Thursday, 4 September 2008

A weekful of emotions

One way or the other, I've been on a emotional roller-coaster whole of this week. Here are a few of them which I quickly share with u.....

Awe: The fact that I survived 9 yrs of married life. The fact that I have 2 kids. Just cant get over the fact that they are already 7 & 4 yrs old. And so many other facts connected with this fact...

Annoyance: The maid caught a cold & fever but acts like she’s got pneumonia. Took her to the doc & got her the required medicines. The fever is gone but she just lies curled up on her bed throughout & only gets up to wolf down the food that I serve at her bedside. Get your butt out woman, it’s just a cold, dammit.

Sad: My grand uncle(90 yrs old) passed away 2 days back. Why do I 'feel’ so much for this old man? He was a priest who conducted both my baptism & my marriage. An important man in the church level & we(ie all of us related to him) were always given some ‘weight’ bcoz of our connection with him. Yes I know it sounds sooo prosaic but we were proud to be associated with him.

Terror: Naina my 4 yr old got up from sleep 3 nights back & came to us looking like something out of a horror movie…….she had blood dripping from her face & the front of her night clothes were soaked in blood. It turned out to be a nosebleed. It happened twice again the next day....we panicked, took her to the nearest 5 star hospital. A consultation with the paediatrician, 2 blood tests later the results were was just a simple case of nose bleed, nothing to worry........huh, they shd have paid me.....I told them that, first. Oh well, atleast we are sure now.
Apathy: First the kids were sick, then the maid fell sick. Now its my turn. I’m so tired but going about doing all the work[please note: the maid still hasn’t got up from her bed].

Amazement: The living room floor was a mess. Toys, books, bits of paper scattered all around. I decide to clean it up. I told Naina my intentions & asked her to pick up the bits of paper lying on the floor. Then I got a call. I come back to the room after 10 minutes & find the floor spic & span. My darling 4 yr old knew I was not well, cleans up the entire room by herself. “I did it for you, Mama??? Nice????” Tears stung my eyes…..lost for words I simply hugged her.

Mortified: My neighbour has left some of her precious plants in my house coz she had to go on vacation. Its been 2 months now & she'll be back any day. All these days they were perfectly ok, thriving infact. Just last week I noticed one of the plants slowly fading away, the leaves are withering away one by one, for no reason. I've been desperately trying to resuscitate it back to life. How ever will I show my face to her...not to mention the plant?

Frustration: Nikita my 7 yr old is waking up every night bcoz she is not happy about sleeping alone in her bed at night. Well, She’s not alone in the room…....Naina sleeps on the top of the bunk bed & the maid sleeps in the same room. We suggested that the siblings sleep together but both are not interested. Nikita wants me to sleep beside her which I’m not agreeing to. We’ve placed pillows, soft toys, warm milk before sleeping, the works. She goes to sleep immediately after getting into bed but gets up almost every night after 12 & cries, sometimes lies awake till 2 pm. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know…its been 1 month now & I’m at my wits end.

Happy: Delighted to note that the comments for my last blog post hit the 30 mark[turned a blind eye to the fact 7-8 comments were made by me]

Gratitude: Thank God every night for all his blessings… grateful that I have a family to come home to, food on my table at mealtimes & a roof over my head.
p.s - And also dear Lord, just reminding u......the maid still hasnt got up from her bed.


  1. Hi Reflection,

    Sorry about your grandpa.,. may his soul rest in peace. Now about your blog, amazing to see such a spectre of emotions been experienced and moreover u remembered all of them... Really Cool.,.

    Just shows how much you tend to focus on the present and take moment as it comes by.,. Thats indeed a way to live life !! :)

    Get well soon.,.And keep smiling :)

    Keep Reflecting !!


  2. P.S:Blog updated !! :)

    Waiting for your comments :)

  3. I cudnt help but smile a lil! :D :D

    Ah the whole gamut of emotions hmm? :-)

    Well tell your maid you are planning to get a temp for you find it hard to do the work.. that shud scare her that u myt replace her.. so will be up n running hopefully!

    @ your daughter.. well ask her why exactly she doesnt wanna sleep alone.. the fact that ur younger child dies n she doesnt.. is well diff.. so try healthy comeptition.. see how ur sister sleeps n u dont!.. may b exchange their places?

    There has to be a reason.. why.. just ask her!

  4. i just LOVED this post.. and that must have been one hell of a week for u isnt it?
    u gotta full time maid?.. i have only one emotion here.. jealousy :P
    @the plant- atleast its better than promising to look after a neighbours pet, and the pet running away in the meantime.. YES.. I almost died that one time
    @nikita- i dunno if it would work but try telling her how other kids or her friends sleep all alone .. though i am totally against comparison among kids but no harm if it works in ur favour right? (not my fundas.. my sis in laws:)tried and tested with her kids)
    and YAY to ur 30 comments .. way to go woman!

  5. prashanth: Thanks....need all the goodwill to get thru LIFE:-D

    winnie: oh yes I tried that...I deviously hinted tht my previous maid was hoping to come back, she just smiled mysteriously like she knew something I didnt:-(
    oh yes I've asked Nikita but I have no solution for the answer. she wants to cuddle upto me & sleep:-(
    as to exchanging places...she doesnt want to sleep on top, she feels safer below[I knw, i knw its is the opposite in most houses]

    Ish: U wdnt be so jealous if u had a full time maid who....
    got up at 7.30 while u are up at 6am.
    as soon as she see's u at the front door, retires to her room.
    :-S.....have to have a talk with her one of these days....just waiting for her to 'get well'.
    and Thanks:-D ref.30 comments.

  6. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Glad he lived such a fulfilling life.

    Well, happy anniversary!!!

    On your daughter, does she do any sports? If not, I'd try taking a long walk with her before going to bed.

    Congratulations on your 30+ comments! You go, girl!

  7. Oh, one more thing.

    And please, do take care of yourself, and get well soon :-)

  8. what an emotional roller-coaster ride its been huh :-)) Naina is a beautiful name. Must be awesome to be the mother of two lil girls. If I ever have a baby, I want a daughter too :-))

  9. Awww- daughters are so so sweet.A tight hug to Naina.
    The maid deserves a whack-right now.
    And Happy Anniversary!!
    p.s. great post!

  10. I liked this post :)

    I have always been sceptical about having full time just removed any little doubt I had in my mind!

  11. so sorry to hear of your granduncle passing away- it does leave that void inside- especially when it sounds like it was a huge personality- filling other people's lives.

    When you said you went through a rollercoaster of emotions- you were right! I loved the way you Alphabetized them. It didn't diminish them- but rather showcased them.

    When my kids used to have trouble sleeping- I'd pray over them after they slept. Always seemed to work for me :)

    hope you get to feeling better soon and don't come down with the full force of the cold which has been circulating.

  12. Agnes: Oh yes he lived life to its full, keeping it simple & straight. We adored him.
    No, she is not doing sports. We've been thinking of putting her for piano classes. hmmm ur idea sounds better....and going for a walk is out of question, its HOT & humid out here till oct-nov. Its a desert out here:-).
    And thanks for the concern. feel good:-).

    Piper: oh yes, it was:-o. Thankfully its clearing up.
    Its actually Elaina...but she cdnt pronounce her name when she was smaller & used to refer to herself as Naina....& so it stuck:-)

    My space: daughters are sweet some of the time....well ok most of the time but NOT all the time.
    LOL abt the maid...I totally agree with u. Only the thought that she really mayb sick is holding me back.

    Wannabe: u wont believe it but i never wanted a maid who stayed overnight. I wanted somebody who just stayed till I came back from work. This woman was paying an awful lot of money as rent & so requested me if she cd stay at my place & save on the rent. And I felt sorry for her & agreed. But now it seems like a millstone around my neck. I only keep quiet bcoz the kids are fond of her & she is also attached to them.

  13. dear God, please help the maid get better and help our nancy to stay in bed to get some rest...sorry about your uncle.
    btw, 1 month is pretty good. hang in there. you are doing the right thing and your 7 yr old already knows that sleeping by herself is much more comfortable. she just needs your confirmation which you give by not giving in:-)

  14. sorry to hear about ur grand pa:) May god rest his soul in peace !
    U may ask ur maid to just take alittle load of work from u, she may not start in a full swing but can certainly help now.
    Ur daughters r so sweet:)
    I think u shud cuddle up with ur daughter telling a story and when she goes into the sleep, u may come out.slowly she will get into a habit.
    Take care and get well soon!
    and yes chk my blog something is witing for u:)

  15. Anjuli: Oh yes he was totally into making the life of the poor bearable. Infact it used to exasperate us that whtever we used to present to him wd immediately be given away to somebody "who really needed it".
    The best way indeed....the kids & I pray together b4 they settle down to sleep. Infact she sleeps immediately but she gets up after a few hrs:-(
    And thank U, am already feeling much better.

    Lan: Dear God, please listen to Lan coz she makes a lot of sense.
    Yes I know the trick is not to give in to the child's demands but sometimes its so difficult to keep it as lack of sleep affects everybody.

    Renu: yes, may his soul rest in peace.
    Abt the maid....I'm taking it easy with her. Infact thts all i've been doing with her. Its only when I fell sick I started getting annoyed coz i was still doing all the work & she knew I was also sick. Even last morning she was soooo sick but by the time I came back she was all dressed to the nines & ready to go out for the wkend(thu-fri is wkend here)looking absolutely fresh. Looking at her I sort of felt a bit cheated.

  16. lovely description of different emotions.

  17. Just wondering if Nikita is being bothered by the maid, is that the reason she comes running to you each night and refuses to go back. Please do investigate!

  18. I tend to agree to this anonymous out here... btw do visit my poems blog.. a surprise for you :P :P

  19. cute post.
    your maid reminds me of my earlier one. it's sucha dilemma - you don't to be harsh on them but at the same time you dont want them to take advantage of the situation...hopefully by now she is up and about!

  20. Wow, so many emotions. I just realised when I was reading your blog that we tend to forget so many of them and just move on. I am glad u put it down. Awesome read!
    About Nikita and her sleeping problems, though I have not yet ventured on that path yet, I read someplace that you just have to persevere and be firm yet gentle.
    I am glad that Naina is able to manage though.

    Sorry abt your Grand uncle.

  21. Balvinder Singh: Thank U:-)

    anon: Thank u for caring. In a way u do have point....coz the woman gets calls in the middle of the night & I guess this wakes the child up and once she is awake it becomes difficult for her to get back to sleep. Actually I have warned her abt this earlier but seems like its still happening. Hmmm I have to remind her again.

    winnie: Went over & chked. THANKS!!!!!

    deeplylip: I had a talk with the person who introduced her to me. She seems ok now:-). Bathrooms were sparkling clean yesterday;-D.

  22. Lovely stuff...esp about "surviving" 9 years of marriage :O) dad would recount the entire episode of the day he first saw me on EVERY birthday...he'd start off as, "Wow it's your birthday? I remember ___ years ago when you were just a tiny bumndle..." He always said time flew by much too fast for him to keep up. I can imagine how wonderful it will be for your children to read all this one day...

  23. bins: Thanks:-D
    Yeah Nikita sort of got used to somebody always holding her while sleeping, thts why all this trouble whereas with Naina I think it was the right time we moved her out so she adjusted better.
    Yep, persevering.....:-P

    Shades: Seriously time flies so fast......even now I sometimes cant believe I'm a mother of 2 kids:-O.
    I was such a tomboy tht even now it amuses my school & college friends to no end watching me feeding the kids, scold the kids, etc:-S

  24. My condolences on your granduncle, and congratulations on your anniversary. May you not only survive, but thrive through many, many decades together :)

    About your daughter, well, I would suggest religion. Pray together as a family before they go to sleep. I think its important not only for them, but for the family as a whole.

    And not to make you paranoid or anything, but do check that your maid isn't troubling your daughter. If Nikita is getting up at about the same time every night, maybe its not something as random as a dream that bothers her. I pray this isn't the case though and that her fears pass.

    Hope you guys all get back to normal :)

  25. Thank U and thank U Shalom.
    Yes, I too believe prayer is important in every sense..
    No, I dont really think the maid is troubling her as such except mayb by spking on her mobile & disturbing the child's sleep.
    But am keeping a close watch.

  26. Hats Off! U managed to put down each one of them. I wud hv gone thru each one of them and wudn'y hv realized. Gud read :)

  27. Swaram: Thank U:-))!!!!!
    Dont worry...soon u will too.
    Blogging does tht to Us;-D.


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