Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Follow-up Notes...

Right after I poured out my woes in my last week's post, things started looking up…...

As I cautiously watered the neighbours’ ‘fading’ plant[cautiously coz I had a strong suspicion that I was killing it with kindness], I spied fresh sprouting at the nodes. Halleluiah, my heart lifted in joy…….with renewed enthusiasm I turned the soil up a lil bit, then cut off all the dry leaves & finally sprayed it with some plant shine. Now there’s one gorgeous looking plant sitting in the sunniest corner of my house, ready to be received by its owners.

The maid who seemed in a bad shape even on Thursday morning as I left to work, was up & about when I reached back afternoon[Thursday is weekend here, so half day]. She was all brightly dressed, waiting for me to arrive……..& just had enoff time to stuff herself with the food [which I had thoughtfully picked up from the restaurant] & leave for the weekend. Ah well, atleast she unglued herself from the bed.

Nikita still gets up atleast once every night but has stopped crying. After a visit to the loo, she lies in her bed quietly till she goes back to sleep. She wakes me up sometimes but not always. Hopefully she has accepted that she must sleep alone & continue…well I’ve got my fingers crossed but I’m not exactly holding my breath.

Naina hasn’t suffered any after effects of her nosebleed. She proved it by falling off her tricycle[she was doing the balancing act on the seat & watching TV at the same time] & hurting herself on the eyebrow by hitting the bare handle bars. It was a bloody affair but none of it came out thru the nose. The doctor after initially scaring us about having to put 2 stiches finally just glued it shut. Yes, she is fine now. Hopefully the scar will fade in a few yrs time. She is usually a very careful child but I guess the law of averages finally caught up with her.

And I’m so overwhelmed by the fact that I won 2 awards from the blogworld. Thanks once again Renu & Winnie the Poohi. And a Big Thank You to DeeplyDip, Myspace, Sunshine from Singapore & Wannabe for awarding me the same once again.

And a big thanks to all of you for caring. More than medication, it was the feeling that I had friends looking out for me, that brought me out of the dumps I was in.


  1. Wow, i am the first one to respond. Nancy you have proved the old saying right that when you feel something troubling you just share it with someone. And you have seen the result of sharing. Things started falling in place the moment you published your troubles. I don't wish you any more troubles but in case you feel something strongly about, just put it down here.

  2. :) am so glad things are looking up :) Hugs to the lil ones

  3. LOL about the maid. As you say, at least she is up'n'running...
    How nice of you to pretty up the neighbor's plant before returning it. You reminded me that I need to prune my jasmine bushes.
    I really enjoy your blog.

  4. halleluiah!!:)
    great to know that things are up and kicking once again..
    and u totally deserved the awards!! i really look forward to ur posts...
    much love
    P.S- ur maid is the luckiest soul on the face of earth

  5. Glad to know that things are better, yesterday there was news about an earthquake in Dubai, how is the situation?

  6. So things are getting better! Good! :) Have a good weekend... and I agree with ISH....Oh! To be born as Nancy's maid! hee hee...

  7. Good for you girl!!! Let me share my mantra for the bad times with you: If God got you to it, He'll get you through it! Just keep saying that whenever you're facing tough times.....helps in a major way :)

  8. Hey good to hear that the problems have ebbed away...
    It's funny how a holiday cures the sickest of all ;)

  9. Welcome back ji! Good to see you back on in the sunny skies!!

  10. balvinder singh: Reminds me of a proverb on the same lines. Thanks:-)

    piper: Oh yes it is. Thanks!!!!

    agnes: Oh yes, she is up & about.
    U have a nice. Here we dont have the space:-(
    And thanks:-)

    winnie: Thanks for reminding me:-)

    ish: u always have been encouraging:-).
    p.s - I doubt the maid agrees with u;-P

    wannabe: Thanks & Onam Aashamsagal to u too.
    p.s - Ish & U are having fun at my expense arent u;-D!!!

    Shalom: Totally agree with u!!!
    And have u reached kerala yet...lucky u to celebrate Onam in kerala. Happy Onam!!!!!!

    deeplydip: U r telling me;-O

  11. good to hear that the plant "survived"...:D

  12. Renu: Oh the actual earthquake happened in Iran, we just felt minor damage, etc...just a few moments of panic:-D

    myspace: Thank U ji:-D

    abraham: Seriously....a weight off my heart:-o

  13. As in all attempts to carry on with the business of life, patience seemed to have played its part. Good for u, girl! Keep at it. and keep blogging too.


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