Saturday, 21 March 2009

A Hundred Questions

Was tagged by Shayari on this...........

100 things about me


1. What's your name→ Nancy

2. Nicknames→ Nance, Nancy Drew..... and no, not Nan.

4. Zodiac sign → Aquarius

5. Male or female or transgendered → Female

6. Elementary→ Heeeee.....Holy Cross School, Bangalore

7. Schools → St. Charles High School, Bangalore

8. Colleges → Bishop Cottons Women’s Christian College, Bangalore

9. Height → 5'4”[almost]

10. Hair color → Black

11. Long or short → Mid length

12. Do you have a crush on someone? → No but I sure would like to crush a few people

13: Ever been in love? Ask me when I've been out of love, first my parents & sister and now with my husband & kids

14. Piercings → of the ears.

15. Tattoos → Never wanted one but like to see them on others

16. Righty or lefty → A little bit of both


17. First piercing → Ears, When I was 5.

18. First best friends →Farhana & Tanveer

19. First sport you joined→ Some kind of drill I think for School sports day.

20. First pet → Toothie, a German Shepherd.

21. First vacation → Kerala, my birthplace

22. First concert → In School I think, don’t remember really.

23. First crush → Sometime in 7th std, few days later I found out that he studied in 6th std & the crush died an instant death.

24. Eating → When hungry……. is the correct answer. But alas…its whenever I see food I like.

25. Drinking → Only when I’m parched:-S. I'm trying to change.

26. I'm about to → get the kids cleaned up for dinner.

27. Listening to → Jai Ho[& the kids are doing a war style dance in the background]


28. Last beverage → Chocolate Milk

29. Last phone call → 12 hrs back

30. Last text message → from Etisalat trying to convince to me join some scheme where I could call India for 99fils.

31. Last song you listened to → Previous to Jai Ho was Pehli Nazar from Race

32. Last time you cried → a week back........thanking God.


33. Dated someone twice → I’ve never dated:-). No, not even once.

34. Been cheated on? → Yeah that’s happened with friends

35. Kissed someone & regretted it? → Yeah when the kids don’t clean up after eating chocolates & I'm just going out .

36. Lost someone special? → Yeah once in a while I mourn for my innocence

37. Been depressed?→ Oh Yes, I don’t really need reasons to get depressed

38. Been drunk and threw up? → Nope…..haven’t really drank anything alcoholic as such unless you count breezers or wine.


39. Made new friends → Not recently…..I’m friendly but take a lot of time to make good frinds

40. Fallen out of love → More like, fallen out of infactuations.

41. Laughed until you cried → So many times….last was the Fatty Bombalatty incident:-D

42. Met someone who changed you → No….I keep mourning that also.

43. Found out who your true friends were → No I still get surprised by some actions of good friends

44. Found out someone was talking about you → Oh I find that out automatically, my ears tingle & turn red everytime people talk abt me.

45. Kissed anyone on your friend's list → On the cheek, yes

46. Made the first Move → Never....basically lacked the courage.

47. Do you have any pets → We have 4 fish…Rosie, Goldie, Longie & Greedy

48. Do you want to change your name → Not anymore

49. What did you do for your last birthday → Had my friend & her kids over for the whole day, cut a cake; basically had a surprisingly good day.

50. What time did you wake up today – 07:45 AM…..would have slept longer but the maid arrives at 8.

51. What were you doing at midnight last night→ just got back home after church & from shopping[Friday is weekend here like how Sunday is for the rest of the world]

52. Name something you CANNOT wait for → some peace & quiet in my life. I have 2 children who cannot comprehend the beauty of silence.

53. Last time you saw your father → April 2008

54. What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life → When I make a decision, I want to make it happen.

55. Most visited webpage → No surprises here, My Blog:)

56.Bribed someone? → Yes, a policeman, for something to do with my passport.

57.Played with dolphins? → Not yet, plan to do it soon


58. Want kids? → No already have 2, but at odd moments I think I wouldn't mind a third one. Luckily sanity prevails in 5 minutes

59. Want to get married ? → Maybe on the 60th year to renew the vows…will be fun I think.

60. Careers in mind? → Oh yes so many…..but as of now a dedicated homemaker

61. Settling in a Big Villa? → Maybe One day

62. Day or night? → Day

63. What day is tomorrow? → Sunday.

64. Challenges? → I'm not that daring to go types....more laidback. But if I have company I'm more enthusiastic.

65. Drive with windows up or down? → down anyday

66. Scared of Death? → Yes, a bit.

67. Cook or Clean? → Dont really fancy both but I guess clean if somebody will make the stuff I like to eat.

68. Lips or eyes → Lips or eyes, what?????

69. Hugs or kisses → Not very comfortable with both except with the family .

70. Shorter or taller → Taller

71. Older or Younger → A li'l older.

72. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous.

73. Nice stomach or nice arms → This is like asking “devil or the deep sea.???”

74. Sensitive or loud → I think the question should have read sensitive or thick skinned, I mean loud is the opposite of quiet, right???? Anyways I'll stop trying to divert u......a mixture of both, I'd like to think:-P.

75. Hook-up or relationship → Don't gimme ideas:-P

77. Trouble maker or hesitant → Troublemaker Heeeeee.


78. Kissed a stranger → I don’t think

79. Lost glasses/contacts → No…..I’ve sat on them, broken them but never lost them, touchwood.

80. Found money on the road → Yes, rs.5/- when I was in 5th std.

81. Sex on first date → U r joking

82. Broken someone's heart → I never got a chance

83. Had your own heart broken → Same as above

84. Held a snake? → No, & no way.

85. Been arrested → No.....boring life I tell U

86. Turned someone down → Yes

87. Cried when someone died → Oh I just have to hear the news & my eyes fill esp if the person is young.

88. Liked a friend that is a girl/boy? → Yes


89. Yourself → U r joking again

90. Miracles → I believe….& am waiting patiently for that free trip around the world to materialise.

91. Love at first sight → Nope, didnt happen even when I saw my children for the 1st time.

92. Heaven → lots of clouds floating, I wear white robes & float around with the angels singing[soprano] glorious hymns & playing golden musical instruments. Sounds idyllic huh!!!!!

93. Santa Clause → I believe in the symbolism

94. Peace in this lifetime → Too much to expect I think

95. Kissing on the first date? → This is like asking if I’ll give away my kid for adoption. Incase u r still in doubt, maybe............heeee just kidding much as it is tempting.

96. Angels → Oh yes, lot of them floating around with big black diaries keeping track of our deeds……….

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Two....My parents

98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time in the past? → Huh!!!!!

99. You will die Young → Yeah You will, not me

100. You will end with the one you love and learn to love the one you are with – The latter

And I tag.......




Former sansmerci



Naperville mom








Though there are 100 questions to be answered it didnt take very long……the numberings were a big mess when I got it, so I straightened it out. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey! Just wanna say I was here and I ahve read! Wil leave a detailed comment later :D :D

  2. Phew!!!! That was fun, but I'm tired just reading it (or maybe its just my general state today, feeling tired :-S)

    And you're a lil bit taller than me!!! I thought I was 5'3".....but when I went for my first preggy check-up, they measured my height and I'm 5'2". I was so crushed about that lost inch :(

  3. That was long. who makes these kind of questionnaires anyway?

    Good though, enjoyed reading. I saw that ur last post had 60+ comments! Yes, some were by you, but u must be feeling good!

  4. Winnie: Cooool....take your time;-P

    Shalom: An old lady once told me tht when a girl is married she puts on another inch, then when she has her 1st child, she grows another inch but after tht its all downhill;-D

    Bins: Precisely my thoughts....this tag was particularly a looong one...but I didnt have another post & my five days was up;-D

  5. Honestly,Nancy Drew! I was dreading if you'd hve tagged me or no...and you have..grrrrr!!
    Hvnt read the tag full...the power went off!will come back again and read it in ful.
    In the meantime hop over to mine and pick up your tag,will ya???Tit-for-tat..LOL:)

  6. Thanks for sharing and it was really sweet of you to do that....God Bless

  7. Nancy, this is a spicy tag but trust you to make it funny instead :P

    I've been tagged by Vee as well but the truth will sound scary while the fake will sound boring...

    Should try funny instead like yours:P

    Not one answer where we could do a bit of leg pulling (seems though you badly need it at almost 5'4")

  8. Hey,Nancy,you and I are of the same height!And I too bribed policeman,not once but twice ,the very same day for jumping red light:P!
    Will surely the tag.Had fun reading yours:)
    BTW,what happened to the holding hands tag???

  9. That was long still not so much because of one line answers. Got to know some more about you.

    "I’m friendly but take a lot of time to make good friends."

    Same here. I make lot of friends but true friends are rare.

  10. Nancy you have a LOT of patience!:D:D
    and thanks for straightening out the numbers:)

    lol@12 who eh?:D too:))

    35 cute:)
    choc moustache?:D

    41 ye kya incident hai?:D

    44 :D:D

    75 LOL!!umm so what have you decided?:D

    loved reading it:)and you were honest in places and humorous in others,and skipped some :D:D

    the questins are so many arent they?:)

    Thank you so much for tagging me:)

  11. WHY ME ?????

    Iam your same height too. I think, this is a journey to find people of same height.
    Welcome to the 5'4" family.
    Anyway, your post was fun.

  12. holy sheesh mofo of a mother lord!

    that's a longggggggggg tag!! :) am so proud of u for doing it!! :))

    ukno ... the loss of innocence thing spoke to me the most. hmm. definitely worthy of many thoughts. :)

  13. Now that is long, took me two visits to finish and can't imagine how long I will take, but will give it a shot!
    Loved the kissed and suprised part ...when kids kiss after eating have a huge funny bone in you...

  14. That's one long tag... loved your answers, though especially #35 :)

  15. Deeps: I've already been tagged for tht....& ur previous tag is still pending:-(

    Solilo: As one gets older, the more difficult it is getting:-(

    Indyeah: The questions are to many:-o...precisely why I tagged U bcoz U make it twice as long & interesting to boot:-D

    umas: why??? tht u can tag bins:-D

    roop: heeeee...ur turn is coming...Prashanthi will definitely tag u....see with how much doordarshan I tag my blog dosts;-D

    Sindhu: yeah even I felt it was too long...but answered them quite fast. Try it...its easier than u thk:-))

    Terra Sheild: Thank U:-))!!!!!

  16. Sukku: Wow, what a coincidence!!!I pray just the same prayer u pray....that God Bless me;-o. But jokes apart, Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Rakesh: Abt 5'3, I try as much to stick to the truth u knw.
    And so much analysis...glad I cd help U out with ur dilemma;-D

  17. Long one...but as usual had fun reading it... when I see this questionnaire I think we had such a tame life..though I always thought I had a lot of fun and riots! hee hee.. guess a different generation altogether! ....and am glad you didn't tag me!!! :D

  18. nancy thats soooo long! i was hoping u wudnt have tagged me!!

    *sigh* mine is gonna be terribly boring tho...i love ur answers!! u def have a way of giving a humourous twist to everything! :)

  19. m gonan take up this tag tho u ve not tagged me ... since i cudnt take it up last time wen u tagged me and i loved this one!

    wat say?

  20. You're an inch taller than me!

  21. wohooooo...nice to knowwww 100 tings about you, and thanks for tagging me;-) to be very honest, so thrilled as this is the 1st time:-)
    Did it, so peep into my blog when you get a chance!

  22. ohh man !!! you tagged me ???????? I didnt know till you left a comment on my blog.. I came here when you put this post , read all the 100 points patiently and then didnt scroll down to see who you had tagged ... stupid me :( ..

  23. its done! go check it out! :)

  24. Wannabe: Heee,I didnt tag any of the oldtimer...I didnt want to be beaten up;-P

    Sunshine: Coming over as soon as I finish this:-D

    Former sansmerci: I've tagged U go ahead, trust me its fun:-D

    Agnes: REALLY!!!!!!
    I wd have never imagined tht!!!!!

    Durga: So glad I did....first tags are special...I know that:-D

    Prashanthi: U r giving me a complex....its just the sort of thing I wd have done;-D
    Waiting to read urs:-D

  25. What?!! U never dated--never kissed a stranger? What a good girl u have been nancy!! :P

  26. Hey Nancy, where`s my comment :( didnt you get it? :(:(

  27. Whoa, a hundred questions.. Its like going back to school, you know :). Thanks for tagging me. This is going to be my first tag and boy am i excited. Yay...Before I forget let me mention that U have a humorous streak in u. Whoa for that too :)

  28. Thank youuu Nancy,for completing the incomplete tag! :D

    13 - Awww.. this one's the best of all! So sweet.
    35 - :P
    37 - How true.. Sometimes when everything's hunky dory, don't we enjoy fishing reasons to get sad...
    47 - Aquarium.. This is in my wish list.
    73 - Now thats an easy question, why is it a catch-22 question for you ma'am? ;)

    Thanks once again for doing this! :)

    P.S: Please do post in your daughters' pictures in any of the coming posts.

  29. Preethi: Thank U, I'll surely savour this compliment since its the fisrt time somebody's called me a good girl;-D

    piper: Nope, didnt get it:-(

    Anusha: I know how special the first Tag is....enjoy:-D

    Shayari: I enjoyed doing it Shayari. Thank U for tagging me!!!!

  30. this was so much fun to read. i like reading these random stuff about people. i feel so much more closer to them :)

  31. Hi!!!!!!!!!! Am done with the tag. U really made me think. And I enjoyed doing it since it kinda brought back some nice memories.. Thanks and do drop by when u can..

  32. Hello...I am back from my ugadi vacation Thanks for the tag that's really long one...i am busy drafting it :)

  33. A: Yeah I too like tags precisely for the same reasons. Posts generally concentrate on particular topics or issues & we dont get an 'image' of the person as such;-P

    Anusha: Dont mention it, my pleasure:-)).

    Smi: Was wondering where u were.....waiting to read urs;-)).

  34. u rnt writin anythng new, so... :P1 July 2011 at 20:40

    Ooooooooo... you turned someone down, huh? ;-)

    lol @ You will die Young → Yeah You will, not me

    Huh???? for - You will end with the one you love and learn to love the one you are with – The latter

    - I can never do that.... my emotions are too precious, n i will die for the ones i love... i am surely not learn to love types...
    nt sure if its rt/wrong though... :o


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