Friday, 13 November 2009

Sleep on it

I’ve been very cranky the past 2 days mainly coz the better-half has not been sleeping well. He keeps awaking up at odd times, walking in & out of the room, opening and closing the bedroom door which makes me wake up with a start after which I find it very difficult to get back to sleep.

He’s got some major project at his workplace which is going ALIVE or some such thing and I’m guessing this is what is making him toss and turn. And when I complain about his restlessness he has the cheek to tell me that my snoring is keeping him awake. Giving him a haughty look I bite my tongue and stalk out of the room.

Yeah well coming back to what I was cribbing about….lack of sleep always has brought out the worst in me. It immediately reflects on my day-to-day activities and dealings with everybody but the thing is I can’t get myself to take a nap during the day to make up for the previous night.

The only times I take naps are:

# When I’m frog-marched along with the kids to the bedroom on Friday afternoons for the compulsory ‘family nap’ [incase you are wondering, we live in the middle-east, your Sundays are our fridays] which usually boomerangs on the better-half coz I get up in a stinking mood ready to snap at anybody who even looks at me. Since I don’t drink and don’t know what a hangover feels like I privately think this is a non-drinkers version of it.

# If I’m terribly horribly sick… the time I had typhoid when I was doing my pre-degree; I slept like I was drugged for 2 whole days. But otherwise… even after my delivery when all the aunties with good intentions told me to rest while the baby was sleeping I used to be found pacing up and down the corridor with no particular goal in mind.

# And not the least when I’m pretending to nap to trick lull the kids into taking one….and in the process doze off lightly.

But at nights if all goes well I’m out like a light within 2-3 minutes after hitting the bed and have to be prodded, coaxed out of bed at 6.15am by the better-half who gets up earlier to fix the kids school bags.

I rarely recall the dreams I have though once or twice I remember snatches of a nightmare dream that a gang of bloggers recognized the kids in the supermarket but didn’t find me coz I was hiding under a trolley[I was looking my worst, u see]. And ofcourse the Dhoni dream which I would have forgotten long back had I not posted it here.

Coming back to subject, did you know Sleep and the lack of it has many side-effects to it and most all of them bad. On a rare night when I lie awake on the bed my thoughts almost always take me to my father who suffers from severe lack of sleep. From as far as I can remember he could never get to sleep before 2am.
When I was a teenager I used to have very little patience with his problem coz it meant that I could never read late or call a friend and have long conversations into the night. But now I feel so dreadfully sorry for his plight. I mean it’s so unnatural to be wide awake when the rest of the family is sleeping. The weirdest of thoughts come into the mind and refuse to go. All fears are magnified 10fold. Depression and self-pity takes over the system…..atleast that’s how it goes for me.

Well, atleast when my father finally slept he would sleep atleast for 7-8 hrs straight. But there are so many people who are not able to get a good night’s sleep for a number of reasons like working 2-3 jobs to maintain a life-style or suffer from sleep-disorders.
But there are some, who stay up late to read, watch tv, chat on the internet or are out partying hard. And after snatching a few hours of troubled sleep they go back to work the next day as usual.

An article elucidating the effects of sleep-deprivation caught my eye recently, I read it with growing horror and immediately thought of sharing the jist of it with u. Please do go through it carefully. We need to be aware of the extent of damage we unknowingly submit our body to.

Sleep deprivation is a commonplace occurrence in modern culture. Every day there seems to be twice as much work and half as much time to complete it in. This results in either extended periods of wakefulness or a decrease in sleep over an extended period of time. While some people may like to believe that they can train their bodies to not require as much sleep as they once did this belief is false. Sleep is needed to regenerate certain parts of the body, especially the brain, so that it may continue to function optimally.

Recent studies indicate that failing to get enough sleep or sleeping at odd hours heightens the risk for a variety of illnesses…..

> Lower resistance to colds and viruses
> High Blood pressure
> Cancer
> Increased risk of Heart Attacks & Strokes[esp amg young ppl]
> Diabetes
> Obesity
> Early ageing

"Lack of sleep disrupts every physiologic function in the body," said Eve Van Cauter of the University of Chicago. "We have nothing in our biology that allows us to adapt to this behavior."

The amount of necessary sleep varies from person to person, but most people apparently need between about 7-9 hours, with studies indicating that an increased risk for disease starts to kick in when people get less than 6 or 7.

Scientists have long known that sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy and chronic insomnia, can lead to serious health problems, and that difficulty sleeping may be a red flag for a serious illness. But recent epidemiological studies found that people who slept the least appeared to be significantly more likely to die.

Recently I got an email about Ranjan Das[42yrs] CEO of SAP-Indian Subcontinent, the youngest CEO of an MNC in India who succumbed to a heart attack. Supposed to be an avid fitness freak and a marathon runner his early demise had shocked the Corporate world. It is believed that one of the reasons for his early demise could have been lack of sleep. He slept for just 4-5 hrs every night.
Which also reminded me of a post Swaram had written last month about her husband’s friend who was in his thirties and a fitness enthusiast who succumbed to heart-attack and nobody knew why.

Try this test out: Its called The Epworth Sleepiness Scale; ESS is a scale intended to measure daytime drowsiness that is measured by use of a very short questionnaire. It is a useful test to help diagnose sleeping problems. Click here to do it.

In short, most healthy adults are built for 16 hours of wakefulness and need an average of 8 hours of sleep a night. And, contrary to common myth, the need for sleep doesn't decline with age but the ability to sleep for 6 to 8 hrs at one time may be reduced. (Van Dongen & Dinges, Principles & Practice of Sleep Medicine, 2000)

What is your sleep pattern like???????

For Links: Click here, here and here[matter highlighted in blue taken from here]


  1. Am I the first ??????

    Yippeeee !!!!!

  2. OMG !!! So many things abt the lovely dreamy blissful sleep !!!! I am slowly closing my eyes to a wonderful afternoon nap....zzzzzzz......

    Wake up Uma !!! What did you do, Nancy ???? Lullabied Uma to sleep ????

    OK !! I am just like you - can go to sleep in 2-3 mins of head hitting the pillow. And thanks to my Dad, for this gene.

    But, becos of the wonderful husband, who stays up till 1 or 2 pm and the dis-orderly working time and the post-delivery tensions have made me have sleepless nights. And I try to make up for that during the next day's afternoon, or else the whole family is made to face the wrath of the sleepless monster Ums.

    And thats what I advocate to my girls - that 8 hrs of sleep is absolutely essential to all and there is no great need to study and spoil the sleep.

    Post on sleep, but everybody is awake, I believe, to understand the consequences of sleeplessness.

  3. I have noticed that the more I stay occupied during the day (including some amount of physical activity - it could even be taking the stairs , walking to the bus-stop etc.), the better I sleep. Literally like a baby for straight 7-8 hours. On-Off switch :-)

    Life is unpredictable. Its hard to strike a balance I guess especially for ppl like Ranjan Das! Hope peace & sleep are restored soon in your home ;-)

  4. We don't even realize how essential sleep is to our health. Here at sit at 1.30 am-- uh oh-- I better get to sleep. Have a very busy day tomorrow.

  5. Hey, I have also been worrying about this whole sleep thing. I must do that test. i sleep surely for 6 hours. But yes, u are right lack of sleep preps us up for diseases and behaviour disorders.

    And yes, I snap too if I do not get enuf sleep!

    Scary, better go do that test. will b back with results!

  6. Nancy, you just hit my thought. From morning i was thinking to post in my blog about my sleeping habit and you have already posted..

    Anyway, around 15 days i am not able to sleep properly, as my hubby is travelling a lot and i am all alone at home.. It is scary to be alone, atleast for me and hence, i cant sleep before 1AM and I need to get up at atleast by 6 to go to office.

    Ya, i got this mail about Ranjan Das this morning. Its shocking. I think i should make a practice to sleep on time..

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  7. "When I’m frog-marched along with the kids to the bedroom on Friday afternoons for the compulsory ‘family nap’"

    "after my delivery when all the aunties with good intentions told me to rest while the baby was sleeping I used to be found pacing up and down the corridor with no particular goal in mind".

    "when I’m pretending to nap to trick lull the kids into taking one….and in the process doze off lightly".

    "gang of bloggers recognized the kids in the supermarket but didn’t find me coz I was hiding under a trolley[I was looking my worst, u see]".

    Ha, ha, ha, ha ........ i can't stop laughing.

    Nancy you are really an expert in tickling the funny bone of your readers.

  8. I was feeling bad about sleeping by 8 and walking by 4.. 8 am n 4 pm.. (night shifts ) but your post made me feel better :D :D

    I used to sleep a lot literally but i keep awake all night n sleep all day :D

  9. Hi Nancy,
    According to hubby dear, Kumbhakarna is my god father!
    hehe.. I can sleep any day, anytime except the day before going to India [:)]
    earlier it was after finishing the exams..
    other then this, cant think of any instance that can put me sleepless!!
    if i could gift anyone with few hours of good sleep, I would have whole heartedly done so.! :)

  10. nice facts abt sleep there...:)

    try alprazolam for sleep:P..just kidding..never take med for sleep[free tip!!]..;)

  11. Normally if I am physically tired i sleep in a minute..!!

    but if I aint physically tired and have not done much.. sigh.. I m a poor sleeper... I get up in the middle of the night.. also when I m excited or thinking about something I cant sleep... I generally get up early and even more early on Sunday's sigh.. dont ask why !!!!!

    plus I love my sunday siesta but never get it coz my son wont let us sleep !!!!

    I am a poor sleeper if u might say !!

  12. hehe Nancy chechi you are getting old ...accept the fact :D
    @ I was hiding under a trolley...LMAOF......OMG i'm imagining that scene
    @ Dhoni dream.....(or you have seen that creepy movie hatrick)...may god save your hus and kids :D.
    okay leg-pulling apart, hmmm lack of sleep ...when i was in college i used sleep at the max 5:30 -6 hours per day(ofcourse movies,late night chats,assignments,lab works keep us busy in late night).Now a days
    unless i get min- 7 hours sleep per day,my entire day will be gone :(

    Ranjan Das incident shocked all of us.After reading that even my brother warned me to control my fitness craziness...anyways it is shocking and a depressing fact that now a days many of the youngsters are getting cardiac,diabetic problems at an early age.
    Even i stopped reading health related articles now a days coz after reading that i used feel like i have some of the symptoms :(
    Anyways thank you so much for such a informative post :)

  13. Well, I always adhere to the 7-8 principle strictly ;) I believe that with food, exercise, positive thought, sleep is very very important for day to day work to go on smoothly!

    Lot of research and results here! Thanks for sharing!

    Am nt sure thought abt Su's colleagues death though! Cant decide for myself that it ws due to sleep problems.

  14. I hope you'll get some sleep tonight Nancy.

    I am running on very little sleep too.

  15. oh many things that could be caused because of sleep deprivation? didn't know that...i usually get about 6-8 hrs of sleep, but my sleep timings are pretty odd...need to work on getting that on a proper schedule...

    thanks for sharing, Nancy :-)

  16. You could be talking about me, Nancy! I am just like you when it comes to sleep. I can sleep in minutes at night, but any other time in the day - is just not possible! And yes, sleep deprivation makes me very very grouchy :(

    But seriously speaking, I have seen the effects of sleep deprivation on me - I just can't function beyond a point. I am so not surprised to read about the effects of lack of sleep. Afterall, sleep is suppsed to be the way our body recuperates after a days hard work.. If we donot give it the time it needs, the effects will be there to see. Someone I know, recently was diagnosed with very high BP - and this person is very young and has a very erratic sleep schedule. So there might be a connection.

  17. Great, informative post Nancy!!! I took the test & am getting enough sleep :D Will pass on this info to the rest of the family....there are some folks who aren't getting enough who need to read this.

  18. Very informative post.Even I struggle with my sleep, I know that. (Sigh..) How come the day has only 24 hours and so many things to do?

  19. I am like you as far as day time nap is concerned but am not a deep sleeper at night time either. this started with the babies and seems be staying for good. in a car on a long trip when i am not driving seems to be the best bet for a good sleep these days. interesting subject.

  20. I could so relate depressing and nagging thoughts being 10 fold when one lies awake in the night. I too am out like a bulb most times but sometimes sleep deprivation is inevitable. How bad it must be for insomniacs!! Meaningful article and really good links! Thanks so much for sharing. :-) Wishing you and your loved ones sleep filled with pleasant dreams and no bad thoughts! LOL at your dreams!! :D

  21. I need to consult a specialist :( I however, know for a fact that I'm perpetually sleep deprived. Give me an hour of calm and a dark room and I can doze off. This ability has been affected with age coz. few years back, give me 15 minutes and a peaceful place and I could doze off...

    You've scared me Nancy, I think I'll go and sleep now :P

  22. i can sleep forever!! i genuinely think something is wrong with me...i have to be literally dragged out of my bed at 8.15 when i am supposed to leave by 8.30 or 8.45..I sleep pretty early too..around 11.30-12...

    My mom thinks that even an earthquake cant wake me up (i think so too!!)..even if the whole room is full of people and i am asleep..i wont budge..I could be a reincarnation of Kumbhakaran, for all you know!!

  23. Hmmmm...interesting and all of a sudden I'm a bit scared now!

    For the life of me, I can never sleep early but at the same time it takes a lot for me to get up early in the morning. I'm just not a morning person!

    I make up for all that 6 hours sleep of weekdays during the weekends...will this work for me?


  24. I work in the fabled IT industry and sleeping and eating patterns are way too much ad hoc. I know the toll it takes on the human body as I am going through it. Some times at work we need to stretch through the night and I return home at odd hours like 2am, 3am or sometimes 6 in the morning. You goto catch some sleep and then hurry back to work in the afternoon. Whatever said and done, the morning nap never really makes up for the loss of sleep at night. You wake up feeling groggy and ready to punch anyone on your way. But we don't have a choice. Thanks for the much needed post Nancy. :)

  25. Forgot s'thing important while I was just being selfish :p

    Just wanted to say, hope your better half completes his project successfully soon and you get your much needed beauty sleep ;)

  26. Tell me abt it...i have been havin trouble sleeping thanks to catching cold due to all dis weather change @ night not only am I wide awake, im also coughing like mad! We surely wont get any thieves creeping in (lolz).

    And when someone turns up and says, "You know its quite late, sleep off." feel lk screaming, Dude!! u think im enjoyin this!

    But Nancy, reading articles abt sleeplessness surely cudnt have made matters easier!

  27. lack of sleep is a part of my weekdays too! though i do try 2 even it out on the weekends by sleeping a marathon 10-12 hours at a stretch! would that work doc? ;)

  28. Ums: I can just imagine ur condition;-o. I wish I cd afternoon nap like u....I'm sure it wd have a marked improvement on my temperment;-P

    Rohitha: Good thinking really...when stress is involved I guess its almost impossible to relax fully. U knw tht scene from the movie 'Vaastav' where Sanjay Dutt pleads with his mother to help him sleep, suddenly comes to mind. It still gives me goosebumps.

    Anjuli: LOL....even I find it very easy to sit up late but getting up early in the morning is such a struggle:-P. Hope u rested well:-))!!!

    Butterfly: So what did ur results say????

    Never Ending Memories: I dont blame u 1 bit....I too get very insecure the times the better-half goes on a trip...the kids may be in the same room but I keep waking with a start every 1-2 hrs. And every noise in the house sounds magnified...creepy really;-(

    Balvinder Singh: Hehe glad u had a laugh. But u didnt mention ur sleep pattern????

    Winnie: I somehow cd never conform to jobs which keep u awake in the nights. Hats off to all of u who manage to;-o

    Swathy: LOL....dont listen to him...he is just jealous;-D. Tell him to talk to somebody who has trouble sleeping...they'll tell him u've got the gift;-D

    Brocasarea: Just realised I didnt mention doctors who do their duty without rest;-o. Hats off!!!!
    My father used to take something called Calmpose I think;-)

    Hitchwriter: "I generally get up early and even more early on Sunday's"
    LOL I can just imagine that;-D!!! And abt ur son....just complain the same to ur mom and she'll tell u tht the apple never falls far away from the tree;-D

    AnishThomas: Nope havent seen the movie....tho somebody else mentioned the same thing;-D
    The thing with youngsters is tht they take any hobby they have, to crazy levels...which means, even a good thing like exercise if misused can backfire on u. Everything shd be within limits...but then I'm sure u know tht:-))!!

    Swaram: My pleasure:-))!!!. And agree with u abt the food, exercise and positve thinking bit. No I dont presume to say tht this is wht happened to ur husbands friend....just mentioned it as I was reminded of it while writing the post...sort of a flow of thought:-).

    Agnes: Somehow its just not happening for some reason or the other;-(...hope u had better luck;-).

    Titaxy: My pleasure:-))!!! Hope u get ur sleep schedule straightened out:-))!!!!

    Smitha: Oh u've explained it so well, somehow sleeping during the day never gives me tht totally rested feeling. I seriously am in awe of all people who can work night-shifts coz I feel I can never do it;-o

    Shalom: Thank U:-))!!! Though quite surprised u r getting enough sleep.....I expected ur baby to be keeping u awake;-D

    Dil se: There will always be work pending to do..especially for a woman. U just keep aside a strict 8 hrs of sleep for urself and work everything else around it;-D

  29. Hmm I know .. young, active and unknown reasons .. its obvious this cn qualify as a reason :)

  30. Bang on. Sleep is really important. Though it has nothing to do with my moods. It just effects my alertness and my driving. And sleeping in the day is just impossible for me, how much ever I try.
    But it is scary. Fitness freaks succumbing to heart attacks due to lack of sleep...that is something!!!

  31. I've noticed that whenever I'm worked up 'se of something sleeping disorders get worse. I've had times when I couldn't sleep for days on end, and when I did, I had the most horrifying dreams.

    It is said that neither sleeping less is healthy,nor more.With our increased stress levels at work it has become impossible to get that much-needed rest which also affects our sleeping pattern.

    We need to be careful and take sleeping disorders seriously.

  32. Nice post,Nancy! A reminder to the working class of these years!!

    Any less than 7-8 hrs of sleep, I go cranky the next day. If I stay through the night working, one complete day WILL be wasted. So, I convince myself telling: Why save these three-four hours and waste a whole day, let the work wait, you can take a complete full day and work :). As my husband says it, "Even if the earth is sitting on you, you will not compromise your sleep, will you?:P"

    But,there were also times, when I just couldn't sleep, and yearned for one! :(

  33. Nancy, i will also have to dedicate a post on my sleep pattern which i will do sooner than later. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Lan: Hmmmm....I guess as long as u feel rested there is nothing to worry abt. And then are always the long drives to forward to;-D

    thoughtfultrain: Oh I get the weirdest dreams...I once dreamt tht Jayaram[the mal actor] & I went together & placed a wreath on Karunakaran's[tht old man] body;-o

    Rakesh: Hmmm...u take note of the warning signs and take care accordingly. And dont forget I told u first;-D

    Saima: Dont worry abt the comments u get....u, my friend r sleeping the innocent sleep of the young. It wont last forever so enjoy it while it lasts:-))

    Sparkling: Hmmm...looks like u r getting ur rest one way or the other. As long as u r not dozing off in the middle of a meeting or while driving the car I guess u dont have anything to worry abt;-D.
    And thank U for the kind wishes...I hope so too;-))

    Anusha: "the morning nap never really makes up for the loss of sleep at night."
    Just what I think!!!
    ....building ur career is fine but not at the expense of ur health. Heed the warning signs. U take care!!!

    Datsme: Ur throat must so sore....try strepsils. Better yet, see the doc before it gets worse....coz usually only a dose of antibiotics can clear a cough. U tek care!!!!!

    Blunt Edges: U knw the mal saying came to mind when I read ur comment "Onni aashaande nenjathe, alengil kalariyade purathe";-D.
    U r Mal arent u???

    Swaram: We can only guess:-(

    Masood: "Fitness freaks succumbing to heart attacks due to lack of sleep...that is something"
    Exactly my thoughts...if people who are active & fit are passing away in their prime there has to be good reason.

    Varsh: The problem is tht people tend to treat their body casually until major problem happens and sleep disorders are something most people dont even consult a doctor about...I mean, they dont even acknowledge it as problem....atleast in India. Awareness is the key here!!!!

    Savitha: Only a person who sufferred sleeplessness will know how precious sleep is:-) next time tell hubby not to waste time talking and get into bed and join U;-D. But then I guess that also will backfire coz he may have other ideas...hahahahhaaaaa;-D

    Balvinder Singh: Now I'm curious. Waiting to read it:-))!!!!

  35. That was quite informative Nance. Yes,sleep deprivation can really prove detrimental to your health.

    I love to sleep.And I really get pissed off when someone tries to wake me up.More often than not,the brunt is borne by my husband,who loves to wake me up early in the morning of fridays,invariably!!

  36. Hehe now u have a solid excuse to sleep some more Deeps;-D

  37. Very interesting blog, my first visit. Will be coming again....and with more comments then


  38. thanks for this post Nancy, I think I needed this reminder.. i'm usually particular about proper sleep but have had a really messed up schedule past few months.. okie, going to sleep now, ^_^

  39. Except for one little break when my little one wakes up I sleep pretty well. I can stay awake if needed and function next day, but I will have to catch up in next couple of days.

    Your post is a great eye opener stressing how important it is to give our body the rest it needs. Our body parts are like parts of machinery, needs rest.

    And so true about young stressful lifestyles. Nice post.

  40. Interesting post :) Sleep deprivation makes me very cranky too, it happened a lot when my kids were young, and I also tried to make them sleep so I could get some rest (much needed then)...

    I feel I sleep much better when my husband is around, the most obvious change when he is around is not wanting to open my eyes in the morning. When I am alone (which is half the time) I sleep fine but not really deep.

    I discovered that stirring a stick of cinnamon in a warm cup of milk and sugar, makes a great drink for those who can't sleep.

  41. I envy people like my husband who can sleep wherever and whenever they want! I can sleep only at night, and rarely during the day. Irritating. But the information is useful. I do toss and turn for hours before sleep takes over, at times. Thanks :)

  42. Ahh Nancy Nancy....Sleep is so so precious... u r one lucky bum to be able to fall asleep in 3 to 4 minutes...for me falling asleep is task by itself and i have to labour so hard to fall asleep... By hubby literally drags me now to bed by force as he knows that i need the sleep and rest... and belive me its not the preganancy thats causing it...Now becoz of the preg wen i ceased falling asleep altogether, the doc gave me medicines to sleep...But i didnt buy it or take it as my parents were dead against it... they said that once i use it, its gonna be risky.. i just dont understnd y i have such sleep problems...sometimes even wen i am dead tired i just am not able to fall asleep and hence cannot get up in the mornings... i am a witch wen woken up from sleep too...heheh now everyone has learnt to leave me alone or hide wen they hav to wake me and such...

  43. Mmrrrrrrm…….grrrrr,,mmmmm……O! who is that waking me in the middle of sleep. Oh, Nancy, it was such a long post…I dozed off a bit!! This post brought a memory of my childhood. I was told, once a snake came in the house and everybody got up, panic and managed to kill the snake somehow and then went to back to bed again except me( I was in deep sleep without knowing any of the dram that happened). If you ask me to be awake the whole night I could, but not getting up early. I guess, sleeping pattern depends on work, as well as age. Though I sleep deeply these days, minor noise wakes me up.

    Try power nap for 15/20 min in the afternoon. Its for sure have benefit. Check out the link

  44. Vivek Patwardhan: Pleased to meet U:-))!!!! And thank U!!!!

    Snow: My pleasure:-))!!! U tek care!!!!

    Lakshmi: Its quite shocking how how far-reaching the consequences are when we treat our body carelessly.
    And thank U:-))!!!!!

    Indianhomemaker: Yeah even I've hrd warm milk works wonders but the insomniacs complain that nothing works. Instead of blindly depending on a sleeping pill to care of the problem I strongly feel they must look for expert opinion.

    Enigma: "i have to labour so hard to fall asleep..."
    LOL I just had to point out this pun to u;-D.
    Jokes apart, I'm sorry u r going thru this u have this problem all the time or just thru ur pregnancy??? Like IHM says try warm milk or take a long walk after dinner...the weather is good now:-)). Take care!!!!

    Meira: "I envy people like my husband who can sleep wherever and whenever they want!"
    Ditto here....especially when I see people snoring away on the flights where u have to sit put for a good number of hours;-/.

    Maddy: LOL thats because u were sleeping the sweet and deep sleep of the innocent;-D.
    Even my father-in-law is a great believer of the power nap though his tends to stretch to atleast 45 mins-1hr;-)).

  45. U just scared the hell out of me, Nancy oops...

    Even if I want to, sleep evades me during the day. But at nights, I sleep like a log. My dad says that even if u put me into water, I'm goona be undisturbed until the time to wake up.

    Sweet Dreams Nancy:)

  46. Hehe PNA what r u scared abt...u look like u r doing everything right;-D
    U knw when u mentioned water it reminded me of the times when my mom used to try to wake me up for exams. I wd have strictly told her to wake me up at 5am to study but when she wd try to I wd just turn away from her muttering irritatedly in my sleep. Then she used to pour water on me. After a few days even tht didnt bother me. Then one day she got a syringe from somewhere & she poured ice cold water into it and sprayed it at me. I just hated it. As soon as I heard her opening the fridge[the door used to squeak] I'd hurriedly get up and run to the washroom. Mum was so thrilled with her syringe tht she used to hide it carefully so tht I wdnt get my hands on it;-/

  47. Ahh thats exactly y i had to use that word :) thats how hard it is to fall asleep most days... no not just during this phase... I have always had problems with sleep.... I guess i can read late into the night and then not wake up early... There r some days wen i do fall asleep.... and sometimes wen my parents travel etc i have stayed up the whole night packed everything for them etc and after sending them off next day, i just wont be able to even doze of for 5 minutes....

  48. tried out the sleepy scale test. confirms what i suspected. need to get my life (sleep routine) in order. asap.

  49. Enigma: Hmmmm....sleep problems now itself doesnt bode well for the future. Why dont u decide on a time say 11pm and then get into bed everyday at the same time....u may not get to sleep early for the 1st week but after tht the routine cd help ur body relax and help u sleep...and oh have a glass of milk before settling in. Try it....doesnt hurt does it:-))!!!!!

    Limenlemons: Ah well the 1st step towards redemption is u acknowledging tht there is a problem. The rest, as they say, is easy-peasy;-D

  50. am reading well after 4am - insomnia been my companion for donkeys years. it doesn't kill, i know. so dont worry

  51. Nancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,
    Next post s due!
    next post s due!
    next post s due!
    and the chant continues!! ;)

  52. Wellm only you can go into such serious matter with such light intros...
    But I have done an article on sleep deprivation and some people don't even know they are sleep deprived and snoring could be one reason for this(YOU stop breating for some time due to a block in the nasal passage and thus due to lack of oxygen you dont sleep continuously) explore more and find out...
    And have blogged finally...

  53. Oh yeah exactly this is what I think about hangover too...I brood, snap and think the world is a barrel of wine after a nap!!!!Thank goodness I don't drink or I might have a hangover where I think people like Paris Hilton are goddess.

    You dream about bloggers too? Nance what's happening to us re? Where are those days where dreams where of hunks who swooned at our sight and tried to catch our attention with big bars of chocolates? sobs...

    Ha your post is making me grin like a lunatic. I sleep..let's say at least more than 8 hours at night. Nothing in this world has lured me to break my sleep pattern not even blogging *grins* If I don't get my sleep everyone knows that after waking up I turn into a MJ Thriller kinda Zombie....wrecking havoc around the house.


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