Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cough, Cough, ahem...

The weather getting pretty cold, I’ve been coughing for a week now & my voice sounds like sandpaper being rubbed against the wall. Now my throat is aching big time. It has finally dawned on me that I’ll pretty much be coughing thru next week also if I didn’t visit a doctor soon

If it hasn’t clicked to you by now why I havent seen a doctor yet ….let me elaborate…I hate them all..Hospitals, Clinics, doctors, nurses, injections, stitches, THE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started at the tender age of 7 when an evil looking doc holding a deadly looking injection advanced towards me while I sat in the dentists chair horribly cornered. He in a sudden movement stabbed the needle into my exposed gum[forcibily exposed by the nurse who had me in a death grip]. I jerked back in terror leaving half the needle in my gum & the other half in his hand. I still recall the shocked look on his face while he tried to assimilate how a routine jab went dreadfully awry. I’m willing to bet that for the next few months he would have hesitated everytime he leaned forward to inject another victim.

And before you ask, infact don’t ask………just don’t just ask how I went thru the deliveries. I have blanked them out of my mind. I vaguely remember being dragged into the hospital in the middle of the night, kicking & screaming…..cut….. next thing I know there’s a tiny bundled up red faced kiddo looking hopefully at me for breakfast.

As usual I have wandered off the topic……I was talking about how my throat & voice have suffered the torture of dry racking cough which leaves me tired & drained out. I hope I don’t sound too vain when I say that my voice is one claim to fame.

My voice is not the typically feminine type, a bit deep and coupled with the fact that I can talk & argue in the Queens Language fluently, fills me with an inflated sense of my own importance.

An Indian will recognize me as another Indian but will be hard pressed to make out which state I’m from. A Malayalee(from Kerala for Agnes information) brought up in Bangalore, I don’t have the typical Malayalee accent & sometimes amuse myself confusing others from my native place. I pursued English Literature upto the postgraduate level but that I feel didn’t help much except for the fact that I learnt the names of some poets & to write the same sentence in 10 different ways to make my essays look longer.

I worked till last month as an administrative staff in an Interior decoration Company. Whenever there was a crisis & if it could be handled by phone I was always the one my boss dropped it on.

*When the Client deferred on their payments I would demand to speak to their Manager.

*When we defaulted on our payments to the subcontractors I would apologize handsomely & would get a week’s breathing space to pay them.

*When there was a problem at the site the Client would especially ask for me by name & would pour their woes to me. Never mind the fact I cannot make out the difference between Bird Eye Maple & Sapeley Mapeley myself if it strolled past me(they are both different types of wood, for the totally ignorant)……I would be suitably indignant on their behalf & promise to look into the matter immediately.

With a westernised name like mine & a voice like……like somebody important, nobody ever asked me what my position in the Company was.

Just once or twice some people made the effort to meet me in person & boy you should have seen the bewildered expression on their faces. Totally letdown, they made valiant efforts to hide it. Obviously the ….ummm…..well-built physique didn’t quite match upto the remarkable voice & speech.

And just where is this one-sided monologue leading you might be tempted to ask & I hasten to let you know that I have no clue. I started this post with the intention of getting you to sympathize with my throat condition & urge me on my way to the doc.


  1. Have some brandy ;)

    The best cure dont you think ?

    I totally loved this rambling :D

  2. Vitamin C for Nancy, lots of it.

    Oh, I love when a girl's got that deep voice. So powerful!

    And the dentist experience sounds awful!!!

    And thanks for clarifying Malayalee for me :-)

    And I did get your message on Shalom's site LOL. You're funny.

  3. ohhh...just reading about the injection makes it so difficult to bear, you must've gone through hell!

    And yes Nancy - you must go to a doc nevertheless. I am like you - hate docs and medicines et all but my mom always said "If you do not go, you only will suffer. No one will come to ease your pain and you only have to bear it."...Get well soon!

  4. I totally sympathize- hope you are doing much better by now!!

  5. And Nancy is back....(drums rolling :))..ok ok...that was a little too dramatic probably since you were away only for 4 days, but kya kare....your blog is the first i check when i log in :D

    I hate medicines and doctors..but you know what...i love getting injections. I know it's weird :|.

    Try a teaspoon of honey with some black pepper powder on it. Have heard it helps...but never tried myself since i don't like honey.

    cough cough my this side of the world too....snifff

  6. I dink you shoud go do de dogdor.
    go go go, before you start sounding like minnie mouse too
    Damn de gold!

  7. Winnie: Brandy.....yeah I've hrd it does the trick but I cant stand the smell let alone the taste:-P
    And thank U:-D!!!!!!!!

    Agnes: Vit C doesnt seem to be doing the trick:-(.
    And the exp at the dentist was awful.
    Since it happened when I was small I guess it looked bigger than it was but sure has put me off the Doctors for life.

    Deeplydip: Yes I knw for a fact that if I get really sick I'll still have to get up & do the usual work. Thts the only reason why I'm actually considering the doc;-P

    Anjuli: Oh its baaad....everybody seems to be down with it...the chilly weather doesnt help at all.

    A: early in the morning.....aaah just the right tonic...I'm already feeling better:-D.
    U love injections???????? I'm not even going into tht.
    Will try the honey & pepper remedy.
    U tek care too....heal it off in the early stage itself. Try vicks inhalation, hrd it works for many people.

  8. By the time I reached the end of the post, I was grinning widely, and then when I saw the comments, the dentist bit came back and the horror returned. I have never been to a dentist, and now after reading this I will take better care of my pearly not-so-whites in the hope that I never have to go to one ......{shudder shudder shudder}

  9. Meira: U too......bad scene huh!! I guess I have to get to the doc coz it doesnt seem to get any lets go together...this evening 5.30, dont forget:-D.

    Shalom: Oh yess...take good care..dentists happen to us thru pure carelessness. Actually its not a big deal...just brush ur teeth at night also...believe me it makes all the difference.

  10. Now this is what I call Rambling :D!!

    The injection part was scary ...I dreaded those visits to the dentist as a kid too...Still havent regrown the tooth he pulled out...damn!! :(

    Better go to the doc if its bad...and take care....god bless!! :)

  11. Basil (Tulsi) leaves can be chewed with honey, or have them separately. Have personally found them very effective against a sore throat. I am just wary of the allopathic medication overdose. Do get to the doc though if you think it is a bit too much. My sympathies are with you, get well soon Nan.

  12. Bird Eye Maple & Sapeley Mapeley, I thot were some kinda syrup. Like maple syrup. They don't sound like wood names at all. I was just wondering when I will get the weekly dose of nancy. Now I can pull on.

    Get some erythromycin for 3 days. This time I swore that I wud not see the doc. The moment I enter the doc's office and all the sypmtoms vanish. I hate paying up the docs fee then.

  13. “” I started this post with the intention of getting you to sympathize with my throat condition & urge me on my way to the doc.””

    My sympathies with you and also the Doctor-in-waiting-for-nancy’s call after reading your dental experiences. I wonder how on earth dentist practice. I witnessed one of the horrible dentist’s work on my wife’s tooth. He plucked half teeth and left the balance. After failing to remove the balance, he called another doctor in another hospital around 10pm to fix an appointment for us. And every 10 min he called the other doctor until he was done with work. I heard that he was migrated to Canada. God help the Canadians.

    So, you worked for an interior company!!! I am taking note of that. I know whom to contact next time we need someone like you.

    Thanks for visiting and comment. Its in Fujeirah Called Al Hayl fort. Few kilometer before fujeirah you have to turn right towards Fujeirah free zone and travel around 2 to 4 KM. Holidays were good. Went to Hatta. I shall post the pictures soon. Another weekend!!! Oh!! Its always weekend for you!! I am jealous!!... Not really, I know its 24x7 working for you. Big hug to your angels.

  14. Smriti: Rambling, was I:-D?????? I always wanted to do that...just go where my mind takes me.
    U too huh??? At the dentist??? Seriously these guys shd be taught some bedside manners;-P.

    Goofy Mumma: Tulsi huh!!!! The plant nursery near my place has some...wonder if he'll let me pluck some off;-P.

    Bins: "The moment I enter the doc's office and all the sypmtoms vanish. I hate paying up the docs fee then."
    Gosh!!!!! The kids are just like this. They'll be on the verge of fainting at home but as soon as they enter the clinic they are up & about & I'm left wondering how to convince the doc the seriousness of the illness.

    Maddy: Seriously????? Ur whole dentist episode sounds most terrible:-o.
    And thot as much it cd be Fujeirah:-D....and Hatta u've been enjoying to the fullest.
    "Oh!! Its always weekend for you!! I am jealous!!... Not really, I know its 24x7 working for you."
    If u hadnt added the last sentence u wd have got a big lecture from me now:-S.

  15. nancy
    i had to stop at the labor and delivery part to comment. the best story i have come across:-)
    hope you are all better now.

  16. Kahan se kahan tak!! :D...funny one!...Get Well Soon :)..nd yes go to the doc as well...its only cough :)

  17. I also detest imjections, and i never even let me kids get any injection other than those vacci nations, till they grew up:)
    Since i am also allergic to cold i always go to a homeopathic if possible like when in my hometown.
    Best remedy is not to take anything cold and sip hot water as much as possible.
    Get well soon !

  18. lan: Heeeheee I was quite pleased with that sentence too:-D..hmmm our sense of humour match huh!!!!

    Prakhar: Thank U!!!!!!!!!!!
    And what do u mean "Its only cough"
    ....hello hero, let me tell u that its terrible bad that I've been forced to go to the doc. And I'm the types who'll always think twice abt going to the doc.
    ....aaah but u were trying to get a reaction out of me weren't u;-P???????

  19. i love posts like this .. outa the blue and random and with no sequence jus like i write.. man that reminds me i need to find myself soon.. the writer in me is dyin or almost dead i c... anyway i ve attempted to write a new post so readers don forget me and stop visitn my blog :D ur welcome home to chek it!

  20. aww.. take care of urself, everyone arnd is falling sick and i think its my turn now
    anyway, brandy helps. FYI:)
    and ouch@the injection
    AND yes! u must see a doc..get well soon

  21. loved ur rambling btw.. as usual.. ur seriously funny

  22. You know, every time i read your posts i can't help but smile......thank you. Post Graduate in English literature sure does help. You know what i've got a name, 'This, that and the other'. Could you make a 250 page book for that name. I am confident it will sell.

  23. So a PG in Lit.! that explains the lovely flow and writing. ofcourse it doesnt always ensure that though! ;)
    bad weather for sure! right here too...waiting for March!! sigh! :)

  24. Renu: Even I cant bear it when the doc suggests injections for the kids....I'm such a chicken that I let my better-half take them:-(.

    sansmerci: writers block happens to all of us;-P....the trick is to sit down & typer whatever comes to ur mind & slowly a pattern will emerge & then then delete all the unwanted stuf:-D.
    I've using a dial-up now but will change it to broadband soon. I've already tried but cant seem to enter ur page & a few others. So gimme a few days to get there;-P.

    ISH: Seriously funny?????? I have to note this down somewhere.... why???....becoz its an oxymoron.
    U inspire without even trying:-D.

    JP Joshi: What a super idea???? I'm sure I will have no problem filling it with This That & the Other but just not very confident it will sell;-D.

    A: Thank U:-D!!!!!!!!!! But gimme a few days coz I got to change my lousy dial-up to broadband;-P.

    onlooker: How are u??? Long time:-D. Yes, its funny how when it is hot we long for cold weather & now when its cold the hot doesnt seem to be so unbearable;-P.

  25. Thank God you did not have to tell your story verbally, otherwise your vocal chords would have collapsed for ever. Give them some rest and do some gargles. Ginger and honey is the best bet to avoid the doc.

  26. Hey..we are more alike than I thought.. ;) Many people don't guess my state either when I speak...and I even grew up in Kerala! Even when I hand out my business card(my surname is undoubtedly Mallu) ,they look at me in doubt thinking that maybe it's my hubby who is the Mallu... and like you my voice sounds great on phone...lot of people have been disappointed when they meet me after speaking on phone... of course I like to think that once they get to know me, my inherent charm takes away the disappointment!!! hee hee

  27. good one ,all the best with your throat

    but i must say it is really an art to be at the receiving end both frm the customer adn the boss

    it is pretty diff to handle,sometimes it is tricky as well

  28. Feeling any better?? Went to the doctor?? No??? You got awarded...maybe that should reduce a cough or two :P

    Take care... :)

  29. Balvinder Singh: LOL.....and yes am doing them very religiously...have no other choice if I want to get better.

    wannabe: "of course I like to think that once they get to know me, my inherent charm takes away the disappointment!!! hee hee"
    LOL...the very exact statement I would have written on my post too if I thought of it first:-D

    Sukhoi: U r must keep their cool otherwise everything is lost.

    Smriti: Thank U so much. Will put it up soon:-D

  30. hahahaa....thats true :D
    ..nd i meant its only cough there wont be any injections stitches nd all (i hope so :D)...doc will write a few meds....chalo get well real quick :)

  31. hey Nancy how are you feeling now?
    There's an award waiting for you on my blog. come claim it :)

  32. i hope you are feeling better now...did you visit a doc...the dentist episode sounds terrible...i too detest visiting docs esp dentist...and labour pain, ask me about it :)

  33. Hi. What helps me get by (during a sore throat) is a cup of hot green tea mixed with a spoon of honey. Really soothes the throat. And 3 times a day of Honitus.

  34. mine's better says the mere mention of the word 'doctor' makes whatever illness go away :D

  35. Prakhar: Good thing u explained otherwise I wd have still been mad at u:-D.
    Yeah feeling much better now, thank u for asking:-)).

    Deeplydip: Thank U for asking, I'm feeling much better now.
    Yep, claimed the award:-D..Thank U!!!!

    Scribbler: Feeeling good enoff to put up another post today:-D.
    Labor pains.....aaah...lets take of a whole day to talk abt it:-D.

    The idle Devil: Now u tell me...when I'm feeling so much better today;-P. But will definitely keep it in mind for next time. In this case there is always a next time:-(.

    Meira: Mine's better too. Unfortunately mine went away only after a stiff dose of antibiotics. But its gone Thank God:-D.

  36. hi reflections,

    thanks for commenting on my post...this moment

    the content for this post i found somewhere so these are not exactly my wordds, i am happy you liked them because i love them i said...thanks for your time...please feel free to write to me..cheers to the moment

  37. Amar: Yes those words were profound.
    Actually I'm not really a poetry buff or anything but those words were so simple & meaningful tht it went straight into the heart.
    And thank U for ur time:-))!!!!!!


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