Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I've been awarded a Tag:-))

Deeps thinks I’m this very resourceful, adaptable, nifty, useful, flexible kind of blogger. What other reason could be there for her to award me “The Versatile Blogger" award;-D.
Thanks Deeps, love my award & am going to put it up immediately. There is also a tag attached to this award called the random tag. I’m supposing the ‘random’ has been added deliberately to show how ‘versatile’ one can get in a single post;-P. Anyways here goes….

The rules of this tag:

 Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post
 Thank the Blogger who nominated you
 Share 7 Random things about yourself
 Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers
 Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

I always thought almost all the posts on my blog are kinda random but now I’ve got a hepper word for it.....Versatile........I’m a Versatile Bloggah...….haahhh.

Alright let me get randomer than usual…..

First things first….

Update on the chess learning: I already told u about beating Naina but guess what, last week I also managed to win against Nikita. And it was a convincing win!!!! But now nobody wants to play chess with me anymore;-(. Nope haven’t mustered enough confidence to challenge the better-half yet;-P.

In the inside is a cycling track
I found a park, quite close to where I live, which has a good walking track. It shows us how many metres we have covered and I just love that….as of now I’m covering around 1.5kms in 30 mins…everyday… huh.

Just realised, shdn't have clicked it against a white bckgrnd
One of Nikita’s classmate's father had to be rushed to India for an emergency surgery in December. The child missed almost a month of school. When her mother worried about the notes I got her to send across some of the child’s notebooks with Nikita. Whenever I had a bit of free time I would update all the books. When the child came back she[and mother] were thrilled to see her books……. all completed. She got Nikita some knick-knacks from India and one among them was this cute little keychain of a zoozoo. And her father is fine now and well on the road to recovery:-). ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Can't wait to try out some of the recipes:-))
The Gulf News[newspaper] has this Magazine called Friday which we get every friday[duhhhh…]. It has 2 competitions in which I faithfully take part every week: the crossword and a quiz on Books & their Authors. Every once in a while I win a Dhs.100 voucher[from the quiz] to spend in any Jashanmal Bookstore. I usually get books for the kids with the voucher but this time I picked up a book I had been eyeing for a long time. The kids were not very pleased;-D.

Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada
I’m going to tell u a secret now….. I have fallen hard for a fictional character called Arnav Singh Raizada. I chanced upon him in this show called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus when I went home to India last August. In real life I would probably run a mile away from him; ASR treats the female protagonist with scant respect. He mocks her at every opportunity and manhandles her all the time. His excuse: he has a PAST. He stares, glares, smirks, ….at her and does everything a hero of a show shouldn’t. But one small smile from him and I’m ready to tolerate another 30 episodes of the same nonsense;-(.

The Virgin MegaStore
Went to one of our favourite booknooks one weekend & I noticed they had changed their layout a bit. I was looking around trying to get my bearings when I saw some books piled up on the floor. The book on the top had a very interesting title “Books for sitting”. How very novel, I thought & tried to open it. I tugged and tugged thinking it was stuck. I know, I know I can be so dim sometimes;-/.

I spent 15 minutes trying to make this pic vertical;-(
The shopping festival is going on full swing. Visited the Global village last weekend. We did the usual rounds and guess what I picked up amongst other things….a trolley shopping bag from the Chinese Pavilion. I've seen so many people on the Metro with these trolleys and kept thinking it would be very convenient for times when I went shopping for groceries alone. So now I don’t have to wait for taxis anymore, simply load my trolley[it can carry upto 40kgs....just saying;-D] and get back home on the Metro itself.

Phewww…….and that’s it….7 random things about me.

Now I would like to award and tag...…


An Open Book

Anita Jeyan Sandeep

Destination Infinity











Vaidegi j


  1. You are a versatile blogger indeed! Loved all these random facts :) Love your blog!!

  2. i love reading tags, and urs was super fun. but when it comes to doing it i can be super lazy, i will def try and do this one :) thanks fr tagging me

  3. Nancy!!!! you've been tagged again for this same very award..see, goes to show HOW versatile you are. Everyone wants to confer this award on you...
    And am sooooooooo glad to see my name on your list..:-DDDD
    loved reading your usual you've come with something so unique

  4. Nisha: I really hope u'll taken it up bcoz i know u'll do justice to the randomness bit;-D

    Uma: Heyyy thanks;-D
    And ofcourse u were a sure on my list:-)).
    Listen I came over to ur blog but cdnt comment for some reason[I cd read tho]...the page kept going blank[it happened at a couple of other blogs too so the problem must be from my side...will try again later]

  5. thanks Nancy..and do come again to see if you can comment so that we know that the problem is not from my end...:-)

  6. This was a nice read... you should post more often, tagged or not :-)))

  7. Uma: Oh dont worry by hook or by crook I'll get my comment in:-).

    Laila: Thanks!!! U like the post huh....when I read ur comment I also started wondering why I dont post more often;-P

  8. and u most certainly deserve the versatality award

  9. :) well that was randomly entertaining!!

    and as i scrolled down the list, one part of me was muttering silent prayers that my name shdnt be there, while the other faintly muttered it might be!!

    Thanks! :) Doing it is gonna be tough, and tagging 15, next to impossible. mebe shall skip that part! Thanks again for extending the cosy web! :)

  10. you are so random and yet to versatile, always a pleasure reading you.

  11. Vaidegi: Wow...that was fast, be there in a minute;-D

    Elizabeth: Thank U:-))!!!!!

  12. Thanks for the tag Nancy! Will definitely do it and update you. Teh reason for delay is I need to put pics and I can't find my camera :).

    You are indeed a versatile blogger and loved the randomness.

  13. Completing school notes for daughters friend? That's something! Other people don't even do it for their own kids! That was a very good gesture. I will do this tag soon...

    Destination Infinity

  14. you are gonna be soooooooo proud of me :)

  15. thanks nance! an award is always an honor. will be posting soon. can't think of any blog that fits versatile better than yours nance. kudos on the chess news! better half does not know that his title is about to fall! i went the other way. i mean running away when the kids call:-)

  16. Thanks thanks Nancy. You made my day. Will take up the tag soon. And you know what i was a state level player in chess in under 18. :) glad that you took it up. Enjoy the game.
    Finishing notes -you are very sweet

  17. Wow Nancy, thanks ! I was running out of topics to write and when I started with the tag I ran out of facts to write abt myself.:D
    Awesome facts to know abt u and u added relevant pics cool! Thanks for the award and inviting u over to read through the tag :)

  18. wow! really nice random things... I have always wanted that trolley too and now I want "books to sit" as well. Can you parcel them please?

  19. congrats...

    and nice key chain :D....

    [sorry for dropping by after such a long time]

  20. Horizon: Thank U!!!! Find that camera and do it soon:).

    Destination Infinity: Our gestures are what makes the world go round;-D. Waiting to read ur tag:).

    Limenlemons: I am....I sooo am;-D

    Lan: Hahahaaa....that was funny;-D. And thank U, u always say the nicest things and make me feel good:)).

    Tharani: WOW....err I mean Pranaam Guruji*Nancy bows deeply*. Any tips u wd like to pass on will be gratefully received Maatae;-D

    Anita Jeyan Sandeep: Glad I cd be of help;-). And done-dana-done;-D

    Colours: Maybe I can send the trolley but the 'books for sitting' seat is so heavy that I probably have to sell my apartment to parcel it across;-D. How about u come over for a visit & we both go sit on each of them;-D

    Broca: Whats up doc;-D???? And hey no issues, plain glad to see u around.

  21. Look At you!!...Still so very happening with your blog. Glad i stopped by. :) fun fun fun.

  22. Ohmigooness.....look who's coming visiting;-o!!!!!
    Good to see u woman;-D!!!!

  23. Great to know more about you

  24. So A is for Amrit huh....Coooool;-D!!!

  25. OH MY GOD! 15 bloggers! I am not that famous yaar! :) I am going to skip that. And 7 Random things.....endeammo.....where do I start?

    Thanks for the award and the tag. I am truly honored.

    I never knew people actually win in those crosswords! cool! I should try them too now.

    I have a walking track similar to this close to home too. Its been a year since I have been on it! Sigh!

    I too have a crush on ASR. (Hubby has on Kushi) . I wonder whats happening in that serial now. I don't get star plus here. :(

    You are an angel for helping out that child. I can imagine the relief of the mother.

    Happy Roasting. :)

    And..... I too wanted to buy that bag! Hubby didn't allow! :(

  26. And truly deserve the award. Congrats. You are truly versatile.



  28. congrats for award
    nice pics

  29. Jyothi: I havent won the crossword yet but I have won the 'match the books & authors' many times:-).
    U have a crush on ASR tooo....u dooo;-D.
    I too dont have SP...I catch the episodes on the internet;-D
    Here's a present for u....
    .....u'll love it;-D.
    And thank U:-))!!!!!

    Horizon: Been there, done that;-D

    Sm: Thanks :-D!!!!!

  30. Congratz on the award :) You are becoming a chess expert. Athinu treat venam ;-D

  31. Sounds like a great idea... Wannabe has also been telling me. Should plan it again...

  32. Thanks so much Nancy..I shall take this as cue and post soon before your birthday this year ;-) ( keeping fingers crossed) good luck with chess! Liked reading your take on the tag. Congrats on the award Madame.

  33. ola, advance bday wishes... see I remembered... ;) Have a rockstar year chech... May our dearest Jesus Christ bless you with the best things that life has to offer :)

  34. Tan: Thanks;-D!!!!
    Haha the day I beat the H in chess I'll definitely give u a treat;-D

    Colours: Come during the festival....thats when it is fun;-D

    Lostworld: Haha...I'm coming over to chk if u kept ur promise;-D. And thanks & thanks;-D!!!!

    Sulo: Thank U sooo much girl;-D!!!

  35. "I’m this very resourceful, adaptable, nifty, useful, flexible kind of blogger." yep you're all if this and more! Why koi shaq?? :P

    random you #1 remind me to not broach the subject of challenging you for a round of chess when me meet :P.

    random you #2: you know one of teh best things that I enjoyed when I was in DXB last was the amount of walking I did! The tracks were so good, I loved the walks so much! You're lucky to be living there, nance!

    random you #3 that is such a cute key chain!

    random you #4: so do we get to see some lipsmacking recipes and pictures from you? :))

    random you#5: so can i safely say that you're well past Dhoni or is he still the man of your 'dreams' ;).

    random you #6: Hee *flash news I'm dumber than you! Didnt understand that was that pile of books a space for sitting?? I still cant get myself to sit on books or anything remotely looking like them, can attribute this habit to my kids you're told to worship books and not sit or stamp on it, na. yep, have followed that ever since :). I'm still clueless what that 'books for sitting' meant though??

    random you #7: thats one chic trolley shopping bag! Love it!

  36. Lady, will you please shift to wordpress? Its a humble request! :D

  37. Hi Nancy,

    Just saw your tag...THANK you!!!! I will comply as soon as I can.

    I loved the secret about your crush....;-)

  38. Deeps:
    1. when we meet I'm sure we'll have more imprtant stuff to do than play chess ;-D
    2. Haha my H is in Qater now & right now I want to be there;-D
    3. Isn't it....u knw I have a weakness for novel keychains & magnets;-D
    4. Havent tried any yet but IF I do and IF it turns out good then nobody can stop me from posting the pics....hahahahaaa
    5. U stilll remmeber tht Dhoni dream;-o....;-D. Have u watched the serial Deeps??? If u havent just watch 3 episodes consecutively, I promise u, u'll be hooked....ASR is like a drug, need my daily fix;-D.
    6. Arrey books for sitting meaning they were seats in the shape of books & I the village idiot went 7 tried to prise them open thinking they were 'real' huge books;-P. Yeah I knw tht and folllow it too...when I tell the kids they just dont understand.
    7. Thanks, pretty pleased with it myself;-D

    And not the least, thanks for the award & the tag:-))!!!

    p.s: @wordpress....but why, blogger now is giving us the same stuff WP offers tho its got a few hiccups;-D

  39. Aaaah Nilu...finally:-)).
    U watch the serial tooo u, do u;-D????


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