Sunday, 22 February 2009

Fatty Bombalatty

Narrator : My younger daughter Naina

Audience : Mama

Rhea : Manu's daughter

Chechi : My older daughter Nikita

Manu: My good friend

Naina: Mama, mama I want to tell u something.

Mama: Wait Naina, I’m calling somebody up.

Naina: Mama, do u know what Rhea said to chechi* the other day?

Mama[absently]: What?????

Naina: She said “Your mother is very fat”

My fingers stopped dialing the number. I kept the phone down quietly & looked at Naina.

Something in my expression must have alerted my child for she stopped & hesitated.

Mama(quietly): What did Chechi say when she heard this???

Naina: Oh Chechi got mad & told her off. Then do you know what Rhea told her????

Mama: What?????

Naina: Rhea said “It’s ok, don’t get upset, my mother is fatter than yours”


I pick up the phone & call Manu[Rhea's mother]

Nancy: Manu I’m very upset!!!!!!

Manu: What happened?????

Nancy: The other day Rhea told Nikita “Your mama’s very fat”!!!!

Manu[shocked]: Oh my God!!!!!!

I don't say a word & let the silence stretch

Manu[so upset]: Oh my God!!!!!!!

I take pity on her...

“And then she said….." pausing dramatically
“It’s ok, don’t get upset, my mother is fatter than yours”

And we laughed & laughed & laughed till tears ran down our cheeks.
I don’t know when I last laughed so hard. Manu also did, though I guess more out of relief.

.........Out of the mouth of babes.

Fatty Bombalatty: A colloqial term we used rather thoughtlessly in school to refer to the healthier versions of our kinds. Ever heard it anywhere????

*chechi: Elder sister in Malayalam

Edited to add: Incase anybody is wondering, I deleted some parts of the post coz I thought it sort of took away the shine from the joke:-)


  1. You know now even when I see an update on your blog, I start smiling :)

    As always, you never disappoint. he he And how do we know whether you're fat or not?

    But seriously, if you scrub your feet before going for a pedicure, i can understand that you think you need to become fit before you wanna hit the gym... On that rate, you'll never get there.

    We've got a gym in our bldg as well but I can only find time to go there during Ramadan.

  2. ah, fat!.. my favorite thing in the world to rant about.. i had barely shed a kilo the last month, have more than made up for it in the last two three weeks. Losing weight is just so difficult, I so look up to people who are able to do it
    Contrary to ur habits, I never eat cakes, chocolates, icecreams, and still putting on, the world is just not fair :/
    and kids are just getting smarter by the day eh!

  3. If at all you feel fat anytime in the future, do this simple exercise.......No, you need not go to Gym,Walk or anyhting of that sort.....

    First turn your head to the right and then turn it towards your left.
    Do it everytime when you are offered anything to eat.

  4. Rakesh: "You know now even when I see an update on your blog, I start smiling :)"
    Thats a lovely compliment, thank U:-D!!!!!!

    Ish: U r soooo right:-(.... sometimes I think mayb if I had company I'd show more interest.

    Maddy: ROFL......u r just too much:-D. Happy to see u back!!! How have u been????

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. "It’s ok, don’t get upset, my mother is fatter than yours" Too much!!
    Loved it as always, and as rakesh says, indeed whenever there is a new post by you, I have a smile in anticipation of the goodies awaiting me.Love you Nan!!

  6. After my 2 C-sections, when my tummy refuse to remain flat even after exercising (not very much, u know), the comment my daughter makes at me is "Mama, do u have a baby in ur stomach again ?"
    I used to be embarrassed, but now both me and my daughters laugh about it loudly.
    Very funny post, indeed.

  7. Oh gosh, this is too funny.

    Your kids are the cutest, Nancy.

    I was once talking to a kid and he was telling me about his teacher getting married. I asked how old his teacher was and he told me, oh, she is really old, she might even be 30. LOL

    Oh and Nancy, if it makes you feel any better, I've never been to a gym in my whole life (true).

    (P.S.: Picture. Seriously :-))

  8. Gm: Thank U:-))!!!!!
    It is a compliment I accept graciously;-D
    [remember our convo abt compliments;-P]

    umas: LOL I can imagine.
    And Thank U:-))!!!!

    Agnes: Aaaah but Agnes u see there is a difference, u dont look like u need to:-D
    Picture on its way....soooon;-D

  9. ha ha ha ha!!!Here I was sulking about something since morning! Your post just made my day!!! :) :)

  10. Lol... :D I love that term now..Fatty Bombalatty...gonna start off by calling myself that :D :D :D

    Kids.... :D :D :D

  11. I can imagine the relief in Manu. She must have thought at first, "this is going to get ugly.."

    Unfortunately for me, I put on weight in places that I cannot see all that well and it maddens me! I cannot even figure if I have lost any after all the hard work I put in. I better do something about it before my kid gets to that stage where she can discuss it.

  12. I was to post the comment first but my net disconnected! bloody bother!

    Anyhow nancy.. I am in love with your kids.. they r soo kewtly innocent :D :D

  13. lol! ur kids r adorable Nancy! :)

  14. Piper: Seriously...I laughed so much:-D.

    Smrithi: :-D

    Bins: Seriously as kids grow up we have to be so careful:-o

    Winnie: they are getting a bit too cool for my liking:-P

    Sunshine: :-D

  15. Aren't kids always so tactless and truthful!!! hee hee... This was really funny!

  16. hehee...poor manu - on one hand she is relieved to hear that her daughter controlled the situation...and on the other - she is fatter than you!!

  17. He he :)Do eavesdrop often, when your kids are busy..I bet you'll have many more funny things to share with us:P

    LOL @ Fatty Bombalatty:D

  18. Awesome.... I can't wait! (picture)

  19. This is nice, thanks:) Fatty Bombalatty? Hilarious!

  20. Ha..ha..ha.. kids. they know how to say hurtful things in the funniest ways.

  21. haha that was so cute n funny! kids these days :D

  22. Wannabe: Tactless is the keyword:-P

    Deeplydip: yeah.....its either the devil or the deep sea;-D

    Shayari: U bet there is ;-D

    Agnes: :-(.......:-P

    Naperville Mom: Heeeeee

    Solilo: Yeah they just say it the way they see it;-P

    snow: And I these days:-D

  23. hahaha...too good!!..lovely kids :)

  24. Hey, Nancy, read this at office and everyone looked my side, when they heard my loud giggles... u are a gem!LOL...enjoyed the laugh, truly, I especially liked the part when you put the phone down and looked at Naina!

  25. Agnes- good going! thanks to you, I think we will def get to see the pic :)

  26. LOL my husband used to call me that, but he always had a smile on his face and the tone was loving :D ...and I kinda liked it. But until now, I had thought it was a word he coined...

  27. Hah!Here I was cringing at the site of evergrowing flab and there you are telling me there are people fatter than me!!!
    Absolutely hilarious,Nancy!

  28. ISH: yeah I thought it was going well, but then she says:


    What does that mean?

  29. that :( probably means she has no choice but to send it .. hehe

  30. Hi! That was hilarious! And "Fatty Bombalatty" is such a cute & funny phrase...
    This is my first visit to your blog!!! A happy & cheerful place blog ....liked it!

  31. Prakhar: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    sindhu: yeah was a bit shocked for a moment, hence tht quiet bit;-P

    shades of grey: I'm curious now...find out where he got hold of the word & tell me...I'm mighty interested:-D

    Deeps: aaah Deeps u r so sweet, u r trying to make me feel better;-D

    SGD: Thank U!!!!!
    U r welcome anytime:-))!!!!!

  32. Agnes, ISH: Have u both ever considered a career in Sales????
    Ur follow-ups are superb....u'll hound ur customers into buying ur stuff.

    And yeah...ISH is right abt the emotion behind the emoticon.
    Whenever I take a picture nowadays the 3 of u[I havent forgotten A] automatically pop into the mind & the picture goes haywire.
    Looks like I'll have to go for Yoga classes first[to calm the mind] and then pictures.

    I think its easier to just arrange a blogmeet:-D

  33. He he he....I'm seeing my sis & myself in this kid! There used to be a time when we were just as blunt....age has now taught us the fine art of subtlety, and mom is still our favourite target :D

    (Tiny voice in my head: "your time is also coming!!!)

  34. ISH: She's trying to divert our attention by complimenting us. She knows what she's doing I am telling you.

  35. this was absolutely great!!! I was just laughing so hard. What memories it brought back of my kids when they were younger and some of the things they would say.

  36. nancy Ur posts are always so cute, and nevr fail to bring a smile on my face:)
    naina is really very cute:)

  37. Nancy, I have done the tag, do go over a read!

  38. Shalom: Yeah seriously, even me I used to suffer from the 'foot in the mouth' syndrome;-S

    Agnes: LOL!!!!

    Anjuli: Yeah ...brings back memories of my "say it like it is & my mom transfixing me with her eyes" days:-P

    Renu: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    sindhu: Yep already read & commented too:-)).

  39. Lol! Nancy your kids are wonderful..poor manu..i can imagine her plight! and wicked nancy dramatically going on n on :-)

  40. Nancy, now this is quite startling!! But I just wrote a blog on gymming..I was just checking your new blogs and came across this...That's was quite a coincidence....well well...Maybe I should publish mine some time later ;)

    Kids can bring you down to earth with their humble yet truthful words!! Hit the gym girl!!

  41. HAHA...Cannot stop smiling, and I luv this fact..that we can laugh at ourselves. Kids say the cutest things, and we as parents never shall forget what they say. They bring joy to our lives by being there and laughter by voicing their thoughts.Your post made me think of all the crazy things my now grownup kids have said as children...and I cannot stop smiling.

  42. Loved your post. Kids are the best. They can make the most offending statements so innocently that one can only agree with them and laugh. Like my wife said above, we too have many such bloopers; but only you can, as always, put them in such a tapestry that one cannot but help smile, if not laugh out loud. On a serious note, I wish to congratulate you and your friend Manu on still retaining the ability to laugh at yourselves. Very few of us retain this ability as we grow up. Keep laughing and making others laugh and so keep writing.

  43. Very funny! You're a natural at script-writing! :)

  44. Agnes- But we arent listening., are we :)
    Nancy- Write woman!

  45. my space: :-D

    Jinu George: went to ur page but didnt find ur post on gymming;-o...where is it?????

    Poonam J: Thank U!!!! Yes 1 more thing to add into memories & lovingly recollect later on in time:-D.

    J P Joshi: Thank U!!!!!
    As always ur comments bring a smile of delight onto my face. U just find the right words to compliment:-)).

    A novelty to have a husband & wife team commenting:-D. Thank U both of U for visiting me!!!!

    The Idle Devil: Now there's an idea:-D.

    Ish: I'm trying, I'm trying....its getting difficult & more tougher by the day:-<

  46. a mystery how their minds work.

  47. I wonder if your kids have any idea what they are doing to your readers?? I am giggling all the time and my hubby is casting strange looks at me!! Bombalaatty ... no I haven't heard that word, ll try it out on DH!! Will keep a camera handy to capture his expression! :D

  48. N: :-D

    thethoughtfultrain: Nope the kids have no clue that they r being discussed...tho Nikita is beginning to question why I spend so much time on 'blooger'[as she calls it];-D


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