Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A Useful TAG

After my last post, I was flooded with HTML tag questions [ummm…of how to do a strikethrough mainly] by other bloggers, so I thought I’ll share with you whatever little I know……

I'm actually targetting this post at the beginner bloggers since the veteran bloggers will know most of the tags I have displayed here.

So here are a few simple HTML tags to help our posts & comments look more attractive:

To begin with, < > & < / >are called HTML tags. We put our requiremment inbetween these tags & make it work.

# For BOLD,
First insert "b" inbetween <>
Then ur matter comes in the middle
and to end put "/b" inbetween <>

Got it??????

# For Italics, use "i" inbetween <> your matter here < / i >

# For underline, use "u" inbetween <> your matter here < / u >

# For strikethrough - put "s" inbetween <> then ur matter & /s inbetween <> in the end[Thanks Rakesh:-)]

# For Bold, italics & underline together - put "b", "i" & "u" in <><><> your matter here < / b >< / i >< / u >

# And if you want to align just 1 word or sentence in the center, use center inbetween <> your matter < / center >

# A simple br between < > will put space between 2 sentences. There is no closing tag for this.
[I included this tag as .......sometimes even though you put a space between 2 sentences to start a new paragraph, in the post or comments section it will show like they are in the same paragraph. So this tag helps]

# For blockquote, put blockquote inbetween <> Matter < / blo ckquote >
This is used when you want to share an example or a quote.
[Here your sentence will start 2 inches after ur normal sentence & end 2 inches before the normal sentence....a sort of an indent. Try it out.]

Have you noticed how a few bloggers link you directly in your comments section[For eg. I've tagged u, click here]. I for one, was very impressed by this & Snow showed me how to do this with a simple Tag.

# Put a href just before the = sign
"< = "link goes here"> Click Here < / a >
[except for a single space between a & h please remember no spaces anywhere else when you actually do it And you can remove the ‘click here’ if you don’t need it & show the link as it is.]

#And my last tip, how to place a UTube link directly on ur page:
This is how Goofy Mumma taught me:

*Go to the Edit HTML tab while composing your post.
*Copy the embed code of your preferred video from YouTube.
*Paste it where you want to put the video in your post.

That's it People.....I've given U all I know. Now if any of the bloggers who are passing by is in a generous mood to impart knowledge please dont hesitate. I will edit this post & add the information here with due credit ofcourse.

Any doubts with the tags or if a sentence doesnt make sense, I'll be glad to clarify it & if I dont know I'll find out. Just dont forget to thank me;-D.

Note: Once again.....I stress - I've put spaces between the tags coz Blogger will take it as tag & wont let me show U how it is done. So remove all spaces while U use the tags.

And oh I almost forgot, can anybody help Iya......she[ & I] wonder how to add a header to a blog.

Edited to add: Dear Friends........the whole post is behaving crazy. Half the tags have gone wonky. I've tried to fix it but.......

Edited once again: Nothing I try is working:-(
....Hopefully this should teach me NOT to meddle with stuff I dont know.

And again: OK everybody, I've re-edited the post once more. Its sort of OK now. Check it out. As I mentioned, any doubts, u can.....;-P


  1. heheheh nancy , this is soo sweet of you, dispensing knowledge :) :)

  2. Thanks Nancy! Very helpful....
    I usually play around with the blogger html template to get what I want. I usually copy paste stuff from there, because it is already formatted, like say adding a link to my comment. But I know no rules of html coding and I should have paid attention... To end I should use a forward slash! Got it!

  3. Gud job, dear.

    It looks like I am taking notes at a HTML class.

    Thanks for all the tips.

  4. Thank you,Nancy..that was very useful,indeed.

  5. Swaram: My pleasure;-D!!!!!

    Prashanthi: Hopefully it wont backfire on me...half-knowledge & all tht;-P

    Jira: Hey...thts an idea. Thank U:-D!!!!!

    Umas: Was it easy to understand?????

    Deeps: Dont mention long as it helps;-))


  6. Thanks a ton!!!
    I am your follower now!! :)

  7. Header as in a header photo? You will need to first select the picture. then go to the layout editing tab, click on edit in the header bit,and there you get the option to browse and select the picture you want. While the height/width of the picture is not a concern, you will need to use a little bit of trial and error to get the length suitable for your particular template. You can also select the 'shrink to fit' option, but it does not work on all templates. Try it out!
    Very nice post btw Nancy!

  8. Did you get my previous comment?

  9. wow, Nancy, you have no idea how very helful this post of yours is to me!! You 've saved me all the time i spend googling to do all these features!! Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge you'd gained!!

  10. I get you. But I am going to have to get back. For the past few days, I have been reading blogs to relax myself. Anything that gets me to think, I have to get back to.
    Home is being painted. i am swamped with work. My eyes are aching to have a good sleep.

  11. SGD: My pleasure:-D!!!!!

    Goofy Mumma: Thanks a ton GM...will put this up in the main post:-)).
    And which previous comment????

    Durga: I'm so glad its of some use;-D.

    Butterfly: Take ur time....this post ain't going anywhere;-D


  12. Hey why dont you shift to wordpress ...these things are quite easy have simple button for need to learn html for formatting of your post.. :-)

  13. Hi Nancy
    I never knew so much of hard work and consideration goes behind the scenes on blogspot, I just thought it is a very sophisicated system..well...ofcourse it is verry sophisticated compared to blogspirit I use, which is actually just basic with very limited features....but hey I started it in feb 2005 and never changed the template/colour or tried shifting....loyality issue or mere laziness...your guess is as good as mine hahaha......

    But well done you all....keep it up and good luck....

  14. Wow - thank you... I always post on their editor and let them make the HTML adjustments. Am passing this link to my sister who was looking for easy explainations.

  15. Nice! I always wondered about strike through. But when I tried it said that this tag was not allowed.


  16. *sigh*now I am wondering as to why I didnt have all this gyaan when I was at blogspot:D
    you have shared so cutely:))taking everyone through each step:))

    moi back and happy:))

  17. *sigh*now I am wondering as to why I didnt have all this gyaan when I was at blogspot:D
    you have shared so cutely:))taking everyone through each step:))

    moi back and happy:))

  18. Rashmi: Everybody is telling me the same;-P

    Sadiya: Actually hearing of blogspirit for the 1st time thru U:-)).
    My main reason for not changing the template or anything is....U knw I have this dumb fear tht if I change this layout mayb I wont be comfortable enoff to write...does makes sense;-P???

    Colours: Aaah but the editor itself does not have the formatting we are looking for eg. the strikethru option;-S.
    Hope ur sister is able to follow this;-)).

    Preethi Shenoy: Exactly, I had done the same arnd 1 year back & it didnt allow me to proceed.
    Mayb there's hope for blogger, after all;-D.

    Indyeah: My pleasure:-D!!!
    Happy to see U back!!!!!!!

  19. This is too complicated for me, I think I will have to mug up:)

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  21. Good work! I'm sure it's gonna help a lot of bloggers :) just a friendly tip Nancy, not sure if you noticed it, but giving out your email address in its original form might land you with a lot of spam mail in your inbox.. at least i am sort of cautious about it -- so suppose u wanna give out your email, you could write it as lexaxel at gmail dot com or something like that, so spam crawlers won't get it ;-)

  22. She should go to

    Layout> Page elements.
    Click on edit for header

    navigate for image on her comp or provide url for the image and save the changes thats all :)

    Ask if you have any more queries :)

  23. Renu...seriously its not. U just take the bold tag[the 1st one] & try it out. Once u get that, everything else is just a nakal of that.

    snow: Thanks a lot for tht tip...had no clue really;-S

    Winnie: Hey thank U!!!!! Actually I had 1 more doubt but cant recall now...dont worry will catch U when I remember;-D

  24. useful post. i see many tips here that i was wishing for. this will be my reference especially on how to link in a comment. thanks!

  25. thank you Nancy, sweet of u to share all of that.. and would you believe , i dint know any of them till now

  26. Lan: Thank U!!! Glad to be of help;-D!!!!!!

    ISH: Hey dont mention it!!!!

  27. nancy, one can always count on you to come up with these post and it becomes a big hit. It never occured to me that so many people would want to know about the basics of HTML. I've always assumed everyone know :|.
    btw, for the header image

    layout-->then, page elements

    you will see a rectangular box with header written.
    click on edit. You can upload a header image here.
    You might need to crop the picture a little to fit the size pre-defined by the HTML code of your template.
    There are options of changing the width of the header so that an image of your choice and size fits but that would involve editing the HTML code.
    please ask away on any HTML query you need. I'm not super duper on this but I do manage more than is required. I added the 3rd column to my web page myself because the blogger template i choose did not support 3 columns :D

  28. Phew!!!

    You've patience woman. What a virtue to possess! :p

  29. Let us try one. The linking thing in comments, which I don't know.

    Blogger Vs WordpressHope it works!

    Destination Infinity

  30. A: U made a 2 column template to a 3 column by urself:-o....WOW u r a Professional!!! Will definitely keep this in mind for future;-D
    Thank U for the header help!!!!!

    Still Thinking: Oh I always loved dispensing knowledge....& if anybody asks for help I dont get sleep until I resolve it....but the problem is this habit usually gets me into trouble;-S

    Destination Infinity: Hey cool...the link works perfectly;-D...I'm so glad. I had this doubt whether others were able to follow wht I had written.

  31. Oh no, this comment was supposed to go in your previous post on We need changeGood that I am able to link it. Thanks for the tips.

    Destination Infinity

  32. that sure was helpful nancy, hope i remeber all of this :)

  33. I am wondering, why am I commenting here, will she notice me in the mad rush of commentors...but then I think, Oh, THIS IS Nancy, SHE WILL , SHE WON'T FORGET TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE SMALLEST OF Nancy, thank you, for your helping hand!

  34. This is a useful post Nancy!!! I knew some, but many I didn't know, but this is really helpful -specially for all new bloggers. I will send a link along with the welcome. And I am one of those who moved to WP...
    I read on Winnie the Poohi's blog that Blogger is doing something to improve some of the features, what they will need to do the fastest is allow comment editing!

  35. Destination Infinity: Again u've linked it correctly but now I have a fresh do I make the link open up in a new window instead of opening in this small window??? Get wht I mean???

    Enigma: Glad to be of help;-D

    Sindhu: OFCOURSE I NOTICE & am happy my crash course in HTML is helpful;-D

    Indian Homemaker: That a very good idea...Thanks!!!!! Sorry about the delay but dunno how I forgot to reply here;-(

  36. Hi Nancy chechi(I hope u don mind that)
    This post is really useful.
    I need information on 2 more.

    1. How do you display your blog awards?(I need to accept that award you gave me :))
    2. Where have you edited the tag to show "36 reflecting back"?

    Could you please tell me about these?

  37. To display blog-awards:
    First copy and save the award u received onto ur hard disk.
    Click on the link "Customise" on the top of ur page.
    Select Layout/ page elements
    Click on "Add a gadget".
    A smaller window will open up.
    Click on Picture.
    Select Image: From ur computer, Click on browse & select award.
    Put a caption or title of ur choice
    Save and then u'll get back to ur customise window.
    U can then move ur 'award' icon by dragging it & placing it wherever u want.

    How to modify to show 36 reflecting back:
    I have just spent half an hr looking for tht option but cant find it anywhere;-( soon as I find it I'll get back to u.

  38. Thank-you so much for the information. This is very useful to me. Its very sweet of you to make such an effort to explain. This post was really useful to me. Kudos to you!!!!


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