Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy Republic Day Everybody:-)!!!!!!

The day is also special for the Australians, Wishing everybody in Australia a Happy National Day!!!!!!


  1. And the day is extra special for me coz its my birthday:-). What plans, you’ll ask. No special plans as such, coz unlike in India where it is a holiday, today is like any other working day in the UAE. The better-half has gone to work though the kids have a holiday coz they study in an Indian school.
    So as of now the kids & I have planned to bake a French vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and some fancy icing …..I usually wind up tearing out my hair by the end of these baking sessions but since its my birthday & they need a break from their tests I have mentally promised the kids that I’ll be on my best behaviour:-D.

    I know I know I have been neglecting my blog past 2 weeks. You see, the kids are having tests at school whole of this week & next….. teaching 2 children who think ‘tests are boring’ leaves me all frazzled by the end of the day.
    Have also been nursing a toothache for a few days now and finally went to the dentist on Saturday when I could bear it no longer. By the end of the visit I was in tears with all the pain she was inflicting on me. Have 2 more sessions to go. Both the dentist & I are not looking forward to it ;-(.

    So that’s all the news from my end. What about you???? Tell me what happening with You & how you are planning to spend ur day????

  2. Many happy returns of the day!
    Plans for d day? um... nothing special but as in itself going thru others' post, waiting for comments.. u know all dat about naye naye bloggers ;)
    Enjoy ur day, may u have many a reasons to smile.

  3. happy happy happy bday!!! :) wishing for u loads of love & laughter today!

    do post pics of the cake once ur done baking...it sounds delicious! :)

    also...come back soon to blogging! :)

  4. Happy Republic Day Nancy ! :) and yes Wish you a very happy birthday and an awesome year ahead ! :D

  5. happy RD:)...

    holid for me too![luckily!!]

  6. Happy Birthday, Happy Republic day and Happy baking Nancy..

    The day is like any other day except for the memories and the reminder of our history as a nation.. It would have been watching the parade n all in India but here the lovely patriotic posts from fellow bloggers is making up for that..

    n yes, we miss the holiday.. sigh.

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

    The cake sounds yummy...Have a nice time and Enjo!!!

  8. Nancy, i was busy getting pipe bands to play, parading the troops, distributing sweets and arranging cultural programmes to celebrate your birthday. I also hoisted the national flag as it happens to be our Republic Day too. In that whole rigmarole i forgot to wish you. So here wishing you many happy returns of the day. God bless you with long and healthy life.

  9. Happy happy happy birthday nancy!! Wow! What a day to be born on!

    Hope the toothfairy works her magic and all the toothy troubles go away. (I HATE dentists!) :)

    Hope u have a great day and hope the cake turns out super-duper!

  10. Many happy returns of the day!! :) Wishing you the best in everything you do.
    I will always remember your birthday from now on as its my Dad's birthday as well today. :)
    Cake - hmmm, sounds yummy! Hope you and the kids have fun making and eating it.
    All the best for the kids tests. I am sure you have to work more hard for the exams than the kids themselves!
    Have a great day and waiting for your next post. Take care.

  11. Happy birthday, pretty lady and good luck to your girls. Test ARE boring.

    Happy Republic day to everyone else, or happy Australia Day or Happy Chinese New year....

  12. Happy Bday Nancy.
    Just another day for us in the UAE. But I did catch a glimpse of the parade on TV. In India you would have always enjoyed a holiday, that must have been fun :)

  13. Happy Happy Birthday N. Have a wonderful day with lots of joy and celebrations. I'm sure the girls have planned a surprise - write about it in your next post please.

    Btw , one essential difference with the Aussies is that they are celebrating letting the Brits in and we are celebrating sending the Brits out !

  14. Hey happy b'day..
    It also happens 2 me my wedding anniv and like u said its just another day for me...

  15. Farheen: Ofcourse I know...hum bhi kabhie nayae blogger hua karte the;-D
    And thank U for ur wishes!!!!!

    Sunshine: Thank U so much. Cant give u a picture of the cake coz I was convinced by 2 imps to turn the cake into muffins with chocolate frosting and icing;-D

    Hitchwriter: Thank U...I hope so too[abt the awesome year I mean];-D!!!!

    Brocasarea: Enjoy ur holiday;-D!!!
    No birthday wishes for me;-(?????

    Mindspace: Thank U so much for all the wishes. I watched the parade on NDTV but somehow it was not the same as watching it on Doordarshan;-P

    Tanushree Pillai: Thank U so much:-))!!!!

    Balvinder Singh: My goodness u have been busy;-D. LOL mujhe pata tha aap bhoolengae nahi;-D.
    Hope ur republic day celebrations went off fine:-))!!!!

    Preethi Shenoy: The muffins[slight change of plans;-D] turned out wonderful, thank U!!!! And yes it is a wonderful day to celebrate my birthday tho I never appreciated it when I was in school[never got wear colordress & go to school u see;-P].
    Thank U for the lovely wishes:-)))

    Divya: Ur father too......please do wish him on my behalf:-)).
    I'm hoping for the best too.....abt my kids test results[in case u were wondering];-D
    Thank for all the wishes:-))!!!!!

    Agnes: Thank U!!!! Oh I know tests are boring, its just that I simply cannot afford to let them know tht I agree with them;-P

    Elizabeth: I too watch the parade on Tv but somehow its not the same anymore...maybe I'm missing good ole commentating on doordashan;-(.
    And thank U:-))!!!!

    Ramesh: Seriously there's nothing much to write about....infact the previous 2 years I dont even think I mentioned it on the blog. But yeah the girls are quite excited and its hard to stay unaffected;-D
    And LOL on tht astute statement;-D

    An Open Book: Hey really, its ur wedding anni today...congrats;-D!!! In India I used to feel special on the day but here somehow the magic is not there;-P

  16. Happy B'day Nancy!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!

    I know once you have kids, you concentrate more on their special days...but remember to enjoy yours as well!

  17. Hey Nan!!

    Happy B'day dear friend :-)

    Hope you enjoyed the day in your own sweet way, baking with N&N..

    God bless u.

  18. Hope you had a wonderful birthday- so glad the muffins turned out okay- what lovely girls you have, wanting to bake for you!!

    Hoping the tooth gets to feeling better- and then you can be back to your regular blogging :)

  19. A very very happy bday to you and a joyful republic day too. Hmm so you were born on India's republic day?? Baking a cake?? that's awesome...I am such a lazybones that I take a complete off on my bday from my worldly duties ;)

    so do we get to see the magnificent bday cake?

  20. A very happy bday Nancy! How was the baking session? French vanilla cake with chocolate frosting sounds yummmm!!

  21. Many happy returns Nancy!!!! My aunt is also 26th Jan born. My mouth waters thinking about the cake..yumm! Happy Republic Day! I watched the entire parade on TV(I love the floats) and spent the evening with the kids at a school where I teach part-time. I was saree-clad & looked like an auntieeee :-)

  22. Many More Happy Returns of the Day.. Hope you had a great day.

    Happy Republic Day.

  23. Hey Nancy !!!! HAPPY BDAY TO YOU !!! Hugs and loving wishes for a wonderful year ahead !!!!

    Thats a great idea to bake a cake for ur bday !!! If we had been near, I would've baked for you !!!

    All the best to the girls, for their tests. I am sure that they'll do well.

    And, Happy Republic Day to you !!! The whole day was spent cooking, for me. Holidays - no rest !!!! Week days are better, I think.

  24. Wishing you a very happy belated bDay! And happy republic day too!

    How Is your tooth ache?

  25. Nice ploy to come first on your own blog!!!! ;)

    Happy Bday Nancy. Hope you had a great day.

    This time of the year is special for me too. Got my kiddo's bday and my wedding annv as well.

  26. Hope u had a wonderful birthday Nancy!! Wish you many happy returns of the day!
    How did the baking go?

  27. hey happy b'day chechi..have a mind blowing new year...so no one will forget your b'day huhh

  28. Here are belated wishes - hope you had a wonderful day and wish you a wonderful year ahead with many more special blog posts (only I can do a selfish wish).

    Did not have any special plans yesterday when I started out but towards evening a colleague came home for dinner, we cooked fish curry. She brought some chocolate cakes for dessert and did not eat them. After she left I ate them destroying all my diet. :(

  29. All the best for the dentist appointment Nance :P The person I fear most in my life ... naah, nt u .. the dentist ;)

    Take care n b bk soon :)

    Gud luck to the girls :)

  30. Hey Nancy, many happy returns of the day hope u had a blast. i am sure the baking event went well and all of ou had a yum cake at the end of the day...

    Be brave with your docs appointments....;P, though i hate mine whenever the happen ....

  31. Wow Happy Birthday to you Nancy!!!

    So basically you baked your cake and had it too.....well I am glad to know you spent your special day in a special way, I love baking with kids, the way they enjoy it makes you enjoy it even more.

    BTW where's our piece of cake :(

    Good luck with your dentist appt,I have seen everyone dreading the dentist appt and I always wonder why??? Would you believe me if I say that I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO DENTIST ALL MY LIFE, 8-), that is also the reason why I dont understand the FEAR assosiated with it.

  32. From that elaborate cake you mentioned, to the cupcakes u actually ended up making, you are just too much! Hope the kids enjoyed their cupcake.

  33. Nilu: Thank U!!! And U r so right...we concentrate not just on the kids birthday but even our parents bdays become more than ours;-D

    The CC House: Oh yes enjoyed the day a lot...the husband came home early & made it really special;-D

    Anjuli: The muffins came out really good....made 3 batches & its almost over;-o.
    The tooth is much better but I still have to face the dentist;-P

    Sakshi: "I am such a lazybones that I take a complete off on my bday from my worldly duties"
    Usually I do just that...but somehow this year I was feeling very energetic;-D
    Nope u dont get to see the magnificent cake...coz halfway thru the process the kids convinced me muffins were better;-P

    Piper: Thank U!!!! French vanilla cake finally emerged as French vanilla muffins with choclate frosting....uff these kids u knw;-D

    Lostworld: So u know 2 people who were born on the same day. By now I know 4 people born on the same day & 1 anniversary;-D.
    Aah u spent it with the kids....lovely, I'm sure there wd have been atleast 1 song-dance with "Saare Jahaan se achcha";-D.

    Never Ending Memories: Thank U, I had a wonderful day:-))!!

    Umsreflections: Thank U so much:-).
    Next year I'll take u up on tht offer;-D
    Oh they usually do well but till it is over there is an edginess;-(.
    Cooking huh....lots of guests I bet, still it must have been lots of fun;-)).

    Antarman: Thank U so much!!! The toothache is much better but I still have to undergo another session now;-(

    Masood: LOL....I didnt want to post the ordinary stuff after posting abt important stuff, hence the 1st comment;-D
    Yes thanks I had a good day:-)!!!! Hope ur special days went off well too!!!

    Amrita: Thank U, I had a lovely day:-). The muffins are almost over, so I guess we can safely conclude they were really good;-D

    Anishthomas: Yeah once they find out nobody forgets my birthday. Thank U very much aniya;-D

  34. Hey, A very happy B'day to you !! Glad that you got to spend the day with your kids!!
    And a very happy Republic day also !!

  35. happy republic day n an even more happier b'day 2 u...yeah i'm a bit late but then i always am ;)

  36. Happy Belated Birthday Nancy! Sorry to hear about the dentist sessions. Not pretty..Cake sounds yum... Tell us how it came out. Again hope you had a fabulous frazzle free day!!

  37. Belated Happy Bday Nancy..May you get what u wished for this yr !!
    My bday comes during summer vaccations and i always hate this coz of same reason..couldnt wear colourfull dress to school :-) :-)

    Good luck with ur dentist session...

  38. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Nancy :)

    Wishing for you loads of love,luck and cheer.

    I had a good time on Australia day :D

    By your description I guessed you are getting RCT done fore your tooth. Good luck with that Nancy.
    I hope your next few visits are pain-free.

    Take care


  39. A very happy birthday to you, Nancy (though a little late)
    May you have a wonderful year ahead!

  40. happy happy bday Nancy! :D

    **Nancy shares a piece of the yummy cake** ;-)

    Yumm, thanks :P

    and Happy Republic day!

  41. Colours: Thank U:-))!!!!
    Oh ur sad smiley is acting like my conscience too....;-(

    Swaram: Oh tell me abt it...for some reason or the other I have met too many of them to last me a lifetime;-/

    Destination Nowhere: Thank U, I had a lovely day:-))!!!!

    Sadiya: "So basically you baked your cake and had it too"
    LOL u can safely say tht...I was actually trying to avoid a store-bot cake filled with rich icing and the works;-P.
    U r REALLY lucky to have not visited the dentist, now just keep brushing twice a day & avoid the feared doctor for life;-))

    Butterfly: There was not much difference really...instead of 1 pan they were poured into 24 moulds and later frosted with the same frosting and icing. Yeah the kids were thrilled with it;-).

    Dil Se: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Blunt Edges: Thank U....even late wishes are warmly received:-))!!!

    Lan: Thank U!!!! The cake turned into muffins and tasted good. And the day turned out even better than I expected;-D

    Rashmi: Thank U so much for all the lovely wishes:-).

    Chatterbox: I had a lovely day, thank U!!!!
    Yep I'm getting an RCT done....have the last session tomorrow;-(

    Wanderlust: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Snow: Aah so glad u liked the cake;-D. Thank U:-))!!!!!

  42. Hi! Came to poke you for a new post :P :P

  43. Belated Happy Birthday Nancy...

  44. Hi!!! Belated birthday wishes to you!!! I have been visiting, but not commenting regularly ..... sorry, was in a blah phase for a long while, fighting to get out of it :)

  45. Hehe I just checked ur page today & wondered where u were....its ok, blah moods are our janm siddh adhikaar. U tek care!!!!


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