Sunday, 24 May 2009

Motherhood TAG

Goofy Mumma & SGD have tagged me to post five things I love about being a Mom.

So here goes.....

1. I love the fact that I can say “I think the kids are hungry, let's go get some donuts” without looking the least bit self-conscious.

2. The children look at me awe-struck when I reel out duhh tongue-twisters like
Betty bought some butter
Butter was bitter,
Betty bought some more butter
To make the bitter butter better butter” in top speed. Filing away the ditty carefully into the inner folds of their cranium to reproduce when the occasion demands, they announce publicly that I’m the bestest Mama in the whole wide world.

3. I’ve finally realized my dream of owning my very own circus………..I've got miniatures who do a good imitation of animals sounds, trapeze artists who swing dangerously from the curtain rod to the nearest bed, acrobats who can twist themselves into any shape and clowns who make me laugh without even trying.

4. Within an hour of baby-sitting my kids, my mother is ready to swear on any Holy Book that compared to these two I was a model child.

5. I just cant wait for them to start earning. Just imagine the things I can do with the pocket-money.

I'd like to read what....





Vinoo John &

WannabeWriter have to say about Motherhood:-)).


  1. U n ur ideas - hats off! Ur own circus :P

  2. LOL @ 5 lol :D

    A Tudor who tooted a flute
    tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
    Said the two to their tutor,
    "Is it harder to toot
    or to tutor two tooters to toot?"

  3. You REALLY REALLY are funny!!!
    I'm cracking up reading your fives!!!

  4. This tag has been going on for a while! I have read many emotional, sweet versions, that me go 'Awww'....But this one made me go 'he he'..Hilariously sweet :)

  5. Swaram: If u've devoured Enid Blyton books like I did u'll automatically want to own one;-P

    Snow: Hey thanks....thts a good one;-D

    SGD: Thank U:-))!!!!! I'll assume u thot I did justice to ur Tag;-D

    Jira: Oh I too loved reading all the touching things abt Motherhood most bloggers wrote but somehow the words were stuck inside wdnt come out;-(

  6. You are so innovative Nancy. Loved reading this one. :)

  7. Goofy Mumma: Thanks GM for the compliment & the Tag:-))!!!!!!

  8. I love your kids, Nancy :-)

  9. Nancy!! I am laughing out so loudly here! You got to write more! Seriously!

  10. haha nice! trust u to find the funny side to motherhood...! :)

  11. Just u see, you would be surprised with the speed that I put up this TAG!

  12. haha very well done Nancy....made a grinning read....will try mine too :)

  13. nancy, i have read this tag on so many blogs, but urs by far is the most interesting.

  14. Congrats to you on your Bestest Mama Award by your kids ! That is one Award that'll make every mother's life worthwhile to live.

    And lovely pic to go with your blog.

    On the whole, very funny and warm to the heart.

    OK ! OK ! Got it - I am tagged. Will do it.

  15. he he, funny you and funnier kids :P

    Do you think they'd be embarrased reading this when they are in their teens. They'd say...

    "Like chechi, you know, mom used to blog about us!!!"

    "Ya, and use our jokes to become popular. Ewww"

    he he...

  16. Ppl think my hubby & I both look like pavams.....what do they know???? Point 4 is giving me glimpses into my future....with hubby's & my genes combined, I'm sure we'll have our hands full :D

  17. I just cant wait for them to start earning. Just imagine the things I can do with the pocket-money.

    Hahahahaah! Who else would think this way.....except you Nancy!!!

    Bring your circus for blogger's meet,if at all we have one.

  18. Only you can write like this...Here is one more award. U are the bestest(:)) in making anything and everything humorous. Loved reading this. :)

  19. Hee hee lol @ the second one:D

    The picture in the post is way too cute!!

  20. Agnes, good to see U back:-))!!!

    Winnie: I'd love to but Motherhood takes up most of my time......seriously;-D!!!!!

    Sunshine: A sense of humour is very essential in one's journey from singlehood to Motherhood;-D.

    Butterfly: U r right...I'm totally zapped at ur speed;-))

    Sadiya: Waiting to read ur's:-)).

    Iya: Thank U.....I'll never tire of hearing that;-D.

    Umas: Thank U!!!!!! Waiting to read urs:-)).

    Rakesh: They'll have to find out abt it first. I plan to gift this blog to their children. And I have no doubts they'll find it really funny;-D.
    Bahut dooooor ki sochthi hoon mere bhai;-D

    Shalom: Whatever u think now just multiply it by 100 & even then u wouldnt be able to measure the bedlam;-D

    Maddy: Oh that Blogger's Meet feels like a faraway dream....infact my pocket money dream seems more possible;-D

    Anusha: Awards are always welcome!!!!! Thank U for the token of appreciation. I accept it with utmost sincerity;-)).

  21. hahah liked ur fives...
    Humm ya ya wait for them to start earning - so that they can say its not enough, 'mama give me some money, will give it bac another day )never! lol

  22. oh ha ha ha.Loved point go girl :D

  23. Enigma: Gosh my BIL is just like this...... good thing u reminded me...will keep a smart answer ready when they ask.
    How come u know so much abt this...dont tell me u r doing this to ur mom;-D?????

    Former Sans merci: That I am. No doubts about it;-D.

    Meira: Yes I hope to....but how far is the question;-P

  24. ha ha ha :)
    this is absolutely hilarious!!

  25. Funny Mum - :O) ...great post!

    I look forward to teh circus part teh most :O)

  26. 4. & 5. Ha..ha...ha..ha..

    This is an absolutely hilarious take on this tag and I love it.

  27. yea, all that and u forgot to mention the iphone gifted on mother's day ;)

  28. Saima: Thank U;-))!!!!

    Shades of Grey: In tht case 1 word of advice...delay ur plans for interior decoration & related stuff for the next 8 yrs atleast coz all ur painstaking efforts will be pulled down in no time;-S

    Prashanthi: My fathers advice "Be careful what u wish for" keeps haunting me time & again;-/

    ISH: ohhh thattt...I havent forgotten tht at all...just didnt want u guys to thk I'm showing off;-D

  29. LOL!!!! loved point 3 and 4!!!! :P... no actually loved every single one :P

  30. The first reason was damn good...:)
    to be idolized by somebody... well it does wonders to one's ego...:)

  31. Solilo: Thank U!!!!! Sorry almost missed ur comment there;-D.
    Abt the 4th point...I bet u translated it into malayalam to get tht nadan feel to it;-D

    Ordinary Guy: Thank U!!!!!
    Ummm...have u written the 'Ordinary' in ur OG like tht delibrately or is it a genuine mistake;-D??????

    Abraham Menacherry: I agree...the 1st reason is the best & whts more it always works;-D

  32. Lol!

    Your point 5 totally cracked me!!! :D

    You're such a COOL Mom! :)

    P.S: Before I cud publish the comment I had to write this, I just can't stop laughing! Lol!

  33. Delicious post. I got tagged on this one as a dad and went senti, but this is lovely. Chuckle, Chuckle ..

  34. heh heh heh hehe
    Too good nancy! That reminds me i too have been tagged with this one..meant to do it--forgot :P

  35. Still Thinking: bet is tht point 5 is happening between ur mom & u, right???????

    Ramesh: Thank U!!!! Will be over to chk out a dad's views on fatherhood;-)).

    Preethi Shenoy: Put it up soon. Would love to read urs:-)).

  36. Damn!!! You're good!
    But I just love pampering my Mom, she is the sunshine of my life :D

  37. a big hug to u and ummas to ur two...can't say anything more!

  38. pocket money?!!!..nice:)

  39. Sorry, it was a mistake :P
    just noticed it :P

  40. Still thinking: Bingo!!!!
    And ditto;-D!!!!!!!

    Sindhu: Thank U for the ummas!!!!
    & I have a lot to say to U...why arent u putting up a new post;-/?????

    Brocasarea: High hopes I know but 1 can always dream, right;-D!!!!!!

    Ordinary Guy: For a moment there, I thot u were trying to pronounce it like a malayalee;-D

  41. lol at your own circus...well said :)

  42. Managed to get one moment not the five as you wanted.

  43. rofl!!
    Nancy! A circus??

    I love Mr Galliano and his circus :P
    but oh!to compare two innocent ANGELS to the circus
    ? :D

    this is so hilarious!
    absolutely the funniest tag till now :D
    I am still laughing :D

  44. OG: Glad to be of help;-D

    Deeplydip: Thank U;-D!!!!!

    Vinoo John: Doesnt matter. Just glad u took it up;-D

    Indyeah: I dont knw if u'll believe it but when I said abt dreaming abt having my own circus it was modelled on Mr. Galliano's circus..yes really...I still remember Jimmy, Lotta & Lucky so clearly;-D
    And thank U:-))!!!!!!!

  45. hah!! Okay this was the tag- now I'll go and do it!!

  46. i din get this -

    1. I love the fact that I can say “I think the kids are hungry, let's go get some donuts” without looking the least bit self-conscious.

    call me dumb? :/ is it abt u not feelin guilty abt not cookin....

  47. LOL....donuts are calorie-laden...get it?????



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