Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody

I got up with a beautific smile at the crack of dawn & the smile stayed that way as I made breakfast & packed lunch for the kids. The better half looked at me puzzled since I’m never in the best of moods before 9 in the morning. We walked past each other atleast thrice while doing our respective duties & the dreamy smile had not dimmed.

When he could no longer stand the suspense he asked “What’s with the smile???” so early in the day, was left unsaid.

I smiled secretively & wondered for a moment if I should reveal anything.

But 10 seconds later, he was still standing there…..and waiting.

"Guess who I dreamt about last night??????" I burst out in excitement.

He lifted his eyebrow.

“Mahendra Singh Dhoni” I beamed at him.

He looked taken aback for a moment.

“Of all the people in the world” He muttered & went back to whatever he was doing.

The smile dimmed a bit. Actually he had a point…..Dhoni never featured anywhere in my list of favourite people or crushes or anything. To be honest, celebrity or not I gave never him a thought. Yeah recently he’s been in the news for captaining the Indian cricket Team successfully, but that’s about how much information I have retained about him. Infact I'm quite surprised that I even knew his full name.

Now coming back to my dream, I dreamt that a handsome Dhoni came to stay at my neighbours place & we kept bumping into each other all the time & the air was steaming with our attraction for each other.

Once The husband walked in on us while we were talking & we guiltily sprang apart. Dhoni then wore his glares in a stylish maneuver[a la Rajnikant ishtyle] & left the scene quickly. The Husband looked at me suspiciously. He then went to the window, pulled the curtains apart & looked at the neighbouring terrace, muttering something irritatedly.

I went to look at what he was watching so intently.

“He is here with his people for a shooting” spat out The Husband angrily.

“Huh!!!! I thought Dhoni was a cricketer, not an actor” I thought in my dream, all confused.

"I am here shooting for that biscuit ad….u know, the second part for that ad in which I hold the sofa up to search for my keys” explains Dhoni to me, when we next met ‘by chance’ on the stairs.

“Oooh yes, I know the ad, you are a better actor than Sachin Tendulkar anyday” I rush to assure him.

He smiles mysteriously & I’m smitten all over again.

“The shooting will wind up today, meet me at 8pm tonight & we’ll run away together” says Dhoni masterfully, looking deep into my eyes.

I practically melt into a puddle.

But before anything interesting could materialise, the villainous husband was shaking me awake to attend to worldly matters.

After the kids left for school, I still walked around with that dreamy smile on my face irritating my better half to no end. Fully aware that it was beneath his dignity to show any kind of emotion, I took maximum advantage…….like humming a soppy hindi love song & walking on my toes. Holding himself a bit more stiffly than usual, the Better Half leaves for office.

My smile droops a bit....

“Of all the people, Dhoni” I thought wryly.

And then…..

Nancy smiles wickedly.

Hopefully this should spice up Valentine’s Day a bit!!!!!!!

Wishing all of U a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s: The dream was true alright but I won’t deny that a bit of exaggeration was used to spice up the proceedings


  1. ha ha ha...Nancy, You are funny :)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too babes

  2. LOL.......
    whatta dream......:P

    wish you a happy valentines day as well...:D

  3. God! Can't stop laughin... Wicked Nancy, you're too much :-DDDD

    And at the end
    “Of all the people, Dhoni” I thought wryly.

    That was killer - first self effacing and then face saving :)

    Your santa landed quite early for valentines?

    But seriously, I think you can only dream of this if you've seen that movie - Hattrick. Have you?

    btw, what is this i hear about u planning to go to the studio for a snap or urself???

  4. A: Thanks:-D!!!!!
    Same to u babes!!!!!!

    Ajit: Yeah tht was some dream;-D.

    Rakesh: Thank U:-D!!!!!!
    Yeah my santa landed early...well the better half needs some time to plan stuff right;-D
    And no...I havent seen Hattrick....why??????
    Studio???? Snap???? Huh!!!!

  5. I'm ROFL:)So what was he wearing???The same ankle-length mundu and coloured baniyan-a la rajnikant style-that he wore in the pepsi ad to promote his chennai superkings team?Did he say 'Hi! I aam yum.yus.Thoni in that true superking ishtyle??

    On that note a very Happy Valentine's Day to you too,Nancy.

  6. haha that was funny! Make space for a huge V-day gift lol :D

  7. Hey so these reflections are from Nancy.. nice ones!

    I was happy to see ur comment especially you welcoming me to the land of sands but then was looking for ur name to write back to you.. saying "Thanks reflections" was sounding little odd to me.

    will keep visiting you..hope u wont mind.

    so wats ur plan for the V Day... or u expecting the other half to do it all :?

  8. In Hatrick, the wife acts as if she's in love with Dhoni to make her husband start hating cricket :)

    And I read the comments on ISH's post wherein you were being pressurised for a picture...

  9. That was soooo funny!!! I think I shall have a grin all day now! ;)

    I know what effect dreams can have...I have a friend who is nice to me only in the dream...after a dream I'll be so full of affection even when he goes around snubbing me as usual!!!

    But the best Dhoni ad really was the lungi one!!!

  10. hahahaha...too good!

    I have background score for your dream.. Mahi Ve!! :D

    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  11. Hey, this is so funny..are u still smiling?Now be sure, ur husband will remember Valentine's Day and get u special gift!

  12. ha ha ha!!!! I too walk around the same way and with similar dreams (note the plural) - infact I also think confusedly in the dreams and sometimes confusion also remains after waking up.

    I wonder how much the smile was because of the torture you could inflict on your other half.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  13. Wish you the same!!!! And Dhoni, yeah, he's really dreamy. And its not just his looks, you know, he's really matured as a person and a captain. I remember when he first got famous, he was doing ads for any & everything and then his cricketing form really slipped and a bunch of fans went wild and destroyed a house he had under construction. Post that, I think he realized how the Indian public is, and that's when I think he sort of grew up. Though he still does a lot of ads, I don't think he lets it go to his head now. I don't know if you watched the 20-20 world cup which India won, but he was so remarkable to watch. Everybody else seemed really volatile, but he was calm & composed throughout, even when they won. And he's still like that, win or lose, he doesn't display any extreme emotion, and that air of confidence & competence is always around him and I think that's why he's been so successful, and....... hmmmm, I have really gone on and on here, haven't I????

    But honestly, I don't have a crush on him, I just really admire him as a captain :P

  14. :D that's quite a dream.. but then.. oooh.. obviously "of all the ppl , Dhoni??" :O

    Hope you have a wonderful, spicyyy Valentines Day! ;-)

  15. Nancy , I love reading your blog. You write so well :-)

  16. Deeps: Ofcourse not!!!! I cant tell u exactly what he was wearing since I was only concentrating on his face. But he spk well otherwise u thk I wd have been interested:-S????
    Actually as time passes the details of the dream are also fading:-P.

    Snow: May ur wish for me comes true:-D.

    mindspace: Happy to see u here:-)). Ofcourse I dont mind...apna hee ghar samjho:-D.
    Hmmm....I'll see which way the wind is blowing & adjust accordingly;-D.

    Rakesh: Really....:-o????? How strange...I mean that it had to be Dhoni in my dream;-o.
    Yeah Ish & a couple of others are after my life for a picture. I was hoping they'll forget abt it but every now & then they keep reminding me;-P.

    Wannabe: Most of the time I dont remember them...i guess I dreamt this in the morning & I remembered immediately after getting up, so it stayed with me;-P.
    U knw once I dreamt tht karunakaran[u knw... the old man] died & jayaram[yeah the mal actor]& I went together & put a wreath;-o.
    Vague huh!!!!!

    Prakhar: LOL...u always make me laugh:-D!!!!!

    Sindhu: Aapke mooh mein ghee shakar;-D

    Colours: Seriously.....u r right!!! Out of all the people in the world....Dhoni. I even spent 10 mins wondering how the association came about...u knw like...did I hear anything recently abt him, etc tht got me dreaming abt him.
    Dreams sure are vague...I was just telling wannabe the same thing.

    Shalom: "Everybody else seemed really volatile, but he was calm & composed throughout, even when they won."
    U knw even I noticed tht & remember thinking tht time tht for a young fella he was quite composed at such an exciting point.
    I guess thts why he got the captaincy at such a young age.

    Sandhya: Thank U!!!!!
    Hope U do tooo:-))!!!!!

    Preethi: Thank U!!!!
    U r very kind:-))!!!!!

  17. Lolz...dat was superb. Im sure you have a big 'surprise' coming your way dis V-Day..and if it dsnt happen, go back to sleep :)

  18. Datsme: Well I for one hope u r are right:-D.
    Sleep ofcourse is always the only other alternative;-P.

  19. You and ur wicked ways! SRK keeps creeping into my dreams. But then again, I must admit that I cannot remember a single dream that featured my husband, i.e I do dream of myself in my current situation, but for some crazy reason, the face is that of my ex boyfriend! Heee Heee Heee!

  20. You wicked wicked woman!

    I dont think you dreamt it.. rather u dreamt it all up to pique him ;)

  21. heheh some dream alright...LOL
    ofcourse hubby will get irritated LOL

  22. wicked wicked nancy!! and why Dhoni? but this is fun..:-)

  23. Don't tell me, karunakaran dying and u putting a wreath with Jayram...well, too weird!can't stop laughing...

  24. Poor hubby!!
    He must be wondering what you are upto next.

  25. :) It will do a lot more believe me :) Happy Valentine's Day in advance!

  26. Bins: Dreams are the vaguest....there r some nights I dream of going to the loo...can u imagine almost 8 hrs of going to loo & then again going to the loo & again & again....all simply because I wd be wanting to go to the loo in actual but would be too lazy to do the followup:-P.

    Winnie: No seriously...I dreamt Dhoni....if I were making it up I've have mentioned Hritik Roshan or Ashton Kutcher:-P.

    Enigma: Hehe...we'll have to wait & irritated he is;-D.

    myspace: precisely my question....why Dhoni??????

    Sindhu: There are more......but nowadays I dont remember half the stuff:-P.

    Manu: Heeeeheeeee.....poor hubby huh???? I'd say he is lucky he's got me.

    The idle mind: Oh I believe to wait & watch:-D

  27. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.... and the Dhoni part, well...... Happy dreaming too, and next time may you have someone who would not end up as, “Of all the people, Dhoni”.

  28. hahhaaha. ROTFL
    and a la Rajnikant ishtyle, gawd, i can just imagine!
    a very happy and ahem.. spicey valetines to u:)
    u are funny and thats that
    but seriously, dhoni?! :D

    **i noticed before i started reading the post that u have put this up only today and was thinking i would be one of the first few commentators,and there i see.. 26 comments awready., and then u call urself no great shakes eh?hmm.

  29. lol! that was really funny! :) and Nancy, gosh! Dhoni??!!! Why???!!!!
    Incidentally, since you seem smitten. he was a junior in school :) DAV JVM, Ranchi :)

  30. Fun to see your hubby's reaction to the dream!

  31. LOL this was the way, Dhoni in long hair or short?? Dhoni in the Blue or Dhoni in some tux?? :P

    Lots of Love... Happy Valentines :D

  32. lolol! thats hilarious nancy! and yep im pretty sure thats gonna spice up your v-day!

    we shall all be waiting for full details!! ;)

  33. JP Joshi: Oh I have always dreamt abt vague characters.....infact Dhoni was 1 of the more decent ones:-D.

    ISH: Thank U.....baat sochne ke hai but then I guess ppl dont have to thk much to put a comment here;-P.

    Piper: I'm wondering the same....Why Dhoni???? Why not Hritik Roshan or Vishwanathan Anand...or..or......:-P.

    naperville mom: Hehe.....oh he is a deep one....not an easy task;-P

    Smriti: Oh Dhoni in short hair & wearing yummy casuals....otherwise do u think I'll even let him so close to me, even in my dream;-D

    Sunshine: Thanks:-D!!!!!
    Now to wait & see;-D

  34. Been wickedly busy with work.. cant complain much with the recession and all that, just happy to have my job...:D

    Thank you for popping in and asking.. made my day!

    And it was not only you with the smile... I guess that anyone reading this post would be happily smiling the idiot smile just like I am now! Real good one! And as dreams go, yours seems so coherent, mine are utterly atrocious to make an understatement!

  35. Ha..Ha..ha! Howlarious woman!

    Don't blame you. I might dream of Farhan Akhtar any day now. :))

    Valentine's Day to you too.

  36. Ha ha ha ha ha. You have such a wicked sense of humour at times. I hope the girls pick it up from you. :) Wonderfully written as always. Loved the "Fully aware that it was beneath his dignity to show any kind of emotion, I took maximum advantage…….like humming a soppy hindi love song & walking on my toes. Holding himself a bit more stiffly than usual, the Better Half leaves for office.
    " bit. ;)
    Happy Valentine's to you too.

  37. :) could well relate to it. sometimes you remember the entire mood, the emotion well into the day and sometimes days! ya it cudve been someone else! mebe better luck next time! ;)
    And Happy Valentines day, and am sure u wudve planned all sorts of wicked plans, up your sleeve..

  38. Abraham: Good to see u!!!! I was wondering....:-))!!!!
    Actually most of my dreams r totally confusing but somehow this retained...mayb it is utter novelty of the person who appeared in my dream which made me remmeber it;-D

    Solilo: we have a connection or wht????
    Above is a comment I wrote to Piper & there I was going to mention Farhan Akhtar in the end but in the end just left it...:-o.

    Goofy Mumma: LOL....I thk the girls have it but I dont find it very amusing coz most of the time I'm at the receiving end:-P

    onlooker: Oh I'm a last minute person....inspiration strikes only in the 12th hour:-P.

  39. happy valentine's day nancy :-) i don't know the gentleman in the picture and i'm afraid to ask.....

  40. LOL first both of us have same views on blog hopping and now Farhan Akhtar too.

    Now don't tell me you are a Malayali, married woman with a toddler :)):))

  41. Nancy, There are like a million websites for templates around here but the one I liked best is . It has some of the prettiest blog templates...and also some ghastly ones too but still, their collection is by far the best among the ones I know. And they are easy to install on blogger. Just try it out ...hope u get something that u like :)

  42. happy valentines day nancy :) and keep up ur sense of humor ever for our sake! :)

  43. Agnes: MS Dhoni is the Captain of the Indian Cricket team. Under his guidance our guys have finally been playing well & most importantly winning the matches.
    We are all happy with Shaloms comment, it will give u more info:-)).
    He is the last person I expected to land up in my dream but tht doesnt mean he is not popular...did u knw he's got a women security force with him at all times because women more than men are throwing themselves at him at all times:-D.

    Solilo: :-o....u've got the 1st 2 right...but I've got 2 kids:-D.
    And wanted to tell u...I've been trying to get into ur page but it gives me a bare minimum page[like how gmail gives us a page when they r having connection problems].
    I've been having the same problem with IHM also.

    Smriti: Thanks a lot of the info...will check it out. Did u do the installation by urself or did u take help from a techie???
    Coz I tried once before & it went haywire:-P.

    Goofy Mumma: will be doing it soon:-)).

    Former Sansmerci: Awww....U r a sweet kid!!!!
    ooops almost u r going 2 b gotta be careful whom I'm calling kid;-o

  44. thats quite a dream!!wish their was someone more handsome!i never have such boringg!!

  45. you had me laughing soo hard! Especially when I got to the ps!!
    Too funny!!

  46. LOL This was so cute, the masterful look and plans of running away!!
    BTW I like Dhoni.
    I think he is handsome too.
    And cool headed, ethical, fair and a great cricketer ... but I never have Mills&Boon dreams :))

    A very Happy Valentine's Day to both of you ;)

  47. Hey!hers another tag fr u.Do do it as and when you please.The post has somehow got all haywire and I'm not able to fix it.Pls bear with me.
    A very happy valentine's day to you too,Nancy!

  48. Did it all by myself...If you need any help next time u r trying on a new template...I'm at your service. :) Not a techie but I think I can manage the blog template dilemma :P

  49. Wishing you the happiest of valentine's days, Nancy.

  50. Nisha: sigh' thts wht I'm been saying all along. But dreams are funny stuff....they never go the way we want them to:-P
    And U might be having them but I guess ur reality must be better than ur dreams, so.....;-D

    Anjuli: Thank U:-D!!!!!!

    IHM: Even I never have them M&B type of dreams....precisely why I'm so thrilled inspite of Dhoni being the hero;-D
    And was planning to post a msg to u at Goofy Mumma's site or Solilo' soon as I get into ur page within 5 secs the page shuts down...dunno why...I dont have this problem anywhere else:-(.

    Deeps: Thanks for the Tag....will do it soon:-)). And hope ur V Day went off well!!!!

    Smriti: Thanks Smriti...will definitely take u up on this offer;-D.

  51. @The page closes within seconds of opening ...? Okay Let me ask around why this could be happening ... this is kind of troublesome, some times it seems the comments don't submit.. I will ask around and get back to you.

  52. Geoff: Thank U!!!!!
    I had a lovely time. Hope yours was good too:-)).

    IHM: If it helps I can pinpoint the day it started happening...11th/12 feb i thk, coz u had posted a video of why u were'nt on blogsphere tht day...I came there to chk it out & from then onwards....

  53. lol...a belated happy valentines to you did it go? did you trouble your hubby once he returned? did he feel J?...hope you had a lovely time :)

  54. Ahh now follow this up!

    how did it go what did u guys do?

    What gift u got ?

  55. hahaha.....i have a huge very secret crush on Dhoni :D loved the post! through it, i imagined myself in ur place ;)

  56. Deeplydip, Winnie: The Vday went off better than I expected...I got roses which had 'I love U' printed on them[the girls were maha impressed;-P] & some lovely chocolates.
    Dinner was a grand buffet at a lovely restaurent:-)).

    N: Thanks!!!!!
    Really???? Hey he's a sweet guy...I admire him for his self confidence & level headedness.....just disappointed tht I fell for a younger guy;-P.

    lan: just incase u r wondering where ur comment disappeared....u've written it in the comment box around 2 post back:-D

  57. New here Nancy:)

    Absolutely rocking blog!Intending to visit here more often:D

    Dhoni!!hmmm...not a bad choice, his new look is any time better than the previous long haired one!(read the tribal head:P;D)

  58. Shayari: Hey thanks:-D!!!!!
    "his new look is any time better than the previous long haired one!"
    U bet.....u dont know the trouble I went thru to get a pic with the short hair:-P
    And u r welcome to visit me anytime:-D.

  59. lol..thats cute!!
    to add more spice to ur post let me tell u that Dhoni and i were in the same school..:)

    ps - first time here...will be back for more reading

  60. Iya: Hey even Piper[see comment above] was saying tht he was her junior in her school;-D
    Please do come again...always welcome:-)).

  61. Ha,ha,ha,Nancy,you are.......I now understand wherefrom Naina picked up.....

  62. You're a wicked lady..and an adorable one ;-)

    Btw I know MS Dhoni's classmate from school in case you want to actually celebrate V-Day with the Man in Blue!!!! Honest.

    Would your husband would hunt me down and shoot me though..??

  63. Nancy,

    It took a bit of searching to find your name - Reflections! is a nice handle and I did found a bit of me in your writing... Enjoyed the "dream" immensely. Although I would not entertain Dhoni in my dream it was fun reading about the virtual visit he made to yours.

    It was your visit to my blog that prompted a return visit and am I glad that I did.. you write well; great sense of humour.

    Your list of Eights is intersting too.

    Look forward to more of the same from Reflections!

  64. Athivas: Since u r not being very clear I'll take it as a compliment;-))

    Rohitha: Nope, no way. U knw, I got a chance to meet my favourite Salman Khan once and I refused....yeah yeah weird I know;-/

    Jayadev: Welcome to my space!!! And thank U for the kind words:-)!!!!

  65. Eeks...samjha nahi

    *scratching head*

    How did it spice up your Valentine's Day


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