Tuesday, 5 May 2009

To be or not to be

Once in a rare while when they are really in a contemplative mood, you can find the kids crouching on the floor, staring into the fishtank & you can hear their imagination taking off.

One such incident……..

Scene description: In one corner of the living room, 2 pairs of eyes watching entranced the brightly coloured fish swimming lazily while their Mama doing some work in the background.

"I want to be a fish!!!!!!!!!!!" announces Nikita grandly.

Naina[interestedly]: Why?????

Nikita[turning towards me]: Mama, I want to be a fish…why couldn’t you have borned me as a fish?????

Mama[caught between correcting the grammar & answering the question, decided to give science prioity]: Your Mama is a Human being & Human Beings give birth to human beings not fish.

Naina: No you are wrong!!!

Both of us look at her interestedly & I raise an eyebrow.

“Hoooman beings give birth to babies…..just like me” said Naina patting herself.

Nikita[wearily]: Uffff !!!!!!!

Naina[cutting back to the original discussion]: But why do you want to be a fish, Chechi*??????

Nikita[dramatically]: Just look at them…….look how they are lazily swimming around…no studies, exams, projects, nothing…….just playing around always. Morning to night they are having fun & enjoying themselves. When its time to eat food they swim up & get food from Mama & then again they play or sleep or do whatever they want to. Oh how I wish I was a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naina[still doubtful]: But what about TV????

Nikita[looking at her pityingly]: Havent you noticed…..when they want to watch TV they just have to come to this corner & from here they can see the TV so clearly.

[And it was true….the aquarium was placed in such an angle that whatever going on TV could be viewed by the fish also]

“They are so lucky……they can watch TV with us or when Papa & Mama are watching” stressed Nikita again looking at me pointedly[that was supposed to be a dig at us since we don’t allow them to watch certain programs along with us].

Naina[looking at her sister in admiration]: You are Right Chechi……..I too want to be a Fish like you!!!!!!!!

With that final statement, both sat quietly contemplating their ill-fated destiny which caused to be born as humans.

From the sidelines, I too stared hard at the fish for sometime.

Around 6 weeks later…..

The sisters were creating so much ruckus playing some kind of TAG that I gave them a choice………….sit facing the wall 10 minutes or watch the fish for 20 minutes.

Ofcourse like I expected, they opted for the latter.

Scene description: Siblings sitting cross-legged on the floor & staring into the fish tank like they were told to. The frazzled parent who was ironing a few clothes was hoping that watching the fish would have some calming effect on them & their boisterous tendencies.

After after 2-3 minutes of unusual silence…..

Nikita: I’ve changed my mind…..I don’t want to be a fish anymore.

Both Naina & I immediately knew what she was talking about.

I continued ironing, waiting & as on cue…

Naina[astounded]: But why ????? Just imagine the fun we could be having if we were fish.

Nikita[curiously reticent]: I don’t think it’s a good idea to be a fish.

Naina stares into her face waiting for explanations.

Nikita refused to meet her gaze & was staring fixedly at the fish darting in & out of the foliage.

Naina: Is it because we have to be alone when papa-mama go out???

“Yes” mumbled Nikita unconvincingly

Naina: Oh I know………if we were fish, we’ll have to eat the same fish food always, right Chechi?????

“Yes that also, but that is not the reason why I don’t want to be fish” Nikita muttered again.

Now I was curious. Gave up all pretence of ironing & was waiting for an explanation like Naina.

“Then tell me why…I want to know….please Chechi you have to tell me” pleaded Naina in ill-concealed curiousity. The same was mirrored on my face but with great difficulty held my tongue coz she was not going to be forthcoming if I asked.

“Tell me in my ears” whispered Naina loudly, understanding her sisters dilemma & obligingly placing her one of her ears close to her sisters mouth.

“Cant you see, these fish are not wearing any clothes & everybody can see everything through this glass” whispered Nikita into Naina’s ears fiercely.

A 30 seconds subdued silence follows as the information is absorbed………

“You are right Chechi” says Naina in deferential admiration for Chechi & her smart thinking.

Turning to me, Naina speaks for both of them “Mama we don’t want to be fish anymore”

Mama: Are you sure????? Just imagine the fun life you’ll have swimming around…..no school, studying or anything……just gliding up & down in a glass tank everyday.

Nikita & Naina[in horror]: Nooo, noooooo, nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Chechi: Elder sister in Malayalam


  1. tell them we will invent waterproof fish clothes. do they want to change back to their being-born-as-fish wish again?

    lovely thoughtful girl there :) n an observant mom who narrated it so well...

    but me sad u know :( my cutlet omlet also died while i was away. dunno if husband cared for them properly. he simply bought two new before i returned.. what do i do..... i dont want them to die..

  2. kids r so observant n imaginative!! oh the joys of childhood :D actually right now i wanna be a fish too, no projects, no assignments... of course the glass case would be a slight problem, but like mindspace suggested, invent waterproof fish clothes ;-)

  3. Mindspace: Oh how terrible....I have offered u all the tips I knew in ur last post abt them.
    Have u asked the guy who sold them to u?????

    Snow: LOL....I think both of U meant see-proof fish clothes;-D

  4. hahahahaha :) great kids.... :)

  5. hahaha.. ur kids, as always, way too imaginative and hilarious.:)i suddenly miss my younger sister, the good old days

  6. Very good conversation and a very neat narrative.

    Have u been writing scripts for some plays / movies ?????

    The admiration which the younger one has for her elder sister is amazing. I've also seen it among my girls. Even though my younger daughter keeps on fighting (oh no ! I am not supposed to use that word. Its called argument) with her sister, I just cant intervene and possibly give a solution. Always the elder sister is right, more than me - says my younger one.

    This is just a lovely phase in your daughters lives. Enjoy it thoroughly.

  7. awww that was soo adorable...

  8. will be coming to comment..in arush now :))

  9. That was so sweet!!! You have the cutest little girls! and so very logical too :)

  10. You are having so much fun with these two Nancy. Such a sweet pair of sisters. Hugss! All i found in this post was the love between them, the admiring lil younger sister. Touch wood!!

  11. aww how cute! Nikita is just adorable with her logic! :)

  12. hahaha...i imagined the scenes and it was so wonderful...Love the Naina's admiration for Nikita so much!! Such a beautiful narration!! Enjoyed reading it thoroughly!!

  13. Winnie the poohi6 May 2009 at 07:37

    LOL!! I have said many times before.. and am repeating it.. your kids R CHO KEWT!!!!

    And yes.. so observant :) I was thinking she will say.. going up and down the same place is so boring..

    but well clothes r more important :D

  14. As usual, I enjoyed it thoroughly. :D they are not wearing any clothes!OMG!
    Just give them a great big hug for me, okay?

  15. It was as entertaining to read it as it must have been for you watching Nancy.

    Quite a narration, I must compliment :)

    I have two girls too and I can really relate to the ways they connect, communicate and come together at every given situation and its such a pleasure to watch them share their thoughts in words.

  16. LOL! Dats really funny Nancy. Lovely sisters they are; I miss my sis so much whenever I read ur posts abt NnN :(

    U r a gr8 narrator I tell u :)

  17. Ordinary Guy: Great timepass u mean;-D

    ISH: U knw somehow my younger sister's & elder daughter's names always get mixed up. When I want to talk about my sister I take Nikita's name & sometimes when I'm irritated with Nikita & want to scold her my sisters name comes to my tongue;-P.

    Umas: Thank U!!!! Nope no script writing or anything. But even when I talk abt a movie, I have to do it scene by scene;-P.
    My parents too had 2 daughters..my sister & me. And thts why I, all the more enjoy the khit-phits & conversations the kids have;-D

    An Open Book: Only some of the time...;-P

    Indyeah: No problem...take ur time;-)).

    Smitha: Sometimes so logical tht they tie me into knots;-P

    Goofy Mumma: Oh yes the younger one wants to do everything her elder sister is capable of....which ofcourse leads to sob-sob sessions & other complications;-P

    Sunshine: I sometimes shudder when I think of the future.....they'll leave me far behind with their logic;-o

    Durga: Thank U:-))!!!!!
    U knw the 1st conversation happened looong back...it was only after the 2nd convo tht I found it really funny;-D.

    Winnie the Poohi: How I laughed, when I saw the horror on their faces as I said tht last bit;-D

    Butterfly: Will do:-D

    Sadiya: Thank U!!!!!!!
    Oh I have gr8 fun listening to some of their conversations, then faithfully relate them to my husband & we have a good laugh;-D

    Swaram: Thank U:-))!!!!!!
    Now that u mentioned it, I too am suddenly missing my sister so much;-(.

  18. rofl!! :D:D
    your little girls are such darlings and so cute:)))
    and did I say geniuses as well?:))

    this was enchanting to read...felt like I was in the same room as all of you:))

    I love their names and their antics :)
    (((hugs)) for both of them:)))

    I love how kids can come up with questions and then later their own explanations and then even later their own understanding of any matter:))))

  19. cute one, Nancy...feel like hugging ur two!

  20. lovely kids !!! touchwood !

  21. Your kids are so adorabloe, I have said this so many times,but cant help it:)
    and u write so well:)

  22. Lol! Oh I so love Naina, she so adores her smart elder sister (just like me ;))

    The unimaginable, astounding and profound recesses of a child's mind can almost baffle you sometimes :D

    P.S: Now I WANT to be a FISH! I don't know how to swim but :(


  23. :) that was a good read! almost imagining you three entwined with the lazily gliding around goldfish! was so descriptive the scene!

  24. SGD: Thanks.....I'll take the credit;-))!!!!!

    Indyeah: "I love how kids can come up with questions and then later their own explanations and then even later their own understanding of any matter:))))"
    Exactly...I'd be searching for an reply to their question & they'd have already found an answer which wouldn't even have occurred to me;-o.

    Sindhu: I'll hug them for U;-D!!!!

    Hitchwriter: All these compliments are going to my head. Ahem...akhir bacche kiske hai;-D

    Renu: Dont worry abt the repetition Renu, these r 2 compliments I'll never tire of hearing;-D

    Still Thinking: Forget the swimming bit...what r u planning abt the "everybody can see everything" part of it????

    Onlooker: Thank U:-))!!!
    Like I was telling Umas...even while talking I go scene by scene. People arnd me get impatient & tell me to cut to the matter;-P

  25. Oh but of course.... ;))
    And more so, because without a perfect narration the adorable quotient would have reduced!! ha ha ha!!!

  26. SGD: oh no, no....I meant I'll take the credit for those 'adorable' genes;-P

  27. I just love your pair Nikita and Naina. Smart and so so cute.

    I was laughing so hard reading these lines

    "Nikita[looking at her pityingly]: Havent you noticed…..when they want to watch TV they just have to come to this corner & from here they can see the TV so clearly."

    I guess they are a fabulous team and Mama/Papa...beware!

  28. Oh that! Well, 'when you have it, flaunt it!' - That's how I plan to take care of it :D

  29. Somehow I think that happens everywhere, the younger siblings wanting to ape the older ones, and the older ones getting totally frustrated!

  30. Mom does such a good job of bringing the kids and their musings to life. Your kids are going to love this Nance. Fun post.

  31. Solilo: "Mama/Papa...beware!"
    Just last week as they were walking back from the bus stand they found a brightly pink tiny piece of carton lying on the ground. Ofcourse they picked it up & found barbie.com written on tht.
    They came home & MADE me "just like how u go to blogger.com, now got to barbie.com";-S.
    I usually keep them away from the net but they r finding out by themselves;-P.

    Still Thinking: A-HA so u've got it.
    Lucky U;-(!!!!!!!!!

    Goofy Mumma: Yes & almost nothing we say can convince them tht they have their own strengths. Their eyes are so fixed on the siblings acheivements;-(.

    Lan: Funny huh;-D!!!! Thank U!!!!

  32. Lovely!!! Amazing anecdote....

  33. Who needs TV when you've got kids like these :) Oh, I forgot, I guess the Fish still need to watch TV. :)

    And btw, what is it that you and Daddy watch which the kids aren't allowed to ;) he he...

  34. haha...im pretty sure ull be better with dealing with them as time passes! :)

  35. hey it seems you are writing script...kids tales are cute and ur way of narrating them makes it more interesting ....i was literally laughing loudly while reading :-)

  36. LOL!!! Your girls are such a delight!!! Its good that you've got a way of keeping track of all the "I want to be this & that" coz give them a few years & your girls will completely forget this & they'll not believe you if you tell them. I had a cousin bro who when he was a kid, wanted to be, of all things, Sunil Shetty's driver!!!! He's 17 now & if you tell him his childhood ambition, he thinks we're making it up :D!!!

  37. Oh btw, I tried using the italics tag to highlight the 'Sunil Shetty' part of the official comment of this post, like you described in your last post. Did it work??? And seriously, thank you for doing that post on the tags, its a huge help!!!

  38. hehe...wht a twist in the end....!!....innocent children!!:)

  39. If I am sacked from my Job for laughing out loudly during office hours and disturbed co-workers.....I will inform Gulf news,Khaleej times,The National, Radio4,Cityfm,Hitfm, my credit card people,lenders........who was the real culprit(s)

  40. Awww, they are so cute...And you have narrated it so well. :-) LOL.

  41. Fun:) Looks like Nikita's in her mermaid phrase:) Loved the way you explained to her just why she couldn't have been born a fish...Very amusing!

  42. Colours: Thank U:-))!!!!!!

    Rakesh: LOL!!!!!
    Trust U Rakesh, trust U to ask stuff nobody else will even think of. I better answer otherwise u'll take off on another tangent...my husband watches WWF[or is it wrestle mania...oh well whtever;-S] & I sometimes watch Malayalam Movies....I dont like them watching movies[atleast not yet] coz they learn to say dumb dialogues beyond their age;-S

    Sunshine: I hope so, I really hope so;-P

    Rashmi: Laughing is good for u at this stage;-D. Glad u liked the post!!!!!

    Shalom: Not just the girls..even I'll forget;-S.
    LOL at Sunil Shetty's driver... the poor guy has no choice but to pretend to have forgotten;-D.
    And do notice...ur italics tag worked;-D

    Brocasarea: ;-D

    Maddy: Then I'll give u due credit for making us famous;-D.

    Ersa: Thank U:-))!!!!!!

    Naperville Mom: Oh they r out of it now[the mermaid phase I mean];-D. Now they want me to tie ropes everywhere so tht they can swing from it like 'George of the Jungle';-P.

  43. is nikita a piscean by any chance, not cos she wants to b a fish, but cos of her instable moods and indecisiveness LIKE ME :D

  44. your kids are the riots i tell....i always have a smile when reading about them. btw, hop to my blog...quiz time :)..and i am sure you will like the 'soon to come post'

  45. I MUST make that visit soon.. they are too cute! :)

  46. i love nikita and naina...period.

  47. Hey Nancy, was hoping to see a new blog entry :). I am changing my blog location. The new link is given.

  48. Mathew: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Former Sansmerci: Nope not Piscean....she's virgo. Oh but this is nothing to do with star-signs, just plain boredom or excitement brings it on;-D

    A: Thank U, I thk;-P!!!!!

    WannabeWriter: Always welcome....just gimme a day's notice;-))

    myspace: I second that, period;-D!!!

    Colours: U too!!! To wordpress I bet;-P.

  49. These priceless conversations have been so beautifully captured by you. You really have a way with words, emotions and everything human. Keep writing.

  50. this was such a pleasure to read...

  51. Hee hee :)Could easily swim through the post..

    Owning a fish tank with colorful fishes is in my wish list too. Simply love the relaxing feeling that comes with the few mins of gazing @ the tank.

  52. ROFL...am a bit late in coming here,Nance.have been tied with lot many things.
    Boy!how glad am I to come here after this long!I'm still laughing at Nikita's afterthought!
    And it is so evident,Nancy that the sisters know each other so well...the conversations reflect a strong bond between them!How lovely:)
    God bless them both.Do pass on my hugs to them:)

  53. what adorable and wise children you have!!!!! Really lovely!!! I just love it when you do an update with your children's conversation.

  54. once again shoo cute :)
    the other day i was sitting with my huby at his doc's place waiting for our appointment...they had an aquarium and i was showing him how the fishes beahved...he was so amused by it...
    the girls are having logical discussions and the reasons provided are also very good :)

  55. I really enjoyed this ..girls really can find their own "interesting conversations"

  56. i am laughing so hard. i absolutely love your girls. god bless u all. :)

  57. JP Joshi: Thank U so much for the beautiful words. And may I return the compliment Sir...U certainly have a way to make a person feel good;-))

    Suma: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Shayari: Yeah my husband spends atleast 5-10 mins watching the fish everyday coz he says it is a proved fact tht watching fish is theraupetic;-P

    Deeps: Some conversations between the siblings are extrememly funny to hear. I have to go out of the room to have a good laugh[oh they get offended if they see me grinning;-S].

    Anjuli: Adorable I'll agree with but wise is something I'll have to think about;-P
    And thank U:-))!!!!!

    Deeplydip: I dont know about logical but yeah they are always having discussions & most of them dont end happily;-P

    Vinoo John: Oh between them they manage to keep themselves entertained;-D

    Roop: Yeah sometimes they can be really funny....but other times they make me want to tear out my hair;-P

  58. Much as I loved this story, I got more kicks visualizing about how your daughters would react to this story 20 years later!! I love the solutions kids up with for their own questions! (Sorry for such belated comments, but as you know I found your site recently and you have sooooooooo many posts and I love them all and cant but help myself to comment! :-) )

  59. Thethoughfultrain: Thank U for the lovely compliment:-))....please do feel free to comment wherever u please;-D!!!!!


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