Monday, 4 January 2010

Spreading some cheer:-))

~ A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.
~ unknown blogger

When we[as in most of us:-)] decide to blog, in the beginning it is just for ourselves. A private place where we can let down our hair, write away our frustrations or give free rein to our thoughts. At the most we want our friends and kin to read what we write. As we explore further we realize if we stretched out a hand there is a wonderful world out there ready to receive us with open arms.

This is exactly what happened to me. Initially it was just about scribbling down some thoughts and incidents…. maybe the kids would love to know how mama was when she was younger, how the events in her life shaped her life, this way my family & friends who lived far away could be in touch with what was happening with me without me straining to write to everybody individually....u see the gains:-).

And then there was the fact that I always was interested in People, their lives, their thoughts…it was but natural to slowly start reaching out to other bloggers who had different viewpoints to share inturn opening up my mind and world.

And the rest as they say is history & lets leave it at that[meaning surely you wouldn’t want to waste time reading about it ONCE MORE]. Now, apart from the comments I love receiving I am also ecstatic about the awards I get. Lot of old-timers[Bloggers I mean] nowadays view these awards with jaundiced eyes & don’t quite believe in them anymore but for me they are all special. In real life I don’t think I ever came first or received awards for anything…no, no thts not true, I did come 1st in 1st standard and 2nd in the Lemon & Spoon race in the 3rd standard.

Ok thats it enough introduction, now coming straight to the point I thought I'd spread some cheer at the beginning of the year itself by giving away the lovely awards I received in 2009.

First things first, I want to thank my blogger-friends Athivas, Blunt edges, Colourmesunshine, Dil Se, Elegant Chic, Passionate Goof, Indianhomemaker , Lostworld , Nu, Rashworld, Shalom, Shayari, Swaram, Thethoughtfultrain, Titaxy for all these wonderful awards I have displayed below.

It gives me great pleasure to give away these awards to deserving bloggers as a token of my appreciation. I know I know I must sound like one of those pompous characters but it’s exactly what I feel……I love receiving awards but more importantly I adore giving them away. Initially I intended to write a few sentences about each blogger I was giving the awards to but gave that idea up half-way as this is a long post and it was taking me ages to just link each one of you.

The 1st award is the International Bloggers Community Award!!!!

"Be a proud member of the International Bloggers Community! " is their tagline.
The Award goes to:

Destination nowhere


Now the Rules say:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
5. Award this to 7 friends on your Blog list. 6. Go to
BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have Fun!

Questions & My Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Thethoughtfultrain, the others who tagged me after her are Athivas, GoofyMumma and Shayari.
2. His/her site's title and url:
3. Date when you were tagged: 30th June 2009
4. Persons you award & tag are: displayed above __________________________________________________________
I’d like to award the One Lovely Blog Award to:
The Idle Devil
Never Ending Memories

"The Prémio Dardos is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web."

Awarding the Premio Dardos Award to...

c'est la vie
Roshni Mitra Chintalapati

The Sweet Blogger Award is awarded to my favourite food bloggers...
Lan for Cheenachatti
Maria for Marias Menu
OpenBook for Look who's cooking too
Renu for
Meri Rasoi

Shabs for Shab's Cuisine

The Blog Friends award goes to those blog-friends who are silent most of the time but when I write a really good post they never hesitate to tell me how much they liked it:-) ...

Archana Gawde
Pooja Mishra
Sulo badri
The Girl from Lokhandwala

The I Love your Blog Award goes to those bloggers who share information in a fun and interesting way. I enjoy reading whatever they post. Its a pity they dont post more often.

Ordinary Guy
Spontaneous Mini

The Superior Scribbler Award doesnt need any explanation:-). It goes to...
Vivek Patwardhan

The rules that accompany this award are.

* Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
* Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
* Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
* Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the
Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
* Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.


The ‘Triple Awards’ standing for "blogs of attitude and gratitude, a member of a proud sisterhood, and a best friend of all blogs" goes to all those bloggers with whom I feel a kinship even though I've never met them......sort of like whenever we meet, we are going to hit it off immediately:-)
The award goes to...
My space
Shades of Grey

The Award “Your Blog is Super” goes to those bloggers who are very popular & well-known in the blogging community. And they are...
Blunt edges
Hitch writer


The 'Awesome Blogger Buddy Award' goes to Indian Bloggers I know across the globe

And they are:
BlueMist from Portugal
Mathew from Germany
Deeps from Qatar
J P Joshi from India
Masood from UAE
Onlooker from Kuwait
Ramesh from China

Rohini from USA
Roopa from Indonesia

Snow from Canada
Sukku from Malaysia
Sunshine from Singapore
Swathy from Australia
Vinoo John from UK

I also want to award this to 3 bloggers who come to my page regularly from Asia-pacific, Holland, Manama-Bahrain, Montego Bay-Jamaica. I’d love it if you’ll introduce urself but if you wish to remain silent I’m fine with that too but please do accept the Award:-)).

The Superstar Award is very special to me and I’m awarding this to...
Dhanya - There is honesty in her writing......and clarity, I love the way she finds joy in everyday matters.
Kochu Thressiamma from Parel Tank - A seasoned blogger, who doesnt hesitate to pen what she thinks...and it could about anything from Politics to Michael Jackson to Education to Malayalam Cinema . She's made me cry & then laugh in the very next post.
Preethi Shenoy from Just a Motheroftwo - She writes thoughtful, meaningful posts about life. I love visiting her blog and always come away feeling inspired.
Shobhaa De - The way her thoughts flow through her fingers is amazing. Her tongue-in-cheek humour & pun-intended posts are my favourite though she can write about anything under the sun and make it sound interesting.

The 'Kreativ Award' goes to all those Bloggers who share their creativity on their blog whether it is in the form of the amazing photographs they shoot or the beautiful Art they create.

And it goes to...

The Honest Scrap Award comes with a tag and is awarded to all those bloggers whose openess shines thru their pages.

And it goes to…
Balvinder Singh
J P Joshi

Passionate Goof


The rules are:
Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.
Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do).
Link back to the blogger who tagged you.

The 'Blogger Friends Award' goes to bloggers I have had the pleasure of meeting[virtually i mean:-)] in the past year...
Elegant Chic

Tanushree Pillai

The Addicting Blog Award goes to all those bloggers whom I need no excuse to visit:-))

I scribble here
And the 'Butterfly Award' is a favourite award, one which I had already received the previous year but Swaram awarded it to me once again and so I’d like to award it to...

Dil Se
And finally the Nameless Award which comes with a tag & I’m awarding it to bloggers who’ve taken an unofficial break. This is a gentle nudge from me to get them back to blogging. And it goes to...
Abraham Menacherry

Former Sansmerci

The rules are:
Tell your readers 7 things about you that they don’t know about u but are true.
Tag 7 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged.
Don’t forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.


Thats it folks!!!! Being slower than most people, it took me more than a week to put this together. I fervently hope I have mentioned everybody I know in the blog-world, if u dont see ur name please know that it was a genuine error. If u'll let just gimme a teeny-weeny hint I'll award u this Wonderfullest, Bestest Award that I have stashed away inside just for this purpose.
And not the least, CONGRATULATIONS everybody and a BIG Thank U to all of you for your amazing blogs and all the lovely comments + motivation this past year. I appreciate you all more than U'll ever know.

p.s: I'm going to start off here to all ur blogs to let u know that u've been awarded. Incase u reach this space before I reach ur blog, please claim ur Award and make it easy for me:-)).

p.p.s: If by any chance u have been awarded more than once, I swear it was not intentional;-D


  1. I just thot u are going to tag me, when I read the previous post - Bingo !!! Thats what you did !!!

    Thank u so much for the award !! Appreciate it so much !!!

    Now, to do the tag - put on your thinking cap, Uma !!!! Come on, Nancy has done it - You can do it, too !!!!

    Hey !!! Thanks again !!! Feels so gud.

  2. hah! i did come here before u came to tel me abt ur award! :) thats sooo sweet of u! thanks nancy! :D

    okay i had written a super long comment...but i want it to be a post on my blog so hop over and check it out! :)

  3. heyyyyyyyy thankssssssssss.... u made my dayyyy!!

  4. Wow!!! How long did it take to compose this post? ;)

  5. Btw, thanks for the award!!! :)

  6. thank you!!!! I am going to read the rules for the award and do it.

  7. Claimed :D
    Thank you so so so much :)
    So we meet up next time you're in India, or I'm in Dubai?:P

  8. Thank you Nancy ! but to me you visiting my blog is an award in itself...I dont demand anything else:)

    I dont know, but somehow I dont feel like doling out them, whenevr I get some genuine comments,my day is made, and I dont know how to say it....Bur neither I cant be partial, and being impartial sometimes sounds rude.

  9. Claimed :).Hey thank U so much for the award :) ...

    Between u spend one whole week for that is really incredible :)

  10. wow.. Nancy.. you made my day.. Thank you very much for your award.. this is my first award since i started blogging..

    Thanks once again..

  11. Congratulations, Nancy, on all your awards!

    And thanks so much for mine too :) You certainly spread the cheer!

    Hope you had a good start to the new year and hope that you have a great year ahead!

  12. Aahhh ... I hd this page open from the mrng and finally got arnd to read it nw ... damn this work uff ;)

    So, my blog is sooper-aa ;) Thanks a lot Nance :) My first award in 2010 and me very very happy :)

    Hearty congratulations on receiving so many awards :D

  13. thank you so much for the award. Honored.

  14. Thank you Nancy!!!
    This is my first award:-):-))

  15. Thanks much for the award. I appreciate it and I am honored.

    I agree with you when you said we first start blogging for ourselves. Thats how I started and eventually many people started visiting my blog. :-) Then there comes the responsibility...:-)

    Thanks again!!

  16. Hey!! I am flattered to get this award from you! Thanks a lot! Will surely try to deserve it! :D

  17. Nancy, thanks for giving me the honest tag. Thanks for the award and once again Happy New Year on the blog.

  18. Thanks a lot for the award Nancy!:))
    honoured because of the mention:))
    but most of all what I want to say is... hats off girl!!

    what a way to spread cheer among so many of your friends...the effort and time it must have taken!! whoa!:))
    seriously thats truly a labour of love:)
    and I am also so surprised and happy that you have met so many bloggers...
    have met only two?:)

    your blog is full of warmth and you write in this unique manner that makes one smile:)(and sometimes laugh like a loon:D:D:D

    )hope to read many more of your posts in the days to come:)

    thank you once again:) grinning from ear to ear:)))

  19. awwww....thank you soooooooooo much's soooo nice to know that I'm remembered :P ....thank you!!!!!!!!!! i cant stop smiling :D

    congrats to you on receiving all the awards :) you deserve all this and more!

  20. Honestly by the time I reached to half of your post a huge lump was developing in my throat. Na I was not getting mushy at you spreading cheers. I was cursing myself thinking you have disowned me from your list because I didn't visit your last posts...sobs!!!

    Yippeee I am Kreative am I? *sakshi makes a note to frame this award and show it to her better half* really know how to boost my confidence...heee

    Thanks a ton for the award and I don't mind receiving the wonderful award you have stashed up for special purposes!! Btw just safe keep my award for a couple of days as I am planning to make a page and display all the awards I have received so far *tsk tsk in real I am waiting for people to give me awards so that I can at least put a decent number of them on my new page :(*

  21. Nancy, tumne bulaya aur hum chale aaye. Award pick karne aayeeeeeee.

    Danke for the wonderful award you bestowed on moi. Nandi, Nandri, Dhanyavaad, Thank you.

    Wish you a very Happy 2010!

  22. What a way to start the year! Congratulations on all the awards,Nance! You deserve every bit of it and more.
    And thank you ever so much for passing an award to me too. Truly honored!

    I still remember the first time I stumbled upon your blog in Nov2008 when I read your post on commentophobia. You had me hooked to your page and from then on I used to look forward to your posts eagerly.Your posts are always so engaging!
    Keep churning out such awe-inspiring posts like you always do and keep spreading the cheers,Nance :D

    Good Luck :)

  23. Congratulations and Thank You Nancy :) Honoured!!

  24. Thanks Nancy :) Needless to say my first award too:) I will read up on the rules and follow it at a more relaxed time ;)

    Happy New Year! And congratulations on all your awards.

  25. Congrats Nancy. You rock.
    And thank you so much. You put me in the same group as Bins and Scribble, I am flattered! :-D

  26. Hey, that's a lovely lovely post to begin the New Year. Thanks so much for the award.

    Our only request. Blog a little more often. When you go away for a little while, the blogosphere becomes a little down ; your charm and cheer are hugely important for all of us.

    Warm wishes for a wonderful 2010.

  27. WOW! Happy New Year Nancy. You had such a beautiful start to this post, and I can see how patiently and painstakingly you have done this, with all the links in place. You deserve all of them and more!

    Thanks so much for my bit, you are a completely sweetheart.

  28. Thanks for the award! I will do the needful soon.

    More than the award, what you did here was open up a new world of people for me! I love looking at other people's blogs, but I don't know how to search for them. So thanks for throwing the doors open.

    Sadly, the more blogs I read, the more I see that people don't reveal who they are...maybe I am different, maybe I should change too. Let's see.


  29. Congratsssss....awesome awards for an awesome lady and that awesome lady passed on that awesome to me :) yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee...making me awesome awesome awesomely happy :)

  30. I landed here before you could come around & I am so touched you thought of me for an award. Very honoured too! :-)I think this is one of the nicest posts ever written to give away awards!! No wonder you have so many awards. Thanks a million Nancy.

    P.S. Do come by my blog anyway. I don't want you to think I ran away with my award ;-) ;-)

  31. Thanks for this wonderful Award I am Honored Will Soon Accept it. Cheers!!

  32. Thanks a lot for the Award. Its an encouragement for a beginner like me. Will Accept your award soon!!!!

  33. Ums: U have taken over from Savitha now;-D.
    U knew I was going to tag u....u r beginning to read me well Uma;-(. But honestly I awarded u for ur open nature not for the tag..but then u knew that didnt u;-D

    Sunshine: It was a pleasure to award u, U are my 1st delurker remember, so very very special;-D

    Amrita: Please dont mention it, it was a pleasure;-D

    Masood: Dont was a nightmare, for the 1st time I actually contemplated moving to Wordpress. Blogger draft was sort of under severe stress with all the links;-/
    And oh dont mention it;-D!!!

    Anjuli: My pleasure!!! And take ur time;-D!!!

    Meira: Ofcourse yae bhi koi poochne ki baat hai;-o

    Renu: Hmmm....u do have a point but the joy of blogging is lost if Awards were not there...I still remember how excited I was about my 1st award. It is a vicious cycle but focus on the positives and like Spiderman says "With great power comes greater responsibility;-D

    Anishthomas: My pleasure;-))!!! And mere bhai kalli aakalae, we are all not as technology savvy as u;-/

    Never Ending Memories: Really, then I am so glad I was the 1st one to give it to u;-D

    Smitha: Thank U, and it was my pleasure awarding u. Wishing U a wonderful year too!!!!

    Swaram: "So, my blog is sooper-aa" .
    Like I was telling Meira...ayae bhi koi poochne ki baat hai;-o
    And thank U:-)!!!!!

    BlueMist: Dont mention it. My pleasure entirely:-))!!!!

    Lee: Aha really....Congratulations;-D!!!!

    Insignia: My pleasure entirely:-)).
    Hah gr8 minds think alike dont they;-D!!!

    WannabeWriter: Dont mention it....just keep posting;-D

    Balvinder Singh: Sirjee please dont mention was but just a small token of my appreciation for ur blog:-).

    Indyeah: Boooohooohoo, I am just so pathetically gratified that somebody recognised the mammoth effort it took to place all these links on one page and in aphabetical order to boot;-P.
    Wiping away her tears, Nancy straightens up to accept the lovely words Indyeah has written about her
    Thank U Indyeah U r very kind.
    And oh no I havent met them in real, I meant virtually;-D

    Titaxy: Awww thank U....such a lovely comment. Probably the 1st one where u have written more than 2 sentences;-D

    Sakshi: My dear girl I wrote that comment delibrately so that u'll come searching for me;-D. How could u even think I will not rememeber u...u take the most breathtaking pictures & write the cracked'est of chronicals & then comment the most outrageous stuff on ur fav blogs that we can never forget u even if we wanted to;-D
    It was a pleasure awarding u:-))!!!

  34. What a great way to kick off 2010! Thanks Nancy. It is an honor. Love the cute little pic. The full post.. Only you can pull it off so well. Congratulations to you for receiving all these great awards. Well deserved.

  35. Thank you so much Nancy! You made my day! :D

  36. Hey thanks a lot nancy..I m honoured :-)
    And i luv the most this triplet award only which you gave to me :-)
    I always luv the way you write and make us laugh :-)
    BTW you didnt mention my awards which i gave to you in this post -

  37. Nancy, Thank you...a nice start to 2010...And you have given me a big 'jholi' too...!(joking)
    Congrats to you too and there is so many blogs to read...thanks to u.
    Keep writing and thank you for being my friend in the virtual world, it is as if I know u well, even though we have never met...

  38. Thank you Nancy for awarding me with this real cool butterfly award :)

    Now am flying around like a butterfly with joy :)


  39. Thanks a lot reflections for the award..though im yet to figure out how to pick it up :)

  40. thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for the award! so sweet of u :D
    even though i never read ur blog :|
    will pakka drop in soon :)
    thanks a lot :) :) :)
    will throw the award in my blog today :D

  41. Hey Nan ... thanks so much for the lovely lovely award!!! Now I am looking for the day we meet ... :-)

  42. And I love the quote by the unknown blogger!

  43. You did it again!!! Beautiful post Nancy. Very personalised and always a treat to read.
    p.s: I couldn't add my comments to your "A Love Marriage" post at the time but I just loved it!!! One of your best. :)

  44. Thank you so much for the award & congrats for getting so many :)

    Loved your way of spreading cheer (I had read it as cheese ;-) as having pizza) on new year :)

  45. Solilo: "आईये मेहरबां, बैठिये जानेजां...." I'm beginning to get the hang of this;-D
    It is my pleasure entirely:-))!!!

    Deeps: U r was my pleasure!!! Such a beautiful comment...Thank U so much for these lovely words tho I think u are too kind, really;-).

    Indian Homemaker: Dont mention pleasure all the way:-)!!!!
    And the quote, i loved it too....there was something in it for everyone;-).

    Lakshmi: Aha I love it when I give the first award.....still remember the thrill of getting my 1st one:-)

    Blunt Edges: Chill bro!!!
    [ummm do I sound hip or like one of those old aunties who are trying to act hep]

    Agnes: U r incredible really;-D!!!

    Ramesh: Awww...thank U so much for the lovely wishes!!! I too want to but I'm a woman with great responsibilities....incharge of 2 tiny dynamos who take all my time;-P. But hoping to be more constant in the blog-world this year:-)!!!

    Passionate Goof: Seriously I was at it for almost 2-3 weeks. Blogger was giving me so much trouble that I was actually contemplating switching to WP;-o....but in the end I'm so thankful it went off good;-o.

    Nilu: "the more blogs I read, the more I see that people don't reveal who they are..."
    People blog for different reasons but most do mainly to vent out their feelings freely. If they blogged under their right name they can never do tht. And not the least one can never be too careful coz blogger unlike FB[where we can choose who u want to include in ur list]is a place where all types of people[read weirdos too] walk in & read u. U never can be sure how it will affect u.
    On the postive side, once we get friendly we exchange mail ids & communicate that way:-).

    A: LOL I'm so awesomely glad that u r awesomely happy;-D

    Lostworld: Glad u liked urs:-)!!! U always write sensitive comments[I'm not talking abt just this comment:-)] and I mean it in the nicest possible way. Thank U!!!!!

    Nu: The pleasure is entirely mine & take ur time:-))!!!

    Tanushree Pillai: I havent forgotten the thrill of receiving my 1st award;-). And there's no hurry, take ur time:-))!!!

    Lan: I did go thru a few nerve-racking moments putting this together;-o. Thank U for the lovely comment:-))!!!

    Sriram: Dont mention it;-D!!!

    Rashmi: I'm so glad u liked it:-). I'm sorry I was not aware of ur awarding me....have made amends now;-D

    Sindhu: Madam u r too lazy on the blog...the idea was to make u sit up & do some joli;-D
    Thank U!!!
    And I know exactly what u mean:-)!!

    Chatterbox: Dont mention it, the pleasure is all mine:-))

    An Open Book: First copy and save it in ur hard disk.
    Then click on customise.
    Click on add gadgets
    find the 'picture' link
    click & do as instructed
    Hope u have no difficulty following this:-)

    Mads: My pleasure!!! I know we met only a few posts back....greater things were acheived on less, here's to our blog friendship;-D

    Thethoughtfultrain: Dont mention it, the pleasure is entirely mine. Here's to our meeting WHEN[u do notice I didnt say If] it happens;-D

    Divya: Thank U dear girl...u did notice I awarded u right, even though u dont have a blog;-D??? Waiting for u to start one!!!

  46. Nancy: Loved your style of starting the new year and spreading so much cheer among your friends. Thank you so much for mentioning me and the award too.Can't tell you how much I am in love with the blog world and all the wonderful friends I have met here.
    and I have to tell you this: On my recent trip to India, one of my relatives invited us to visit Behrain on our next trip and they were telling all about the other good places in mid East and all I was thinking was "Wow !! May be I can meet Nancy there too :-)"

    They say:"If you do one good thing for someone else, it will comeback as a good thing for you too." I wish all the cheer that you sent along so many people comes back to you and you have a wonderful year ahead.

  47. thanks for my award:))

    will surely take this tag after my exams:)

    wondering how i pick it up and deposit on my page. am not v technosavvy:-(
    by the way, lovely lovely post.

  49. thanks nancy :) thts very motivating tht someone wants me to blog again ..i almost lost it :) will def write soon!

  50. First time here!
    What an appropriate post to comment on!
    Loved your blog, writings... :)
    So, ghowever new I maybe here, I also think you totally deserve all these awards! :)

    Happy New Year Nancy! :)

  51. oh that is so sweet of your Nancy and let me tell you that the feeling is mutual :)

    and for this award I wanna thank my mamma, my pappa, my husband who has been very supportive, my kids who put up with my odd timings on the net and yes last but not the least God, thank you God and thank you nancy for giving me this opportunity...heee heee heee

  52. God bless your kind soul... trying to spread cheer... !!!!

    but what is this... just one award for me ?????????

    you gotta be kidding me... this is an IN-SULAT !!!!!!

    The biggest SUPer STAR of blogging gets just one award....... !!!!!!!

    Bahut Na insafi hai !!!!!!!!

  53. Nancy,
    Ha ha ha ha he he he he ho ho ho.... Oh my god Oh my go Oh my god. I am just jumping in joy. Am superrrrr elated. U gave me my first tag and u are now giving me my first award here. What can I say?? Am on cloud nine to hear that "You love my blog". Well u have made my year. Thank u so very much Nancy. Let me tell u a secret, Before I took a sneak peek before reading the whole post to see if my name is some where. And when I did find my name, I had a silly smile plastered on my face for a long long time... Thanks a ton.

  54. Yep, did notice it. Thank you very much. :) It was very sweet of u. I do want to write a blog but I am not sure if I will be able to. hmmm....not sure at all!! :|

  55. OMG!! And now, you deserve another AWARD just for all the trouble you have taken to link all those blogger folks out there!! Phew...

    :-) :-)

  56. Thanks a ton for the award, nancy. You really need to be appreciated for taking the trouble to link up a these blogs :)

  57. Whew!!!!! This must have been exhausting work!!!! So a very heartfelt thanks for the award & a heartfelt congrats to you :D

  58. he he... so everybody has been awarded. Btw, how did you pick the categories? I mean you put chits of every blogger's name and picked them 1 by 1 :P

    Neways, not complaining since my chit was also made :D

    Thanks ! But what do the winners get? ;-)

  59. wow what a way to start the new year! :D thanks soooo much Nancy! This is one heck of a post, really shows the effort you put into it. You're a sweetheart :) {{hugs}}

  60. Woohoo!!!
    I may not be a award or a tag person but you've absolutely no idea how thrilled I am to received the award that you bestowed on me.
    Thank you sooo much for my dearest blogger friend for those kind words coz I know even amidst all my ambiguity you still get me! ;)

    XX ... lol!

  61. Hi Nancy,

    I know awards are nothing new to've received plenty! But this is my first time giving away...and I wanted to share the joy with you! Thanks for inspiring me to do it. Make sure you collect your award & enjoy!


  62. wow!! that was an awesome list!! :) thanks for the recognition. feels great! and yes as someone else had mentioned would love to go thru the list and visit them one by one. am sure they being your regulars would definitely strike a chord with us too!! thanks again!

  63. thankooooo..i read through wondering 'mera number kab ayega?"...

    this is a nice way to start a new year,

    and this post must have taken ages to write what with all the linking and what not..

    and happy new year..hear that there was some great firework display near the burj on new year's eve?

  64. Hello,

    Thank You for the wonderful award. "I cant even pronounce the award name ;)Really appreciate it !

    You seem to be on a award high ! showering awards all around you.. Thats very nice ! :)

  65. hey thnks 4 d award.. am kina lik renu on this perspective... comments mean a lot - don they?? watevr it is - this ws a cute gesture :) am honoured.... will pick it up soon...

  66. Thanks for the tag Nancy. Its done. :)

  67. Hi Nancy, Thanks a ton!! Thats my first ever award!! so it is so sentimental.. i will always remember your kindness, thanks.. err,, kuch jyada ho gaya kya...;) thanks once again. Nance.

    warm regards

  68. Hi Nancy, Thank you, thank you,once again.. I am just loving this award adorning my blog.. thank you . take care,rekha.

  69. Dil Se: Thank U so much for wonderful & kind words:-)!!!!
    And do let me know if u come to this part of the world...I'd love to meet u;-D.

    Brocasarea: My pleasure. Take ur time!!!

    KPJ: Dont mention it, it was my pleasure awarding u:-))!!!!
    And thank U:-)!!!!

    Former Sansmerci: Just start off & the rest will take care of itself. Making the time & taking the effort is the important thing:-)!!!!

    Pixie: Thank U so much for the lovely words!!!
    U didnt leave ur link....but on second thoughts I think I know where to find u;-D

    Sadiya: LOL this reminds me of an incident when the Lifetime Acheivement Award was awarded to Dharmender many years ago....he stood there & thanked everybody and cried & created so much scene tht his sons finally came forward & took him off the stage;-D
    It was a pleasure awarding u Sadiya!!!

    Hitchwriter: LOL sorry this case 'Hum sab bharatiyae hai, hum sab ek hai....etc, etc......yaaani ki hum sab saath saath.....blah, blah....isiliyae koi matbhed nahi......yaaani ki...'
    In short 1 award for each blogger...isme koi samjautha nahi;-D

    Anusha: I'm glad u like it...I too love it when I give out the first awards;-D.

    Divya: U can....ofcourse u can. Take the new year as the perfect time....first thing, think of a good name for ur blog. Everything will fall into place. Just start off!!!!!

    Writerzblock: Oh yes linking everybody was quite a daunting task....there were several nerve-racking moments....thank goodness it all worked out. Thanks for the pat on the back;-D.

    Prashanti: My pleasure girl...keep the appreciation coming;-D

    Shalom: Oh yes it was.
    Dont mention it, the pleasure is all mine. And thank U:-))!!!

    Rakesh: It was mammoth one point blogger was reeling under the pressure of all the links it refused to save the document...I dont ever think I can do this again.
    And wht do u mean chits....kis zamanae ke baat kar rahe its all computerised;-D
    Winners get a whack on the err..head if they dont stop asking cheeky questions;-/

    Snow: Thank U....and dont mention it, we go back a looong wayyy. Glad u like ur award:-))!!!

    Sparkling: LOL ambiguity hit the spot eh.....I'm not sure how much I get u but I know for a fact tht u got me all covered;-D
    And dont mention pleasure all the way!!!

    Nilu: Thank U :-))!!!!

    Onlooker: Dont mention it, its my pleasure. Please do go thru the links...there r many new bloggers among them who need encouragement from old-timers like us;-D

    Suma: Glad u liked it:-))!!!
    Oh yes there were some superb firework display both on new year eve & on the Burj Khalifa opening night...but a friend was telling me that it didnt compare with the Atlantis opening night diplay;-P

    Prashant Sree: U r welcome:-))!!! I have been accumulating all the awards I've received for the past 1 year & it was away past time to pass on the cheer:-))

    Sulo Badri: Yes I have to agree with u....comments do mean a lot:-)).

    Passionate Goof: That was quick;-D!!!

    Soul speaks: Dont mention pleasure all the way, I'm so glad u like it. First awards are always special....I still remember getting mine;-D
    p.s: comments kabhie bhi zyaada nahi hote...kum hi padte hai;-D

  70. Wowiee! Kreativ and all that ;) Mes likes!

  71. Thanks to your tip, I hav accepted your award; My first Recognition

  72. Thanks a ton for the Award, I accept it and feels really good. :)

  73. Hey Nancy, this first award - International Bloggers one, am I the 'Lostworld' who awarded you that? B'cos I haven't received that from anyone as far as I know!
    Pls solve the mystery for me :-)

    I noticed this last week too but by the time I reached the end of your post, I was happy with my award & all was forgotten !!!

  74. hey Nancy.. thanks!!!!!! I sure cna imagine the time it wud have taken for u to compile all these detials together in 1 blog.. ohf!! :-)

    was out of here for sometime as i was busy looking for jobs :D thanks a ton for the award... and its my first one! new year seem to have a lot of things out there for me :D

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  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  77. Thanks dear!!!

    Just wanted you to know that if I comment so rarely, it's mainly because you have already given words to my thoughts, leaving me with nothing much to say except perhaps 'I feel the same way'!!

  78. Thanks for the award Nancy!
    Will do the tag soon..
    And yes..congrats for all the awards u received.

  79. Yay. I am a superstar :) Thanks so much for the award and the kind words. You do know how much I admire your blog right? And ahem.. like I said before, it DOES seem to be taking a similar path as yours... :D

    I think I have shown your marriage post to all of my close friends :) :) Yeah, and told em that arranged marriage too can get as romantic as ever! :)

  80. hey nancy thank you for the award! this is my first one :) I'm not sure how to go about it.. do i display the award in the next post and do i need to pass it around? Dumb question I know but this is the first time :)

  81. G: I'm glad;-)!!!!

    Tanushree Pillai: Will be over to chk it out;-D

    Prabodh: Dont mention it:-))!!!

    Lostworld: My mistake, will make the amends immediately:-)

    SandhyaS: Dont mention it!!! And happy and fruitful job-hunting:-)!!!

    PujaThakur: Hey its ok. I know exactly what u mean. Hope u like the award:-)!!!

    Elegantchic: My pleasure:-)!!!

    Mystery: Dont mention it!!! Thank U!!! And take ur time:-)!!!

    Dhanya: I'm glad u like it:-))!!! I love ur blog too:-D!!!

    Doli: It was my pleasure;-))!!!
    The correct thing to do is...
    a. Display the award in a post with details of who awarded it to u.
    b. Then u award it to other bloggers who u think deserve it[ ie. if there are no specific rules accompanying the award].
    c. Display it on the sidebar of ur blog.
    But u are lazy like me u can wait till an appropriate time[until more awards pour in] & put them ALL up at 1 go;-D

  82. Hey Nan..

    Wish you a lovely 2010!!

    It was quite some time since I visited your blog.Of course I follow you, but just couldn't bring myself to read the blog. Finally, today I came here and what do I see?? An Award!! for me!!

    woohoo..It is my first ever award dear..and Thank You so much for it..oops hope I don't sound juvenile :-)

    Hugs to N&N

  83. Oh!My, I missed it in time.

    Thank you so much for the award. I remember doing my 100th blog elsewhere with sooooooo many links and the time taken. But at the end of the day,for sure you are happy to spread the happiness around. I have marked this post of yours in my favorite. I need not bloghop you see.

  84. Finally claiming it :P

    Thank you!! :)

    U know so may blogs!!! OMG! :)

  85. Cool_Moon: I was wondering how to let u know:-). Nope not at all juvenile....just glad u like it;-)).

    Maddy: "at the end of the day,for sure you are happy to spread the happiness around."
    Yes exactly!!! And it was a pleasure awarding u:-)!!!!

    Preethi Shenoy: Dont mention it, the pleasure was all mine:-))!!!!

  86. I found the award! Yipee..... All i have to do is to figure out how to get it to appear on my blog! Let me figure that out meanwhile thank you for awarding all of us! - Diligently. Gr8 job....

  87. Heyyy...thanks a lot for the award..
    i ws in a crap couldn't respond back..anyways thanks again..

  88. Nancy chechi,Its done :)

  89. Finally acknowledging the award...thank you so much! Sorry I have not visited earlier...I was into a ton of work and did not have time to blog for quite some time. I have put up a new post. Please do read when you have time! Thanks once again!!


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