedly updating. I gave my link to friends & family. Nobody bothered to comment except for Bins…..and even she did it mostly out of fear coz she knew I could track her visits thru feedjit.

Then ofcourse I stumbled upon Ps site like any other blogger. After much delibration I tentatively commented on one of her posts. And she so sweetly returned the favour.

Which is when the fact that all my people came in to read what I wrote but didn’t bother to comment finally got my goat. I got mad & locked everybody out except Bins. Then after a few weeks I commented once again at Ps’s blog asking her permission to blogroll her. And Ps wrote back asking me why I blocked my page.

Imagine my excitement………somebody actually wanted to read what I wrote. I double rushed to throw open the gates to my blog once again. Around the same time another blogger
Preethi who came to my blog all on her own & generously commented on most of my posts. And I also returned the favour enthusiastically….though I must say unlike Ps’s posts where I had to break my brains to comment intelligently Preethi posts were easy to comment on.

Out of curiosity I checked for bloggers in Dubai…u know just to see if there were other people trying to kill time like me. After browsing some 400 profiles I come across ISH . I was not planning on commenting but the last sentence in her post just made me want to & I did. Then she commented on mine. The rest as they say is History. After that come rain or shine we have faithfully commented on eachothers post….nothing complicated here but pure loyalty I assure you. Even today she may not update for 2-3 weeks but if I don’t update atleast once a week she will come over & command “Update Woman!!!!”. What audacity I tell you!!!!

Likewise I have no hesitation commenting something, anything in Bins, Renu, Shalom, Winnie, Wannabe.... and Lan's blog even if they didn’t on mine coz our association goes way back. Thankfully with the exception of Winnie, all the rest write about matters I can associate with, so that makes things easier.
Winnie, I like her stories…….now if only she made the effort to complete them. Shhhhhh please don’t tell her I said this….I can’t afford to antagonize her as most of my awards come from her backyard.

And while I’m at it how can I avoid mentioning Agnes, Anjuli, Goofy Mumma, Maddy, Piper .., SMRITI, Sunshine, because irrespective of whether I commented on their page or not they never fail to leave a comment on all my posts.

Nowadays I find myself hard pressed for time but even then when I come across posts which makes me laugh or touches me I make an effort to comment coz I haven’t forgotten my initial struggle in the blogging world[duhhh why do I get the feeling I'm making a “I’m a person who studied hard under the streetlamp & became a doctor” kinda speech].

Very recently I came across a blog which writes exactly the way I think but never been able to put it on paper with the ease she does. Infact her post on this same topic is what actually got me to write this post finally. And here is another blog …..the sense of humour I instantly connected with. And no....I didnt put her down here because she wrote about me last week. I was the one who commented first on her blog 2-3 weeks back. So there!!!!
ummm......coming back to what I was saying......similarly there are so many others out there who match your mindset & are just waiting to be read. How exciting really!!!!!

At the risk of being labeled a fake I have to tell u that I don’t write or in this case blog for myself. I don’t consider myself a blogger per se, more like a story teller. So just imagine a story teller without an audience…likewise me. I’m sure I’d have stopped blogging loooong back without your encouraging comments.

Yes like Lan mentioned once when we get a certain number of people following what we have to say, there is a bit of expectation associated with it. But since I don’t write about Global Warming or How to eradicate Poverty in the 3rd world countries, I get away with the gross misappropriation of facts & figures.
Again the important thing here is that it is precisely because of that expectation that I make an honest attempt to deliver.

And ofcourse not the least, I cant totally deny the fact that I like penning down my thoughts & random incidents in my life which tickle my funnybone, posting it hoping you find it as funny or moving as I do. And while I'm at it, let me without an iota of shame assure you that I absolutely love receiving comments & will happily proceed to further discuss the matter with you in the comments section.

Now if only I had encouragement like this to lose some weight :-(


  1. Yay!!you did another post on blogging!:)actually I think the third one na?:D
    I loved both the earlier ones and they made me realise a lot of things:))

    LOL@I could track her through feedjit:D

    ROFL@''Which is when the fact that all my people came in to read what I wrote but didn’t bother to comment finally got my goat. I got mad & locked everybody out except bins''

    and yeah I wish Winnie completes her stories too..she writes so darn well..:)

    I love the way you write ever since I first discovered your blog through winnie's:))
    As if you are talking to us you know:))

    love the way you write!and the many ,many comments that you get are proof of that:))

  2. Even I sit and wonder sometimes about the same reason as to why do i blog! my husband thinks i have too much time on earth these days and so i do.. but when i look back, i realised i'd blogged on the busiest days of my life too... its some sort of satisfaction... very good post..

  3. Wishing you to Lose control!!!!!oh Slip of tongue!!! Lose weight!!Lose weight Nancy.....For every Kilo reduced we offer you 1 Kg of your fav ice cream!!

    This is the proof that I read your blog till the end, as always!!!

    It might have taken a lot of time to draft and link all this posts.That shows how much you love blogging and the blogging community. Keep rocking!!!

  4. Nancy! You are born to write, think about commercialising your talent and earning some good money. Really. You can write on any damn topic and just so well, that I cannot leave it in between, have to finish the entire post.Nice journey through the world of blogs.

    Thanks for the mention.;) I think you hardly miss commenting on my posts, no matter how stupid the post, so it is mutual, though you are definitely the truly comment-deserving blogger. Keep blogging Nan, and keep us smiling. Our smiles will keep bringing you good luck!

    PS - And I will always keep commenting.

  5. First time here and I must say that I ahve fallen for you.. Its just at the end that I realized -this is a long post and i read it all with atmost interest ..I must say that you write well bcoz it is very hard to keep people hanging on..

    //I have never haboured any hopes or plans to improve, not then and definitely not now.
    :) oh yeah,even i am like that

    //even she did it mostly out of fear coz I could track her thru feejit.

    //Now if only I had encouragement like this to lose some weight :-(

    ROFL ..you are so cool :)

    Will come here again and again..and oh well,i live in a country in the vicinity of Dubai :) so we may qualify as neighbours at home away from home...

  6. heeheheheh loved this :) specially the I love recieving comments Period thind at the comments section !!! Thanks for linking up to me :) btw you really blocked everyone out coz they dint comment??? hheheheh heights of being mad at them !!


  7. Indyeah: Thank U for the lovely compliments:-D
    "I could track her through feedjit"
    ....seriously I used to put her thru the guilt trip;-P
    And yeah I too wish winnie wd buck up & complete her stories;-D

    Rohini: I agree..blogging gives a different type of high altogether:-))
    And thank U!!!!

    Maddy: LOL!!! Trust u to get down to what really matters in the end;-D.
    Thank U for the tempting encouragements & ofcourse compliments:-P

    Goofy Mumma: I'm trying hard to recognise myself in ur comment;-o.
    "Our smiles will keep bringing you good luck!"
    I'll heartily second tht!!!!!

    nimis540: May I return the favour & say I've fallen for u....err ur cooking to be more precise:-D.
    I have even commented on 1 of ur dishes...
    Dunno if u noticed tht:-P

    OG: U r a nice guy!!!!
    Thank U for commenting;-D

    Prashanthi: Yeah I did & I find tht so funny now;-P
    .....all were prepared to discuss the post on the phone but wouldn't put it down in the comments section;-/.

  8. To tell you the truth, I read the first few paras and then I quickly scanned to check if I was being mentioned...(ha, the egocentric me), but then i read it again more calmy...how do you do it?write so engagingly...

  9. Nancy, I read that post too and had my own thoughts. But I was scared to comment, very frankly. BUt I have been thinking of doing a post on this. I`m so glad you did. Very honestly, I dont see what`s wrong with 'I pat your back, You pat mine' policy. Isnt that how we`re supposed to make friends? I cant imagine why one would stop to make friends because one thinks one has plenty of them. I dont have plenty of friends. Sitting at home, I dont get a chance to make too many either, which is why I like the idea of interacting with people here.
    Also, I love the fact that people actually bother to read my blog. I love all the appreciation I get. It makes me feel really nice. I love getting comments.I completely agree with you on the comments part. I did write to GM about it as well. Even if I`m writing something like 'what a cute lil baby' - I mean it. If I do like a particular picture or a particular line or the entire post, why should I not comment on it? Why should appreciation be so constrained?
    When I started my blog, I was so naive Nancy. I had no idea how to make people read what I write. I wanted to have readers. Of course I did. I write completely for myself - to feel good and appreciated. Writing is one thing I can do, where I feel I can get appreciated. So obviously I want readers. Is that something to feel ashamed of? I can start naming people who have been super nice to me and have replied back, bothered to check my blog and interact with me. On the other hand I can also name people who have been downright nasty or have simply ignored me(dunno what`s worse!). And its pretty clear to me, which category I want to be in. BUt I can tell you this - it always gives me a nice feeling when I write something nice on someone`s blog. If the person responds, I`ve earned a friend.
    Phew! Taken up too much space. Delete this comment if you want.
    And thanks a lot for mentioning me :))

  10. hey, even I started with rediff... What's the url of your rediff blog, would love to see how you started off [dumb or otherwise :)]

    And you blocked your page? he he, that's very womanlike...

    lol @ initial struggle.

    And the random incidents and your thoughts are definitely read worthy coz. of their craziness quotient :)

  11. i like reading random and different stuff. I think it's more difficult writing random things and making them interesting than writing the smart things. That's why i like reading your blog. because of the randomness and unexpected.

  12. Nancy, I think there is hardly anyone here who blogs for themselves. I know I started out that way, just to vent out the hidden feelings and emotions which I could not discuss with my family. Once on the blogosphere I discovered that not only were there many more people like me, I realised I was perfectly "normal", which too many people thought I wasnt.

    In fact it was ur blog that made me write the weekly rants, else I'd be waiting to stumble upon "something serious" to write on.. :P I absolutely love reading ur posts... :)

    Hugs >:D<

  13. he he I think everybody writes for themselves..

    its just the comment spree connecting people and in turn we assure to write better for them...

    ok my turn to say " u really write good"

  14. "I came across a blog which writes exactly the way I think but never been able to put it on paper with the ease she does."

    kiyun itni izzat de rahe ho? u do know how i feel about your writing ... and i m a mere nothing in comparison ... but i do thank you very much for your kindness. i am honored. :)

    I loved this post cuz it reflects a lot of the person that you are. if i dare present my analysis: ;p

    There is so much goodness in you ... that you give out in abundance ... and yet there's a person in you who craves to be loved and appreciated by those who you love. that duality can only exist in combination in an honest soul who only wants good for everyone she meets. it's the purity in you that makes you think that everyone is like you and focuses on positives in everyone else like you do ... and if that doesn't happen, you fear disappointment ... just because you are so so so so so nice yourself. :)

    that's me analysis reading this post. hehe i could be way off the mark. i just felt like spilling the thoughts that came to me when i read this. cuz as i read yer blog, i find me comparing myself to ye and seeing how much i can relate to your personality ... like ye said, i completely relate to how u think .... only diff i see is my 'i-dun-give-a-shish about anyone who is not nice to me' attitude. other than that, we're mayb-blood sistas, gorge! heh

    keep up the good work! :)) we loves reading!!!

    you don't have to publish this. i felt comfortable typing this out because comment moderation is enabled. :)

  15. Wah Wah!!! Standing ovations to u on this one!!! You have really come of age!

    Pheeww! Now I can accept that I read ur blogs in the beginning outta fear! I used to get scared to sign in on Messenger. And when u could not catch me online u would send threatening reminders offline! :) Aaaah, the good ol' days!

    Now this fear has become a habit. :D I love reading ur blogs. I would give you an award (But i do not know how to) Ha ha ha. Me and my pathetic skills at Blogger.

    And I have to sign off on this note: when I do figure out how to give awards, u are gonna be the first in line.

  16. Very interesting...plus got to read some more blogs!

  17. Btw, Happy Holi!

  18. You didnt mention my name????*crying and sobbing uncontrollably*
    I know I know you are think what a 'naatakbaaz' I am!!...Just kidding,Nancy!
    'So just imagine a story teller without an audience'...wake up,lady..you have about quarter of a century of people following your blog and you still think you dont have an audience??
    Nancy,I may be the nth merson to tell you this but you're one gifted writer and I really look forward to reading your posts.And whenever I recieve a comment from you,I feel truly honoured.
    So please dont stop blogging or as you say telling us your stories:)

  19. Hey nancy..I am really on top of the world, u mentioned me in the inner circle:)
    I dont remembr the initial mdays, but i remembr this much that when i first readyo u blog, I told everyone in my family about how interestingly you write and how it touches you somehwere and since then i am a regular reader of your blog. and there was a time I started getting possesive of your comments even:)
    You are hundred percent right..who doesnt want readership:) But where comments are concerned, i like genuine ones, even if they contrast with my ideas..so what, they give me a new perspective.. I am 100% real and same I appreciate, nothing fake, not even appreciation.

  20. heyyy! im soo touched u mentioned my name!! :) im kind of lazy with comments...but somehow ur posts are always very easy to comment on...probably of the conversational style that u follow u make it really easy to just hop in, say hi, one other line and hop back out! all very quickly! :)

    so keep writing and giving us our regular dose of Nancy-ness! :D


  21. Sindhu: aaaah I understand about human tendencies;-D....actually I was only mentioning the old-timers otherwise all ur names wd have definitely popped in.
    How do I write so engagingly???? Truthfully speaking I just write the way I talk;-P

    Piper: I understand your point completely..."Sitting at home, I dont get a chance to make too many either, which is why I like the idea of interacting with people here."
    U knw....I'm sure this is exactly why most of us take to blogging.
    "it always gives me a nice feeling when I write something nice on someone`s blog."
    Oh yes I agree & I feel even better when somebody comments on mine;-D

    Rakesh: I really dont remember the url of tht blog....u must be believe me bcoz I was tht dumb...seriously. All I knew was to login & get there;-S. And once I forgot the password I never saw it again.

    A: Hehe...u know I never thought of it like that. hah I'm feeling better now...u knw like more self-esteem & all tht:-D

    Smrithi: "I think there is hardly anyone here who blogs for themselves."
    U knw I'm with u here. No matter how much somebody says comments dont matter I dont really believe them 100%. Thts why when I see blog which are updated regularly with hardly any comments I'm in awe coz they r dedicated people:-o.
    And seriously, I was the 1??? I cant believe it;-o!!
    Good thing I did coz u write them so well:-)).

    Smi: How have u been?????
    And thank U!!!!

    Roop: I read tht 4th para some 4 times before I fully understood every nuance in there.
    ummm..have u by any chance taken a post graduation in psychology?????
    And u can bet ur last dollar that I'll be reading this again & again & again &.........

    Bins: did u read what roop wrote abt me:-o?????? If not, take a look just above ur comment. Do u agree.....let me rephrase tht qtn...dont u agree with her?????And ya...I'm waiting for those awards too:-D.

    The Idle Devil: Glad to be of help:-D

    Rakesh: oooooooh yes...Happy Holi Rakesh, hope u get plastered with all those colors;-D !!!!!!!!!

    Deeps: LOL:-D!!!!!!! Believe me when I say I remmebered U when I was writing abt bloggers who comment on my blog even if I didnt do on theirs but like I was telling sindhu I was mentioning only the old-timers otherwise ur name wd have definitely been there.
    Now say u've forgiven me:-D

    Renu: Awwww Renu u r so sweet!!!!!
    "where comments are concerned, i like genuine ones, even if they contrast with my ideas..so what, they give me a new perspective.. I am 100% real and same I appreciate, nothing fake, not even appreciation."
    Agree 100% with U here Renu...infact I wish I had thought of this point while I was writing my post..I definitely wd have added it:-P

  22. Nancy..u r cute.. u got me thinking as to why do i blog? I agree that if there were no comments we would have stopped blogging long ago..
    updating myself with more softwares & information…..but that’s simply not me...I can absolutely relate to this..anything that requires more than 5 minutes of physical or mental effort is a big no no!!

  23. I want to write so much here but too lazy to type *sheepish grin*. I would just say that this is exactly why I blog too.

    I started in Dec 2008 and have found some fabulous friends like you have with Bins and I really don't even see if they have commented on mine or not. I regularly comment on their's. Then there are some where I comment only if I have the time to read the post.

    In the end comments and appreciation is a motivation. To think that when I started I didn't even bother to leave comments. The only ones I followed are IHM and Mad Momma.

    Now just take your blog for instance. If I come here, I comment. Because I connect in some way with what you write. That is why people come back not because 'you scratch my back and I yours' which some people believe. I Don't.

    I also don't agree with people who call some blogs mediocre and some erudite. Who decides that? Isn't blogging a personal thing? People blog about the things they like. If others like it then the readership increases. It is all about connecting with the readers too.

    If someone doesn't like comments then wouldn't they lock the comment section? If they haven't then that means they love comments too. Only gets irritated when others stop commenting there. In the long run the relationship have to be build both ways. One way doesn't work in real life then how can you expect that in virtual world?

    Okay Nancy...Ha..ha.. I was going to stop at first line but kept typing. Ha...ha..

  24. :) such an endearing post! straight from the heart,yes they all usually are, but this somehow, strikes at the root of it!! :) a great journey indeed...wishes for many more lovely miles ahead..

  25. hey gr8 post...came here via prashanti's blog...Read lot of ur older post also..

    Ur way of expressing urself is simply gr8 :-)

  26. Hey, great post again. I always read your blog along with Bins (she is my cousin) but never commented coz I always thought " she doesn’t know me so I can’t".
    but after reading this post, I will post my comments coz I am a regular follower of your blog...(check it everyday for updates actually).. :)
    Keep up the good work. :)

  27. Your posts are a lot of fun to read Nancy.
    I always feel special when you comment on my posts so I make it a point to comment even when I am busy.
    Yours was the first blog I've ever read I think. I remember I was sick in bed (flu) and stumbled upon your site on my laptop (I remember something about a saree, then some blindfolded lady farting at the dinner table...) . So glad I found you, you're so special.



  28. You love receiving comments..???Well ma'am we love reading your blog.The simplicity and direct-dil se approach is what kept us hooked, Nancy :D

    I registered in blogger way back in 2006. But somehow did'nt give it's share of attention then.But now it is fun writing blogs and any appreciation through comments is always welcome. Infact blog reading and hoppping is one of my favorite interests now:)

  29. What a luvly to way to pay tribute to all the ones who made little difference in your life..

    thanks to this post...I came across some interesting blogs!


  30. Hi,

    I just read some of your post and its just awesome. You write so naturally, I just can imagine your situation in some of the post. I liked your writing very much.

    Keep posting :-)

  31. In spite of having you on my blogroll, why am I the 50th person to comment?? ;) Thanks for the mention Nance..and I think you are special for a lot of bloggers because you were the first one to comment on their blogs...same with me...you shall always be special! :) Keep at it!

  32. dont know why you blog. dont know for that matter why i blog. but ill tell u why i keep coming back to ur blog. its not often you meet someone who articulates her thoughts so easily. its not only interesting but it makes good learning for me. it opens my mind up to your views, your perspective which at time is different than mine. the humour in your posts keeps me smiling through out. your personality and character (whatever i can tell through your writing) keeps me hooked and coming back for more.



  33. Sunshine: I'll take tht as a compliment;-P

    myspace: Hehe u too:-D...sometimes I think its better I dont otherwise who knows what all I can do & in the end will not able to handle all tht publicity;-D

    Solilo: Since I dont have a gr8 opinion abt my blog itself I dont dare pass comments abt the others;-D.
    Yep speaking from personal exp itself I have to agree tht comments are a gr8 motivator.
    "In the long run the relationship have to be build both ways. One way doesn't work in real life then how can you expect that in virtual world?"
    I agree totally here. And this is precisely what makes me comment to each commentator personally:-)

    onlooker: U have bowled me over with tht statement. Thank U:-)!!!!!

    Rashmi: Ur kind words make me feel good:-)). Thank U!!!!!

    Divya: Ofcourse I know who U r...infact I've asked bins abt u:-D. And thank U!!!!

    Agnes: awwww...u r making me feel so good. I used to wonder what is it tht interests u here....I really believe I'm no gr8 shakes:-P. Nowadays surprisingly I no longer question it:-)). Thank U!!!

    Shayari: Thank U!!!
    Yes blogging sort of keeps 1 hooked:-P...time sure flies when we are having fun;-D.

    Prakhar: Thank U!!! U knw I've been meaning to do this post for quite sometime now but it never happened. Suddenly the mood struck & voila...it got written by itself;-P

    Never Ending Memories: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Wannabe: U always exaggerate...but ofcourse it suits me to believe it:-D. Thank U!!!

    N: My views, my perspective...??? ummm ur sure right u r putting this comment down in the right blog;-o
    Well anyways the comment is officially mine to do what I want now...so I'll just accept it:-D

  34. Awesome Post!!!! Blogrolling you!!!!!

  35. Amrita: I'm honoured!!!!!
    And thank U!!!!!!
    p.s: heee...looks like u r generous with the exclamation mark too;-D.

  36. Why do I Blog??????

    I enjoyed reading your post. However, my take is, "Who else should if not talented people like you". Keep blogging... and follow GM's advice... I whole heartedly second it too.

  37. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog through PS's blog and I am very very glad I did that. I have just started reading your posts and I have a long way to go :). A very nice post. Every blogger will ask this question to themselves at one point in time. Well I started off blogging with this very question :). As I have left a comment in PS's blog, Its bloggers like you that I draw inspiration from to write on. Thanks for that. Keep reflecting....

  38. oohh... that was good stuff, the links et all
    and am i glad that u commented on that post the first time, i seriously dont think i would have continued blogging for long enough otherwise
    not only do u divert the traffic to my blog , i also got to know some awesome bloggers through ur comment section ..lots to thank u for
    and yes, yet another beautiful post, u so rock

  39. hahaha u'd blocked ur page eh? n lol @ tracking Bins lol all i know is i keep coming back for more cuz ur posts are always fun to read & make me smile :) :D

    bt this was the best part "%%%% I love receiving comments Period %%%%" hahahaha :D keep bloggin'!!!

  40. I love your blog - Period :).

    If you do find something to lose weight please let me know also.


  41. JP Joshi: Thank U, thank U.....u think so????? I've thought abt it but never mustered courage to dream further;-P. But if u keep saying nice things like this, very soon I'll start believing it:-o.

    Anusha: Thank U!!!!!!
    "Its bloggers like you that I draw inspiration from to write on."
    U confound me with ur sincerity. And I return the compliment....its comments like this which make everything worth it:-)).

    ISH: All that is fine....my question is when is ur next post coming up;-/.

    snow: u find it funny huh!!! Me too:-D!!!!

    colours: U too huh!!!!
    "If you do find something to lose weight please let me know also."
    I want to say the same back to u:-P.

  42. Good to know the "why", but I'm just glad you blog, period!!! Even though I'm a bit slow in commenting, I usually read your posts within hours of their being up, and they always pep me up! So thank you for the mention, and thank you so much more for blogging :D

  43. I so wish I could complete them too Darn!

    Anyhow! I am so glad that you stopped by mine :D :D

    *hugs hugs* btw next time you come to bangy.. you better meet me :P *flexes arms*

    P.P.S: how did I miss this one ?

  44. Did I or did I not comment here? I ahve become a regular absent minded person!


  45. Shalom: U make me feel soo good:-D!!!

    Winnie: Nope u havent commented....I guess I put it up when u went to Mumbai.
    Ofcourse we'll meet....no 2nd thoughts on tht:-D

  46. :) Didnt know that my comment opened the gates :P Thanks for the mention!

  47. Preethi: Hehe....I go all nostalgic now when I thk abt those days;-P

  48. lovely way of expressing and that was like almost similar to my situation a couple months ago... right now I started reading others blogs and comment on them without any hesitancy.

  49. Padmaja: Commenting on others blog is 1 good way of attracting people to ur blog. Another good trick is not to look at other comments & just proceed straight to the comment box & start typing wht u feel:-)).

  50. Boo-hoooooooo you called me a no-brainer?? boooo- hoooooooo! no no noo.......... this will not do ..... booo-hooooo hoooo again! ........ Gotcha, didn't i? do you still do ur sudoku or have you ditched it for blogger?? ;) thanks for mentioning me nance....

  51. Preethi: I knw u r just pulling my leg but I do want to tell u how much I appreciated & still value ur comments. U go to the heart of the matter & know exactly how to make a person feel valued. Thank U!!!
    Blogging does take up most of my time but I havent ditched sudoku as such....as I wait at the bus-stop for the kids to come back from school I play it on my mobile;-D.


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