Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Pale into insignificance

When I watch an ant laboriously carrying a grain across an endless stretch….

When I glimpse an aeroplane disappearing into the vast expanse….

When I see a tiny tot painstakingly scrawling in a notebook….

When I spy a buzzing bee hovering over a fat rosebud….

When I witness the culmination of a golden sunset...

When I kneel in front of God….



I am more aware of my insignificance than ever.


Do U ever feel like this???


  1. I am first! Or am I????

    Nice thought.... :-)

    I guess if we look at the big picture, we are insignificant. But then, to our very small world, our family, close friends, parents...I think we are hugely important.... right?

  2. Not always.. when I do feel that way.. somehow i remember this quote from fountain head...

    The characters say that.. when I see skyscrapers.. i see the might of man.. who created it.. i dont get dwarfed by it..

  3. When you compare a human to the awesome enormity of the universe, yes we're each totally insignificant. But at the same time we're told that we're created in the image of God.....so I guess we're nothing and everything at the same time :)

  4. No i dint felt like this...but now after readin...it made me think and feel what you meant..

    nd btw its One of the best posts I have read.. :)

  5. wannabe: I'm looking at it from one end & u from the other....& ur perspective does make a lot of sense:-)

    winnie: whoever said it must be a very strong individual & I dont mean physically....& by jove he is right:-D

    shalom: "so I guess we're nothing and everything at the same time :)"
    Difficult to grasp the extent of it but this about sums it all up:-))

    prakhar: u never felt like this:-o, then it must be me feeling the creaks of old age.
    Geee Thanks:-D!!!!!

  6. Arey yaar kiyoon life mein itnaa serious hotey ho. You are the most significant entity in this chain of events. Because the strength of the chain is equal to its every single link.

  7. Wow, I am speechless... it's beautiful.

    But no, I do not think that you are insignificant. I think you are important... as important as you think other people are important.

  8. lovely...
    first time here from goofy mumma's blog :)

  9. When I see kids sleeping in all their innocence at night.

    When I see this world and the people in it on auto-pilot.

    When I see the endless stars at night. Also when I don't see any stars at night.

    When it rains.

    When it shines.

  10. Indeed I do, and especially when I read your beautiful thoughts, I feel very insignificant indeed.

  11. balvinder singh: Sir, aapke baat mein bahut dum hai:-D

    agnes: Hehe if I'm going to see it that way then almost everybody is more important than me:-P

    jira: Thank U. Please come again:-D

    anjuli: Really??? Thank U!!!!!

    phatichar: Oh yes, oh yes totally agree with u. Especially the last part.

    goofymumma: U must be joking...its the other way around. I'm serious:-).

  12. Wow, thanks for the compliment, but seriously, beautifully expressed!

  13. Yes I do.
    Well said.

  14. Seriously you are in the path of self realisation Nancy. I don't know what to say in religious terms, but your are moving away from "greed,me,mine" kind of attitude and when you feel insignificant compared to the smallest deeds, you are in the right path I think....

    Oh! Am i sounding like a priest!!??

  15. Brilliant! Yes i feel so sp when i bow to God...but as Balwinder said we are all significant links to the chain!

  16. sometimes .. yes, when u look at the larger scheme of things
    but mostly not :)
    such thoughtful imagination, right now the only insifnificant thing that comes tgo my mind is my blog

  17. i am not sure if my comment got saved:/ posted thrice

  18. goofy mumma: Thank U:-))

    preethi: Thank U:-))

    maddy: I so liked what u said & wd love to think it applied to me but honestly I think I'm still light years away from that stage:-P
    Nope not at all, u only sound like a sadhu mahatma;-).

    myspace: Really:-D, u think so??? will I sound dumb if I ask u what sp is(tho I got the meaning;-P)???

    ish: no, no, ofcourse not. I enjoy reading ur posts. Its just that u need to put up more of them;-P
    Out of the 3 I got these 2:-)

  19. No, i never feel that anybody is insignificant, everything, everybody is importasnt in this chain of world. But the ants always teach me that perseverance and hard work pays.

  20. Renu: U knw...every word in these 2 sentences u have written emphasises ur personality & inner strength. Yes ants are so small but their example is always taken to portray positive attributes of life:-)

  21. was real surprised at such conflicting thoughts fromt your readers! :)
    well as for me i almost echo your thoughts, ive felt insignificant countless times, and to me its not a negative thought, at all!! just puts things in perspective, and we carry on, not making mountains out of mole hills! :) nice simple but thought provoking piece!

  22. well written reflection.
    i don't really know. sometimes i do and sometimes i don't. i think it also has something to do with how i am feeling at that time.


  23. onlooker: even I was quite surprised actually but then I admired them for their confidence:-P. And thank U:-))

    A: Oh yes, same here. When I'm feeling low the awareness kills;-D

  24. This is beautiful..... there are these times in life when you really feel insignificant....those are moments when tears come flowing down from your eyes and you feel one with your Creator.

  25. j p joshi: I dont know about feeling one with the creator but the tears sure do flow down the cheeks with great speed:-D.
    Jokes apart, u have written how I feel:-)).

  26. oops, that is too much thinking for me. I have no plans of cooking my brains. But nevertheless, what u wrote is true. A little melancholy. But true!

  27. bins: Thank U:-))...usually this kind of thinking is way beyound my brain capacity also;-P

  28. You are a great word-smith! I cannot praise you well enough for your thought provoking compositions!


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