Thursday, 27 November 2008

This makes Five

I'm on a roll here. Just picked up another Pretty Award from Agnes......

I would like to award this to my Good Friend Manu[who has read all my posts but commented for the 1st time just last week] & a few fellow bloggers whom I have had the pleasure of meeting after my Commentophobia post:

Since Agnes hadn't put up any specific rules for the Award, I''ll take the liberty here:

Display the Award in your page
Award them to your favourite commentators.
Ask them to forward it to their favourite commentators.
And dont forget to link their page to their names.

Go ahead, spread the cheer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edited to add: Just found out about the Mumbai attacks. My heart goes out to the families & friends of the people who lost their lives.


  1. :)
    Congratulations :)
    And thank you so much:). Thats my first award *smiles shyly*

  2. Hey Congrats again. You know, I am not saying this just for the sake of saying it. I would confer one on you if only I knew how to. Shame on me and my lack of patience. Someday, please guide me thru it.


  3. Congrtulations Nancy -- and I think the red daisy is so pretty!

    So sorry about what happened in Mumbai yesterday, it is so very sad. So sad.

  4. hey thts a very new idea in awardin .. great.. wish i cud spread that to ppl who comment on mine :).. but i ll wait patiently for my turn :D

  5. Meira: Thank U & congartulations too:-D.

    Bins: Thank U & I already mentioned how to go about it in my last comment to u in the previous post:-)).

    Agnes: Thank U:-)...I too think the red daisy is really pretty:-D.

    Sansmerci: Great idea, right??? I thought so too:-D.
    Ok u know what I'll do, I'll link u up & u take it home coz the role of a commentator need to be highlighed as urgently as possible:-D.

  6. haha thanks a lot.. is this how u ask for an award and get it shamelessly :D

  7. So is this for my comments...thanks though I am not sure of what I should do...HEY, THANKS, for my first award in this blogosphere!

  8. sansmerci: LOL:-D. Hey its a pretty neat award & I'm not giving it to just about anybody. Only people who are special receive it:-)).

    Sindhu: I gave this award to all the unique bloggers(as in, bloggers who commented for the 1st time on my blog) who responded to my call in commentophobia.
    You are supposed to copy & paste it on ur blog & award it to ur favourite commentators:-)).

  9. Congratulations to you and to all the winners...thank you so much!! :)

    I had seen this one...I wonder why I did not comment :| MY BAD!! Anyways, thanks a zillion once again...hugs!! :)

  10. Thank U!!!!!
    I was wondering why u didnt say anything....only after a few days did it click that mayb u havent seen my comment at all:-))

  11. cute! i dono how mny u hav got by now - but u sure do deserve lots of it... will surely award one to u wen ma laziness dries up...


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