Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Random TAG

Colours & Goofy Mumma have tagged me to put up 25 random facts abt myself.

I don't think I've struggled with any post as much as I struggled with this. It took me 4 whole days & some hours to put up this tag. What so hard about putting up 25 random facts about the self you may wonder. All my post I’ve written till today are filled with random stuff & I’ve just about exhausted my quota.

Now the rules -

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

You have to link the person who tagged you.
If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I maybe bursting at the seams but I never say no to dessert.

2. I’m a sucker for a sob story………..even if I don’t need the item the salesman is selling I end up buying it because I cant take the chance that his family will go without dinner if I didn’t buy something from him. or worse, he curses that I dont get dinner that night.

3. When I was in college the whole family got chicken pox. My father, mother & sister had it all over them like a rash. I got just 4 spots. So even now I’m not very sure I got chicken pox or not.

4. I had this 2 yr old cousin who used to bite everybody when he was teething. Every body except me. All were amazed & kept asking me the secret but I never divulged. My mom finally convinced me to spill……..whenever he began to sink his teeth into my skin, I used to apply the same amount of pressure with my fingers on his posterior. He got the message pretty fast for a 2 yr old. And nobody can accuse me of being partial. One of my kids also underwent the same treatment. The better half looked at me in bewilderment when he found out.

5. My father had an accident when I was around 8-9yrs old. A botch-up in the operation ensured that he took almost 1½ yrs to heal… seemed like he was on bedrest for ever. Though he was up & about after that he had to take it easy. So even before I finished school I had taken over all outdoor responsibilities…electricity bills, telephone bill, booking for cooking gas[no telephone at home at first, so we had to go the office & book for a cylinder], groceries, meat. I used to change bulbs, clean the water tank, do small repairs on appliances…….I even went to the police station 1 night to get my cousin out from the lockup. I didn’t mind it at all……anything but cooking.

6. My friends nicknamed me ‘Wriggler’ in college because I used to be very good at dodging & getting to the front of the traffic line on my bike.

7. My mother & I have heated ‘discussions’ whenever we get together but our love is not to be questioned when we are far apart….we beat up anybody who to tries to prove otherwise.

8. I love visiting places but I hate traveling. I suffer from car sickness, bus, air sickness but have no problems in an auto or train.

9. I never ever showed any interest in gardening except during exam times when digging up the entire garden with the pickaxe or watering the plants was so energizing & all that. And I marvel how I never realized how good I was with plants. As soon as the last exam is over I never give them another look until the next set of exams.

10. After great contemplation, I have decided not to go anywhere other than home country for the next decade……….I absolutely refuse to go anywhere out of the way, with kids who squabble every 5 minutes & pause just to ask “Have we reached?????” before continuing with their power struggles.

11. My best friend Neetu & I got exactly Rs. 24 everyday to get back home by auto after college. We went to Nilgiris everyday & had 2 packs flavoured milk worth Rs.8 & then walked another ¼km to catch an auto at a particular point & we reached home to a meter reading of exact Rs.16/-.

12. Everybody in the family knows my father is partial with me…..first-born & all that. He is proud of me & always talking about me to anybody who is willing to listen, but he will not speak with me directly, only through my mother. We have no issues with each other but it’s always been like that. If by chance he picks up my call when my mother is not around, after 1 minute of ummm is everything alright & how r u….we agree to call up when my mom is around. And no, I have no hang-ups about it…maybe if he loved me less I might have questioned him.

13. I enjoy hanging the washed clothes out on the terrace……I hang them neatly according to color, type[like all skirts together, shirts together…], & stand there for 2 mins & admire my handiwork after it is done…...all in the burning midday sun.

14. If I don’t fall asleep immediately after hitting the bed….I always pick out my favourite daydream wherein I win a Million Dollars in a grand draw. I then start calculating how much I’ll donate to worthy causes……..maths always put me to sleep.

15. In school I pretended I had an elder brother called Nicholas who was living in the States. Even now I smile nostalgically whenever I think about him.

16. I love Enid Blyton books. Even now if I get hold of one anywhere I devour it. These are the only books which I can bear to read again & again & again.
Harry Potter series are special but Enid Blyton books are something else.

17. Before I visit the parlour for a pedicure, I give my feet a scrub at home. I don’t want the parlour lady to think badly of me.

18. I got my 1st teddy bear at the age of 22………gifted to me by my best friend Neetu. I’ll never forget that. She is still there occupying a place of honour in my parents house…..the teddy bear I mean.

19. My sister was always known as Nancy’s sister for the 1st 15 yrs of her life. She got so mad about it & used to take it out on me. For once I never minded.

20. I give up…..its taken me 3 days to put this much together.

21. As I read the stuff I wrote above, I realize every single incident in my life has a long winded explanation behind it. Pity I didn’t use this ability to my advantage during exams.

22. It took me 6 months to find a pair of black jeans I liked…..rather which fitted well. By the end of 3 months I was heartily sick & tired of walking in & out of dressing rooms. But my better half was determined that I should get my black jeans. He would determinedly march me into every clothing store in a mall. Inbetween I felt like a mean pig for wondering whether he was settling some old scores.

23. I sometimes feel I was meant to do greater things like climb Mount Everest or maybe head an NGO. Infact I seriously feel the evil forces are pulling me down coz they recognize my capabilities & know if they let me be I may just change the world for the better.

24. I just realized that I was continuing with the tag even after having given up at the 20th random fact. Which proves my belief that every end is an excuse for a new beginning.

25. And I like happy endings………….whether its books, movies or real life.

I’m supposed to tag 25 people but between DeeplyDip & Goofy Mumma they have tagged almost everybody on my list so I TAG the few who have escaped their attention:

Abraham Menacherry






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naperville mom




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The blogger formerly known as Sansmerci

The Idle Devil


Winnie the poohi


  1. Am I the first? Let me first post this...

  2. Good one Nance.. colours has tagged me on this too...but considering the trouble I had with the 6 random things tag, I knew this will take forever...will give it a try anyway... Yours is fun as ever.. The one about the 2 year old cousin and hanging out clothes made me laugh... hee hee

  3. Wannabe: Ohhhhh I remember colors also had tagged me...I'm going now to add her name along with GM's.
    And put up the TAG....even I struggled with it but once it was done & I read it back....I was glad i took the trouble.

  4. hahaha LOL.... good one Reflections...!!

    i should try your tactics for sleeping... :) i am also bad at maths, so maybe I could use that trick!!!

  5. that's quite a miss list from us GM ;)
    it was fun reading the post...#17 - even i get very conscious. In fact I am very particular when buying shoes even. The feet has to be pedicured!

  6. Gahhh...when i was reading the post I was hoping you wouldnt have tagged me! I dont think I can collect 25 random facts about myself esp when my entire blog is about myself!! *sigh*

    anyways...i like some of your observations...very funny! and i realize that some of mine are going to be very similar! :)

    i shall start persevering...and i fi get anywhere near the 20 mark il let you know! :)


  7. This one is everywhere - As always, we can trust your reflections to be hilarious :) Especially...

    Gardening during examz? cool escape...

    Admiring handiwork in drying clothes? color type? OmG - Only you can do that. he he

    And you made up a brother - Nicholas? Crazy is as crazy does :)

    I still wonder why isn't ur husband named Niju?

  8. This post is you Nancy, so full of fun, laughter and sweetness. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED going through it, and knowing you some more.

    I love your trick with biting babies.
    You did all of that while still in school? Wow!
    So cute about using the 24 bucks the 'right way'.;)
    If you put in that much effort into hanging your clothes, you had better admire your work.
    I had a pretend set of cousins in school.;)
    You actually scrub your feet before a pedicure? How cute is that!!
    I am a big time harry Potter fan too!!
    Its so sweet of your hubby to ensure you got your jeans.:)
    You can always work for an NGO, why don't you? I would love to join you.
    I love happy endings too.

  9. wow nancy:), your posts are always lovable, always bring a smile, I am curious..are you like this in real life also? love to meet you sometime.

  10. Tan tannan!! sounds of drum roll!

    you took 4 days and i took much lesser than even 4 hours to do this TAG. I guess this explains me being a total vella these days :) so I came here to tell you that I am done! come have a look :P

  11. man! this is so good! Its even funny in places.. I was always called "Iyer" ki behen... not even my sisters name was attached.. I was like I am Iyer too.. I hated and hated it!

    I always believed that my dad was partial to my sister.. though he tried hard to hide it.. he was openly partial to me... just to hide that fact! I was happy *sigh*

    Oh man! Your tag is so nice nancy

    And yes.. my dad talks to my sister thru me.. though she is just sitting across me.. It is sometimes irritating.. its like Meena.. did she eat.. ask her to eat.. tell her to move she will get late etc etc..

    Ah yes my sis has a pet name "kuttu" I never forgave my parents for it.. I dont have any :D :D Now I have thousands of pet names... courtesy very considerate friends.. but I still feel let down!

    :D :D I should stop :D

    I have already done my tag here's the link..

  12. Oh, now this is work...but loved reading yours...I can't imagine 25 randomness in me!

  13. Oh my God!!! I started this post in the exact same way!!!

    I also always have room for dessert, wished & wished I had an elder bro, and yes exam-time was when I would rediscover how much I loved painting, stitching, knitting etc etc and then after just one day of vacations, I'd be slumped in the sofa, saying "I'm bored, there's nothing to do" :D :D

  14. :) oh u tagged me!
    and im so bad at tags.
    i have too many pending!! am going to make a sincere effort with your tag this weekend. your 25 things were fun to read, glad to know more about you.

  15. oh my God!!! Can't stop laughing. That is why it took so long to get thru the 25 things. Oh that pedicure thing was so me, too.
    As usual ur post was exemplary. I loved every bit of it. Now I am going to hold it over my own head when I write my tag!

  16. Ajit: yeah just confuse the brain & it will be so eager to fall asleep;-P!!!!!

    Deeplydip: ooooh u r 1 step ahead of me:-D!!!!!

    Sunshine: Just start it off & so many will tumble out:-).

    Rakesh: Ok I'll bit this time...pray why????

    Goofy Mumma: u r swwweeeet;-D!!!!!!

    Renu: I'd love to meet u too[remember our 2 way invitation contract].
    Sometimes when u read them u'll find them amusing but when u meet them they'll be silly ;-/.
    It's a fact of life!!!!

    mindspace: That was fast:-o!!!!! And chk my response to winnie's comment...apply's here also;-D

    Winnie: I went, I read, I commented:-D!!!!

    Sindhu: Just get started it will come automatically:-)).

    Shalom: Its just not this time...many a time its happened like this;-o!!!!!

    N: U MUST...otherwise, I'm telling u, it will come back & haunt u & u'll regret it all ur life;-o

    bins: waiting to read urs:-))!!!!

  17. nahiiiiiiiii ...i was dreadin this wud happen as i was scrolling down...
    ..but was secretly wishing u tag me too :D ..coz **If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
    Now I know you better :)

    Never ever say no to too :D

    Really nice memories.. luvd the post :)

  18. Prakhar: All tht dramatic hindi dialogue will not work on me...
    I will be over 2morow to chk whether it's been put up;-/.

  19. The entire blogosphere got tagged by this one is it??? O_O :P

    It was a good read...especially 4....reminded me of my cousin...well I had nothing to do with his posterior though :P

    Lol@ falling asleep with Math... :D

    This was real to know a lot more about you...and good job tagging us all :D I think we all need to look into our lives a little more ;)

    By the way I forgot to ask..How is Nicholas?? :P

  20. 25 things might take a long time for me to finish with :D :D thanks for tagging.

    Great to know about those little details about you :-) You should be a real fun person to be with. But that treatment for teeting is way toooo far... :D (hehehehe)

  21. cool!

    except for the car sickness part -- :-(

    I love Nilgiris!!! And I loved your Nilgiris routine :-)))

  22. Coz. Nancy, Naina, Nikita and even the fake Nicholas... all begin with N, so why not Niju?

  23. 4, 11, 13, 15, 17.

    In fact when i first read your post i tried to remember the serial numbers of the traits that i liked or which made me laugh aloud in my office. But then i had to literally pick up a pen and started noting them down on my scribble pad. So there they are on top. Well done.

    No, you did not have to climb Mt. Everest to reach the top of the world. You could have done so by becoming a story writer. Never too late. Can try now. Seriously.

  24. Smrithi: Sighhhh....sadly he is languishing at the back of memories.
    But he was fun while he lasted.....modelled on Superman except he didnt fly.....& b4 u ask he didnt wear his underwear on the outside;-D

    SandhyaS: Take the trouble. Its well worth it:-)).

    Agnes: Yeah the car sickness tho its much better u know I get giddy if I swing on the swing:-S

    Rakesh: LOL:-D!!!!!
    Aaaah but Naina is actually Elaina. She cdn't pronounce her name when she was little & used to call herself Naina....& it stuck.

    Balvinder Singh: I wont deny it...its there somewhere in the back of my mind. But I dont think I'm good enoff...seriously.
    Thank U for the faith. I feel good:-)).

  25. interesting facts... my brother was also known as Rohini's brother all thru school and he wanted to change the school and go to a mediocre one coz he could not bear being called Rohini's brother and not by his own name! :D

  26. so much fun reading that
    u know the way u write about things makes me think that i cud talk to u for hours and without u running out of topics:)

    travel sickness is heredetery in my case,grandm, ma and me till a while ago,but autos are good ofcourse

    i have taken this tag too.. its been 2 days and i am at no 16 :(

  27. Whacky! Hilarious! Or both:) I've to come back for a second read:)

    This tag is super- challenging, thanks!

  28. wow this was a really cool one, loved # 1, 2, 13, 11, 20, 23 and 24! and the rest too.. thanks for the tag, wonder how long it's gonna take me to do this though *phew*

  29. This tag is sure hilarious. Everyone doing it:). Reminds me that I have too.

    The trick to stop biting kids..pricelesss. A pretend older cute.

    Hey wriggler!

  30. Oh no :)!! Ur 25 facts are definitely more enjoyable to read...mine will be boring!

  31. Naughtier with the naughty kids aha..??He he Good one:)Loved reading this:P.Will have to do a bit of soul searching for the 25 facts in me though;):D

  32. Rohini: Looks like all younger siblings suffer from this problem:-D. Thanks for visiting!!!!!

    Ish: ....till a while ago.
    Does tht mean u r ok now???? I'm also much better than b4 mainly I keep watching the kids like a hawk if they r showing any signs of it:-P. Mainly leather seats & bad smell trigger it off:-(.

    naperville mom: Hope to read it soon:-)).

    snow: U have an easy style of writing:-)). I doubt it will take u much time.

    Solilo: Waiting to read urs:-))

    The Idle Devil: Hah thts wht we all thk...u leave it to ur audience to decide:-)).

    Shayari: Just get started & b4 u know it, it will be done:-)).

  33. Nancy - I actually finished writing it!!! im soo proud of myself! haha!

    it actually wasnt as difficult as i thought it would be!

    hop on over and check it out! :)

  34. Loved reading the way these facts have been stated in this post. You have your own unique way with words too; not only kids, clothes, garden, exams, maths, sleep, etc. Good one. Keep writing.

  35. Hey Nancy..!Done with the tag:)It was fun doin it.

  36. OMG!! ive been tagged!! :) seems a herculean task...and tagging 25 of good as an impossible job!!
    was fun going thru urs though! :)

  37. Hey Nan..Thank you so much for the comments on one of my posts...It really meant a lot..You are my first commentator ;) And by the way..I have written some stuff about myself too ;) When I was reading yours...I felt that you were describing me in Point 13...I thought I was the only moron who does that...LOL!!

  38. Sunshine: Seeee...I told u:-D

    JP Joshi: Thank U Kind Sir:-D!!!!

    Shayari: :-D

    onlooker: So does tht mean u r going to do it or not going to?????

    Jinu George: Oh I didnt knw mine was the 1st comment:-o. I feel good....coz I know how special the 1st comment is:-)).

  39. Nancy, we have so many things in common. Shall divulge all of that in my post. :)

  40. interesting facts. i was the one known as my sister's sister and i actually loved it!! say hello to nicholas for me and i hope i am leaving this at the right place:-)

  41. Goodness thats going to take me ages to do the tag!25 random things???I've been on this comments page for the last 15minutes and instead of just submitting my comment I'm drafting the tag in my mind.

    But it was absolute fun reading you,Nancy.You love hanging wet clothes??And i hate doing that.For that last 2days I've been cursing my landry bag and my washing machine for not giving me a break.They just refuse to remain empty *GRRRRR*

    Thanks so much for tagging me..will surely do the tag,but in a while:).Hope its ok!

  42. Hi, I've been introduced to your blog by bins. And hey, I am loving it. Very hilarious that I've become your follower.

  43. Piper: Waiting to read urs:-))

    lan: U knw when my sis was the president of her college, I used to love it when her college mates used to refer to me as Cincy's sister:-D
    Aaah Nicholas, my fondest memories are associated with him:-D
    And yes the comment is in the right place;-D

    Deeps: hey take ur took me ages actually & so I can understand. But be sure to do it:-)).

    umas: Nice to meet U!!!!
    Thank U for ur kind words. Please keep visiting:-))

    Prakhar: Just gimme a sec, I'll be there in 5 mins:-D.

  44. Loved the 'tackling pinching kids'...and guess what...I do the same before going for a pedicure!!!! ha ha ha!!!
    Blogrolling you...

  45. SGD: I'm honoured....Thank U:-))!!!

  46. Great write up. I kind of understand why you took so many days to write it!

  47. Just so, that I get to make the 50th comment!...:)

  48. Abraham Menacherry: Awww u r so sweet:-D
    Now dont dodge the topic...when is ur Tag going to be up???????

  49. No 2 : I am going divert all the credit card sales people at this point of recession.
    No 4 : OMG!!!!!
    No7 : When was the last time you were with your mother ( Hope you got what I wanted to know?)
    No11: I did that once when I din’t have enough money to take full ticket!!!!!!!
    No 13: Dialling Dubai Municipality for the Violation of rules!!LOL
    No 14: 2+2 is 6 right………I mean the people at home!!!
    No 17:: Had a hearty laugh
    No 19: You are going to have the same experience as “”N’s mother”” in the near future
    No 22: Poor hubby!!! His good intentions are always mistaken

  50. Maddy: Hah....its Abu Dhabi Muncipality who have a problem with tht:-D.
    And yeah u r right my maths is never good enoff without a calculator.
    And last but not the least....I've said this before better-half is too good to be true & I never can quite believe my good fortune:-o.

  51. u rnt writin anythng new, so... :P1 July 2011 at 20:45

    lol everything made me laugh heer..


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