Wednesday, 22 April 2009

One, Two ka Four

Rohini has tagged me to do this Numbers Tag.

I typed 1 to 10 down grandly & proceeded to stare at them for the next 1 hr. Well I could have gone the 1 husband, 2 children, 3 bedrooms way but u know me...I love to make things complicated. And so after scrutinizing my surroundings & self for eons, came up with this pathetic effort.

I came 1st in first standard & that was the 1st time & last time.

There are 2 baby pigeons outside my bedroom window, they will start learning to fly anyday now. They sure make a lot of mess but oh so adorable.

My poor babies are over-burdened with school-work. I wrote a total of 3 pages of their homework with my left hand after they went to sleep last night:-(

My brother-in-law uses only 4 fingers to eat his food. The index finger sticks out prominently coz he uses that finger to put his contact lenses.

[Nancy rushes off to attend an emergency]

My cooler’s leaking & I just spent the last ½ an hour cleaning up the mess. And I’m sure I lost atleast 5 litres of water:-(.

Whenever I spy 6 eggs in the refrigerator I have this urge to bake:-P

Just multiply 7 by 4 & that’s the total number of grey hair on my head[at last week’s count]

I need atleast 8 hours of sleep otherwise I’m cranky, irritable & drive my family crazy. They now know the literal meaning of “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

I have 9 potted plants scattered all around the apartment.

Ummm.......I love 10der coconuts .

Phew, it's done. complicated was that;-S

And I tag.......

An Open Book







Still thinking



Winnie the poohi


Edited to add:

Agnes asks in the comments section......
Nancy, what's "ka"? Where I come from, the number between 2 and 4 is called "three". T-H-R-E-E.

So Agnes & all the others who were wondering the same, here is a simple but long-winded explanation:
One, Two Ka Four is actually a song from the Hindi movie “Ram Lakhan” picturised on Anil Kapoor[of the Slumdog Millionaire fame].

Yeah well I was doing this tag & wondering what to put up as a blog title. Ummm…I was actually going to type in One, two, buckle my shoe in desperation when this "One, Two ka Four" song was playing on Tv. I was watching idly, grinning at Anil Kapoor’s antics on screen and Ta-Da the fingers automatically typed in One, Two ka Four as it suddenly seemed apt for my post title….as random as that.

Anil Kapoor plays the roles of a small-time thief & the lyrics of the song sort of say that I'm an easy-going guy who can teach u a few tricks[as in double ur assets], My name is Lakhan.
I’ll give you the link to this song, you simply have to watch it…it’s a song & dance routine from a typical bollywood potboiler. Great fun, I assure u.

Thank U Goofy Mumma for helping me put up this video......
Again I marvel what fun blogging is & how I learn new things everyday.


  1. My brother-in-law uses only 4 fingers to eat his food.....Sounds familiar though i don't wear any glasses or lens.

    Whenever I spy 6 eggs in the refrigerator I have this urge to bake:-P

    Hope you keep your promise to courier a cake next time you bake one.

    Just multiply 7 by 4 & that’s the total number of grey hair on my head[at last week’s count]......Happy to note a new member to the club.LOL

    Ummm.......I love 10der coconuts .

    Thats Nancy's trademark!!

  2. trademark or anything....just ran out of stuff to tell;-P

  3. And oh abt the cake.....mail me ur address;-D

  4. Trust you to make a number tag funny too!!!
    Had fun reading it!
    Thanks for the tag but i just did it on my foodblog!!

    Do I have to do it again???? ;)))

  5. Hey...coool, just ignore it;-D.
    Will chk out urs:-)).

  6. i have read this tag at otehr blogs. but this one was, what u call, hatke :)
    lol@ no of grey hair? i have more btw!
    and i am guessing u bake quite often eh>?

  7. kids have so much homework? somebody ban those schools pls... but u cheated on 5 lts n 10der coconuts.. no no.. u did.. n all i hv been doing is click on refresh to see if some cookie pics have arrived in my mailbox or not.. u are fulltoo cheater!! i confirm.

  8. Ish: Thank U:-D!!!!!
    ur guess is off the mark....I said I have this urge to bake not tht I actually do it;-D

  9. OMG! What a coincidence

    I just did this tag and came here seeing the updates in the google reader and see that you have tagged me. :P

    Thanks Nancy :)

  10. Mindspace: LOl...I completely forgot, gimme 10 mins i'll send u those cookie pics

    Swaram: Cant say I'm surprised since I do all my tags after everydone's finished with them;-P.
    Anyways I'll be over to read urs.

  11. U r so so innovative; I now am cent percent sure where the girls get it from. U did this one too so differently!

  12. Nancy, what's "ka"?
    Where I come from, the number between 2 and 4 is called "three". T-H-R-E-E.

  13. I really, really liked the way you've done this tag :) Very refreshing!

  14. Seriously !! you sure know how to spice up a tag !!! gotta learn some from you :)

  15. Swaram: Thank U....;-D!!!!!!

    Agnes: The explanations up on the main page...let me know how good it was;-D

    Smitha: Thank U & I really, really value ur comment:-D!!!!!!!

    Prashanthi: Thank U:-D....but dont think u can divert my attention. U still havent put up the last one I tagged u with;-S

  16. @ Nancy: Clear and loud! Thanks :-)))

  17. thanks for completing the tag! quite different from the others i have seen! :D
    nice... lol! for the 6 eggs in the refrigerator fr the baking! I have the same kind of urge...

  18. You didnt tag me mummy :D :D

    I love 10der coconuts too :D

    hey you are so funny..


  19. really cool the way you made a simple tag so much fun-to-read! :) very original, must say. about the pigeons, it's such a warm feeling to have baby birds nesting naturally inside/around your home. we've always had birds build their nests inside our home, wherever we've lived B-)

  20. Nancy, you and you alone could have done this post this way. You are a rockstar! Loved how you put this tag in such cool perspective. And good girl, you stood first in first! And you do the girls' homework? Cool mom!

    To embed a video, go to the Edit HTML tab while composing. Copy the embed code of the video from YouTube and paste it, where you want to put the video in your post. Done!

  21. I can watch Ram Lakhan every time it comes on TV. Isnt Anil Kapoor adorable in that? Nice meme...why do you count grey hairs?

  22. wow ive read this tag on so many blogs but never came across someone who did it in such a unique way! it was hilarious Nancy! :)

    i wan home baked cake too!!

    plus i looove 10der coconuts as well! :D hehe...

  23. I actually tried sticking index finger out and put rest of the fingers in mouth and then laughed. :)))))))

    Me lubs 10der Coconuts too.

    1 2 Ka 4 means the one who fools people. Lakhan :D

  24. Agnes: LOL, got more than u asked for huh;-P??? Did u watch the video????

    Rohini: Thanks for tagging me. Now tht I've finished with it I can safely say I enjoyed doing it;-D

    Winnie: ooops....actually I thot u must have already done it. Not too late anyways...tagging u now;-D.

    Snow: Thank U, thank U:-)).
    I like the pigeons there more for the kid's sake than mine;-P. Its the 1st things the kids go see in the morning & exclaim every single day "See Mama, they've grown;-o".

    Goofy Mumma: Seriously homework is terrible some days & their little hands pain....and since the kids[esp the younger one] already know the basics i just umm.. help out a bit;-P

    The Idle Devil: Seriously, Anil Kapoor is a riot..:-D
    Yeah I count but nowdays its getting more difficult;-(

    Sunshine: Thank U:-D!!!!!!
    Come over anytime & just gimme 1 days notice....u'll get ur cake;-D.

    Solilo: Oh I've tried too coz it made sense...u knw, like our curries have a lot of spice & how much ever we wash a bit of it lingers & then the eye burns when we put the lens.
    But eating with 4 fingers is like....adhura....dunno but even food doesnt taste tht gr8;-D

  25. wah, very different and unique tag:)

  26. hahaha! loved the last one!! :)
    you have tagged me too :( :( i got tagged by 'A' too...
    I have been trying to get this done with for past two weeks or more and have been hugely unsuccessful!! I guess i will HAVE to put this up by tonight!! :)

  27. Very well done tag. Great blog. Got here thru Goofy Mumma's blog. Will keep visiting :)

  28. Awww... thanks for tagging... it's really sweet to try and cheer me up :)

  29. LOL on the 10der coconuts :D
    Oh, I was watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader couple of days ago & I could answer some of the questions....I was so thrilled, I felt competent that I could teach my lil one when her / his time comes (u doing the homework reminded me of that!)

    And btw, another blogger I read, Mumbai Diva, used the One Two Buckle My Shoe start for her post on this tag!

  30. Lol! Did writing with the left hand work? I mean, does the writing look exactly like the kids now?:D
    I seriously liked the way you did this tag! :)

    P.S: Would you please excuse me, I'm not a big fan of doing tags though I don't think I should say this at this time. But I know you won't mind. Thanks dear.

  31. Renu: Thank U, I'm so glad u liked it;-D!!!

    Saima: See...u've more inspiration to do it now;-)).

    Masood: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Warm Sunshine: Dont mention it, its my pleasure;-D

    Shalom: Well it was either that or I love 10dulkar;-o.
    So somebody did use 1,2 buckle...ah I dont feel so stupid now;-P

    Still thinking: Aaah u alone understood the lefthand concept;-P...actually it was a failure. My poor Naina who got good & v.good in all hindi pages got only fair on this;-(....& only then I realised the child wrote her hindi exceptionally neatly[nope, not overdoing it, u must remember, her elder sister also stays with us;-D]

  32. I actually meant will it be ok if I don't do the tag? - I'm not good at them :) Tx

  33. Still thinking: Hey...u dont have to do it immediately.....take ur time & do when u have blogger's block like I do;-P
    And I'm sure u'll do it good;-)).

  34. u know, after i left your blog yesterday (in a hurry for my class), i felt like i was forgetting something.. n then somehow randomly when i was going to sleep, i remembered -- the youtube embed thing! :)

  35. Nancy, LOL I did look at it... :-DDDDD

  36. Hey, I just loved this post. Very innovative. I was scanning the tag list. Hopefully colours will tag me. But I am going to really break my head. :D

  37. Hee hee..loved it.I echo Iya,'I want the cake'...I'm going to fly back to Doha via Dubai,so keep it ready for me will ya??

    Nancy I've been meaning to ask you this.How do respond to your comments with bold fonts??I tried finding out from my settings mode but have been in vain.Please let me know how you do it as I too would like incorporate that in my page.

  38. Very creative and funny, too. Enjoyed reading it.

    What are you counting now ? Eggs ? Grey Hair ? Potted Plants ?

    Oh dear ! Are you cranky now ??? Did you sleep well ?

  39. Snow: Goofy Mumma was kind enoff to explain in layman's terms & I followed it to the letter & Taa daa;-D.
    I'll ask u another: how does one do the strikethrough on a word????

    Agnes: That good huh;-D!!!!!

    Bins: wd have tagged u but u already have a tag pending ....from ums, remember;-D

    Iya: Like I have telling Ish....I have this urge to bake not tht I actually do it;-D

    Deeps: gimme ur email id...I'll explain there;-D

    umas: yeah, yeah go ahead make fun of turn will come;-P

  40. There are tags... and there is a Nancy Tag :D

    You're the original Woman


  41. And for strikethrough, use "s" in between <> to start and to end put "/s" in between <>

  42. Rakesh: I very well know u'd have said it tongue in cheek but to suit me will just take tht as a straight forward compliment;-D
    And hey...thanks for the was as easy as tht huh.
    I've been dying to use the strikethrough for sometime now;-D

  43. Deeps: Believe me, I understand ur concerns....u do not have to feel bad abt it. I just wanted to explain why I asked.
    I do hope the html tags I gave u made sense:-D.

  44. It perfectly made sense,Nance.I've already incorporated it in my Vishukani post.Take a look!

  45. :-) nice and creative..."4" was hilarious;-) and i follow you in "8";-)...have a great weekend!!

  46. damn, i'm late again lol ;-) ummm can you come up with another question, i'll try be quicker this time haha :D

  47. Deeps: :-D

    Durga: Thank U!!!! And U too:-D!!!!

    Snow: :-D...ok how do I link somebody thru a comment.
    For eg. "I've tagged u. Click here." How do I put the link on the 'here'??? Get wht I'm asking???And u were supposed to send me ur screen shot??? Where is it????

  48. Hi There Nancy.....

    Landed here through Agnes's blog.....the attractive words INDIAN and DUBAI made me click on to reach you....

    You have a nice blog, will come back sometime liesure to read more.....


  49. 10der coconuts ahoy! gr8 post m8!

    ex-Dubai product here. Which school your tots studying? If Indian High School then nice! \m/

  50. That's a funny tag! You poor BIL...does he know that he has become one of your numbers? ;)Same pinch on the grey not counting... just colouring! ;)

  51. yay! finally, let's do this quick, before someone else gets to it lol

    < a > the-link-goes-here < / a > (without space).. just like Rakesh explained for the strike tag.. "a" instead of "s"


  52. Sadiya: Nice to meet u:-)).
    Please do visit again!!!!!!

    DPhatsez: Thank U:-)!!!!!
    My husband studied in Indian High:-)).

    WannabeWriter: Looong back I had given him the link...but now I thk he's forgotten all abt it...[hopefully];-P.

    Snow: Hey gr8 but where is the Click 'here' added????
    Get wht I'm asking?????

  53. Oops late here I guess :o

    Liked your relation with no 10 n 6.
    Eating with 4 fingers, now that's strange. Hee hee i can see myself trying that option for my next meal :D

    Fun list there Nancy! :D

    One two ka four song ceratinly refreshed the memories.

  54. this tag was fun read..

    Read some of ur older posts too..liked your are on my blogroll now :-)

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. oh wait, i forgot the space, argh, here it is again

    < a h r e f = "link goes here" > Click Here < / a >

    this should work (minus all the spaces) phew :D

  57. I ws tagged for this too,by Winnie..but never got down to doing it...lazy me.Very well done....3,4,7,10...interesting.Am still smiling. You reminded me about the number of times I used my left hand for my kids howmework..Ha, Ha.Enjoyed reading your tag.

  58. 3 pages..omg!!!!..:D....

    lefty?? too[elite club!!]!!!!!.......:)

    thanks for the tagg!

  59. have taken ur tagg...plz do read it....thank u:)

  60. I was wondering about why special mention of left hand and was going to ask. I looked thru the comments to realize I was the only who dint get it!! I have become a tubelight, oh no!! Grey hairs same story for me too!! I love your style and the 10der coconut was cheating!! :-) I will do this tag when I come up bloggers block, though my answers will be influenced by your style. :D But you dont mind me copying na!! ;-)

  61. Thethoughtfultrain: Thank U for the compliment;-D but I have to tell u something I realised right after I did my latest tag....u knw tht tag is another version of this the sense tht somebody took the above 1-10tag & modified it into 1-10 emotional athyachaar tag. I'm such an idiot sometimes:-(


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