Monday, 23 November 2009

The tag of Eights'

Preeti Shenoy tagged me long back with a tag of 8’s. She is right, its hard. Stuff I never thought about in my whole life I had to think up now. It took me 2 whole days ++ to put this together.

8 TV shows I like to watch:
I don’t watch them everyday but do try to catch them whenever I’m free.

1. 'Everybody Loves Raymond' on Star World
2. Nigella’s Bites/Feast on Travel and Living
3. Movies on HBO and Zee Studio
4. Friends
5. WWF – whether I like it or not I get to watch this everyday. I even know some of the names now……John Cena, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Kali and a guy called Punk;-/
6. Any channel which plays Hindi Songs from the 60’s, 70’s & 90’s
7. 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' on Star Plus
8. News on NDTV 24/7

8 favourite places to eat
1. Food made by my mother, Bangalore
Such a pity really since its only after marriage that I truly started appreciating all her dishes
2. Absolutely anything made by my husband’s mother, Kerala
3. Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant, Dubai – The buffet and the view is superb
4. Nandos, Dubai – A favourite with the family..
5. Nagarjuna, Bangalore – The combination of chicken biriyani, chilli chicken and pepsi enjoyed just before the noon-show at Galaxy next door is unforgettable.
6. Ebony, Bangalore – The food, the view and the company made it memorable.
7. Asha’s, Dubai – for special occasions.
8. Shaanbag, Residency Rd, Bangalore – their Special Masala Dosas were amazing.

8 things I look forward to
1. A short holiday before the year ends.
2. Buying new furniture for the living room
3. Waking up 1 morning and finding out I lost a lot of weight miraculously
4. Taking my parents to Goa for a holiday
5. Getting regular pocket money from the kids once they start working
6. Finding a pair of Jeans which were made for me
7. Life with the better-half after the kids are out leading their own lives
8. Winning Mashreq Millionaire atleast once

8 things that happened yesterday
1. We listened to Nikita go on and on and on about the school picnic she went for
2. Watched a movie “Fool’s Gold” on Zee Studio I think.
3. Made Penne pasta in Alfredo sauce for the 1st time & it came out good.
4. As I was coming back home after picking the kids from the bus stop we saw our next-door neighbour carried out in a wheel-chair. He’s been sick for sometime now.
5. Went to the stationary shop to pick up some pictures of birds and some clay.
6. Watched Nikita make a clay peacock for a science exhibition. I have no idea where this peacock fits in but she is quite sure her teacher is going to love it.
7. Better-half sprained his back…….again.
8. Saw lot of flashing lights thru my kitchen window late last night. Opened the kitchen door out of curiosity & looked down…there were 3 police cars. At first I thought it was an accident scene….looked more closely and realized some guy got caught with a lot of liquor in his car[Liquor etiquette in Dubai : One cannot just go to a store and buy it off the counter, you need a separate license to pick up liquor here. So the next convenient thing(esp for the lower income groups) is to buy liquor from guys like these who sell them out of their car but you got to know where they park their cars].

8 things I love about winter
I’m not all that fond of the cold but after 9 months of summer one tends to appreciate the change in temperature. Anyways, let me see what I can come up with….

1. Kooddling under the blanket[thts how the kids use to pronounce cuddle at first and now its stuck] with the better-half and the kids on fridays.
2. Frequent visits to the parks
3. The smell of fresh and cool air as we step out instead of the usual humidity blasting onto our faces
4. Looking forward to wearing brightly colored warm clothes which are otherwise packed away.
5. Winter is also about looking forward to going home to celebrate Christamas and New Year with family but this year it’s just us since we already went home in July.
6. Lots of shopping is also associated with winter mainly because of point no. 5.
7. Christmas and New Year
8. Eating Butta[corn] seared on coals with spicy green chutney.

8 things on my wishlist
1. Learn to play a musical instrument…like a piano
2. Learn any 1 form of self-defence
3. Join a Library. I wish Dubai had more Libraries
4. To go for those cake decorating classes
5. Learn how to swim
6. I wish I were a bit more self-confident
7. I wish I were staying in the same city as my parents
8. I wish I could do something/anything to help under-priviledged Children

8 things I am passionate about
1. Family
2. Reading
3. Writing & reading blog posts
4. My Country
5. Solving Crosswords
6. Sudoku
7. Jigsaw Puzzles
8. Sinfully rich chocolate cake….actually this should have been my 1st point;-D

8 words or phrases I use often
1. Guess what
2. Love you babies, ummmaaaahhh
3. Thank You
4. Did you see that????
5. You better have a good explanation ready…..
6. Read my lips, N-O
7. I have a surprise for u…….tantadaaaaaan
8. I have a headache….ok, ok just kidding;-D.

8 things I learnt from the past
1. Never say “Eeeks, I cant imagine myself doing that”. There's a good chance that you will end up doing it atleast once.
2. Never underestimate anybody. The very person who you consider least important in your grand scheme of things could be the one who finally helps you glue it together
3. There is a time and place for everything
4. Everything is not in our hands
5. Have some chocolate when you are feeling blue. Things start looking better even before you finish the bar.
6. Whenever you are caught in a cross-fire of words, Silence is the best weapon.
7. Do not wait for things to happen to you, chances are you’ll be waiting forever…like me.
8. If all else fails, press control+Alt+Del….in short, reboot.

8 places I would love to go, visit or see
1. Kashmir, India
2. The Pyramids, Egypt
3. Eiffel Tower, Paris
4. Jerusalem
5. The Atlantis, Dubai
6. Wayanad, Kerala
7. Taj Mahal, India
8. Greece

8 things I currently need or want
1. Some company while I try to lose some weight
2. A pair of jeans which fit
3. To change my template
4. A part-time job
5. An extraordinarily good recipe for a Christmas cake
6. A haircut which will make all the difference
7. Brittania Pure Magic Biscuits from India
8. Motivation…again I should have put this as the first point;-/

Phew...its done!!!!! 1 or 2 of the questions sort of kept asking the same things over and over again. It was so tough to dream up new stuff which are true;-D.

And now comes the fun part, I tag.....


  1. Hmm. The ones with Dubai in them were interesting. But as soon as I read about the liquor restriction, I decided I'l carry my beer in water bottles when I visit you :P

  2. I'm sure all this must've reallyyy taken a lot of thought..and what fun! You chose to tag me..Awesome!!
    Will definitely come up with the replies..but I do deserve a fair amount of time right?

  3. LOL....if they catch u, u'll be andar for 2-3 yrs;-D

  4. Varsh: I kinda thot u may not have attempted a tag till now, so....:-)
    And take ur time...this one's particularly difficult.

  5. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRRRRRRRRRRRgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. First thing: Nikita's peacock is awesome, perfect in my eyes- pl tell her that!! Now don't tell me you helped.

    I loved your 8 things you learnt from the past!

    Best wishes for your swimming classes, I am having hopeless fun with water and my tutor ;)

    But, chocolates and weight loss?? By the way, please include me in your hunt for a pair of fitting jeans ;).

  7. No dear...I havent attempted one yet...and it must be fun...actually I should thank you...I havent given my brain so much of trouble in a really long time... :)

  8. Butterfly: U may not believe this but I called to tell u this:-D

    Savitha: Nope Nikita did it all by herself. Havent u heard of Chocolates & weightloss together in the same breath before...take it from me its a deadly combination;-D

    Varsh: My pleasure:-))!!!!

  9. Nigella - Give me a 5 on this !!! Its my most watched fav TV show !!!

    I think most of us are like that -
    We dont appreciate our parents, till we get married and learn what it is like - maintaining the whole household !!!!

    You've brought up briyani topic in ur blog page, just the time I've just forgotten abt it - now the temptation begins.

    ROFL on points 3, 5, 6 on 8 things I look forward to.....Even I wish for the same...Gud thinking...I've never found a jeans that fits me perfectly, it is bound to be loose somewhere...

    That is one awesome clay model peacock - the teacher better appreciate the effort and put it up in the science exhibition. Otherwise, Nikita, just call Uma aunty, I am flying to come & take care of that teacher.

    Those 8 things learnt from the past - gud ones, really liked them and they made real sense, for the today's world - you know, we are filled with stress and silence is the word for it.

    Even your tags are interesting to read and make me comment so much - thats what I like in ur blog pages...lovely read, Nancy.

  10. valare cheriya tag ;)
    U watch wwf ...what de %$ a days even kids aren't watch it...grow up nancy chechi ;)
    Life with the better-half ...u wanna get old so fast ??????
    buy liquor from guys like these ...thank U so much for sharing knowledge
    sudokku....itz my fav tooo :)
    you can transfer some weight to me

    as usual...nice one :)

  11. Started reading it...but will take time, tom will give all comments...:)

  12. This was fun reading!!!! Especially liked your lessons from the past. And lol on "I have a headache" :D Oh & Nikita's clay peacock looks great, super imagination on the tail!!!

  13. WWF & Hindi Songs from 60s - Quite a character you'd become if you keep doing that :P

    Nandos is yummy :) And so is Asha's

    I too hate winter but in Dubai, it is more like autumn... beautiful

    And learn a form of self defence? I thought you're watching WWF regularly :)

    Never say Never - I completely agree. I always said, I'll never leave India, I'll never be a part of the brain drain... and here I am :( I guess 'Everything is not in our hands'

    And finally, Nancy to the rescue...

    Couldn't think of anything interesting to write so you send this Tag my way :) Now I gotta find time to do this tag !

  14. Try putting mushrooms in the Penne Alfredo...lovely! Love your list! I'm watching taped episodes of Nigella on youtube. It's almost like an indulgence to watch her cook.

  15. Aaah, I am sure this needed a lot of thought :). me not busy, just very lazy to blog :(

  16. ah such a long tag :-)
    Nikita's peacock is so cute :-)...
    u still watch wwf lol :-) :-)

  17. You watch all that on TV? wah wah...the only program I watch regularly is Oprah and anything on food network while I am ironing :(.

    I dream of pocket money from my son too. Will buy all the shoes I can get my hands on then and the husband can't crib :)

    That peacock is gorgeous..lolz at her imagination for sticking colourful dots on the feather. I thought at first those are Smarties candy!!

    Wow butta and chutney...need to have one of those today as it's downright chilly here.

    Your wisdom about chocolate should be followed by everyone...I can kick off any kind of mad mood with a bar of chocolate in my hands...

    Uggh no plans of visiting Uncle sam's country? This part of the country is very very pretty...can assure you that!

  18. Thank you for doing the tag. The peacock is soooo beautiful! My compliments to the little sculptor.

    I also do 'tantadaaan--surprise' heh must be a kerala thing i think :)

    Life is so fragile right? (referring to your neighbour who was sick)

    You did the tag well.

  19. I loved going through your lists of 8-- and wow- you have nandos there? We used to have it over in ghana,it was one of our family favs too.

    Also would love to wake up and miraculously lose a pound :) ha ha!

    Your daughter's peacock was impressive.

    Also found the note about the alcohol purchasing there of great interest. I had no idea about this.

    I also wish i was staying in the same city as my parents- oh my how I wish that!!!!!

    All in all, a wonderful set of 8's for the various subjects mentioned.

  20. I really liked reading this whole post; kinda had a smile throughout :)

    Liked what you wrote about 'Things you learned from your past', the 2nd point hit sooo close.

    Hey, you forgot Barracuda for the liquor stuff - hmmm...ok, let's leave this :p

    I can tell you where you can go for a cool haircut - there's this salon in Barsha (Tulip Inn Hotel), he's too good and he'll make you look totally different! Try it!

    P.S: The peacock looks cool, please tell Nikita I said, Kudos! :D

  21. informative tag there:)...

    liked ur passionate list!:)

  22. loved ur "8 things I learnt from the past" :D

    a tag well done :D

  23. niice tag! love the fact that u actually put so much thought in all the questions! :)

    nice peacock btw! :)

  24. Getting regular pocket money from the kids once they start working ...hehe..hope it happens because parents being parents always do:)

    Nikita made beautiful peacock.

    enjoyed the tag!

  25. That was fun to read, Nando's is our fav too. Haven't tried Asha's, is it really that good?
    But this was so tough and long, your patience has to be applauded...for trying it out!And your kids talent is evident...

  26. John Cena theme song hs been my ring tone for quite some time nw ;)
    'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' on Star Plus Some exaggeration but the insecurities of the two ladies have been depicted pretty well - just caught a few episodes :)

    Ebony Bangalore - I luv it :)
    Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant, Dubai – The buffet and the view is superb - Wow! Sounds gr8 :)

    A short holiday before the year ends Aww me too :)
    Waking up 1 morning and finding out I lost a lot of weight miraculously LOL Gud one :)

    We listened to Nikita go on and on and on about the school picnic she went for - Calls for a post Nance ;)
    Made Penne pasta in Alfredo sauce for the 1st time & it came out good. Yum!!!

    Watched Nikita make a clay peacock for a science exhibition. I have no idea where this peacock fits in but she is quite sure her teacher is going to love it. I love it too :) Well done Nikita!

    Better-half sprained his back…….again. Ohh :( Hope he is feeling better now!

    Second part of the comment coming up :P :P

  27. 8 things I love about winter
    Loved 1,6,7 and 8 :)

    To go for those cake decorating classes - Me tooooo :)
    I wish I were staying in the same city as my parents - Same here :(

    Sinfully rich chocolate cake….actually this should have been my 1st point;-D - Oh Nance! I feel like hvng one now :P

    I have a surprise for u…….tantadaaaaaan - Ha ha I wanna hear u say this ;)

    Have some chocolate when you are feeling blue. Things start looking better even before you finish the bar. - This is the best !!!!

    Greece is on my must-visit list too :)

  28. Eight things i can guess about Nancy (though we have not met)

    1. She is smart
    2. she is extremely humorous
    3. she is good writer
    4. she is very patriotic
    5. she loves her family
    6. she loves to go places
    7. she is caring
    8. She is an ardent blogger (even if she has to annoy her husband )

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  30. Ums: Loved what u had to say abt the parents bit. Its not like I dont know it but when somebody else says it...sort of comforts. Thank U so much for the beautiful and thoughtful makes doing the tag soo worth it:-)).

    Anishthomas: "you can transfer some weight to me"
    Hehe...there is a very wise saying abt being very careful what u wish for as u may regret it lifelong;-D.
    And thank U:-))!!!!

    Sindhu: Seriously this tag was a bit tough...u knw, made me use tht brain which was rusting up there;-D.
    Asha's is great...I love the ambience and the food is lovely, atleast whatever we've ordered till today has been good;-).

    Shalom: LOL looks like u r the only one who caught on the headache bit;-D

    Rakesh: Everybody is getting the wrong idea here...I dont watch WWF because I like to. I can barely tolerate the nonsense but the husband follows the drama with gr8 enthusiasm....if they keep screaming 'Jeff Hardy this' and 'the undertaker tht' every single night one is sort of following the show by osmosis;-/.
    I wondered if u'll get it why I sent the tag ur way;-).

    The Girl from Lokhandwala: I added chicken this time. Will try ur idea next time, thanks:-)). And welcome to my space:-)!!!!!

    Prashanti: U bet it did.
    Hehe its not hard to guess why u r so preoccupied these days, ENJOY;-D!!!!!

    Rashmi: Oh yes it is and difficult too. I dont watch WWF willingly...I'm forced to watch it;-/.

    Sakshi: Actually I dont watch them regularly...but I had to fill the space for 8 programs and I wrote down whatever I remember watching;-P
    And thank U so much for the invite....will take u up on it like mayb in 20 yrs time when I get the kids off my hands;-D

    Preethi Shenoy: Thank U for tagging me. It was a pleasure to do[ummm...dont look at what I've written to the other commentors];-D

    Anjuli: Not at all surprising u had 1 in Ghana coz Nando's is a South African joint. But quite surprised US doesnt have one or do they???
    LOL U r talking abt 1 pound, Connie I used the word 'miraculous' quite delibrately as I was talking abt losing atleast 30 pounds;-D

    Sparkling: Thanks a lot for the tip...will file it away carefully for future use;-D
    And will convey your message to Nikita...but the problem is then she'll want to read what I have written:-P

    Brocasarea: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Blunt Edges: Aha did any of them hit close to home;-D????

    Sunshine: Thank took me so much time but in the end it was worth it:-))!!!

    Renu: Oh I know tht...I hope to start a new trend;-D

    Swaram: By now I know doing the tag in the comment section is a speciality of urs;-D!!!!
    The revolving restaurant is really a great is located on the 25th floor of the hotel and revolves a complete 360 degrees every 2 hrs...and the view is awesome. With some good food as company the whole experience is out of the world. If u ever visit Dubai dont miss it:-)).
    Thank U for the loooong comment...I enjoyed it:-))!!!!

    Balvinder Singh: Sirji U r so generous with ur compliments....always. I'm overwhelmed. Thank U soooo much:-))!!!!

  31. I love Everybody loves Raymond! :D Nicely done tag!

  32. that peacock looks so edible :) :) compliments to the lil sculptor...

    i've at least joined a library..that was teh first thing i did after coming here..its in the MOE, but i believe there is a library in karama - archie's library...will mail u with details,

    that revolving restaurant sounds interesting! remind me to hound you more...for such nuggets of info :)

    LOL @ Meira

  33. That was such a fun read!

    I love Everybody Loves Raymond too - but it has been a while since I watched it! And Nigella Bites! I just love watching her cook :)

    Nandos - I love Nandos. I used to drag husband there every week when we were in London :) The thought of Nandos makes my mouth water :)

    You know what would be on my wishlist? A chocolate which would help reduce weight! That would be heaven :)

  34. OK, let's see if I can do this:

    Eight things we have in common:

    1. Love Friends.
    2. Love love love India.
    3. I think your kids are adorable.
    4. I like Bins.
    5. I wanna go to Kashmir...
    6. I love jeans and tees.
    7. I'm multicultured.
    8. I believe in the power of the perfect haircut.

  35. You watch WWF...ende daivame!!
    I need the recipe for penne pasta please....I'm drooling here already!

    that clay peacock is beautiful,well done,Nikita!

    Winter setting in here too...I feel so happy and positive alraedy you know..winter is my favourite season

    Have you begun decorating the christmas tree?

    *same pinch* for being passionate about rich chocolate cake..chocolate is my weakness!

    When you do get that perfect haircut,make sure you display it here so I can get some ideas too...I'm dying for a change in hairstyle myself!

  36. fun knowing you more..
    the peacock is nice!
    lol@mashreq millionaire, i remmeber ur last post on that!
    i havent ever been to asha's and al dawaar.. worth checking out it seems
    @haircut- go ahead! its like a therapy for me

  37. Hello there, first time here and a great way to start to know you. Lovely tag that says a lot about you. Looking forward to know more :-) Do take peak at my page when you get a chance.

  38. Glad to know you better Nancy. You sure do have a great personality. I loved some of them especially reading your lips NO :) I love sudoku and chocolates too(who does not love chocolates right?) ;) Hey, you tagged me. That is wonderful; this is the first time for me. Will get to it soon.

    I wish we lived close by, I want to learn swimming too. I went for some classes, but have not yet found a way to do it regularly and become good at it.

    And that peacock is so precious, pretty pretty.

  39. Hi Nancy,
    thank you.. for the tag :)
    almost when I was thinking of taking a random tag, you saved me..
    hey, I think we have quite a few things in comman. So hope it wont look lik I am pinching ideas. ;)
    Will write the post first!
    thanks again,
    Oh, I love reading about your daughters and thier karname!
    absolutly adorable!

  40. Dhanya: Thank U:-)!!!!!

    Suma: Oh I know abt the library in Karama...years back I used to go there but it is really so incovenient for me to go there every week...I so wish something opens closer to home.

    Smitha: A chocolate which would help reduce weight!"
    My goodness, I had goosebumps when I read this....what a fantastic idea;-D. Infact I'd go as far as to say it is the solution to all the world's problems;-D

    Agnes: Add 1 more....both of us have started christmas preparations early this year;-D

    Deeps: Looks like I didnt explain it properly since everybody is asking the same thing....I dont watch WWF on my own free will, forced to put up with it, courtesy better-half;-/.
    The christmas tree shd be up in the 1st week of December;-D.
    And yeah the temperatures have dropped here...good time to take the kids to the park:-)). Howz it in Doha???

    ISH: I'm been thinking abt u. Good to see u back!!!!!

    AD: Welcome to my space and Thank U!!!!
    Ofcourse I will:-))!!!!

    Lakshmi: I had a vague feeling u hadnt been....I love tagging people who havent done them before;-)).
    Seriously, I too am looking for company to attempt all these things...going alone is so intimidating...atleast for me.
    And will pass ur compliments on to Nikita:-))!!!!

    Swathy: Glad to be of help....looking forward to reading urs:-)).

  41. Yieeekkks... I was tagged months ago to do this one & managed to escape it smartly ;-) I salute you for completing it so well!

    I feel so good as I've been to 3 out of your 8 must-visit places!!

    And Nikita's peacock is lovely. I love the tail.

    Very good Nancy. You get 5 stars from me !! Cheers.

  42. Thank did take me a few days to put together:-)).
    Let me guess, u've been to Wayanad[this I know;-D] and maybe Taj mahal. So which is the third place....the Pyramids????
    Will convey ur compliments to Nikita:-) and thanks once again!!!!

  43. u know i just thot of the perfect statement to ur watching WWF phenomenon! even tho its not in my language...aadi paavi!!! :P

  44. How I wish it were the Pyramids also ;-)

    I've visited Eiffel Tower, Paris.

  45. The peacock is awesome!

    The tag was fun to read:-)

  46. sorry,Nance for this delayed reply.

    Yes Doha too is getting pleasant by the day. Evenings are quite breezy. A walk by the corniche is something the three of us look forward in this weather :)

  47. aaahhh this one...i remember doing this

    thanks for tagging though, Nancy.

    i need a haircut too..badly need one :-(....but have been too lazy to get myself to go to the salon...sigh.

  48. You are Awarded at my blog :)

  49. Peacock is beautiful. :)

    Tag vayichu-ishtapettu. :D

  50. Sunshine: LOL who taught u that;-D?????

    Lostworld: Dont worry, even that will happen:-)). But how come u haven't blogged abt the Eiffel tower????

    Destination Nowhere: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Deeps: Aaahhhh lovely, even we do that on weekends and nowadays I take the kids down by 4 and we have a good time:-))

    Titaxy: Now that u told me I sort of remember reading it;-D. And get tht haircut soon;-))!!!!

    Nu: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Solilo: Thank U[curbing my enthusiasm to thank u back in mal....well, thank u in mal looks like granny in hindi;-/]

  51. Hey, what a coincidence! I was just going through your blog today & then I read your comments in my blog.

    Your blog has beautiful Kerala pictures! Really enjoyed them.

  52. enjoyed 'the words that are used the most often' and i agree with balwinder singh on all counts:-)

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. Nilu: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Lan: Awwww.....thank U:-D!!!!

  55. nice post nancy - actly i just read ur commentophobia post.. lol- tht was a gud one... yeah u sure r rt when u say how comments r rly important... but jus for this once spare me cos ur posts r too interestin that am only reluctant to skip a minute in bw n post a comment :P


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