Thursday, 18 December 2008

Howdy y'all????

Naina came back from her Christmas party at School, very thrilled. She got an Animal Farm from her class teacher, as a Christmas present. As she set it up on the table she was asking me the name of animals she was not able to figure out. The familiar ones I readily answered & there was this 1 animal I was trying to decide whether it looked like a Fox or a Wolf, when she suggested that it could be a Kaiody….

I was like "It could be a ....what????”

“A Ky-o-ty” stressed the syllables Naina.

I was puzzled & looked at the animal more closely and then it flashed………Oh she means a Coyote & close behind flashed another thought..........where in the world did she learn the word Coyote let alone pronounce the word correctly, at 5 yrs of age.

If I can recall correctly, I myself heard this word for the 1st time sometime when I was 12-13 yrs old & for another 4-5 yrs went around pronouncing it as “Koe-yotae”.

I looked at her awed & rushed into speech trying to impress her with my American accent “You know, I think you gaad it right….….it sure looks like a ky-odi from this side ah taaown."


  1. :-))))

    So cute.

    I don't know if you celebrate Christmas, but if you do, then Merry Christmas Nancy.

    Geoff and I are leaving for Paris then India in a few days, I am so excited.

    Oh... Sorry about my comment being off topic... I was talking to 3 year old the other day and she used the word 'hyena' in every sentence. I asked her how she knew about hyenas and her answer was: "lion king". See, they do pay attention :-))))

  2. Did you compliment her? Please do.. she will better all day :D

    Children seem to grow up so soon nowadays.. I know that makes me seem riiiillly old.. but I am not.. and yet I feel I am more and more nowadays


  3. hahahahah...cute one :)

    Intelligent Naina !

    I heard it first time when i saw the movie..coyote ugly :D

  4. Nancy, your daughters are smart, smarter than you me thinks, and they are definitely following in your footsteps. Big kisses to Naina for me!!

  5. I keep thinking of how children these days seem to be a more advanced species than when I was a kid...this proves it and how!

  6. smart pay attention to the smallest of the things which adults may find trivial

  7. Sometimes when I go for walks in the building grounds, I'm just plain stunned to hear the lil girls talk. They speak so confidently, so maturely it almost gives me a complex!!!

    And I didn't know what a coyote was till just a few years ago :-S

  8. Agnes: Oh yes we do celebrate Christmas:-D. Infact my fruitcake is in the oven right now. I didnt have a very good time mixing the ingredients so I'm praying that the end result turns out fine:-P.

    Paris & then India for Christmas & New Years or u'll be back b4 tht.
    Lucky you....have a great time & dont forget to blog abt it:-D.

    Wishing U a very Happy Christmas tooo!!!!!!!!

    Winnie: U bet. Children are more aware these days & I'm being surprised all the time.
    U know it sort of intimidates me for the future...if u know what I mean:-P.

    Prakhar: Hehe....yeah even I've hrd abt the movie tho I havent seen it;-P

    GM: I dont mind them following my footsteps but I have this feeling they are going to leave me far behind sooon than I think;-P.

  9. :D I am just picturing the shock registered on your face when Naina said that. Must have been a Kodak moment.

    I am helping organise the Christmas party in our complex and when I was figuring out what programs we should have, an 8 year old told me that she could 'choreograph' a dance! Wow. That's confidence!

  10. The idle Mind: Oh yes they are without a doubt....I'm living it:-(.
    They seem to know how to operate gadgets which they are seeing for the 1st time.
    We would be watching the same cartoon together but they seem to understand it better.
    They ask question which we never thought of at their age....i can go on;-P.

    Scribbler: U bet they do. My elder daughter has perfected the art...she notices exactly the stuff u dont want her to see. Her eyes zooom in on tht small thing u are trying to hide from her;-P.

    Shalom: Oh yes I can believe it..
    Some of things my kids say...
    Oh, I'm stuffed...
    Get a load of this...
    Oh mama u dont know anything[and they are JUST 7 & 5]
    Have to admit tht cartoons to a large extent contribute to these dialogues.
    Sometimes I wonder fearfully what the future holds.

  11. We cant underestimate our children in today's world..they are much smarter than we were at their age.

  12. Nancy, as a thank you for being a friend, there is something for you in this post.

  13. Thanks Nancy.
    We're leaving right after Christmas and will be back in 2009.
    Don't know yet if I am taking my laptop... maybe I will and then I can update every once in a while. We'll see. If I did, would you be reading?

  14. you heard about the word/animal Coyote at 12-13 year're much better believe me :D. I heard it at 18 maybe :D.

    Merry Christmas Nancy. How did the fruit cake come out? mine is scheduled for baking this weekend :)

  15. and lady..i tagged you ages ago..still don't see it...miffed :|..sob sob...:(.
    You don't like tags???

  16. Bins: Seriously it was, tho I valiantly tried to hide it or it would have been conveyed to Nikita as soon as she came back fr school that Mama doesnt know what a coyote is & the Nikita will keep asking me for the next 6 months "Mama, u really dont know what a coyote is" & she's got a memory like an elephant:-S".
    Wow...really!!! I echo..thts confidence:-o.

    Deeps: Underestimate!!!! No way I've learnt lessons the hard way. So many times they have got an appliance working just when I thk its spoilt. And they know the working of the TV, its channels & the remote control in & out.

    Goofy Mumma: Thank u so much!!!! I saw it & thank u sincerely for ur kind words. I wasnt able to put a comment there coz my connection freezed just then. Will do soon.
    Hopefully my internet problems will be solved within this week:-)).

    Agnes: Ofcourse I'll be reading. My internet problems should be resolved within this coming week:-D.
    Have a GOOD trip!!!!!!

    A: Mayb I heard it earlier than u but I bet I was pronouncing it Ko-yo-tae till I was 18;-P. But I'm guessing tht nobody around me also knew that it was pronounced Ky-oti;-D. fruitcake tastes very good but the colour is the ordinary brown. I wanted it the rich, dark brown....something went wrong with my caramel making.
    Anyways, I have some guests coming so will be making some more the coming week;-P.

  17. Merry Christmac Nancy !

    Naina is so smart and cute:)

  18. A: I've been tagged the same twice more;-P....bear with me....I've been trying to change my dial up to broadband & hopefully it shd be done in the coming week.
    The 1st thing on my agenda after getting broadband is THE TAG:-D.

  19. oooooo recipe recipe....send it to me...i wanna try it at pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. todays kids are so smart!
    yes, i would have learnt that word quite late myself..
    infact just yesterday, we were shopping at ikea and there was this indian kid (looked like, also his mum was in a salwar kameez) who rattled off in an american accent and left me gaping... :)
    i think its because of the international schools they go to
    i am going off track..
    that was cute!

  21. Merry Christmas all of you! Hope your fruit cake came out great!!!

  22. Frankly speaking, i have heard this name for the first time or might have read somewhere and never paid attention. Thanks for enriching my knowledge. And give a pat to little Naina.

  23. lol...i dont know the diff between a wolf and fox also! smart girl...
    btw tagged you! come and get the details...

  24. Renu: Oh they are getting too big for their boots;-P.
    Thank U Renu:-))!!!!!!!!!

    A: Will send u the link sooon:-).

    Ish: LOL, I can just imagine:-D...just yesterday I was at Splash & I hrd an american accent telling her friend that she wasnt going to let 'him' dictate what kind of clothes she shd wear.
    When she said the next sentence in Malayalam, I turned and looked & saw a teenager. I was quite shocked tho I dont know why I shd have been;-P.
    Again this incident is also out of context:-D.

    Wannabe: Thank U!!!!!!!! Yes I'm hoping the same :-D.

    Balvinder Singh: Oh I'm learning new stuff everyday:-P.
    And u r welcome:-D.
    Yep will give her a big fat pat on the back from u;-P.

    DeeplyDip: Ummm wolves look bigger than foxes dont they...other than tht even I'm not sure abt other differences.
    Tagged huh...will come & chk it out. Thank U:-D!!!!!!!

  25. I am not at all surprised!! Naina is brainy and she never fail to remind you whenever she gets a chance!!

    How was the cake? Any chance of "Home delivery"??

    Merry Christmas to you & husband and the beautiful angels!!

  26. Hope you internet woes are now gone, and you are most welcome!!

  27. Hey, Nancy, can't believe this coincidence, we share the kids names too, my younger one is Nayna (a different spelling, though)...and so true, kids are so smart, they put our skills to shame! I still have to rely on my elder one to show me my cell phones capabilities!

  28. Maddy: LOL at Home of these days we all got to plan a Blogger's Meet. What do u think?

    And Thank U...wish u the same:-))

    Goofy Mumma: Nope, not yet:-(. If only the kids werent at home now, I'd have gone to Etislat Main Office & sorted it out by now:-S

    Sindhu: Actually Naina's proper name is Elaina...when she was smaller she cdnt pronounce her name properly & wd say "Naina" for Elaina...and it sort of stuck:-D.

    LOL at ur child teaching u phone capabilities....but I dont doubt it at all;-D.

  29. nice:)..and intelligent![had never heard of it:D]

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  31. Brocasarea: Well...I for one perfectly understand, its not exactly a word that we come across in our day to day lives, is it????
    As for Naina intelligence, I bet she got the info from some cartoon or the other;-P.

  32. Brocasarea: :-D!!!!!!!!!!

    Sunshine: I'll tell her:-D

  33. I can imagine... There are so many new things that my son just starts doing every day now. Btw, he's just 18 months and he knows how to head bang on the Rock On song... or how to pump his chest on hearing "Singh is King..."

  34. Merry X'mas! :)

    Wishing you a lovely time!

  35. Nancy,you have been awarded..yet again....didnt realise you were already the recipient of the proximity award.You may have to include my name too in the courtesy list:)
    Do oblige me by accepting the award.

    A Merry Christmas to you and your family

  36. Rakesh: Oh sho shweet!!!! I can imagine the sight. These moments are really precious....I savour them:-)).

    Onlooker: So thoughtful of u, thank u so much:-)).

  37. Deeps: I'm always ready to receive an award....Thank U so much for thinking of me:-D.
    And thank u for the wishes:-))!!!!

  38. haha... m bak after a long time into bloggin n here i am readin ur blog first n goin lol!!!!!!
    ur ending statements are awesome always :)


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