Thursday, 3 December 2009

Colours of UAE

UAE celebrated her National Day yesterday ie. on December 2nd . 38 years ago, under the leadership of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, 6 emirates got together to form the UAE. To those who want to argue about the number of emirates, let me tell u Ras Al Khaimah was added only a year later. Hah!!!

So as I saying, a whole lot of activities were held at various places in the country:

# Eight military air force parachuters flew in the sky holding the UAE flag.

# Scintillating firework displays, Car rallies, charity drives and marine parades were organised

# The largest flag in the world[certified by Guiness World Records, mind you] was being carried with great show and pomp from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi[the capital] to be displayed there........last heard it's still on the way;-D

# Most government organisations displayed humongous flags on the sides of their buildings and cut even more humongouser cakes and distributed it freely. Anybody who refused to eat were force-fed in the nicest possible way.

# Most of the parks had circus shows, orchestras, painting competitions and childrens camps organised. By the end of the day parents have a tough time dragging the kids back is much more fun at the childrens camp you see.

# Etisalat[telecommunications] cut call-rates for the WHOLE day[otherwise off-peak hrs on a weekday is from 2-4pm and 9pm-7am]

# The Road Transport Authority not wanting to be left out, announced that carparking will be free till Saturday. Imagine 4 whole days of free parking.....everybody who had a car[that means 99.99% of the population] wept in joy.

Well ok I might have written the above tongue-in-cheek but honestly the city of Dubai wore a festive look yesterday. The colours Red, White, Black and Green shimmered whichever direction we looked.
Most of us expatriates generally use the day[especially if it co-incides with a weekend] to take off for a short break, have barbeque parties at the beach or parks, and ofcourse catch the excitement at the malls[they'll have a few activities up their sleeve]. Nobody, simply nobody sits back at home:-))

Below are a few pictures I took as we enjoyed the day.....

P.s: I planned to put these pictures in my photo-blog initially. And then.......sort of felt sorry for my page here. Seems like ages since I posted last. I really have no idea why. Maybe its because the children have been at home past 10 days, or maybe because I've been feeling a bit under the weather or it could be a curious lack of motivation. Well whatever it is, I sure hope it will end soon;-/.


  1. Great photos Nancy :-)
    {You owe me a pic, by the way.... :-)}

  2. Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Gulp...I was hoping u'd forgotten;-o

  3. So this was like a Christmas before Christmas for you huh !! ;-)

    Lovely pics. Was hoping to get a glimpse of you behind the tree or smthing. You know, I keep wondering about the real 'face' of Reflections! :-)

  4. Nice Photo's !

    why has the blog world lost zing ? or is it just me ? even you sound like that... doncha think so ?

  5. @Nancy: Are you kidding me? I've been considering bribing Bins...

  6. Oof,colorful pictures,Nancy!!Here's wishing you a missile to get away the barricades of blogging :).

    //You know, I keep wondering about the real 'face' of Reflections!//
    me too!me too!!

    missing typical "Nancy" posts!!

  7. I like the big ribbons (or were they banners in photo 2???)....anyhoo, they looked great!!! Recession or shine, you can count on the good ol' sheikhs to celebrate in style!!!

  8. Happy national day, Nancy! Kids are having a blast, aren't they? So many holidays... and soon the winter break too!

  9. Sort the sense tht did u know Rohitha, many companies in UAE dont give an off for christmas??? Shocking isn't it.
    Hehe why does everybody want to know how I look;-P

    Seriously, it occurred to me many bloggers taking breaks and some have even called it quits;-o

    LOL I doubt Bins has any, unless its a wedding pic or something.....seriously Agnes, I dont really like taking pictures of myself;-D

    Now dont u start Savitha;-o.
    Yeah I'm missing those too;-/, thank u for the powerful imagery:-))

    They were just big ribbons Shalom.
    Recent developments seemed to have scared the bigwigs, celebrations were good but a bit low key this year, me thinks;-P

    Kids maybe having a blast WannabeWriter but its another story for the parents. Thank God atleast the exams are out of the way;-)

  10. oh u bet we did.....the kids who get up at the crack of dawn everyday didnt stir till 10am today;-D

  11. The Pix are really nice.....well We do miss ur post...but when u post it also make us happy....:)..

  12. Hey Nancy,

    Your pics make me nostalgic for the good old days of my stay in the middle east. The women there really dress up, don't they? And I miss the famous "Showerma"...yummy!

  13. Nice Pics !!! cakes being force fed ? Shopping sprees at the Mall?? Obviously, I am in the wrong country :(

  14. I go with Agnes and Ro too :P When do we get to c u ;) I hv to remember to ask Butterfly when we meet ;)

    Awesome pics .. u sure hv hd a gr8 time :)

    I wish u come out of that 'whatever' block soon!

  15. happy national day :D

    its strange i never knew the colors of the UAE flag!

  16. DUBAI MALL!! I recognise. :D Seems like you guys really had a good time and made the most of it isn't it? Yippy!!

  17. Wow! what colorful pictures :)
    Thank you for sharing Nancy.

    It's my first visit to your wonderful blog and I am enjoying it thoroughly. You seem to be having a fabulous time at the malls and eating yummy foods.

    Have fun and keep up the good work.

    Let's stay in touch.


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  19. Prabodh: Thank U!!! Such a sweet thing to say:-)). I really will try to make an effort!!!!

    Nilu: Oh yes we are all fond of shawerma too:-)). Did u stay in the UAE or another gulf country???

    Prasanthi: Hehe most people are surprised at how cool life is out here...and to top it very in crime-free:-)).

    Titaxy: Thank U:-))!!!

    Swaram: So much pressure all around, I think I'll go into hibernation;-o.
    Thank U and I hope so too:-))

    Blunt edges: Thank U:-))!!!!
    "its strange i never knew the colors of the UAE flag!"
    Why do u think blogging is so much fun...we get to learn new stuff everyday;-D

    Passionate Goof: Yes most pics taken at Dubai Mall and yeah we really had a good time:-)).

    Chatterbox: Thank U and welcome to my space:-)!!!
    And I echo...
    Cheers, lets stay in touch!!!

  20. thank you for reconsidering and putting the pics here- I absolutely loved...loved...loved them!! :) So colourful- and so full of joy and festive spirit.

    The nice thing about any National Day is - it is a holiday!! YAAAHHH!! :)

  21. very nice pictures..
    * and were forced to eat the cake in the nicest way possible!!
    I laughed and laughed reading this..
    could imagine someone force-feeding poor(read shocked) people...
    stuffing thier faces with cake..

  22. ohh nice pics! and a nice way to celebrate na? :)

    and no u shudnt lose your blogging spirit...take a break for some time and come back refreshed after the holidays! :)

  23. good pictures , but where are you in those:)

  24. Thats a lovely set of pics...Happy National Day to you !!!!

    Did u eat the cake on your own or was it forced upon you ????

    Of course, I loved all the malls in Dubai, even during the non-festive season. Now, on a National Day, I can imagine the fesitivities...wish I was there with my girls...

    Hope Naina and Nikita had a ball out there !!!!

  25. lovely pics....brought back beautiful memories of my last visit there...thats dubai mall rite? looks like the kids had a blast! and u were exhausted :-)

  26. Wow! You went out and had fun! Yay!!! Happy National Day!

    I don't know what I did but I came back home with my head weighing like a ton! :(

    P.S: Nice pics, btw... :)
    Where in dubai am I?

  27. Nice pics. Didn't realise the national day is such a big thing there, considering that expats probably outnumber locals.

    Btw, was searching for you in the photos ......

  28. Good one, a change from what is being written, left , right and central about the state Dubai is in...

  29. That sounds like a huge celebration.. sigh! we missed it being in India.. Thanks so much for this post Nancy.. Hope the festive feel continues till Christmas and new year so we get to enjoy as well.

  30. There's so little we know about other countries.Thankf for dharing the info,Nancy.
    I would say its remarkable progress in just 38 yrs!!

  31. I have lived in Muscat for a few years. I have visited Dubai too....TERRIFIC shopping experience that was!

  32. yeah were two crazy crazy weeks of holidays :) and now they've ended :(

    We went to Kalba to stay on the beach overnight. What fun...

  33. Anjuli: U r right yayyyyyy;-D!!!!! I got ur mail, thank U so much for caring.

    Swathy: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Sunshine: U knw a break is what got me into this situation[remember vacation in July]. I'm such a creature of habit that if anything comes in between I find it very difficult to get back on track;-(

    Renu: Thank U:-))!!!! Since I'm the official photographer in the family I dont appear in too many;-D.

    Ums: Thank U:-)!!! U r right, the malls here go all out to keep their customers happy....and whats more the sales are genuinely genuine;-o

    Myspace: Oh the kids had a great time, its going to be a tough job to get them back into studying mode opens tomorrow after 10 days of holidays;-(.
    So good to see U back:-))!!!!!

    Sparkling: Head weighing a ton for sure means tht u did some serious partying;-D.
    And thank U:-)!!!!

    Ramesh: U knw the saying "Have money, will spend"....not to mention the fact that the locals take their entertainment very seriously;-D
    Nope not there in any of the pics....I like taking pictures so u wont find me in many;-D

    Sindhu: idea what to think, its been very quiet out here. And celebrations were low-key this year compared to previous years.

    Tara: Past 2 weeks had so many holidays that it was really great plus the weather is lovely everybody were out enjoying themselves:-)).

    Sara: U knw I was going to post this in the photo-blog but the point u mentioned above made me stop and post it here[yes really + ofcourse the fact I havent posted recently;-P]. And dont mention it, its a pleasure.
    And like u said, it indeed is remarkable progress, but ofcourse having unlimited moolah helps;-D

    Nilu: I'd been to Oman last year and loved the easy-going life there....its just like how Dubai was 10 yrs back:-)).

    Rakesh: Oh I know how u feel, here the husband is watching tv but every 5 mins I take hear him heave a deep sigh;-D. Kalba huh....sounds like u had lots of fun:-)

  34. that was dubai mall?

    loved the post...and we did make use of the free parking :p

    and finally school starts today and in some ways my holiday too :p

  35. Lovely images,Nance. The city sure looks radiant,esp the malls :D

    BTW,has there been any ease up on the recession there? Trust everything well and safe at your personal end.

  36. Nice pictures and useful info...will never know when I will land up living there so good to know!

  37. why does the internet dc when you write a long comment :/
    anyway, nice pics. 3 yrs in dubai and i have always been out on this day.. this years also i was in delhi.. so good to see what dubai looke like on the national day

    - scribble ( lazy to login now)

  38. I love the festive atmosphere...Interesting that the colours are the same as the Christmas colours.

  39. then you should try the NabloPoMo to get you back on track! :) it would def be a gift for your readers!

  40. heyyy Nancy, had a good time i dint get that many days off for eid anyway, but 2 days itself was relaxing i guess...
    the only scare for most markets was dubai announcing the financial problems right b4 holiday and stock markets takin a plunge...

  41. Oh wow..I was hoping that someone would do a post on UAE National day. The entire country is well lit up, such festive times, lights everywhere, its mind blowing. Glad that you did the honors.

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays :)

  42. Suma: "and finally school starts today and in some ways my holiday too"
    Hehe u've just posted my deepest and innermost thoughts;-D!!!!

    Deeps: Thanks!!!! Its not too bad at my end;-D. But otherwise things are very quiet here...somehow nobody is prepared to discuss it;-o

    Vinoo John: LOL dont blame u 1 bit for thinking like that;-D

    ISH: U took advantage of all those holidays huh....lucky U!!! Hope u r good:-))!!!!

    Colours: So good to see u!!!!
    Never thought of it but now that u mentioned it...its true. No wonder the christmas decorations and the National day decorations merged so beautifully:-).

    Sunshine: U sure know how to give me a heart sure stopped for a moment, here I'm struggling to put up 1 post in a week and u r....;-o
    My contribution to NaBloPoMo is to cheer the participants from the sidelines;-D.

    Enigma: All around the world the media is going crazy discussing the Dubai situation but inside of the emirate its all been very quiet. Calm b4 the storm, do u think;-o!!!

    Masood: Oh yes the hols were really good. After 2 weeks of on and off holidays the husband was very depressed at the thought of getting back to work;-D

    Never Ending Memories: Thank U:-))!!!!

  43. Hi Nancy
    Yeah I did landed in time to catch up on the national day fever here in Abu Dhabi and as I entered the dubai airport my first reaction was decorations so early....only to later realise that its national day next day...the decoration colours are so much similar to christmas ones though....BTW wonderful pictures Nancy..

  44. i am glad u decided to put it here. interesting and fun celebration it seems. love the part about free cakes:-)

  45. Sadiya: Good to see u back:-)!!!
    Thank U:-))....yes they look quite similar. Actually all the christmas decorations are already up in most of the malls....but then they just need an excuse to deck up:-D. Dubai Mall where I took all these pics was superbly done up.

    lan: Even I'm glad I put it up here:-)coz I realised this is what blogging is all about, right...sharing interesting bits of info with eachother:-))

  46. Nicey nice :D
    even i felt all festivey :D
    and being force fed cakes wowwww!!! :) Yummmmmy

  47. Thanks Amrita and yeah even expatriates felt all patriotic:-))


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