Thursday, 27 November 2008

I try.....

I try....I try my level best to keep this blog free of negative emotions.....consciously prefering to focus on the basics, the mundane, the humourous side to life but how can I possibly ignore the devastation which has struck my Country.

Everytime, every single time when a bomb goes off somewhere, when people are terrorized I want to ask the perpetrator……

Dear Fellow Human Being,

What makes you the way you are????

What kind of childhood did u have? Did your mother abandon u???

Did your father beat you up?? Did your Uncle molest you?

Did your friends make fun of you??????

Did you have a problem getting a job???

Did the girl you wanted to marry refuse you??????

What kind of satisfaction do you get killing your own kind????

What are you hoping to achieve????

What is it that drives you that you are prepared to give your life up for your ‘cause’???

Who is feeding you nonsense about a MAKE-BELIEVE world where you & your children will rule????

What is your bloody, pathetic

EXCUSE dammit????????


  1. *sigh*

    I know nancy! This is the thought thats haunting me.. infact am blogging about the same thing :(

    Whenever mumbai blasts occur... it hurts me ever so more.. I have my child hood memories attached to it :(

  2. Nancy. What happened is so, so sad. I am so sorry. So very sorry.

    There's no excuse for killing people.

  3. Even I feel the same way as you do....why take innocent lives and who gave you the right to play God?

    Why are you being a coward by finding an easy way out.

    Well written post and I believe the people of India should stand up against these acts of terror. I feel the Government is very tolerant and they should firm up and not react to any of these acts but be pro-active in preventing them even if it means compromising on freedom and democracy.

  4. So true. What is the problem seriously?

  5. Nancy.
    Again, the world weeps as Mumbai bleeds.
    I'm so sorry for the loss of so many innocent lives.
    Thank you for your post.

  6. The sad thing is the guys who actually carry out these acts are just pawns. Whether its these terrorists or the goons who work for people like Raj Thackeray, they're all just pawns.

    They're willing to go to these lengths, never realising that while they're throwing their lives away, the masterminds of these hideous plots are all miles away, comfortably sitting in luxurious houses, earning and enjoying their millions.

    These fools think they're doing this for a "cause", too stupid and shortsighted to see that they're being used and abused.

  7. Hi Nancy(just now came to know your name),
    I don't expect those ruthless killers to be aware of what is going on in our minds, they are just the ones whom the society don't need. There are times when we need to sat no-mercy and this is one of them. They are just cowards who can never come in terms with the real life and yes feel sorry for their family and children who need to live the pathetic of life here-on.
    Hope we find a solution for this soon.

  8. They have no excuse, they are not humans, just pure evil in human garb.

  9. They are just going too far. Everytime, I watch something like this, the sheer brutality tears thru me. I am 100% sure that NO GOD will tolerate this. No religion propagates this kind of behaviour. They are just using religion as a means to vent their frustration.

  10. there dont have a bloddy excuse
    we have been glued to tv since over 40 hrs now and watching it in horror..the delhi bomb blasts sometime back and now this..
    the worst is that in abt a week's time or so it will all be forgotten till something strikes again.. noone has answers.. how helpless can we get

  11. This is a comment i poisted on a smiliar post:

    See--they have no conscience--According to them what they are doing is right and its justice and they will be rewarded for it in heaven.
    The best way to deal with it is to NOT live in fear (Till a gun is put to your head), as a freed hostage said.These were foreign nationals who were rescued and are continuing with their tour of India and not running back to their country saying they are scared.I applauded their spirit. It is what each one of us needs to show.
    That we are not scared. That is what will hit the most.
    Apart from of course taking stringent measures.
    My heart bleeds and beats for India.
    Jai Hind.

  12. winnie: I'm must have been all the more traumatic for u.

    agnes: Yes....there is NO excuse for this kind of mindless violence.

    sukku: I'm sure this time the govt is going to take stringent measures to avoid any more mistakes from their part.

    trailblazer: they convince themselves that they have been wronged & are out to set things right in the way they think is right.....atleast I guess thats whats their problem.

  13. Geoff: Thank U for your support. The World needs to stand together to root terrorism out.

    shalom: "The sad thing is the guys who actually carry out these acts are just pawns."
    "These fools think they're doing this for a "cause", too stupid and shortsighted to see that they're being used and abused."
    Exactly, exactly what I think!!!!!

    My Life: "They are just cowards who can never come in terms with the real life"
    So true......they convince themselves they've been wronged & that the whole world has to pay for their problems.

    Goofy Mumma: As Shalom mentioned, they are mere pawns who are being used & abused....they convince themselves they are acheiving something & get misused. I could 'almost' feel sorry for them in someother situation.

  14. i don't know what or who they are. all i know is that they deserve to die ... a terrible death. i never thought i'll be wishing such a thing for anyone...but here i am saying this.....and this also sets me thinking...did these people experience something so awful in their lives that made them this way? what was that breaking point? i cannot believe that anyone can be born with such evilness. whatever i say or write cannot take the sadness from my heart.

  15. they naturally have gone through a troubled childhood or had a major incident thereafter...they are told time and again that what they are doing is an act of pride- as they say they have "rationilsed" their violent acts.
    What these young boys did was even more difficult than blowing oneself up in a moment...they carried on for 40 hours knowing they will not survive this.
    If only our govt put the money in the right places (and not their pockets) we would not lose so many innocent lives...

  16. How True...can't help but echo your concerns, why and for what reason?

  17. :-(...its horrible and i wonder if these creatures in human form are actually humans???
    I personally know so many who have lost their lives and for what??A friend of mine who parties 4 days a week is terrified of coming out...she even refused to meet at a friends place cos she didnt feel safe..where the hell are we haeding??

  18. Every right minded human being is asking the same questions as you. What excuse can one have for killing innocent people? None. It is pretty evident that these are just pawns. This kind of an operation is not possible without military training, and local support in Mumbai. Evidence is pointing to the ISI role in training, logistic support and equipping these kids. I feel sad that the passion of youth is being misdirected to negative ends rather than to change this world into a more liveable place.

  19. Reflections - I agree they are pawns yes. But they are full grown adults, with fully developed brains, killing fellow human beings, mercilessly, without any remorse, indiscriminately and in large numbers cannot be pardoned or looked upon lightly. A person is what he is and what he wants to be. We all have free thinking brains. Just because my mother/father/uncle/aunt/neighbour/local priest etc etc tell me to kill someone, I will not and neither will you. Do not feel sorry for them, they are killers,and that is what they want to be, make no mistake about that.

    Sorry if this sounds stern, but I really feel strongly about this R.

  20. this incident has really made me sad....never before was so low!!....

  21. bins:"They are just using religion as a means to vent their frustration."
    Ofcourse they are....infact any reason is enough for them to use as a weapon.

    ish: Life will go on but I dont think this will be forgotten in a hurry. Hopefully the govt has woken up to the fact that they have to be more vigilant.

    sansmerci: Yes I can words can convey the horror.

    preethi: Yes they think they are right & its so scary coz they are prepared to die for their cause.
    Yes we have to rise above the situation & not let it alter the normality in our lives.

  22. A: I thk death is too easy a punishment for them.....they have to be made to pay...made to do hours of back breaking work...till self-realization & shame overwhelms them.
    Will such a thing happen???
    Like u said "i cannot believe that anyone can be born with such evilness."
    I too wd like to think if given a chance they will.

    Deeplydip: "What these young boys did was even more difficult than blowing oneself up in a moment...they carried on for 40 hours knowing they will not survive this."
    Seriously I wonder at their mental capacity....what a collosal waste..imagine if the same strength was used to fight FOR the law or in any other positive capacity.

    Sindhu: I cant even begin to imagine why.....but one thing I knw, no reason could be so big that they resort to taking lives as a solution to their problems.

    My Space: I guess their feelings are dead & they are being used.
    It will take a long time for everybody(esp. people who were affected) to come to terms with this tragedy. This attack was not like the usual bomb sort of seemed more terrifying(dont knw how to explain but I'm sure u undertsand).

  23. JP Joshi: "This kind of an operation is not possible without military training, and local support in Mumbai."
    Exactly, exactly.....The Indian Govt. can accuse the neighbouring for the attacks but the fact remains that they could never have pulled it off without local help.
    Ofcourse ISI is involved without a doubt, why else did the ISI chief back out from coming to India.

    Goofy Mumma: U knw I do agree with whole post is just about this....they may have gone thru the worst experiences in life but they cant use tht as an excuse to destroy the world around them. It doesnt make the wrongs done to them right.

    brocasarea: Yes I makes us wonder where we are heading....forward or backwards. Hopefully the Govt has woken up to the dangers & takes more stringent action to avoid further damages.

  24. Exactly. Its terrifying to know that human beings can be so remorseless, so inhuman. They are absolute evil.

  25. Its the revenge they are seeking on behalf of their community or their own family or whatever, atleast they think that way.
    Their teachers have given them the lessons on terror and identifying with it makes them feel secure in their after life.
    They are definitely not psychopath as it was perceived earlier. They are weeds which need to be pulled out from our system.

  26. Goofy: Truly scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Parry: you are right but somewhere in my heart I wonder if they had walked up the right path, mayb they wd have made their 'mark' on the world in other ways...I mean positively.

  27. Now thats not cursing. But along with the terrorists, our politicians also needed to be blamed.

    Reports that the information on the impeding attacks was already there with the enforcement agencies, about the outdated bulletproof jackets used by the police staff; irresponsible statements from the top leaders; makes me go mad with angry AND do really want to call them all sorts of names.

  28. Suresh Kumar: U knw I've realised that we Indians suffer from this deadly disease called "Apathy" and the politicians of our country are the main carriers of it....and it just spreads:-(


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