Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Life is Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new academic school year[or is it school new academic
year;-P] started on April 5, 2009 & I’m walking around with a big grin on my face. I bet you are thinking I’m smiling coz my kids have got good marks for their final exams & have progressed to the next class.

I’m walking around rubbing my hands gleefully coz I’m a free bird now. Aaaaah the freedom…unexplainable really. Before you conclude that I’ve bundled them off to boarding school, let me explain.

All these days, after a hectic 1-2 hrs activity in the kitchen early every morning, I send the kids & better half to school & office[yeah, in that order]. I would just have time to switch on the laptop & login into blogger when the maid would make her appearance. Dunno why but I feel very guilty when the maid is hard at work & I just sit around tapping away on the computer. So while she is there I try to finish my cooking for the day. 2 hrs later when she leaves I’m still in the midst of creating the midday meal[somebody must have coined the word 'slow-coach' after seeing me in action. My sister makes fun of me saying that I even put the sign of the cross in slow-motion]. Finally when I finish, it would already be 12pm & time to pick Naina up from the bus-stop. Just when I finish with Naina's lunch, Nikita comes back, and then you know how it is & those who don’t, feel free to take a wild guess & multiply it by 100.

But now, guess what……….Naina is in 1st std & so both sisters reach home only after 2pm.

Heeeeeeee………..I’m in seventh heaven. You see I’ve got a whole 2 hours to myself. To do anything I want, the way I want to. I’m so pleased with myself & everybody around me. The world looks so promising.
But when I tell this to other mothers they look at me strangely, forget others, the better-half himself looked at me with this very troubled expression as if to say you are celebrating as if you’ve been freed from bondage.

The worst is that I feel exactly like that…..sort of like freed from some cage. I have a million ideas buzzing in my head. I feel vaguely guilty planning trips to the beauty-parlour where I can relax while the girl there gives me a nice head massage instead of the usual jumping up with a start & looking at the time every 15mins. Most of my package deals at the saloon go waste because I always rushing out to the bus stop without completing all the items mentioned in the package.
Most of my supposedly leisurely supermarket trips are also cut short only because of these ill appropriate timings.
I cant even visit a friend to have a heart-to-heart chat or rather a face-to-face talk. Well u know how it is; when we visit, we spend the first 2 hrs talking all the irrelevant things, just when we start opening up to pour out our innermost secrets its time to go….the worst is when we have to wind up the conversation at the door in less than 5 minutes unlike the 2 hours we usually take.

And I can also do my baking in peace now, without the usual.....

Nikita: “What’s that white stuff???”
Mama: “Nikita, its sugar & this is the nth time you’ve asked me this question & no, I am not going to give you some more to taste”
Naina: “Why do you mix it like that????”
Mama: “Coz the recipe says so”
Nikita: “What are you going to do next????”
Mama[exasperated]: “I have no clue as you are sitting on the recipe”
Naina: “Will u give us the bowl to lick after you finish????”
Mama: “U know I always do, now stop talking & let me concentrate”
Nikita: “So when will u finish????”
Mama: “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh”
[2 pairs of feet quickly exit from the kitchen to reappear again after 4 minutes with the same set of questions phrased in a different way].

Last 3 weeks were hectic with the kids at home fulltime after their final exams & believe me when I say I had my hands full. Boys or girls, doesnt matter which gender they are, they are so full of enthusiasm & mischief that we have to be on our toes the whole time.

I love my kids to bits but also long for some free time where I can ….
Just loll on the couch & watch some tv[I normally don’t watch TV or movies when they are around],
Sleep for 2 hrs[highly unlikely but the thought that I can do it if I want to feels good],
Spread the newspaper out on the table & read from the front page to the last page in 1 go[as soon as I open the paper when they are around Naina will want to sit on my lap to read too & Nikita will remember that she's terribly hungry only then]

So on the 1st day of my freedom I baked some yummy Peanut Butter Blossom cookies to perfection[finally].
The next day my friend who was going away to India for forever, came to spend the day with me & we had a wonderful time together.
And yesterday I set off to the parlour right after the maid left & came back a whole hour before the kids came back, looking & feeling rejuvenated.
And today, right after I put up this post I’m going to repot all my plants who’ve been crying for my attention for sometime now.

Haaaaaaaah!!!!!! I’m feeling good!!!!!!!!!

p.s: And yeah, I now spread the newspaper out elaborately onto the table & read it 1st page to last page in 1 go. Anybody want to test my knowledge???? Ask away, I’m all updated.

Which reminds me, tomorrow I’m at a loose end, any ideas anyone???????


  1. that shows how important is the time to be with yourself :) to be doing just what you want or feel like doing. hmmm.. loved reading it..

    You know I am so busy doing all those nothings the whole day and as soon at the clock strikes 6:30 eve, i get up with the thought that amit's gonna be home in some time and I should clean up the mess and fix something in the kitchen...

    I m getting spoilt... Life is beautiful and I am on a roll :))

    for tomorrow? maybe you can go shop for some surprises...

  2. Happy to know you are freeeeeee now!!!...............I wish to read a follow up or Life is Beautiful-Blog 2.......after 30 days!!

  3. Hey, hey, Nancy is free ...I can fully understand her relief but after a week, won't Nancy be bored?!And I wish I was staying close to her to come and taste her cookies and having a face-to-face talk!

  4. i dont know what to say but the fact that you are a very candid person.. i liked what i read..

  5. Nancy,

    The excitement of those 2 extra hours shines through the write up!!:D
    ROFL at the conversation in the Kitchen.Must say, your kids are at their naughtiest best :p

    I almost can visualise the chain of events through your writings.Good hain, yaar!

    And ya, Nancy the tag's completed in an almost legal way ;-)
    Do check it.Thanks once again for tagging!

  6. Awesome Nancy - Free Time!!! I know how it feels. Feels the same when I reach home at times and find nobody at home (kids go to the park with their mom)

    I really wish I could that more often but usually, the house is full of people (family). And on weekends, its the day to take the kids for an outing or swimming...

    How I wish I could just lay on the sofa all day and read a book or watch 3 movies back to back...

  7. hehehe.. gr8 that you have got some time for yourself.

    Though I have no full time experiences with kids, whenever i see my friends complaining about all the running around they do, i usually stare at them with those big eyes for complaining. hehehe..

    I know.. i know.. that its cos i just cannot imagine how it can feel like :D

    Anyways, once in a while, am sure it would feel nice to do things that u want to do and to have some time for yourself with no one disturbing. Enjoy your time!!! ;-)

  8. geee.... we are going home in 10 days for a vacation... weddings and engagements and a few days of leisure at my hometown... and i m so so waiting for the days to go...

    my kid is so much more happy with his grand parents... and we get so much time to roam about alone... at times the break is the most welcome thing !!!

    *envious* touchwood, waiting for my day !

  9. this post! and esp the convo with Nikita! she is adorable!! lol!

    this is exactly wt my mom feels like! i often tell her she should take up some activity coz my bro is gonna leave home (for univ) soon too and then she will be alone at home the entire day - she says, 'now is when i can finally enjoy me-time!'

    ideas for tomm:
    1. shopping
    2. watching movies - some good english flicks have released in the last few months...
    3. read a good book
    4. write more blog posts! :D

    njoy ur free time! :)

  10. Hi, Gr8 to know abt the newfound freedom - that too after 2 kids.
    Don't mind the look that your hubby gave you. For them, after they take up a job, their routine is the same. Getting married, having kids dont make difference to their routines.
    But we, women, change so much in our life, when we get married and more so when we have kids.
    You're absolutely justified in enjoying your freedom.
    Immediately, try and start to do something - a hobby, a part time job - something to make you happy.
    Cheers to your freedom !

  11. Mindspace: Ur days remind me of my pre-kids days. Seriously I too hardly had anything to do;-o & worst was no internet also. I used to be bored out of my skull;-P.

    Maddy: Trust U to ask me the same question I've been asking myself;-D

    Sindhu: Hmmm Nancy has the same doubts as Sindhu, why else do u thk she asked for ideas;-D?????
    Come over..I'll give u some cookies, they've come out really good this time:-D.

    Iya: U didnt know wht to say coz u didnt agree with my thoughts or coz u dont have children?????
    Yeah...a bit too candid for my liking sometimes;-P

    Shayari: Thank U!!!!
    Yup will be over to chk it out;-D

    Rakesh: See u feel so much even when u r spending just 4-5 hrs at home. Then just imagine my plight the last 3 weeks;-o.
    I really feel, father or mother whoever, must get some space for themselves...mayb to do nothing but some time nevertheless, even if it is to do nothing;-))

    Sandhya S: "once in a while, am sure it would feel nice to do things that u want to do and to have some time for yourself with no one disturbing"
    U said it Sandhya:-))!!!!!!

    Hitchwriter: I can imagine ur excitement at the thought of going home. Leaving the kids with the grand parents is a major advantage;-D. Enjoy urselves!!!!!

  12. Nancy ji, we want the cookie pics on ur blog please :(. just read the recipe thru the link and ur comment there that u will share the picture thru email :( no no pls put them on ur blog...

  13. Enjoy your FREEDOM!!!! :)))

  14. Well, I totally understand how you feel:) I get the feel that I'll see you more often here, and that's good...All said, I do miss C's chatter now that she's in school from 8- 2.45:(

  15. I totally get it!! Private time for yourself is soo required!

    Lucky you and congrats!

    For tomorrow?

    go shopping.. watch movie.. post more regularly :P

  16. You lucky lucky woman. Come and visit me na, spend some of your precious free time with me. I am sure you are having a great great time.

  17. ha ha ha....Everytime I laze around the couch to watch a movie or manage another day without cooking, I keep wondering how it is all going to change in the future... :)
    U just reminded me of that...My kids better be cute, or else it won't be worth it :) :)

    Try shopping, watching a movie, reading a book etc. But see our routine gets so wrapped around the kids, that after a week we wonder what else can we do. ha ha!!!

  18. i so so agree with u..i remember the year my lil one went to gr 1 the elder to gr5...they had full day school..Yipee!! Jig Jig, dance,jump, shout,twist, jig....Lol we sound mad but man try being home FULL TIME with two kids..about say about in all 9 years and you would know why Nancy is so excited!!

  19. wow....thats a lot you've done in 4days:-) I do not have kids yet, but can sense all this as I have 2 little monstrous boys of my sister:-) I still remember these dialogues my sister uttered in the same manner:-) Ohhhh.....really the same way, she did almost the same things that you did the 1st couple of days she had that 2 hrs extra:-)
    But after a few weeks...I also remember her telling one or two days that she misses the younger one around on certain days:-))(am sure you will too in a cpl of days;-))

  20. haha.. i can imagine, and u cant feel guilty., everyone needs some me-time.lamo at the conversation.. i used to lick the bowls too.
    i wonder how it would be if i have kids,reading this it looks like it is going to be fun.
    u enjoy urself.,and fr well, if u have nothing planned, pls feel free to put up another post for us :)

  21. LOL !!!! I can so understand this need for me time ... even if I dont have kids :) I am glad you are able to bring a balance in your life...

    For tomorrow, how about going shopping for nice spring dresses or just loungin on the couch with a fav chick flick and eating popcorn :)

  22. :) enjoy.... :) is all I can say!!!!

  23. "Naina: “Will u give us the bowl to lick after you finish????”" hahaha this post of yours had me rofl-ing literally :D toooo good, toooo funny you are! :D

    go shopping tomorrow! or watch a movie! orrrr just have a sweet siesta :)

  24. smiling and smiling ear to ear and picturing you doing a little dance like Gloria from Madagascar 2 (I like to move it, move it). So now, Nancy will move it move it :)

  25. this brought such a big smile to my face!!!!! Oh how wonderful it is to have some 'me' time. I had a good loud laugh at the p.s.

  26. YaY to freedom! everyone deserves a bit of it even Mommies :)))))

  27. sleep sleep sleep!
    what i wouldnt do for some sleep right now! cant wait for the weekend. but lets go back to ur question :)
    1. sleep
    2. watch a sappy but good movie
    3. read an equally sappy but good book

    wait! maybe i think im still talking about what i want to do here ;)

  28. Aaaah, the sweet sound of silence. I understand exactly how u feel. I am obviously jealous of you. I still have another year to go. Neha will come home by 12:30 for the whole of next year too.
    Really, the very thought that you can do what you want with your free time is liberating. Stupid us, we waste it in house work, most times. I find weekends a pain, these days.

  29. Totally totally get what you are saying!:))Actually mom got it more when I told her..
    rofl@the newspaper from first to last page :D:D

    wah!!so tell us ms encyclopedia :D some new facts for our GK :D:D

    your two darlings are soo cute:))
    and you are more so coz you are so candid :D LOL!

    the constsnt watch at the ghadi to see the time?ma used to do that..she was obsessed with it...

    two hours!!pure bliss Nancy!enjoy:)))and congratulations on the graduation of the two imps to higher classes:))god bless them:)

  30. lol at the post!!...u have described as if ur coming out of jail...the same thing happens to me when i get term holid and sometimes cant even decide wht to do!!...:)

    p.s- “Will u give us the bowl to lick after you finish????”..this reminds of the maggie masalas we used to eat[lick!!] at thee end of preparing it!!

  31. Sunshine: I sooo understand ur mom's feelings...even I'm just waiting to get the kids married off & enjoy the 'me & husband only-time' after tht;-P
    And thank u for all the ideas;-D!!!

    Umas: Thank U!!! Feel so much better that there r other mothers who think like me;-)).
    Part-time jobs are hard to come by in this place but I'm keeping my eyes peeled;-D.

    Mindspace: I'll email it to u;-D

    SGD: Thank U:-D!!!!!

    naperville mom: Oh I miss tht already & by 1.30 I'm all looking foward to have them back home again;-P.

    Winnie: Oh yes everybody needs some me-time to clear away the stress & cobwebs.
    And thanks for the ideas;-D!!!!

    Goofy Mumma: More than having a gr8 time I'm so happy to complete some pending works which I cdn't possibily do with the kids around;-P.
    Yes we have to plan tht visit soon;-D.

    Jira: "But see our routine gets so wrapped around the kids, that after a week we wonder what else can we do."
    Seriously wht u said is so right...already by 1.30pm I'm at a loose end. U'll find me wandering from room to room aimlessly waiting for the kids to arrive;-P

    How r u??? Howz ur research going?????

    myspace: What u said is bang on. Seriously last 3 weeks when they were home fulltime I went crazy trying to keep them entertained;-o

    Durga: I can so well just imagine ur sister's plight;-o.
    Oh I miss them alright but nothing will make me wish they were home sooner;-D

  32. ISH: Kids are fun alright...they do add meaning to our lives. Till they come along its like we are just skimming the surface of our lives. But once they r here then we are clutching at the edges;-(
    But jokes apart, I'm so glad u r thinking in tht direction:-))

    "mm well, if u have nothing planned, pls feel free to put up another post for us :)"
    I just knew u were going to say tht;-P

    Prashanthi: Seriously high time the balance happened;-P.
    Heeee....another friend visited today & we had popcorn;-D

    Ordinary Guy: Again...a subject outside ur territory huh!!!! I understand.
    Thank U:-))!!!

    Snow: I'm just posting wht is happening here. Some of it is plain exasperating & I dunno how but when I write it out, it turns up funny;-P
    And thank U for the ideas;-D!!!!

    A: Aaaah gloria is so sweet. Do u remember Moto-moto from the same movie;-o...all so alpha-male...had me in splits;-D

    Anjuli: Seriously its bliss to spread the newspaper out & read. When they r around, half the time they'd want to read the comics only when I'm reading it. All the time till then the paper wd have been lying in full view but nobody wd be interested;-S
    Or they'll play this guessing game as to which section I am reading by placing their hands on it to block the area;-P
    Finally I just give up & go away;-D. 10 secs later the paper is lying around & nobody wants it anymore

    Solilo: Especially mommies;-D!!!!

    N: I adore sappy movies & books. And if I'm in the mood I just sit around & bawl my heart out along with the heroine;-(.
    So lets do it huh;-D!!!!!

    Bins: "Aaaah, the sweet sound of silence."
    U said it babe....I so used to long for it earlier & now I think I've earned it;-P

    Indyeah: U told ur mom abt it;-o?????
    U knw the bus driver takes the kids back to school if we are not there on time to pick them up from the bus-stop;-S....hence the paranoia
    And thank u, thank u, thank u:-))!!!

    Brocasarea: I'm deeply offended cd u think I meant like a jail...ofcourse not jail...never jail...mayb a cage;-D

    p.s: I too remember the maggi masala mania, now my daughter waits for me to turn my back & she vanishes with the masala packet;-P.
    Like they say, the fruit never falls far from the tree;-D

  33. hee hee hee.. With your second sentence, I realised what this was about! I can imagine how those 2 hours must feel!!! Enjoy! And I hope this means daily posts! Where is todays?????

  34. Wannabewriter: Mothers[atleast some mothers] will immediately identify with wht the fuss is all abt.
    Daily posts???? I do hope u r joking;-o.

  35. Wow! You do alllll that in just those 'two' free hours! Gawd! What'd you do if you had a whole weekend free? You could easily direct a movie :p

    My sis has 2 kids too and I totally u'stand your paranoia :)
    Enjoy the 'ME' time dear!

    P.S: Plz do tell your sister that God is happy when the sign of the cross is done in slow motion. He likes attention you see! :D

  36. Still thinking: Yeah, yeah go on & make fun of me;-D
    And oooooohhhh, never looked at the slow motion action in tht sense. In tht case I must have collected enough brownie points in my favour;-D

    Broca: ; father-in- law's favourite quote.

  37. Ah! lovely ... so looking forward to more blog posts :).

  38. Colours: Hehe everybody is saying the same thing but I have to get my house in order tht summer is here, have to get the apartment painted & spruced up a bit. I'm tired of thinking twice before calling people home;-P

  39. Nice post!!!! This is something we all go through I think!
    I always need some me-time too :) In fact the biggest de-stresser for me is some time to be on my own!!

    When the kids were young I used to say, no matter how much I love them, I love them even more when they are asleep :)

  40. IHM: LOL...I can perfectly relate to ur sentiments;-P.
    And oh yes agree with u abt the destresser bit.
    Once I have some time for myself I'm actually looking forward to their arrival back from school;-D.

  41. he he heeeeeeeeee i was agreeing and nodding away for every sentence in your post nancy..... hee heee heeee..... that was 'bloody brilliant' (as Ron might put it .... )
    i'm in the process of reading all your posts slowly so you'll find me commenting here and there fro quite sometime :)

  42. What a familiar feeling! (sigh!!)

  43. Preethi: Please feel free to feel at home is that I can say;-D.

    Wanderlust: LOL;-D!!!!!!!

  44. loved it...

    ps. as i said am not plannin to give long, b'ful comments today - but am jus lovvvvvvvvin the read ;)


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