Sunday, 28 September 2008

Leap of Faith

There is an extra mattress in our bedroom which is used during weekends for the kids to bunk in as they have not yet adjusted to sleeping alone in the next room when the maid is not around.

Usually by the time I’m back from office the next day, the mattress is put back in its usual place, until the next weekend. Yesterday for some reason the mattress was not put back & was still there on the ground.

Everytime the kids walked past it they would take a flying leap into it & have some fun. I warned them against it & told them to go complete their homework. I then went to pick it up & put it back in its proper place. But as I stood in front of it there was this urge to just ……fall like a log on to it..….just like how the kids do.

I took a deep breath, put my hands straight up & tried to fall into the mattress without putting out my hands for support. But try as I might I couldn’t make myself fall. My body just refused to follow what my mind was instructing. I felt like the heroine in “Titanic” standing at the tip of the ship except that my hands were held straight up & no Leonardo DiCaprio to support me through my feat.

Leonardo DiCaprio reminded me of my Better-Half. On the other side of the curtain-drawn room, the object of my thoughts was catching a quick nap. On a sudden suspicion I went up to where he lay & peered closely. His eyes were half-open & he was watching the whole show very interestedly

“Can you do it?” I asked.

“Do what” asks he.

“Just fall like a log onto the mattress…without any support”

“Ofcourse” says he & gets up to show me.

He stands in front of the mattress & I look on worriedly.

“I don’t think you should do it, you already have a bad back….we don’t want to invite problems”

“Oh there’s nothing to this” scoffs husband. “Just stand & fall into it….like this” and he falls heavily into the mattress. He sits up & grins triumphantly.

“No, no, not like that, your knees bent a little & got the support” I insisted.

“No it didnt”

“Yes it did!!”

“Ok then, you show me” says he loftily.

So I stand once again in front of the mattress, hold my hands straight up & chant in my mind “if 89kgs can, 65kgs definitely can”……and let go.

Felt my heart plummet, as I crashed ungracefully into the mattress. Sat up with a whoop…… “Seee, see I did it, I did it!!!!!”

“Your hands came forward to support your fall” he noted.

“No it didnt”

“Yes it did”

“No it didnt” I insisted.

He just raised an eyebrow. “Maybe just a teeny-weeny bit” I agreed.

“I’ll try again” I said, getting off the mattress & standing in front of the mattress again. Another thought occurred & I asked him “Can you fall on your back??”

I immediately turned around & stood now with my back to the mattress & willed myself to fall backwards.

“It’s not that easy. You won’t be able to do it” said Husband.

“Wanna bet????” I challenged.

He didn’t say anything. I stood there for a few seconds with my hands up & realized I wouldn’t let myself fall. Falling on the front was difficult enough but falling on one’s back was impossible. Even the knowledge that there was a plump mattress behind to cushion my fall was not enough for me to let go.

“Mama, what are you doing” asked Nikita curiously.

Without my knowledge Nikita entered the room & was watching me standing with my hands held straight up, trying to muster courage to fall back.

“Oh Mama was just trying touch the ceiling” said Mama pulling back her hands quickly and led the child away from the room before she caught on.

When I came back, the mattress was kept back in its usual place by the Better-Half. I knew he didn’t want me trying any more stunts & inviting trouble & so kept it out of harm’s way. He looked at me expecting some comment.

I shrugged “I always wondered about how I'd react if I was asked to bunjee-jump or sky-dive. Atleast I’m sure now” grinning sheepishly at him.

The matter ended there but the question kept niggling me……

How do the kids do it…….without a second’s thought……………….so easily??????

Can you??????????????????????


  1. True! :( they r more ready to trust and to explore.. we feel we r world weary.. so no longer take it with a pinch of salt.. spice is missing in life :(

  2. I'll try it and tell you!
    It seems doable to me...but then as you said I cant be sure till I try it!
    Kids do it coz they are more flexible, they do not have any "nos" stored in their minds and they are young!

  3. The kids do it, because they are smaller, closer to the ground, so less likely to get hurt, also their bodies are flexible. Oh well, who am I kidding, they are just braver than us. Nice post as susal!

  4. I think its coz they lack the awareness of danger in their mind...the same way to them there is no difference between touching a hot pan and a cold bottle of water...the awareness of the difference hasnt sunk in as yet...which makes them fearless in our eyes! :)

    in fact the Boy and I were talking about it yday about how friendly small kids are to random strangers...there was this adorable kid at the bus stop yesterday, playing peek-a-boo with us...randomly...jus coz we smiled at him sweetly...

    their innocence is really refreshing! :)

  5. No, our instincts always take over us, i never realised it, ut now when i read it i thought...we are too conscious of what will happen, with thoughts of future we are not able to live in the present and thats why of any worry do it so well:)

  6. as u have put the title of the post, adults lack the faith and are cautious about most things as opposed to kids.
    hey but besides the point, that must have been one funny sight, u and husband taking turns to plop into the mattress :D

  7. Winnie: huh...u sound like u r older than me...Come on cheer up

    deeplydip: Ohh yess, kids sure are flexible:-o and u r right...they dont have the word "Not possible" in their dictionary:-P

    goofy mumma: hehehe they sure are braver than uninhibited in all their actions.
    And Thanks!!!!!

    agnes: do u do it...I mean...just let go?

    sunshine: Wow, tht was enlightening. Yes, their innocence is their main strength.

    sansmerci: Heeeeheeee....I agree with u.

    Renu: Oh yes, u r soo right. Coz until then I always believed I cd do it if I wanted to. Only when I actually stood there to fall I realised I just cdnt:-o.

  8. I also wonder how I would feel if I were to do bungy jumping...will try out your method of finding out...I just might be able to do it....coz I'm not too far from the ground myself! ;)

  9. More knowledge creates more inhibitions. That's the very reason that God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the knowledge tree.

    And Nancy you are once again at your hilarious best.

    You must post a warning for such posts "PLEASE DO NOT TRY AT YOUR HOME"

  10. 'Ignorance is bliss' right? Kids simply don't know enough to be afraid of stuff like hurting your back (or front!!!) Plus, they're way more flexible than us so their bodies can handle stuff like these way more easily than older, stiffer folks like us. Would I do it??? Maybe as a kid,, no way....too wimpy :D

  11. As u correctly said..its about faith..(i dun wanna blv any scientific reason for it)

    Height of Faith:

    When you throw a little child up in the air...they laugh coz they have faith you will catch them!

  12. Ish: Heeehee I knw....I bet most of u must be thinking how jobless we r:-P. But it is funny now when I think abt it;-P

    wannabe: Oh do let me knw...I'm really interested to knw whether u r able to take the plunge...dont forget the matress shd be on the floor;-P

    balvinder singh: Hilarious u've made me smile thinking abt it.
    oooooh do u seriously think I shd put up a warning? Gosh, wht if somebody tries it & breaks a leg. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shalom: "Would I do it??? Maybe as a kid,, no way....too wimpy :D"
    U r quite right here. Also I feel I cd have managed it if I was less heavier;-P

  13. that was real fun imagining the whole scene! :)wishing you many more fun times/moments ahead.
    having probs with my internet so not able to do your tag. will be doing it soon.

  14. There is a child in everyone and you have found yours! Since I had always hated falling down I don't know if I'd want to take that leap. Kudos to you for letting go. That is the attitude! Loved the write-up.

  15. pbly becos they know no fear. becos they trust easily i guess. I wonder what happens to humans as they grow up..
    great post!

  16. Nancy, yes, you just let go.

    I am not sure I am ready to try bungee jumping, but falling into a mattress on the floor is fun :-)

  17. prakhar: "When you throw a little child up in the air...they laugh coz they have faith you will catch them!"
    U put it so very true!!!!!

    onlooker: Thanks:-D!!!
    Yeah I wondered why the TAG wasnt up yet. Its ok, take ur time:-).

    lan: Actually I dunno how I let go...mayb I just slipped:-P. But I'm so surprised at the realisation that I'm so scared to let go.
    And thanks!!!!

    piper: yes, I too wonder where we lost our want to LIVE IT UP or maybe it is just me who is so scared:-(
    And thanks!!!!

    Agnes: Yeah I know....maybe I shd practice a bit:-D and then it becomes easier;-P

  18. Lol!! I could easily picture the whole trust easily..they are more adventurous,fearless and adults we somehow are more my Yoga class we sometimes try to roll sideways the way kids do..believe me its tough,painful and after a minit or so we stop..we r so stiff

  19. I can't figure out how to subscribe to you -- I can't find the RSS button on your site? Can someone help me please?

  20. Thanks for lovely card. I git it yesterday.

    Nancy there is a Tag waiting for you on my blog. Please pick that up

  21. Good post!! really loved this.... when you grow up you lose certain things.... fearlessness being one of them.

    It is good you know... especially if you have a bad back..:D

  22. myspace: U r so right...more than our body we r held back by our own minds which insist tht we cant do 'it':-(.

    agnes: actually I have very basic knowledge regarding these things. Now tht u have asked I make it my mission to find out how to do it;-P

    balvinder singh: Soooo u finally got it. A few others also have confirmed they got it:-D.
    Will do the TAG soon:-))

    abraham menacherry: Thanks!!!!
    hmmm fearlessness replaced by 'extra' cautiousness:-S. Where did the childhood sprit in us go?????

  23. amazing..u mk me think lk a child again! i read 'pinch of salt' n after a long time recalled my pranks! thanx, i was drifting into deppresion n u brought the fun back!


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