Monday, 14 December 2009

A Love Marriage

Continued from here

The boy’s mother calls after an hour or two and my mum talks with her. After just 2-3 sentences about the previous evening they went on to discuss the weather and the neighbour’s sick dog. I loiter around in the background wondering what the heck was going on. Mum keeps the phone and looks at me sympathetically. It seems like the boy was not saying yes or no. The boy’s mother also was in a quandary here. But I knew what was going on. The boy didn’t want to make a scene by saying a straight No and so was hoping the situation would somehow resolve itself.

Boy’s mother calls the next day. She invites us for dinner the same night. The poor thing was quite keen to see it through and was making every effort towards it. I told my parents I was not interested[huh I too had my pride didn’t I] in going anywhere. Mum asked me to give it another chance. And I relented after making sure they knew I was least interested.

And so the 4 of us trooped into their house with a lovely bunch of flowers. The boy & family ushered us in graciously and we all sat down in the living room. While my father was making his apologies for not being there the previous day I picked up a magazine and was idly flicking through the pages. I was determined not to open my mouth until somebody spoke to me.

And then I hear my father say “Nancy was very disappointed that you didn’t speak to her before leaving yesterday. She is under the impression you are not interested in this proposal”. My father may look like a thin and frail old man but at his original best is like a bull in a china shop.

If the boy had been in the process of drinking something I’m sure he would have choked on it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my father would embarrass me in this fashion. The magazine which I was holding automatically went up to cover my face and stayed there as I fervently wished for the earth to open up and embrace me into her kind depths. There was an awfully eerie silence which resounded thru the room[it could have been a nano second but it sure felt like eons to me].

When I didn’t hear anything I slowly lowered the magazine to peek over it and find the Boy looking at me with a wry expression. I guess everybody in the room must have been looking at me and laughing but I saw only his eyes. I have no clue what explanation he gave to defend his behaviour the previous evening coz I only heard the part where he asked to speak with me alone.

And so we walk out of the front door into the open parking space beside the house. He leaned casually against the gate and I on a bike and faced each other. I thought the farce went on long enough and was determined to clear the air.

“My parents and yours have the best of intentions but don’t let them force you into any kind of decision. Its ok if you want to back out” I say quietly.

There was a silence before he spoke. He seemed to weigh his words before speaking.

“If I had any kind of reservations I doubt this dinner would have taken place. I apologize for yesterday, it was a very tiring day.”
Then after a pause “I did ask my mother if your voice sounded like that all the time and she told me that you were not feeling well.” He said with a tiny smile playing around his lips. We did speak some more before going back in, some details about where he worked and the kind of role he played in his company.

He was leaving the next day, and I wondered if he’d call before leaving. He didn’t but I perked up when I was asked to drive him to the airport but alas no chance whatsoever to talk freely with the 2 mothers sitting at the back of the car listening avidly to whatever we were saying;-/. And so we exchanged email id’s and did small talk. Oh did I say he was arrogant……..nah….what’s a man without a bit of pride in his bearing:-).

The wedding was arranged for the last week of August and the engagement one week before that. He was busy with a project he had to complete before coming for the wedding and I was busy with my MA exams. He called me once a week and we mailed each other whenever we could. I still remember the 1st mail I got from him. It was a reply to the 1st mail I wrote to him 2-3 days before. At that point in time the internet & email were a big deal, we didn’t have a computer at home & there were no internet cafés at every corner like now. I had an exam the next day & couldn’t get out of the house.
My friend Sharitha was so thrilled about my first mail from would-be husband that she took my password from me and accessed my mail. She carefully took a printout and called me every 2 hours for the rest of the day to read it out to me. The mail itself was nothing special but for a sentence which hoped that the wedding would happen as soon as possible and the ‘love, Biju’ attached at the end[you see my 1st mail to him did not display any such feelings]. Sharitha would read out the last bit dramatically and both of us were so tickled for different reasons. Gosh I’m smiling now thinking about it but my eyes are stinging.

Our conversations through the phone were very casual but our mails were more intimate….not like intimate intimate but still very personal. He wrote 1 paragraph or two with great difficulty and I would send him 2 pages or more. Once I got really mad that he was not writing more & sent him a dry mail with just 1 para. He immediately understood and wrote back saying how much he loved what I wrote to him but unfortunately words didn’t come so easily to him. He called me twice that week to pacify me. I ofcourse melted like chocolate and resumed my lengthy letters.

We met again on the day of the engagement and smiled tentatively at eachother. The engagement which was held on a Sunday went off without incident & the wedding was scheduled for the next Sunday. That one week between the engagement and the wedding are days which I will remember vividly for the rest of my life. Everyday we would get off early in the morning from home on pretext of some work or the other and spend the day together doing all the jobs on our list. Somedays his sister tagged along acting like a kebab mein haddi……..ummm actually we tagged along behind her while she strode ahead and got everything organized. She logically and methodically prearranged everything taking more than half the burden upon herself giving us time to spend with eachother though I doubt she was aware of that. Bins,…..thanks, once again:-))!!!!!

Those 6 days were some of the best days of my life. I had finally fallen in love. An emotion I had seen almost all my friends succumb to, an emotion which I thought was quite over-rated and a feeling I wondered if I would ever experience. We spoke a lot, at times were quiet too, sometimes gently teased each other….he thought I drove too fast, I thought he spoke too less, he ordered apple pie for me I called the waiter back and changed it to chocolate milkshake. My heart stopped whenever his hands brushed against mine, much as I wanted the hand to remain there I would move away after a few seconds not quite sure why I feared the feelings when I was technically not doing anything wrong. I was engaged, right!!!! Anyways he didn’t push me at all, was just content to spend time with me and I loved him all the more for that.

On the last day before the wedding ie Saturday we had to go to church together for a small counseling session and confession before we entered into Holy matrimony. It was a very solemn occasion which brought home to me that my life was going to be changed forever from the next day. A new home, a different life-style, adjustments, and responsibilities were just the beginning to a role which was going to last for a life-time.

It was raining while I was driving back towards his house to drop him off. Very little conversation happened with each of us involved in our own thoughts. Around 1/2 way home we decided it was pouring too heavily and parked on a lonely stretch for the rain to ease off. An uneasy silence followed:

“Will you let me kiss u” asks boy quietly.

I looked at him stunned. Bloody hell, here I was thinking that he too was shaken after the session we had with the priest, about how we were bound to eachother for the rest of our lives, how we were going to responsible for eachother and all this while he was plotting to kiss me.

I looked away and stared straight out of the windshield refusing to look at him. I was so scared that I could hear my heartbeats reverberating inside the car.

“How about on the cheek then” he didn’t give up.

I didn’t give any indication that I heard him at all. In my mind I was contemplating opening the car door and running all the way back home in the rain. Only the fact that my father would not let me into the house without his precious car kept me there.

There was a heavy sigh from beside me “Ok, let’s just hold hands then”. And my lips started quivering.........I suddenly saw the funny side to the whole incident. I looked sideways at him and found his eyes dancing with amusement. And we burst out laughing.

Drawing confidence from the moment I bravely put my hand out palm up. He also puts his hand out palm up and tells me that a woman must first allow the man to hold his hand out and then place her hand palm down and accept it. Feeling like an idiot I withdraw my hand and place it carefully palm down in his large hand. And we sat quietly hand in hand waiting for the rain to stop.

Its been 10 years now and there’s never a day when I don’t thank the good Lord for my companion. We may have our differences and everything may not be hunky-dory all the time but the Love thankfully has deepened and is stronger than ever. Many of you wondered whether my anniversary was coming up as a reason for this unusually soppy post..….nope my anniversary was in August and I remember trying to post something special but the words wouldn’t come.

After 2 years of blogging I’ve realized that I have no real control over what I post..….I could be planning to put up a post about the moon but after 2 pages I delete the whole post retaining only the parts where I mention the sun & end up posting that. Even here I was planning to do a post about arranged marriages in India intending to mention my marriage as an example on Christian marriages and it ended up like this.

Leaving you with a picture which was taken a few days after the wedding. With this I have kept my promise to all of you who wanted a face to associate with Reflections:-).
Though I have to warn you that there is a world of difference between the way I looked then and how I look now. The better-half has managed to age very gracefully whereas I have literally gone to pot. The very reason I took so long is I had this ambitious plan wherein I was hoping to lose around 10kgs of weight and display an attractive picture of a slimmer me……..but now I realise pigs will fly faster.
So if you see a short, fat and unsightly woman waddling upto u at some bloggers meet don’t complain you weren’t adequately warned.

I do hope u realise how much thinking happened before I decided to post this picture but a promise is a promise. Now I will hold you to your word[u know who u r]…..if you are hesitant about putting it up on your blog, send it to me by mail. It will be great to see the face behind the blogs I read:-).


  1. Hey !!!! I am first !!!!!

  2. Lovely post, Nancy!! I loved this single post of yours (You already know how much I love your writing :) ).

    Was smiling/laughing throughout, the car in the rain episode almost moved me to the edge of the seat ;)!!you brought back memories of our days prior to marriage, too!!

    And a lovely couple there!! God bless the family,With all the love and good humours and splendid times!!
    Best Wishes, dear!!

    PS: Will mail you my picture

  3. Oh !!!! Nancy !!! Left me misty eyed at certain places. Emotional me !!!! :)

    Just loved the love marriage angle. Touchwood and God Bless you both !!!!

    That saturday night incident - icing on the cake !!!!

    Bins - was she tagging along ???? Oh !!! My God !!! I am going to call her now !!!!

    That pic is so lovely !!! Come on, get fit - lose that 10 Kg !!!!

    And thanks to you, for the fodder to my blogging - my next post is ready !!!!

  4. Thank U Savitha.....loved ur comment and the wishes. Waiting to see ur picture:-)).

    Ums: Thank U:-))!!! Nope Bins was not around...if she were I doubt a whole scene from the post wd have been there;-D.
    And yes have to get rid of the extra baggage:-(.

  5. wow.. great story Nancy.. I just loved it..

    God bless ur family with lots of happiness. All the best.

  6. Nancy, in passing I'd actually imagined that the concluding post might have the title 'love marriage' and it did!!!!! :-)) I'm not making it up.

    I don't know you personally, but I felt so warm and all happy reading this post. Such a sweeeeeettt story! Something that figures in my dreams. The way you fell in love is absolutely glorious :-) I think we should thank you for sharing such a personal tale with us. Thanks!

    You both make a pretty picture! :-) Thank You for obliging pestering bloggers like me. I guess you know how I look so email won't be necessary.

  7. Oh, my dad is just like yours. Minces no words!! So I know how you felt.

  8. what a lovely story :) made me forget my wisecracks :)

    loved the scene at the guy's house where your father spoke. hee..hee...wish i could have seen yourface!

    and nice to see a face behind the writing...and lovely lovely pic..and I notice he's holding you pretty er...tightly *wink

    was this easy to write?

  9. Woohooo! I got to c the face behind reflections finally. Am I relieved or what :P I wud hv started sketching in some more days out of my wildest imaginations and sent u all of them to say which one looks a bit like u atleast ;)

    Such a sweet sweet post :) All marriages r love marriages of a kind na :) Ppl do fall in love before and get it arranged or fall in love after the wedding is arranged by their parents :P

    Btw, u look so so innocent ;) Those naughty posts of urs - r u sure this is the pic or those posts r urs ;)

  10. I have seen nancy, I have seen nancy...... OMG, I am so overcome by that. I finally finally finally see you Nancy, thanks a lot for sharing the photo, and may I add, you both look so complete together. And you skinny woman, don't complain about weight.

    I loved both the posts, and I wish your love deepens and strengthens itself with each passing year. *HUGS*

  11. Oh Wow!!!! So many revelations!!! I am still speechless! :D But this was great...great to 'see' you finally!!! You both look so cute! And have either you or Bins ever told that you were sisters in law? or did I just miss it??? That was a pleasant surprise! I always thought you were friends! But come to think of it...the names should have told me! Thanks for telling us your story! It's a cool one!

  12. Umma, Nancy, and finally a face(though a thinner one, I am sure) to the blog...
    Loved ur long blog...and I can imagine, how many pages you must have written to him before marriage.I had the same problem though u can be sure, he used to read every word, poor K he even reads all that I write till now...(THough he is not the reading kind)
    And did ur husband read this post?

  13. Nanceeeeeeeee.... :D SO good to see you! WOW! It's as though you are everything I imagined you to be, yet nothing at all at the same time. I so see what you mean about the mallu mush...but lemme tell you, you guys look made for each other. Snif...I think I will cry, overcome with emotion...

  14. :) that was a such a chweet post!!! was almost like reading a m&b!! great to see you too, putting an end to all speculations and imaginations, by your avid readers. enjoyed thoroughly the lovey-dovey post! :)

  15. Wow... I mean,,, double wow. Can't say anything else, Nancy.

  16. Oh Nancy. This was the most beautiful post ever. And I am not just saying that because of the photo. I had a feeling you were going to post your photo :-)

    I really like your picture -- really.(And your post too). Thank you, pretty woman, and merry Christmas to you all.

  17. Oh my gawd! such an awesome is like the love stories in the ealrier TV serials which leave a sweet after have an awesome gift of words...The picture is beautiful and must say you are a very very lucky woman.....

  18. this was by far my favorite post.. I was actually waiting for part 2, and would click on ur link every 2 hours (dun know how not 1 or 2 but 18 comments manage to beat me:( ) anyway.. lovely post, really nice to know ur story. and be honest, did u really just hold hands that night?:)
    AND thank you for posting the pic, u look great.. and u make quite a couple
    okay.. just so u know, this post was kickarse!

  19. and hey, dint know Bins is ur SIL, how did I ever miss that?

  20. lovely article...:)...

    rofl at bull in a china shop!!..;)...

  21. Never Ending Memories: Thank U and thanks again:-))!!!

    Lostworld: I am surprised at how much I allowed myself to say;-o. Thank U for that wonderful comment:-)). I've seen urs but not its small....I want a nice big pic:-).

    Suma: LOL u r too much...well by then we are married and all tht*wink, wink*..u knw how it is;-D
    Not really but its surprising how I remembered so many things...stuff I never thought about for years came back;-o. And yes I was in 2 minds whether to add tht last bit...but without it the story seemed incomplete;-P
    And thank U:-))!!!!

    Swaram: U r so right...u know the catchline of 'Rab ne bana di jodi' is so true...I forget the exact wordings but it goes like "There is an extraordinary Love story in every couple" or something similar. And thank u for the lovely words:-))!!!

    Passionate Goof: LOL quite a surprise huh;-D. I was planning to 'reveal' myself by the end of the year but didnt think it was going to be quite in this way. I plan something but my fingers plan something else;-/. Thank u for all the lovely wishes!!!!!

    WannabeWriter: Surprised all of u huh;-D. Abt Bins & me, I dont think we revealed it as such but around 3-4 months back Agnes found out somehow and after that used to ask Bins for my pic;-D.
    And dont mention it, my pleasure all the way:-))!!!!

    Sindhu: LOL u bet....the face resembles the dimensions of the sun mom used to say something when she used to see Ajpayee's closeup on tv...oru powdertin narachu powder vaennum muhathu perattan..its applies to me now;-(.
    No Sindhu he never comes to my blog tho I have forced him to read a few of my posts in the initial of the not so hunky-dory things in our relationship;-D

    Shades of Grey: Ooops please dont shed a tear on my was supposed to make u happy:-). Thank U for the compliment:-))!!!!

    Onlooker: So good to see u here...thank U:-))!!!!

    Rakesh: And may I return the compliment...Wow!!! Rakesh at a loss for words...double WOW;-D!!!!
    Heeehawwwwhawwhawww...wah wah, kya jawab diya hai tu ne *Nancy pats herself*.

    Agnes: Thank U for the lovely compliment!!!! And I dont know whether u know this Agnes but u can make a superb career in Sales & marketing....the way u followed up on this picture I can honestly say that u wore me out into posting it;-D. Just imagine the $$results$$ if u put this kind of committment into a trade.....Ur customers wont stand a chance;-D

    Destination Nowhere: Thank U so much for those lovely words...luck doesnt begin to cover it, glad u liked the way I wrote it:-))!!!

    ISH: u to get to the moot point....seriously I was too chicken to try anything else ..*Nancy crosses her heart and pinches the middle of her throat with her thumb and index finger*
    And thank U:-))!!!!!
    Abt Bins, Agnes found out sometime back and has been bribing her to put my pic u see why I had hurry up & put up a good pic b4 Bins posted some lousy stuff;-D

    Brocasarea: LOL glad u enjoyed it and thank U:-)!!!

  22. sweet...the kiss-wala (ok i know no kiss but not quite believable) incident was funny...reminded me of my 1st kiss...was at a multiplex on a weekday afternoon 4 some lousy movie 4 which we were sure the crowd would be very less...i know its damn shady but its just as special! :D

    n ur qsn 4 the last time...hmmmm not necessarily a mallu gal ;)

  23. There are many qualities that I admire in people...but the top place has always been for those who keep their words, no matter how tempting it is to do otherwise.

    Loved the pic!!!! Absolutely loved your writing!!! Very touching! Very sweet.

  24. OMG OMG !!!!! This is soooo sweet. I found myself smiling all the way till the end. Now I am soooo overwhelmed with mush that I'm ready to kiss anyone around me and say I love you :)))))))))

    You both look like the hero heroine of some south Indian pic :) :)

  25. @NANCY: LOL Nancy. And ROFL your response to Scribble!!!

    p/s: for the record: you posted a comment on Bin's blog about a time when Neha and Bins were staying at your place... I asked Bins how she knew you and she fessed up, LOL.

  26. awww...i loved reading this :D...i read the first part and didn't comment cause i wanted to write after i read the whole i dunno what to say other than - aww :D

  27. Awwww ! Arranged marriages can be made in heaven too :) I loved this. :)

  28. Viola!
    You my dear may have just managed to restore my faith again - thank you for this magical piece, I couldn't help myself from smiling throughout the post. In fact, I feel like being 18 again, I don't know why! :D

    Marriage bliss and happiness always... :)

    And Ms.Nancy, next time I'm in St. Mary's, I'm definitely gonna look for you! :D

  29. Oh Nancy this was really wonderful!! In fact, 'wonderful' seems to be inadequate a word. I so enjoyed every part of the story- from the first section to this final conclusion.

    You had me misty eyed by the end...and a permanent smile plastered on my face.

    Keep blogging the way you do- I love every single post whether it is about love, marriage, the moon or whatever!

  30. aww that was such a sweet story! uve almost managed to make me change my mind abt arranged marriages... :)

    u know it just struck me...ur story reminds me of the movie Vivaah...of course without all the unnecess bolly!

    ohh and its wonderful to have a face to the blog...i do hope we get to meet soon!

  31. ohhh wowww... what a lovely romantic story (still real).. :P and narrated so well; while reading couldn't stop smiling even for a second..
    A perfect Love story of an arranged marriage.. :O

  32. Both of you are looking good..may God bless you with everything !

    Whenever I read your posts about your life, I always feel a connect with you, looks like we always think alike:) and that is very surprising as we are a generation apart.

  33. This was the loveliest writeup I have read in so many days. The emotions are depicted so truthfully. Beautiful picutre Nancy. And happy Anniversary :)

  34. This was one of the best of yours.. and yea i know what you are talking about when you said about the incident in the car.. sometimes words just flow when blogging..
    and you dad inadvertently did a splendid job i think :D he was oblivious of social dos and serli ignorance is bliss :D

  35. Ok, now that i'm over the awe of that lovely love story, I can write a longer comment :)

    No seriously, I was actually at a loss of words yesterday...

    But while reading it, I felt at one point of time - What??? NO KISS??? he he... See, all devils think alike :)

    And your dad did really say that? My God, I can imagine you not wanting to come out of that magazine.

  36. Blunt Edges: Hero, dont tar the opposite gender with the same brush as u. And I dont know how the girls are now but 10yrs back some of us were pretty decent;-D lets talk business, got any particular non-mal girl in mind....aha caught U, didnt I;-D???

    Nilu: I 'try' my best never to make promises but if I make one then I keep:-).
    And thank U for the nice words:-))!!

    Prashanti: Awwww...thank u:-). U r not too far from the truth actually. In his hey days the hubby was often compared with a particular mal hero and I used to good fun ribbing him;-D

    Agnes: Oh yes now I remember which post that was;-D

    Titaxy: Awwww...I so understand, all the same thanks:-D

    Dhanya: Oh yes I firmly believe that I reaped the fruits because I was patient:-). And thank U:-))!!!!

    Sparkling: Thanku, thanku:-))!!!
    Nope u wont find me there...try the church opposite;-)). So when r u sending me ur pic;-D????

    Anjuli: Ur comments always lift my spirits, thank U soooo much for caring Connie:-))!!!!

    Sunshine: Vivaah, really!!! Nah that heroine is the very opposite of everything I am. Contrary to what everybody says I firmly believe tht movie was good...a bit sweet but feel-good type;-D

    Deep: Thank U!!!! I'm glad u enjoyed reading this just like how I loved writing it for all of u:-))!!!

    Renu: To be honest I wondered how u'll react....thank U for the kind words:-))!!!!

    Lakshmi: Thank U soo much for the wonderful compliments:-))!!!

    Amrita: Thank u for ur answer to my unvoiced concern...I did wonder if I was saying too much:-)). And yeah I too feel very kindly towards my father now that everything tied together at the end;-D.

    Rakesh: What can I say but a telling statement that 'Men will be men';-D
    And as for my click on tht link 'precious car'. Pity nobodys reading tht, its one of my favourite posts;-(

  37. Hey Nancy !
    lovely post (and also the pic) :)liked the way of writing ...
    Merry Christmas Sweety :)

  38. Oh WOW! Lovely story... I had a love marriage - so missed out on all those excitement. Wannabe can testify about the other excitement (or on second thoughts it is better I say it :)).

    You and Bins are SIL!!!

    Yes... had too much work all these days and it is difficult to concentrate to write a blog - have been having attention deficit disorder. Hope to have more time in 2010...

  39. Thank U for the compliment and the best wishes Akshitha.
    Merry Christmas to U too!!!!!

  40. Colours, good to see u:-))!!!
    Thank U!!!! Why dont u blog abt urs....wd love to read the original version:-D!!!
    Yep Bins and I are SIL....I always thought everybody knew;-P
    And without a doubt work must come first, U tek care and get back soon:-))!!!!

  41. am so late here :(
    bt the wait was worth it totally, such a sweet innocent love story.
    From that skinny pic we can make out that even if you have put 10 kgs it would be nthg much :)

  42. he he, just read the precious car story... Seriously, you're making such a cute impression of yourself that when I meet you at the blogger's meet, I might actually disown you :P he he...

    Just kidding, You're actually very sweet, weight or no weight.

  43. hahaha omg Nancy, you are the best, funniest blogger in the whole of b-town! :D this post was so romantic and so hilariously sweet at the same time, it was a treat reading it early in the morning!! :D you have a natural knack for humour, it just flows so smoothly without trying at all. A real gift. Keep writing, snow <3 your writings! :) :D

  44. exactly! i know it had a bit of bolly drama...but overall i liked that movie! despite what every1 around me thought...

  45. nancykins, you have outdone yourself! totally enjoyed how you presented this very personal post. it felt like a movie with a blissfully happy ending and was simply awesome since you penned it. btw, you do look like one of my best friends from high school which is just great:-)best wishes for many more years of marital bliss, anniversary or not!

  46. this is such a wonderful post :-) i guess you should be blessed to feel the same way like 10 years back, even now... truly loved the whole writeup - the story fo your marriage :-)

  47. Hi Nancy...
    Lovely post!!I do follow U r blog silently but regularly & u r writting is simply mesmerising!!Keep up the good work..:))

    A new follower added to u r blog.


    p.s:do visit my blog as well,i m just a beginer.

  48. wow!!!!!!! such a beautiful beautiful post :) :) :)
    Just like you i dont think i will be married to the person i love cz i dont love anyone :) so i'll be happily opting for an arranged marriage :) :) and after reading your post...i am really looking fwd for this kind of experience :)

  49. This is an awesome post!!! Tugs my heart strings at all the right places :-)

  50. Nancyyyyyy!!!!!!! That's a LOVELY pic!!!!! And I so loved both these posts!!!! My eyes were stinging too, reading this one....absolutely beautiful!!!! Hugs!!!

    Read the last one too, but didnt get around to commenting. Have been crazy busy....the 3 of us are flying there tomorrow & I'm upto my ears in packing. So I will now post from the other side. Hope to talk to you soon!

  51. Elizabeth: LOL u have caught me out here...ummm actually I have put on double the weight but since I was so skinny the initial 10kgs looked good but the latter 10 does not sit well on me;-(
    And thank U:-))!!!!!

    Rakesh: Thank U....and even u didnt say u were kidding I wd have known;-))

    Snow: Thank U for the lovely compliment!!!! Glad u enjoyed it:-))!!!

    Sunshine: Exactly and dont tell anybody but I liked HAHK and HSSH too;-D

    Lan: U too huh...2 bloggers have already written to me saying tht they've seen me somewhere. This always happens with me.
    And thank U for the lovely words:-))!!!

    Archana Gawde: Good to see U and thank U:-))!!!

    SandhyaS: Yes I do tho we have our moments of khit-pits;-/. But at the end of the day there is no else I'd rather be with:-). Glad u enjoyed my story:-))!!!!

    Jayashree: Good to meet u. Thank U and I'm honoured u've decided to follow my blog. I'd love to visit ur blog, thank U for inviting me:-))!!!!

    Saima: So glad u liked my story. So many of the youngsters nowadays are scared of arranged marriages.....needlessly. While there may be a few which go disastrously wrong, the majority are for life. Our parents will NEVER knowingly put us in any danger.
    Wishing u the very best the world can offer:-))!!!!

    Smita: I'm happy u liked it, thank U:-))!!!

    Shalom: I wondered where u were. Thank U for all the lovely wishes and compliments:-).
    Have a good trip and will wait for ur call:-))!!!!

  52. ....and they lived happily everafter...aawww I love the happy endings, wonderful narration to the most memorable time of every girls life....

    Nancy the car episode was so sweet....I am sure every girl can relate to that kinda episode before heart was beating in my throat al through that part, well narrated, excellent choice to words and expressions ;)

    and btw you did a equally beautiful job with your part 2.

    Wishing you loads of happiness...forever...

  53. Hi Nancy, Wonderful post, and I could feel the warmth and sincerity exuding from it. God bless both of you always. And you are right sometimes we start writing about the moon and end up glorifying the sun.. how true!! Keep connecting and I am really lucky to have stumbled upon your blog. take care, rekha.

  54. :))....i generally get so engrossed in reading the posts in a newly discovered blog, that i forget to comment...:)...i loved these two posts on marriage..:))...very neat and very well put...:)...nice to meet you in blog wrld..:)

  55. I am late!! What am I seeing here?Oh!My!!!

    ""So if you see a short, fat and unsightly woman waddling upto u at some bloggers meet don’t complain you weren’t adequately warned""..... Yes, I took note of your warning.But when and where is the blogger's meet??

    I didn't promise you anything, but check your mail!!

  56. Sadiya: LOL I'm not sure abt happily ever after but yes it was definitely a happy ending;-D. Thank u for the best wishes and compliments :-))!!!!

    Soul Speaks: "you are right sometimes we start writing about the moon and end up glorifying the sun.." Glad to meet somebody who understood tht part and u put it across so well:-)).
    Welcome to my space Rekha:-)!!!!

    Deepti: The pleasure is all mine....I was just kidding u pressures, ok;-D
    Thank U for the nice words:-))!!!

    Maddy: I too wonder if we'll ever have a bloggers meet out here;-P. Btw I've checked mail 3 times now but there's nothing there;-/

  57. Honest apology ...though i read it in my reader before couldn't comment it here coz of busy schedule at work..

    really speechless ...loved it...i really don't know what to comment..U really wrote from heart.Anyways advanced X'mas and New year wishes to you and your family :D

    P.S : Did i say U and achahcan looks so dashing cool (yeahh as a kunjh aniyan i can comment about that :) )

  58. Thank U Anish for the lovely words & wishes...ofcourse as a kunjh aniyan u r definitely elible to comment especially if it is a compliment;-D.
    And Anish I believe u abt the 'biggest brain' score...I got the proof;-(.
    But I'm working hard to beat u;-D!!!

  59. too!! :D aah i can see that we are going to be movie buddies!!! :P

  60. Nancy chechi ,why do you wanna waste your precious time.You can't beat me ...i'm unbeatable and unassailable...don't worry, second will be Ur's forever...keep trying hehe :D

  61. hey, great blog Nancy! loved the last 2 posts.. keep going!


  62. Awesome-est posts, these two :)
    Loved your story, specially the one week official courtship period you got :P
    And nice to see you :). Really.

  63. Hey,

    I have a question(out of topic). If anybody knows how I can follow a person who blogs on wordpress while I blog on blogspot. Lemme know.

    Here is where I blog:

    Thank you!


  64. Awesome post Nancy. Loved it! :D

  65. Sunshine: Goodness our movie tastes match so much, ok here's a pact if we ever meet we go the soppiest movie running in town;-D

    AnishThomas: Ur score is quite daunting but I will beat u if its the last thing I do;-D

    Sneo: Thank U Sneha:-))!!!!

    Meira: Glad u enjoyed them, thank U:-))!!!

    Nilu: I dont think Wordpress offers the 'Follow' option but I think by blogrolling them u will be sort of following them;-P.
    Anybody knows the answer to Nilu's question????

    Sriram: Welcome to my space:-))!!!! And Thank U!!!!

  66. nancy,

    now its my turn to ask if you remember me...and i'm not as kind as you, so i won't help.

    anyway, i thought your post was lovely. while i was reading through, i was relating to my own experience with the same situation and how it was very different and so similar at the same time!

  67. Nancy,

    I don't know what is "blogrolling"


  68. Sunshine: ;-D

    Lee: Thank U:-))!!!!

    SV: LOL ofcourse I remember u....fellow Bangaloreans even the ones who blog sporadically are not forgotten tho I did have a moment's doubt when I saw France written on the bloggers profile;-D
    Good to see u and thank U:-))!!!!

    Nilu: Putting up the links of ur favourite fellow-bloggers on ur page is called blog-rolling:-)).

  69. What a story! I read it twice!!

    Enjoyed reading it [and re-reading it as well!]

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all at home,


  70. Awesome post Nancy aka Reflections....
    sometimes i really think abt the right n wron of arranged marriages.. bt if its somethin like this i won really mind it.. :)

    gr8 post....


  71. Came to your blog after ages...I totally love this post.

    Im also about to turn 25 and similar scene goin @ my place...I am petrified with the idea of marrying someone i dont know!

    Thanks for sharin ur experience. Im in a much positive mind frame :)

  72. Vivek Patwardhan: Thank U, so glad u enjoyed it:-))!!!!
    And wishing u the same!!!!!!

    BrainFreeze, Datsme: It is my pleasure:-))!!! I can just imagine the doubts and questions in ur mind. Just remember arranged marriages have been happening for centuries now & is nothing new. Go with the flow....and a positive frame of mind:-)). Good luck!!!!!

  73. :D I must come back and read this post again. mainly to see the pic. It's all blurred to me. From a few comments, I thot everyone cud see the pic clearly.

    I am still not connected. So Iam just reading a few blogs and then leaving!

  74. wow nancy tht was one such nice story - sooo romantic - so cutteee... i fel lik kissin the writer's hands.. :P totally njoyd te sequel... cant bliv i missed readin it b4... am actly in the middle of sumthng - so gotta go.. wil b bac to read mroe...

  75. What a cute story! I am imagining your grandchildren huddling around you and listening to this cute story of how their grandparents met :)

  76. I read the first part before I left for my vacation 2 weeks back and read this post today.

    But I didn't have to go back to your older post to recap. I remembered everything. Rarely a post catches my fancy that much. This was very heartfelt and well written Nancy. Reading it reminded me of my wedding and engagement. Though the events were different but the feelings were the same.

    May the love affair continue forever! :)

  77. Butterfly: LOL the picture was nice and clear for 1 week...after which I blurred it:-D

    Sulo Badri: Thank U for the lovely words:-))!!!!

    G: Hehe I'm sure they'll look at eachother and say "How boring can this get" :-D

    Masood: Glad u enjoyed it!!!
    "Though the events were different but the feelings were the same."
    I understand exactly what u mean:-)!!!
    Thank U for the lovely compliment and wishes!!!

  78. I felt I am reading a Love Story. So, romantic....Could not take my eyes off your post till the very end.
    Really Great Post!!!!
    No Words!!! :)

  79. Glad u liked it Tanushree:-). Thank U!!!!

  80. lovely post,Nance. I dont knw what to say. You expressed this journey of your love so beautifully! Wish you two all the very best in life. Heres to many many more years of togetherness.

    Nance,you smart girl!you want me to put a face to your name despite the blurry image that you've put up??

  81. Thank U so much Deeps!!!
    Glad u enjoyed my story:-))!!!

    I put up a perfectly clear picture & it stayed tht way for a week after which it was blurred as a precautionary measure;-D

  82. cheating nancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)....that's face :D ;)...and my dear...i am soo soo sorry for missing in action here... I have been reading your blog on and off....just as a lurker lately....not been blogging much the last couple of weeks because of the hectic christmas season....but i always remember you..everytime I see reflection..the first thought is alsways nancy :)

    sending you an email :)

  83. I was sooo soo mesmerized by the post that I forgot to mention the first time how awesome it was. It's from the heart Nancy and it's so beautiful and you are beautiful too. I love this post. My favourite so far. Been thinking about your post whole day and smiling and I'm writing this just as I'm about to sleep :)

    I remember the promise :)

  84. Awww A....this just proves what I always knew about u...that u r a die-hard romantic.
    To be honest I'm what u call a practical person...a bit aloof, u knw not very huggy-touchy[not even with the kids]the types who never believed in college-romances[simply bcoz I saw the numerous pitfalls ahead]. I actually dont knw what I'm driving at here....just saying that I never set out to write a post with a romantic angle but somehow as I kept typing I recalled many things I hadnt remembered in years & ended up baring my heart;-)
    Yeah well my story was special to me but seriously I never knew my story was all that romantic until u guys told me;-D

  85. what a lovely ending for a lovely story Nancy...... read it like a crazy woman without blinking.....
    Psssstt, know what - I think you did Kiss!! ;)

  86. LOL Preethi, NO WAY....for one, the windows were not tinted;-D
    And thank U:-))!!!!

  87. That was really engrossing... I enjoyed reading every word of it.

    I do not have any such experience to share with you...I'm still in college :P

    but if you do want to read about arranged and love marriages in India as you wanted to write on it....

    do check it out from here[]

    looking forward for more interesting posts from you

  88. Ashish, thank U!!!!! Will definitely check out the link:-).

  89. oh christ!!! i forgot to subscribe to comments in all those posts tht i read today.... since its so random, chech its better u leav a reply for all toghtr in this...

    ps. i know am behind ur life... don wry... u can expect a lot mroe of it til u come back again ;D

    pps. now, leme read this post (again)...

  90. oh man!! i so lovve this post.... :) was full time smilin...
    "In my mind I was contemplating opening the car door and running all the way back home in the rain. Only the fact that my father would not let me into the house without his precious car kept me there."

    lol @ "After 2 years of blogging I’ve realized that I have no real control over what I post..….I could be planning to put up a post about the moon but after 2 pages I delete the whole post retaining only the parts where I mention the sun & end up posting that."

    ps. i wish to see a face too... u have seen mine in fb or can see now... u show me urs.. cos aniyethis are supposed to know chechis face... ;D

    pps. jus out of curiousity.. u hav any siblings?

  91. hey!
    this was an awesome post! was just browsing blogs and happened to find yours, and now I have lots of new stuff to read! :)

  92. oh... its soo nice to read ur love story ;)

    "and stayed there as I fervently wished for the earth to open up and embrace me into her kind depths"

    love the way you write... wat to do.. am subscribed to the comments section in ur blog.. now that i got a recent comment update... i was lik, "oh! that post.. leme read again :D" hee haw... ;) love u chech`

  93. Sulo my dear u r the BEST!!!!!
    and yes to answer ur question, I have a younger sister:-).

    Rize, thank U:-)!!!!!

  94. am best only cos i have a chech lik you... ;) well - okay chech - come down now... dont fly tooo much :D

    but man - am j of ur sis... it will b fun to hav an elder sis like you hey na... or should i ask this ques to her ;) may be i will get another answer :P he hee...

    lookin fwd to meetin you someday :)

  95. 1st para: nope I cant even if I want to coz I dont have wings;-D
    No comments to the 2nd
    and a Me too to the 3rd;-D

  96. am at office now - on a break... so, am gonu ask just one thing... do let me know when u come to bangalore...

    but in advance.. i will try my best to come :) :-P atleast to find that face who writes like this... ;)


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