Thursday, 6 November 2008

At The Beach

Two days back Nikita[7 yrs] came back from school with a certificate which stated that she came 3rd in a drawing competition. I was surprised, though not by the movement of an eyelid did I show it.

I came to terms with it years ago that I didn’t have a single creative bone in my body & neither has my better-half shown any impressions of it in these 10 yrs, so suffice to say art & its vagaries take a backseat in our abode. The kids’ ofcourse let their creativity loose once in a while but nothing in their artistic visualizations ever led us to believe they were anything but our children.

I hugged Nikita in excitement & asked to see the picture but she said that it was hung on the school notice board & so she couldn’t bring it back. She then very helpfully reminded me of a picture she had made subjected “At the Beach”, which was supposed to be exxxxactly the same.

I have this box file where I carefully file away all their creative outbursts not for anything else but just so that they can see their childhood efforts when they are older. The picture was there & I have scanned it & put it here so that you can relate to the conversation we had when she showed me this drawing 2 weeks back.

The conversation & whatever I remember of it……

Mama: Nikita, this is really good….especially the yellow & blue combination.

Nikita: Really Mama????

Mama: Yes it’s beautiful but what is that blue square in the middle of the beach?

“That is the beach-towel. You know…..we can rest on it & look at the water” explained Nikita very kindly.

Mama: Ok and what is that cat’s face doing near the water? Where is the body?

Nikita: uff-oh Mama that is a crab.

Mama: Aah ok now I can make out. Why is there only 1 fish in the sea?

Nikita(turning & looking at Naina in despair): This mama doesn’t know anything……..(then looking at me)that is not a fish, it is a big dolphin. The rest of the fish are swimming underneath, that’s why you can’t see them.

Mama(looking suitably foolish): Ok then, what are that balloon & kite doing above the water?? Are the fish flying them???

Nikita(in exasperation): Mama!!!!! Fish don’t have hands, somebody let go of their balloon by mistake & so it is floating in the air.

Mama: ooooooohhhh ok. Then what about the balloon & kite on the land? Are they also floating???

Nikita: ohh that, teacher said there was no need to draw any people. So that’s why. But actually people are supposed to be holding them.

Mama: Hmmmmm…….then why have you drawn that tiny cartoon figure there, near that sandcastle???

Nikita(looking affronted): That is Me!!!!!! Can’t you make out????

Mama: Ooooohhh now I know why she is looking so familiar.

Nikita looks closely into my face to see if I was pulling her leg.

Keeping a straight face I quickly ask “And what is that wheel-like thing at the corner of the page”

“oh thatt, my bus friend* gave it to me, I wanted to add it somewhere, soo…..” she tailed off.

“So you cut it out & pasted it…….very sweet of you to do it” I appreciated her.
“So you drew this same picture for the drawing competition”????

“Yes, exxxxxxactly the same except that I coloured the whole beach ORANGE

WHATTTT?????? asked Mama aghast at the color combination.

“Yes, coz my yellow color pencil was missing” answered Nikita casually.

Huhh!!!!!! I was still groping for words when the sisters left the room to pursue other activities.

Anyways, the Certificate is proudly displayed in the living room, a tribute to the budding artist in our family

p.s: This whole incident reminded me of another of Nikita’s drawing’s I had put up here in the beginning of the year.

*Bus friend: Friend from the school bus


  1. Seriously nancy! How kewt! Your kids are so much fun!

    If I have kids... I want them to be just like urs!

  2. Oh my! that's such a cute conversation. Its a beautiful painting by the way!!

  3. Muuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh to Nikita darling!!!! Pass a tight Hug to her on my behalf. Before reading the post,I was looking at the drawing and was wondering her observation skills. She has done the drawing to details. Strokes are perfect,especially the sea. Only thing I was wondering was, the ballons in the sea, but assumed she has exaggerated the floats that we see, but when I read her explantion later, I had a good laugh.

    Good that you din't ask what are the tiny dots on the shore!!! I guess they are pebbles and shells.

    Nancy, Nikita has got very good skills.Please encourage. I wish I could send a painting set to Nikita.

    Happy weekend

  4. winnie: Oh yes...they r fun. They are so full of energy tht I need adrenaline shots to keep up with them;-P

    goofy mumma: Thank U!!! Actually I was just needling her a bit to see what she says:-D.

    maddy: Really u thk so?? I was so jacked to hear she won in the competition.
    We got them a painting set 2 yrs back & they made such a mess of the living room tht we trashed it & never got it for them again;-P.

    U have expressed such confidence in her tht I will def get her a set:-o
    Happy Weekend to u too!!!!

  5. wow wish i cud drw like tht! really i cant :(

  6. kids are so innocent and so much fun...i am eagerly waiting for my little one to start talking

  7. ur kids are adorable!!
    and the details that they notice .. she has actually drawn everything on the beach, towel to the baloon to the fish..
    i haven't had a chance to spend a long time with kids ever and hence find the posts about ur kids very fascinating!

  8. Nice post and I like the way she answered you. And the drawing is so cute. My best to Nikita.

  9. Don't you know that you should never ask a child what it is that he/she has drawn! That's according to child should not ask... just say it is great! :D But I think the real reason they say you should not ask is because of these brilliant answers you might get in return. Nikita is a real tell her that her painting is beautiful! And read that old post of yours only now!!! That was hilarious!!!

  10. sansmerci: Hehe well u've got me for company:-P

    scribbler: Yes they are, they have so much zest for life that it is hard to keep up:-)

    ish: oh yes they r adorable especially when they r sleeping;-P.
    Hehe I was the same...till I had my own I never had anything to do with them.

    sukku: Thank U....will tell her:-D

    wannabe: Really...I never knew that. Hmmm....have some reading to do.
    Ok will tell her:-D
    And yes when I read it now I find myself smiling but tht time I was not so amused:-P

  11. Nancy I must have the IQ of a 7-year old. I immediately knew that it was a towel, a crab, and everything else... or maybe just the years of attending art school are finally paying back...

    Nancy, you don't think you've got a creative bone in you? You've got to be kidding me, Girl. I don't know many people who write as well as you do.

    And Nikita, my goodness, she is a star!

  12. nice drawing and you are so interested in what they do! If it was me i would have taken the drawing.. said "kollamellodee" patted her head and gone back to my t.v program....

    guess thats why god made mothers...:D

  13. Oh:) so Cute, I always love readind about Nikita and Naina:), cute adorable darlings, wud love to see them someday.

  14. Agnes: If I ever suffer from low self-esteem or any other psychological disorders I wont bother to waste any money on doctors, I'll just get onto my page & read all ur comments. They are real morale boosters.
    Thank U!!!!!!!!

    abraham menacherry: Thts what u think now. Just wait & watch, once U are a parent, u'll be highlighting ur progent's every minute action:-D

    renu: Very busy nowadays huh??? Not to be seen:-).
    "cute adorable darlings, wud love to see them someday."
    I'll tell u what...if ever u come to Dubai, u let me knw & if ever I go to Chennai I'll let u knw:-).

  15. Cute...nikita is a budding artist..and u fishing for compliments? u r creative to the boot..I always feel thrilled when i accomplish something-even as mundane as a soft fluffy chapati!!--but I nearly always burst with pride when my kids get even the 100th position in any competition! You must be so proud of your lovely daughters..m sure they will always be a source of pride and joy for u..

  16. sure Nancy, whenevr I come to Dubai, I cant leave without meeting ur daughters:), I started reading ur blog because of their antics and I am thankful for that.
    And whenevr u come to Chennai, come to my place:)

  17. My space: Even I am the same though I dont pretend that we'll win any major competitions....I'm just happy when they show sparks of brilliance;-P.
    Guess wht, even I'm maha thrilled when my chapatti's & poori's puff up well;-P

  18. Renu: It's a Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. soo cute...
    The drawing is so good and well thought of! Nikita is a very observant child. You must be proud of her :)

  20. deeplydip: U r back huh:-D!!
    Yes, yes everybody is telling me & I'm slowly believing it;-P.

  21. Lol on the "fish swimming underneath" part!!! Sometimes I seriously wonder, just because we're older, are we necessarily smarter???

  22. I absolutely loved the pic- and congrats on her artistic talent- but more than the picture- I loved the conversation!!!!!! Made me miss my kids at that age!!!!

  23. shalom: u know I wonder the same & realise there is so much to learn from them. While we teach them geography, history & social studies they teach us about innocence & zest for life amongst others.

    anjuli: will tell her:-D. Oh we have these conversations almost everyday. Sometimes I feel like taping their voices as they talk, argue, laugh, cry......unaware.

  24. LOL!!!! :-)
    Clever Clever Nikita.
    A big hug from me to her and tell her i said "well done" and congrats, ok?

  25. preeti: will tell her....she'll be very happy to hear it:-)

  26. heh he... very funny... kids do the darnedest things:)
    I like you, am artistically impaired

  27. wisegirl: They are always upto something or the other :-o.
    Thank U for visiting:-).

  28. Hi there, first time here and I absolutely loved this post, was hilarious heehee

    *replaces the fallen chair*

    ahem, will be back, Cheers!

  29. snow: Hehe even I find it funny when I read it now.
    And please do come...the door is always open:-D.


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