Monday, 18 May 2009


"We never forget those who make us blush." - Jean-François De La Harpe

I first watched Shammi Kapoor teasing Sharmila Tagore with “Taaref Karu kya uski” in the Hindi film "Kashmir Ki Kali" on TV when I was a little girl. And whenever the song came on Chritrahaar or Chayyageet which was often, I would watch it unblinkingly, drink in all the exaggerated nuances on his face adoringly & yearned to be Sharmila Tagore complete with Kashmiri get-up.

He was my 1st love. Songs like “Chahe koi mujhe Junglee kahe[it’s a wonder I never broke my neck imitating him], Deewana hua badal & Dil ke jharokae mein tujko bitthakar[the overstated pathos on his face & the symbolism in the song made me weep]”. Most preferred Shashi Kapoor but I loved my Shammi Kapoor & stubbornly hung onto him.

Then came Amitabh Bachchan into my life. While my friends went ga-ga over the dying Rajesh Khanna in Anand it was the young doctor who held my attention. When he spoke I listened as if he was talking to me. His voice made my hair go on edge. His Sholay, Chupke, Chupke, Abhimaan & Milli were my favourites.
When he had his accident in Bangalore I remember secretly praying for him. And I remained faithful until he made his 2nd comeback. I don’t remember the movie name but it was a violent one. I hated it. The innocence I associated with his visage was no longer present & there was an angry old man involved in violent activities in my hero’s place. I was quite heart-broken & began distancing myself from him.

And how can I forget Rajiv Gandhi. He was not an actor but our whole family loved him & were huge fans of his. Everytime he flew down to Bangalore my father without fail would reserve a particular place in the balcony of his office on MG Rd, so that he could catch of glimpse of him. When he came back from office we used to make him repeat the story over & over again
On the day he was assasinated, I locked myself in the bathroom & cried so much……for his family & for us.

Then for a long time there was nobody who really touched me. Though I did give people like Suresh Oberoi & Kabir Bedi ample opportunities to win my heart. Their deep-throated timbre rang a bell somewhere but their acting was just that…acting.

When I was in the 10th[or was it 9th] Aamir Khan came down to earth like God’s Gift. The girls around me swooned over him & even the boys were aping him. But I had reservations. He was much too pretty for me. Infact I remember liking Juhi Chawla more.

Then Salman Khan happened. Saw his movie “Baaghi” purely by chance. The skinny & ordinary but sensitive looking actor bowled me over completely.
When he sang & danced[gaana] the beats in my heart strummed along[bajaana], when he got upset[roottna], along with the heroine I also ran to placate him[manana], if he had a sheen of tears in his eyes[rona] I cried buckets for him[dhona] and when he removed his shirt[uthaarna] I drooled all over him[moo-mein-paani-aana].

I was in love. I may not have wasted time doodling hearts & writing his name on every page of my books but I did have a huge poster of his plastered on the wall in my room. I may not have extrolled his virtues to everybody I met but did fight fiercely if anybody spoke a word against him.
He created a lot of difficulties for himself & others…………I saw it for what it was & was so mad at him but could never think of giving him up.

And then came Hritik Roshan, like a bolt out of the blue. "Kaho na Pyaar Hai" was good but it was “Mujhse Dosti Karoge” which sealed my fate. Forget the fact he looked gorgeous, he acted like a dream. When he looked straight into the eyes of Rani Mukherjee in anger, hurt & betrayal, I was sure he was looking into my soul.
"Yah Allah, mein Fida"!!!!!!

And Salman Khan…..what about him????? You’ll ask me accusingly.

What do u mean???? I shoot back.
You think I ditched him??????
How dare you?????
What kind of a woman do you think I am???????

Ummmm.....I just moved Salman Khan a wee bit to the side & now both he & Hritik Roshan co-exist peacefully. Infact Mel Gibson just got thrown out recently, giving them more room to move around. The creep, how dare he divorce his wife of 28 yrs.

And the stray others who also reside in the near vicinity are Sean Connery, George Clooney, Vishwanathan Anand & Farhan Akhar.

In case any of you are wondering where my better-half figures in all this, let me take ur leave with this quote......

"First love is dangerous only when it is also the last." - Branislav Nusic


  1. Hmm, you last statement sums it up well :)
    Me hearts Rahul Bose.oooooooooooooo

  2. Sallu bhai is THE best! :)
    And after the advent of Internet and after i started using it regularly, for a very long time 'Yahoo' conjured up Shammi kapoor screaming the same :)

  3. And oh yes--George clooney too! :) We do think alike don't we?;-)

  4. heheh, i guess the only film guy i liked was SRK and i do like him even now...but i guess i never had crushes or anything... heheh Yhooo u like slaman huh, i hate him baring all the time and wats with him, his tantrums and all LOL ok not irritating u now!!!

  5. So many heart crushing moments, while the heroes walked by your hearty fort.

    Even though you are married with kids, you sound like Jaya Baduri in Guddy - Drooling over the heroes in your life !

    I think everyone of us had such people to drool by and one of my firsts was Ravi Shastri and the eternal Rajinikanth (even now, his movies are far better than the other ones) !

  6. aha... !! crushes and loves...

    my mom all of 60+ today is still in love with Shammi... and we tease her that she goes in a trance when he comes on screen ... !!! lol....

    he surely was a heart throb... !!

    Amitabh must have been too !!

    but Salman ?? well i wont argue coz u like him so much... but not the best human being.. neways...

    Hritik is stunning na... ?? and a few who stay in the vicinity .. eh !!

    geez... had fun reading this !!

  7. my comment gone ?? such a long one !!! :(

    thats why i hate blogspot

  8. It seemed so real...all those stars having a crush on you...hehehe....thanks for sharing them with us...

  9. ha ha ha :) such a fun filled post!! :)
    i love SRK and Abhishek, John Abraham, IMRAN KHAN :) THE list is endless :) oh and i love John Cusack and Hugh Jackman is also equally awesome!! :D hehehe

  10. Shammi Kapoor was my first crush too!! I used to wait for his movies and songs to come - in those DD days :)Come to think of it - i still find him cute - not his current look - his old Kashmir Ki Kali look :)

  11. LOL!! I never fell for actors that way ever!

  12. Meira: Hey I'd have liked Rahul Bose too.....par height bhi koi cheez hoti ke nahi;-P

    Preethi Shenoy: George Clooney is dynamite.....worthy of a post all by itself actually;-D

    Enigma: I hope u dont mind me saying this but the thing abt Shah Rukh Khan is that he doesnt just act he overacts;-D.

    Umas: U knw I knew a girl who was crazy abt Ravi Shastri....I remember 1 incident where he got a car for some series & she acted like she got it;-D

    Hitchwriter: My mom loved Sanjeev Kumar & Anil Kapoor mainly coz they acted in family dramas or shd I say melodramas & all the rest put her to sleep in front of the TV;-D
    And ur comment didnt go anywhere. U wordpressers are just looking for excuses to badmouth Blogger;-S

    Sukku: LOL still my foolish heart;-D

    Saima: Hugh Jackman is cool but Imran Khan is shweet almost bachcha. I didnt fancy Mamaji phir bhateeja kya cheez hai;-D

    Smitha: Me too & I still get major CT's out of his fall into the water at the end of KKK boat song;-D.
    And did u ever notice his teeth never or rather rarely showed while he spoke;-o.

    Winnie: Oh u poor thing...I feel so terrible for U.
    U dont know what u r missing;-D

  13. very interesting. And where did you get all those fantastic pics?? Those guys look so great in them.

    In fact I have always noticed your pics to be all "above par", but left out to compliment you before...:)

  14. No Shah Rukh Khan? He is such an adorable and adoring husband! And my two and only favorites are George Clooney and Matthew Mcconaughey :)

    My sister had a crush on Rajeev Gandhi too... she fought with me when I said he was 'okay okay' and she cried when he died too... that was sad...

    Old Amitabh Bachchan was nice but I also hated the violent Amitabh ...

  15. ooooh that's a very short list of crushes :P lol the only actor i had posters of was SRK... but he started looking like a gay, so i threw the posters away lol :D i liked that part, where you did the rhyming Hindi words, creative!

  16. hee hee.. nice one!
    Didn't have heavy crushes to stick posters all over the place etc. But I used to love Guru Dutt, Sanjeev Kumar, Shashi Kapoor... When dillagi and main khiladi tu Anadi happened, I loved Saif..though he was not too popular those days.. I still think he is good. I like Salman too.. And now...I think Shahid is great...just love the way he dances... Looks like we have no one in common except Sallu we shall get along well.. hee hee...

  17. I AM SOO HAPPY TO SEE someone else who loved Hritik Roshan in Mujhse Dosti Karoge... - you are right about the tug in the heart when he looks at Rani Mukherjee...


  18. ROFL!!Nancy!gurl you are something!:D you made a whole post out of this?:D
    and a great one and drool worthy one I might add:D

    I love George Clooney and Hrithik:D..also loved MEl Gibson in his younger days..also Robert Redford in his younger days..also Sean Connery and PAul Newman..sidney Poitier
    and .. Ravi Shastri , Hugh JAckman.*lemme catch my breath*

    totally loved this post!:D
    for very obvious reasons:))

    lemme go and ogle some more now:D

  19. what fun this post is. My list is much similar. although Big B does not figure in mine.
    Then I kinda had a crush on Rahul Roy during ashiqui times. the thought Kinda embarasses me now.
    And me also likes Suniel Shetty, Arjun Rampal very very much.
    But SaLmAn RULES!!!
    would louu to borrow this theme of yours.

  20. kinda post.

    I was first crushed at Abhimanyu Rai. Those dimples and that floppy hair..*my heart skipped a beat even then*

    Fauji days.....

    So many came and left but SRK remains. :)))))))))

    As long as we are discussing reel life crushes..I am fine. No real lifes, right? ;)

  21. Wow Nancy what a well framed post...a lifetime of crushes haan??

    Well apni life toh started with Salman and still on with Salman ;) and now in case you are asking where does my husband fit into this, let me take your leave ;) hhahaha

  22. lol
    my first crush happened too late i guess.. and it was (cringe) sonu nigam (cringe again)
    really, cant stand the man now
    and, ahem.. quite a few in your list eh :)

  23. The quote makes soooo much sense :)

    I've seen 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' 12 times (6 times in the theatre) - What more can I say?

    P.S: Just noticed something, all I see here is looks, were you serious about the 'acting' bit?


  24. Abraham Menacherry: U think so???? Thank U for the compliment;-D!!!!
    I get them from google search..just like everybody else.
    I'll tell u what I think...u like the pics I pick & so u automatically think I have good taste. What say;-D??????

    Indian Home Maker: Do u know he chain-smokes.....Gauri Khan needs to be given a medal of appreciation for tolerating tht;-P
    And I do rush to agree with u abt George Clooney...he's HOT;-D
    @ Rajiv I glad Prabhakaran is finished.....never forgave the maniac for plotting the assasination:-|.

    Snow: SRK is 1 lucky fella...thts the only thing I'll admit to.....from a nobody he made it to Superstar status & for tht he has to be given his due;-P

    WannabeWriter: Since my mom was very fond of Sanjeev Kumar I was not too sure;-P. But I did enjoy his movies;-D.
    Shahid Kapur is cute but I dont see why he has to imitate Shah Rukh Khan. Liked him in Jab we met actually;-D

    Colours: Have u seen "Na Tum Jaano na Hum"...a very slow movie according to some but I liked him there also.
    And he was awesome in Jodha Akhbar, wasnt he;-D!!!!!!

    Indyeah: U saved me my blog friend... from making an unforgiveable mistake!!!!
    How cd cd I have forgotten to include my Sean Connery;-o. Let me rectify the mistake immediately.
    Yeh ehsaan mein zindagi bhar nahi bhoolungi;-D

    Spontaneous Mini: U r absolutely right "SALMAN RULES" ;-D.
    And hey....please feel free to borrow, wd love to read what u have to say...esp if it abt Salman Khan;-D!!!!!

    Solilo: Had almost forgotten but now when I think of it...I too was fond of him during Fauji & Circus days.
    But his 'acting' in movies was a torture to watch;-S. Like I was telling Enigma, he wasn't content just acting, he had to over-act;-S

    Sadiya: A-HA another Salman Khan fan!!!!
    This offer I'm giving here only for a die-hard Salman fan.....I will give u the link of another post which I had written ONLY on Salman Khan in my early days of blogging;-D.

    ISH: need to cringe so much. Yeah he was pretty-looking but he sang like a dream. And that excuses everything;-D

    Still Thinking: U too...a Salman Fan. Ok then the offer I've given Sadiya includes u also...a bit of a soppy post[I'm almost embarrased to let people see it actually;-P] but what the hell..if I cant share with Salman Fans then who else can I share it with;-P

  25. Nancy, You could have done this as a tag. More skeletons would have been out of cupboard. Oh! whoever commented are women. Let me see how many women in my list....

    School days...Some tamil actress, forgot her name now

    College days...Malayalam actress Ambika, Catherine Zeta Jones,Dimple Kapadia

    then...Sharon Stone

    Now (according to my wife)....Ideastar singer anchor Renjini

  26. Oh Nancy, those good old days of innocence and looks like no normal woman changes as she grow old. Tried to make a list but is just goes on and on. My latest is Farhan Akhtar. The guy is pure dynamite!

  27. there you go again Nancy...And this time on the men on your mind!eh?and isn't the list long?I would add Amir Khan to it, he is my guy!
    But your last quote, well that was excellent...loved it!

  28. Gosh...lovely post, and m glad to see it wasn't a tragic one as the title initially implied.

    I won't bore you with my list - it's too long and perfectly justified :O)

    One man on your list though brought a smile to my face and that is Shammi Kapoor - my dad listened to him 27/7 and we had the videos of all his hit songs so even if I don't understand Hindi, I found myself humming the songs you mentioned. He rocks!!!

  29. Intersting post:). In kapoors I liked Shashi kapoor the most:)

    and Salman,once he was the favourite of our whole family:)

    I like Naseerudding shah and Om puri also.

  30. many of them;-))))
    dont you find it tuf to manage sometimes;-)?? hahaha....great post though!!!
    BTW, me a great fan of george clooney too;-))
    And the last line summarises the fact;-)!!

  31. Except for Amitabh, nobody from the list fascinated me. Then again, we were not allowed to watch movies all that much.
    When I started reading, I thought it was some ode to Feroz Khan! :D I was all ready to think that u were nuts!! :D

  32. Maddy: Hmmm...u got good taste in women;-D.
    And u r right I shd have done this as tag. it wd have been interesting to read others;-)).

    Wanderlust: Hmmmm...dont knw abt dynamite[I faithfully reserve tht word for Hritik Roshan] but he is definitely a pataka;-D

    Sindhu: What do u mean my list is looong??? I havent mentioned half of them actually;-o.
    As for the beauty of the last quote it can be taken anyway one wants to look at it, dont u think so;-D

  33. Hey, where's my comment I dropped yesterday??? A long one!

    I think, you lost it...

    Actually, very interesting post but I knew from the beginning, it would bring out a lot more weird confessions from blogger women and boy, look at this...

    Funny the way you describe your crushes - Almost seems like you're doing them a favour! he he... and funny taste you women seem to have [Except Salman coz. a lot of girls in college told me I looked like him :) he he]

    But IHM: You like SRK only because he's a good husband... Lol that's typical of you :)

    And Solilo - Who's Abhimanyu Rai?

    The best of all is ISH - *trying not to laugh* Yeah, no I mean, Sonu Nigam was cute.. Sure. :D But Crush???

  34. Kiran Kallakuri20 May 2009 at 18:23

    Kudos to you Nancy, I have not read many other blogs as entertaining as your. Look forward to more from you.

    Cheers :)

  35. ewwww i hate salman khan rite now! some of his older movies were nice tho..."Maine Pyaar Kiya", "Hum Aapke Hai Kaun", etc...

    my fav is SRK!! :D

  36. Shades of Grey: Oh the title just meant tht I was crushed under the weight of my feelings for all these hotties:-D.
    When I see Shammi Kapoor song on TV, even now automatically my head keeps jerking violently to keep to the beat;-D

    Renu: Hey I like NS & OP's acting abilities too but here I'm not just talking abt their acting skills.....;-D

    Durga: "dont you find it tuf to manage sometimes;-)??"
    Ohhh Durga u r so right...but then whoever said life was easy????? Manage karna padtha hai bhai;-D

    Butterfly: U still dont knw me very well do u;-D?????

    Rakesh: LOL even I wondered who Abhimanyu Rai was...I half thot Aishwarya Rai's brother made his debut & I didnt knw abt it;-D.
    And dont tease ISH...she's already feeling bad enoff;-D
    U wrote about everybody but u didnt mention who ur dream girls were...come on spill;-D

    Kiran Kallakuri: Thank U for that touching compliment:-))!!!!

    Sunshine: "To each his own" is all I'll diplomatically say. Tho if u r interested u can read above wht I've ummm..hinted abt Shah Rukh Khan;-D

  37. O Lord forgive them for they not know what they say ''or something along those lines is what Solilo would say :D

    But I will simply say that Abhimanyu Rai was Shahrukh Khan's name in Fauji :D

    err atleast thats what I think:D:D

  38. Indyeah: LOL....after reading solilo's comment 2-3 times backwards & forwards I sort of guessed;-P. I'm sure even Rakesh knows...we were just pulling her leg;-D.

  39. Ohhh... I loved Na Tum Jaano Na Hum. You inspired me to watch Mujhse Dosi Karoge again for the 10000-th time :) - love the medley in that.

  40. ""Ohhh Durga u r so right...but then whoever said life was easy????? Manage karna padtha hai bhai;-D""
    hahahah....challenging uh!!;-)

  41. No, seriously, I didn't remember his name in Fauji!

    And my crushes were never on screen ;) Mine were teachers, class mates, school mates, typing class girls, neighbour aunties and their daughters, etc. etc.


    Kis ko pyaar karun..."

  42. thats a super cute list, imagine the fun u will have when u read it after 25 years!!

  43. i don care! he is still my fav actor!!! *with stubborn nose-lift in air*

  44. Came to your blog via Preeti Shenoy's. Very nice. Love the writing style. Movies is not my cup of tea, so just leaving a comment to say I came and will keep coming.

  45. Myself, I used to be a Rishi -Karz- fan. Who is Shammi?:-) Guess the Kapoor clan still has its clutches in the Industry. I watched Hindi movies rarely and so if I did it was to see Rekha. How come Sharukh Khan is not in the list?

  46. Colours: Much as it hurts I have to give u the crown....I have watched MDK just 3 times till today;-(

    Durga: Believe me, it is;-D

    Rakesh: I dont believe u 1 bit....look into my eyes & tell me tht u've never have a crush on Rekha;-D.

    Iya: Heheeee...I'm looking forward to it;-D

    Sunshine: Its ok...calm down sweetheart.....everybody is entitled to make one mistake.

    Ramesh: nice of u.....thank U:-))!!!!!

    SGD: Thank U for tagging me....just gimme some time:-)).

    lan: U made me laugh really...I mean, Rishi Kapoor???? I liked him best when he dressed up as a girl in 1 movie;-D. But have to admit he got to sing some superb songs during his time;-)).
    Rekha was my fav actress too esp in Khoobsurat.

  47. thats quite a long list, but the better so if there is the better half who reigns over them :D

    The Colors Magazine

  48. Salman was the one man whose pictures I collected for a long, long time during school....we were a bunch of diehard Sallu fans, but then the whole black buck thing happened & reports of his being violent with girlfriends came out & that golden image was seriously tarnished. I still have a soft spot for him, but its no longer that mad crush of teenage days. Current heartthrobs are John Abraham & Josh Holloway (of Lost fame.....Google him, you won't be disappointed :D)

  49. If I look into your eyes, you'll have to add me up there in your post! muhahahahah!

    But no, Not Rekha, (Like the say in Kitty Parties) Puhlleasseee...

    psst... Mallika though is still ok ;-)

  50. Lena: Oh the knights come & go but the King rules;-D

    Shalom: Exactly....just like how I felt. But it was sort of easier to forgive him than the others.
    John Abraham looks good but I wish he acted as good as he looked. And Josh Holloway looks awesome...who cares whether he can act;-D.

    Bhaiya Rakesh, uske liye aapko doosra janam lena padega....infact woe bhi kamhi hai;-D

  51. btw muhahahaha was an evil laugh... hope u didn't misunderstand :-S he he

  52. Rakesh Bhai, give it up I'd say.....accept ur defeat gracefully;-D.

  53. Haan bhai haan! I get it, but somehow I feel weird when strangers (male/female) call me bhai...

    But never mind, you'll do...

    No kharchi on Rakhi though, I'm a Sindhi by birth but marwadi by nature

  54. All thts ok by me...tho I wdn't say no to a box of chocolates when we introduce ourselves at the Bloggers Meet.

    Just dont start calling me behenji, thts all;-D

  55. Just felt like reading the comment log here since I have 25hrs in my day.
    I think U are hilariously funny and cool.(coz of your conversation with Rakesh);-)

  56. Spontaneous Mini: LOL...Shhhh..dont tell him but I was maha pleased with my answers to Rakesh too;-D.
    And thank U for tht lovely compliment:-))!!!!!!!!

  57. Hello??? Answers to Rakesh? I mean, Bhaiya is the dumbest come back that girls use... What was so 'intelligent' about it? :-)

  58. LOL.....I meant the hindi dialogue not the Bhaiya bit;-D

    But u have to I was minding my own business when u decide to have some fun at my expense, leaving sweet lil me no choice but to turn the tables on U;-D

  59. Ok Peace!!! Comments are all about smart comebacks innit? Coz. we get so much time to think... But its fun

  60. Rakesh, I wd never have taken this....this nonk-jhonk forward if I was not sure about U:-)).

    Seconding U.......its been fun & now PEACE!!!!!!!

  61. A really cute post, Nancy. Though you meant to sound funny, it reveals a real sweetheart. :-) When I wrote about first love here, I totally forgot about my movie crushes. :D Need to add a Post Scrip there!!

  62. Thethoughtfultrain: Thank U!!!! Will be over to read ur take on the same;-))!!!

  63. Well the last sentence was a real killer.

  64. u rnt writin anythng new, so... :P5 July 2011 at 19:25

    u like vish anand????.... cute post.. ha ha...

  65. I am closely following your blog from last 3,4 days and found it very interesting. The posts are general but one can relate easily.

    Keep up the good work!!

    BTW, the movie name was Coolie in which Amitabh met with an accident.


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