Sunday, 21 September 2008

Post Blues

She stares at the computer screen blankly for 5 minutes, waiting for inspiration, lightening, anything…. to strike but not even a staple pin stirred. Exercising patience, she waits for some more time….nope, no luck.

She types out the sentence “She stares at the computer screen blankly for 5 minutes...” in apathy. Then, due to sheer lack of anything else to do she changes the font from Times New Roman to her all-time favourite font Verdana, & the font size to 10. Then she stares some more.

She can hear the Marketing Manager’s crunching on chips in the neighbouring cubicle. If she turns her head ever so slightly she can see him thru the glass partition. But who wants to see a Manager, anybody for that matter, stuffing their face?

She turns her head away in the other direction and her eyes fall on the designer who is yawning his head off at 10 ‘O’ clock in the morning looking like he is ready to wind up for the day. She controls the urge to yawn herself & looks pointedly away only to see the autoCAD draftsman trying to access the orkut page stealthily. Orkut is officially banned in the country she resides, however, can be accessed if one was aware of alternative ways to get it.

Almost everybody asks if she was accessible on Orkut. In the beginning she never felt bad about saying she wasn’t but lately she has taken to wondering whether she was missing something. Oh well, she’s got a profile on Facebook but what good was it if she never went there.

The cleaner walks in & salutes a cheery Good Morning. She responds with a smile, & watches him get down to work. Listlessly she turns back to her monitor, her smile disappearing. The partially blank document mocks her.

The Marketing Manager leaves for an appointment & almost immediately 80% of the workforce gravitate towards one corner of the office to read the paper, have coffee, catch up on eachothers lives. They beckon her to join the party.
“Gimme 2 minutes” she gestures.

The phone on her table rings. The Project Manager calls to inform the status of current going ons & also to entrust some work. She notes them all down in her handbook knowing that she better get to work immediately otherwise it will spill over her working hours. The thought of not accomplishing what she set out to do gnaws at her.

As the cursor hovers on the X button of the partially filled page, she straightens up in her seat slowly. Her eyes sharpen & a bent finger creeps towards her mouth unconsciously as her mind races “Dare she do it???????”

Dare she put this up in the guise of a new post??????????????


  1. very well written. Keeps you to the edge even when you know what it's about!

  2. he he he!

    its hilarious girl.. u have made an uninteresting day of ur life an interesting post! kudos!

  3. I am glad she did -- it was very informative and I can totally relate! By the way, Verdana is my favorite font too and I don't have Facebook account either...

  4. hehe...nice one...interesting thought!

  5. :) makes one smile. good effective writing!

  6. deeplydip: Thank U!!! U think so:-o??

    winnie the poohi: Thank U & u found it humourous too:-o

    agnes: Really!!! I'm feeling so much better;-P

    prakhar: Thank U!!!!

    sunshine: Lovely???? Gosh now I have to go read it to see wht I have written:-o

  7. Hehe....good one!!! And no, you're not missing much by not being on Orkut.....Facebook's better :)

  8. She's a cool girl!!! And this is such fun to read! You go, girl! :))

    I use verdana too...all the time...but my all time favourite for informal communications is comic sans...

  9. Very well put..i could visualise the whole scenario..grt ..u made a ordinary routine day sound so interesting..

  10. She is a good writer. She could write a post out of nothing because she observes a lot around her. all the best to "She".lol

  11. onlooker:Does it:-D???? Thanks!!!

    Shalom: Thank U!! facebook's better huh...will keep it mind;-P

    wannabe: Thank U:-). Comic Sans...oh yes even me:-o.

    myspace: u knw how boring my life is:-)

    maddy: She also loves compliments...keeping it coming:-)

  12. good decision to put it up.. one of ur best written posts me thinks!

  13. reader is glad she did it, for she is a good writer even when describing mundane stuff.

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  15. Sansmerci: ooooooh, thanks:-)).

    Ish: Seriously??????? oh but u are always partial to me:-P

    shalom: yep chked it out & put up my tag already. Thanks!!!!

    lan: aaaaah...come, come, welcome back....after a long time????
    And thanks!!!!!

  16. yes this was a great post!!! :)


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