Monday, 30 January 2012

Nothing much...

I don’t have anything in particular to say. Life is going on the same as usual….tests, projects, church, hectic weekends, birthdays, DSF…u know, the usual stuff.





Seriously, that’s all there was.

Leaving you with a very valuable tip on how to get rid of houseflies...

Naina is a genius, isn't she;-D


  1. People ; Don't believe one word of this. N's "usual life" since the last post has featured

    - Bungee jumping from the Burj Khalifa
    - Lunch with Tom Cruise at the Al Muntaha (don't ask where it is)
    - Performing a a Silk Dancer at Mercato DSF
    - Winning 19 kilos of gold at the Bag of Fortune Gold Raffle
    - Completing the Dubai Marathon 3 days ago

    Oops - sorry. That was of course just a normal month for our dear N.

  2. Hahahaaaaa all I can say is that...Ramesh u've got a vivid imagination;-D[wish I had some of those emoticons WP users use to express my 'true' pheelings].
    1. I get giddy on a Bunjee jumping is out of question.
    2. Not even in my George Cloony is another matter;-D
    3. Get ur eyes tested...that was Vidya Balan;-P.
    4. Nobody wins that much Gold...but yeah Sandra Skairjeh came close...her daughter won 1/2kg on 23rd & she won 1/2kg on 24th;-o.
    5. Don't show off Ramesh we all know and accept that U keep track of the NEWS;-D.

  3. did u just celebrate your b'day???
    belated wishes dear! please to inform your fans about the exact date...
    Loved the beware sign!

  4. We celebrated 2 birthdays this month....Naina's and yours truly;-D. Mine was on the 26th. Thank U for the wishes Uma!!!!

  5. Your kids are hilarious, and really smart! Made me laugh so hard.

  6. Ohmigoodness....look who's here;-o. SJ Madamji u better have a good explanation ready as to why u locked ur page all these months;-/

  7. Great idea to get rid of mosquitos, this. Will follow suit :D :D

  8. Naina is a genius :) No question about that :)

  9. RS: Let me know if it works;-D.I'll then patent it[or is it copyright it] and then sell it for a million bucks;-D

    Smitha: Hehe I'll take the credit here, after all I passed my genius genes onto her, right;-D

  10. are you trying to comment something Nancy?
    I have been getting follow-up comments like these "jqjkwehvjldfhvjldfjdfn" in my inbox :-0

  11. Thankgoodness uma, just the person I wanted to talk to...
    :-(....I've been trying to do tht threaded comment business but my reply button is not working. The delete works tho;-P
    Any idea what I'm doing wrong????
    I've changed the 'allow blog feed' to full
    then I changed the comment form to embedded
    and the post pages something is enabled to 'yes' then where am I doing wrong????

  12. err..the embedded thing is not working I guess because I still get a new page when I click on post a comment..maybe you could re-check that??

  13. Ok I'll check that but I have a bad feeling that it wont work...bcoz I'm using one of Bloggers zamaana purana template...meaning it looks like this option works only on the newer templates;-/.
    Anyways thanks for the help...if u come across any other idea let me know. In the meantime I'll try this....hopefully I wont delete my blog in the process;-P

  14. hey no..please don't delete your blog n all in the process..
    not sure of the template constraints, though! you can change the template if you think that way..
    but be careful..we want this blog!

    1. guess it is working now???

    2. Guess works fr the iPhone ;-D


    3. blogger has its preferences too! ;-)

  15. ha ha...! she is a genius, isnt she? ;) lovely post chech...

  16. ha ha- this is too cute!!!!!! Naina is indeed a genius.

  17. He he... Naina IS a genious!!!
    And, belated happy birthday to both you and Naina :-)

  18. Naina is cute! She is behind the pic. Right? Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you and Naina.

  19. That is a super-duper idea by the kiddie !!! Without killing any fly, she is just giving the dare...hope it works out....

    Just imagine how many such pics we'll need in this city -

  20. belated happy bday to you both Naina and you !!

  21. Wow Belated happy bday to both of you !! And great discovery by Naina !
    There was a time here when there were houseflies everywhere ...we were sick of it and bought the mosquito repellant bat. After we came home with the bat we couldnt find even one fly anywhere even to just test whether the bat was working. My hubby was saying 'Nammal bat medicha karyam enganeyo leak aayittundu' :-|

  22. Uma: I was so thrilled to see ur comment[in the reply section] but it's not working for me*sob sob*. When I hit reply it just stays there but delete works;-(. I feeling like crying.

    Agnes: ;-D

    Sulo: Aakhir beti kiski hai;-D

    Anjuli: ;-D

    Laila: Thanks;-D

    Lan: Yes she is behind the board. It was just 1 fly really[we rarely see flies]. And for some reason it was flying only around her;-D. The kids act so silly, like they've seen an scorpion when they see a fly;-S. I delibrately didnt help her out...well we have to get used to the flies at some point dont we;-P.
    And heyyy thanks;-D

    Hitchwriter: ;-D

    UmaS: LOL she says it worked but the truth is tht she was too chicken to kill the fly;-D

    Renu: Thanks

    Anita JS: ROFL at ur husbands comment;-D
    And thanks;-D!!!!

  23. lol! get her to write a book now!

  24. Belated birthday wishes to you and Naina :)

    Naina's pic reminded me of the mosquito bat at home. She sure has a good sense of humour :)

  25. birthdays! :) hope you both had a super happy time :) what's DSF? where are cake pics? i thought someone took some cake decorating classes...

  26. Limenlemons: Hmmmm.....idea mein dum hai;-D.

    Tan: Thanks:-))!!!! LOL it is supposed to look like a fly swatter;-D

    Snow: It was good thank U:-D!!! U r way am I going to slog it out in the kitchen to make a cake for myself;-o.
    DSF means Dubai Shopping Festival!!!!

  27. LOLLLL! Naina is a cutie-pie! And it was your b'day and naina's too? When when? Belates wishes to both of you anyway! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  28. The last idea is novel. I heard that once someone tried writing 'Salt' on 'Sugar' bottle in order to divert ant's :)

    Destination Infinity

  29. i dono wat the first word means, but know the other 3, so got the meaning contextually ;-D

    ps. my! my! whosoever noticed that she was behind the board has a keen observatory nerve somewer.. kudos... i scrolled up to see if naina was really there, and saw her tiny hands ;)

  30. Deeps: Yeah it was...mine was on the 26th. Oh yes we had a wonderful day:-)).

    Phatichar: ;-D

    Destination Infinity: Hahahaa....that was so funny;-D

    Sb: Didnt get wht u are saying, which word;-)???

  31. Can I have Sharjah Dealership of it! Nainaaaa!

  32. Belated Birthday to your angel and the Queen yourself.

  33. Hahahahahaha

    Good one

    keep it goin;)

  34. LOL Maddy.....spoken like a true entrepreneur;-D.
    And thank U:-))!!!!!

    Aiyoooe Sulo I'm such a tubelight really;-L
    Aakhir means 'after all';-D

    Welcome here Amit;-D

  35. Wow...the picture first made me think it was a mic or something ;)
    Good idea...tested? Works?

  36. Agree on the tubelight part :D n thanks! :P ha ha!

  37. Varsh: Haha according to Naina it was a success;-D

    Sulo: No formalities please;-D

    Lilac: ;-D

  38. oh this is so funny!!! Naina is indeed a genius!

  39. Ofcooooos she is!:)
    Hiii Nance!


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