Thursday, 5 January 2012

My New Year Resolution...

to learn to play Chess:-)
[click image to enlarge]


  1. :) that was a nice one, to keep by your side all through the day! :)

  2. No No No. Not chess. Our New Year Resolution for N is that she posts one post a week to spread sunshine and joy amongst her "followers" :)

  3. I agree! one post a week is gr8 Nancy!
    but..that's a lovely one!

  4. Vaidegi: Isn't it;-D????

    Ramesh: thats an easy one since I am already posting once a week;-D.

    Uma: Why is everybody making me feel like I post once a month;-S. Check my archives[esp last year] I post min 4 posts every month;-D

  5. lets change it to three posts a week, done??

  6. brilliant... aBSOLUTELY brilliant.

  7. Happy New year Nancy.

  8. Happy new year Nancy

    Chess--really?? You should be having a lot of patience to play that game :)


  9. Doc: Ofcourse it is otherwise I'd have never posted it;-D!!!

    Agnes: No fair, I thought u were on my side;-B

    Preeti: Heyy thanks, wishing U the same:-))!!!!

    Horizon: Thanks;-D!!!!
    Really, chess needs lots of patience;-o?? How come my kids are playing it;-P.

  10. Learn chess AND write often on the blog :) hear your fans calling, right?!!

  11. once u learn it u'll be hooked on!

  12. nance just not fair because you are already in the done list for most of them! and if you don't care about beating viswanathan anand then you will have lotsa fun playing chess with your kids.

  13. awww... sweet post..! HNY Chech...

    rofl @ "Really, chess needs lots of patience;-o?? How come my kids are playing it;-P."

  14. Loved the last bit about having everybody by your side so ling as you are true to the best taht is in you! So beautiful!

    Heres wishing you the very best in the year ahead :)

    BTW, you're tagged!

  15. Anjuli: I've already started learning chess;-D. And about writing more often...I really have to work on it;-(.

    Lilac: I'm already hooked on it;-D!!!

    Lan: Hahaha beating Nikita itself is proving to be difficult, VA tho door ki baat hai;-D

    Sulo: Happy New Year to U too:-))!!!!

    Deeps: Yes its beautiful isn't it!!!!
    Thanks for the award and the tag, will put it up soon:-D


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