Monday, 1 December 2008

Feel at Home

Before I get on with this post…I want to apologise for the language I used in my last post. The fact that I was angry & shattered is no excuse. I can't swear that I'll never do it again but definitely promise to exercise more restraint.

It’s been more than a year since I started blogging & you have to tell me if you find this post any different from the others. You see, this is the first time I’m writing a post from home. Yesterday was my last day at work.

And I’m not comfortable at all. The chair is not comfortable(I’ve borrowed a chair from the dining table coz the kids have rendered the chair at the computer table completely useless), the computer table is not wide enough like my office table & the worst of it is that I’m using the laptop after a long time. At office I had lovely, cushy executive chair, my all encompassing table & a proper huge computer with a very flexible mouse.

And the best part was, if I placed lots of box files haphazardly on my table, looked suitably stressed out & hit the keys on the computer hard, nobody dared to bother me. Here at home, every 2 minutes a head stealthily peeps over my shoulder, reads loudly what I write & flits out of my way before I get my hands on the busybody(yeah both the kids are at home recuperating from a bout of flu).

I had already told my maid 2 months earlier about my plans to quit. I didn’t see the need to keep her once I was going to stay at home. After all I had managed the house alone before also. Anyways, even when she was around I used to do most of the cooking? Why should I waste money when I can do it all by myself.

I gave her an extra month’s salary coz somewhere I felt vaguely guilty that I was depriving her of a roof over her head. My previous maid had cried buckets before she left(she went back to India) but this one went off quite happily leaving me to wonder whether I was an employer she was glad to get rid of.

Anyways after dinner & prayer I floated off to sleep happily…

This morning I crashed back to earth…

My first realization........nobody was going to clean up before or after me….there were no clean, peeled veggies chopped, waiting for me to just cook them & horrors of horrors I had to wash up after I finish the cooking. The dishes actually piled up in the sink if I just left them. After half an hour I went back & peeked….yep they were still there, looking messier than ever.

I started questioned things & routines which I always took for granted. Did we really need to eat 3 times a day? Once a day was good enough, even two times didn’t seem so bad. And couldn’t we all eat in the same plate…well the Arabs do it, why cant we???

I dropped a bowl of curry on my spotless kitchen floor & my fingers immediately did a complicated wriggle in the air…….after 20 secs I realized it was Ctrl Z.
Nope it didn’t work.

The kids were not very happy with me either. Well, cant blame them….my TV viewing was eating into their TV time. They had to eat all the GREEN vegetables on their plate & were forcibly made to take a nap after lunch which again cut into their play time.

By the end of the day they were trying to convince me ….."Mama, why dont you just go back to work??? You can come back every evening, you know"

I have taken around 5 hours to put up a post which used to take me just 45-60 minutes earlier. And, like in the office I've been multi-tasking here too...My fingers are flying over the keyboard, my ears are attuned to the news on TV, there's one kid in the loo yelling for my assistance & I can smell something burning in the kitchen.

Ok, have to rush...........

p.s: There's bad news............the kids have hols for 12 WHOLE days starting tomorrow.

p.p.s: But the good news is...............the Better Half is going on a business trip tomorrow.

The kids & me, we are going to live on junk..........

Nancy gets up & leaves the room humming "Maggi, Maggi, Maggi.........."


  1. Hi Nancy.

    There are times when curse words are the only appropriate words. And there's nothing wrong with being angry at times as long as anger doesn't turn into hatred. At least that's how I see it.

    So, what's the plan? Are you going to start a business....? .....?? ?? Are you going to write? ...?? I am so curious.....

  2. and i'll vote that maggi was the best invention/discovery ever. did you know that maggi was created by a person called Julius Maggi to help women working in factories to prepare meals faster. :).

    oh're a brave woman for asking the maid to leave.

  3. :D :D :D :D

    That was one fun read...I was smiling all the way through. I have been a recent visitor to your blog so dont know if this is any different from your other posts. I sort of kept imagining all the events taking place (for some reason, imagined the curry as "salsa dip"...and now i am hungry...I think I'm gonna eat 4 times today and in 5 different bowls... :|)

    Hugs to the kids :)

  4. Well no wonder your kids want you to get back to work no kid likes someone interrupting their hours in front of the television and even forcing them to take a nap during their play time :). And if they were blogging this would have written this for sure

    p.s: There's bad news........mama is not going to work anymore starting today.

    p.p.s: But the good news is.........we have hols for 12 WHOLE days starting tomorrow.

    Good post Nancy!

  5. loved the post.. theres something abt the way u write , i can totally imagine ur house, spic and span, and the kitchen, the kids et all
    so! home bound now.. arent u glad? i am going thru hell at work these days and wish i cud just resign..
    have fun while it lasts
    lol@ctrl z :D
    enjoy the break ( and the maggie sessions with the kids fr the next 12 days haha)

    PS- can u pls add u on FB if u have an account( ofcourse if u dont mind)

  6. One thing remains.. u r as funny as ever and i am sure u will manage it in few days..

    You have no choice :P

  7. Good gosh! Household chores are more tiresome than the deadlines at work!! But Home management ought to be fun too, no? (Pls say it is ;) )
    And its ok to cuss..its your blog and your thoughts. :)

  8. LOL LOL..
    Oh yes--ALL of this is so familiar!:)
    Kids peeping to read i can soooo relate to :)

  9. Dear Nancy, that language was nothing to apologise for. Those rotten b*stards deserve all abuse possible.

    About the home front, I think its a huge thing to run a house without any help at all. At this point, I'm still young enough in the kitchen to not mind peeling & chopping so much ..... but I hate doing dishes!

  10. Agnes: Thank U for unstanding:-).
    As for plans...nothing as of now. Just get my kids into a routine(studies, etc). Other than tht I do want to go for piano classes(wanted to play the instrument all my life), dash off a few letters to the editor(newspaper)....try my hand at cheesecakes & souffles..stuff like tht:-D.

    A: Really, didnt know tht....thank U for sharing(I love to share info like tht too:-D).
    Brave.....the word u r searching for is stooopid, my friend:-S...I'm already looking out for somebody to come in partime;-P.

    Smriti: I'm glad u enjoyed reading it coz I sure am not having a good time;-P....hmmm teething troubles...have to get myself organised:-))
    And the curry was leftover chicken curry:-(.

    My life is my lesson: Thank U...
    So U are sympathetic to the kids cause huh:-D.

  11. Ish: Thank U:-D
    Spic & span is an old story....:-(
    Not so happy abt leaving job but have accepted it & looking forward to spending time with my kids & some extra curricular activities;-D.
    U are welcome to add me on Face book but I rarely go there;-P(its been 3 months now, i thk).

    winnie: aaah the one person who answered my question:-D. Thank U!!!!

    Meira: Ohhh yes...household chores are sure more tiresome than office work...gimme office work anytime:-D
    I dont even mind staying back and working.

    Preethi: It really gets irritating but they have so much fun reading & then dodging away;-P.

    Shalom: Thank U for understanding:-)).
    Ah my friend.....chopping & peeling for 2 is different from chopping & peeling for 4. As for the dishes..once I wet my hands its fine but till then I dilly dally:-D.

  12. Good post. You have this gift of describing ordinary day to day events in such a manner that the reader can visualise the scene and each action of yours. All I can say is 'Keep writing' even though you do not go to work now.

  13. Did we really need to eat 3 times a day? Once a day was good enough, even two times didn’t seem so bad. And couldn’t we all eat in the same plate…well the Arabs do it, why cant we???

    Try it out!!!!

  14. Nancy, wow I got your name! Welcome to the world of SAHMs. Hope you gals have a rocking vacation ahead. Don't worry you will get used to the life at home.
    Loved this post, back to your usual wit and humour. You bowl me over with every post you write. Can I have your mail-id? Mine is

  15. :) Tch Tch, Maggi is not the best thing to have. There is lots of other junk food that come to mind. I believe Maggi is coated with wax!!!I read some dreadful article about it.
    It is only the first day dear. Think abt the days to come. U better have a game plan. Why are kids have hols this time of the year??

  16. JP Joshi: Thank U:-))!!!!
    Did u collect the award from my page????? Coz I went to ur page & didnt find it anywhere:-P

    Maddy: Yeah I know....I was just joking. Just listing out the various ways to save myself from housework;-P

    goofymumma: Thank U:-))!!!!

  17. Bins: The Maggi jingle was the 1st thing which came to mind when I thot of junk.......ofcourse I'm aware of all the latest ready-made food in the market......u r preaching to the converted;-P.
    In this case, my kids are the spoil sports...they prefer home cooked food:-(.

  18. Hail Maggie, so it is going to be, is it! I could visualise you doing the contl delete! Loved the post,Nancy, but I hope you get a new nice chair to sit comfortably and blog...

  19. Came from Meira's blog.

    Seems that this time around you have landed in a tough job but the one which would give you lifelong satisfaction.

    All the best.

  20. loved the the way you weave words u r kids...

  21. This was one good read. Hopin things work.

    and oh, apologizes accepted. ;-)

  22. Sindhu: Oh we had Maggi just once & are already fed up:-(. My kids are a bit weird...they like home cooked food:-(.
    And thank U.....yep have to go in search of THAT chair as soon as better half is back from his trip:-)).

    Suresh: Lifelong satisfaction is another 20-30 years away:-(.
    But like I do always......I manage:-D.
    Thank U....I need all the support I can get;-)).

    scribbler: Thank U!!! And will pass on the message to the kids:-D.

    Writing for crows: Thanks!!! I hope so too:-P.
    And Thank U once again, I feel so much better now:-D.

  23. heheh nice post....humm kids everywhere..heheh ya looks like they will soon send u off to work..dont worry as the veggies icrease and tv hours decrease they will throw u bac into office :P

    heheh my my barve one askin maid to leave...we dont recognize their value wen we hav them na....i can undertsnd all that work...

  24. looks like someone is having lotsa fun:-) enjoyed it!

  25. Enigma: Yeah its bit of struggle now...hopefully it will settle down soon:-).
    So how have u been?? Seeing you after a long time:-D.

    Lan: Yes when I think back I just cant help grinning but while its happening its not funny:-P.
    Thank U!!!!

  26. lol...such a cute post :)
    I looooveee maggi!
    and ROFL on "I dropped a bowl of curry on my spotless kitchen floor & my fingers immediately did a complicated wriggle in the air…….after 20 secs I realized it was Ctrl Z.
    Nope it didn’t work."
    You will settled back to the cushy comfort of home life very soon...

  27. DeeplyDip: U know I'm actually a bit worried....I thot I'll miss work but I'm not even giving it a thot. I guess I'm too busy;-P.
    And I've realised I needed a break badly.

  28. congrats for promotion to the rank of "FTB" (full time blogger) and I agree with Joshi. You alomost teleport your readers to your room through your writings.

  29. Balvinder Singh: FTB...Sir u must be joking....there is hardly any time:-o. But I'll try hard & make the effort to put up atleast 1 or 2 posts in a week:-D.
    And Thank U!!!!!

  30. hahahah for the control z thingie.. i try to use control F to search for words wen readin a book... how lazy have we become :D

  31. sansmerci: yeah seriously...we are getting too dependant on the computer;-o.


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