Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

How many of you didn’t give Valentine’s Day much thought and then suddenly got up in the morning and kicked yourselves in the….in the….yes there. I did. The kids came back home from school yesterday & went on & on about Valentines Day. Seems like Valentine’s Day is no longer just about ‘that kind of love’[and I never knew;-o], friendship is also celebrated on Valentine’s Day. So Nikita made friendship bands for her friends & Naina made cards for hers. They also wrangled 2 chocolate bars out of me, lovingly gift-wrapped it, wrote some fancy words on it and took it for their class-teachers.

At first I waggled my eye-brows, then patiently supplied all the material needed for their art&craft,  watched them indulgently as they talked excitedly…….and then it clicked. Ohmigosh it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!!!!!!

Even before I started out[in my thoughts] I knew it was too late to do much.

Forget it.

I’ll cook something nice.
Good idea but as a last resort....

Make a card….
Been there, done that.....

What can I do…..

I have some chocolate with me………hmmmmm
Yup, I always have chocolate with me….for emergencies u know.

The chocolate…..luckily for me was wrapped in red

And the idea grew from there….

I went all around the house picking up everything red….

A few Plums[again red]

Strawberries[heeeehaw red;-D]

A small bottle of Berry Juice[I’m pretending it’s wine]

Chewing Gum[flavour – wild berries…red, red, red……;-D]

I’m on a roll now…..


Fished out a wooden basket from the kid’s toy bin [the original idea was to put them together in a shoe box].

Fixed the broken handle.

Lined the basket with silver foil…..

Arranged all the carefully chosen treasures artistically…

Borrowed a red ribbon from Nikita’s accessories to tie a bow on the handle.

Wrote a note in blue ink[no red pen;-(]

And voila……

The gift is ready.

And I've placed it in such a way it will be the 1st thing my hero sees when he gets up;-D

*__* - While rummaging around I also came across a cute ball of red thread, a small pack of vanilla in a red&white box, lays chilli chips, red apples and a red hair band.Had to omit them otherwise it would have been like overkill.....or shd I include them, tell me quick I still have time;-P


  1. aww..that's so sweet of you Nancy!
    I was all charged up for Valentine's day the first year of my marriage..only to realise ruefully that the better half doesn't believe in Valentine's n all:-o..still on the second year, I gifted him some knick-knacks..he was awed and all but that's it! no real enthu..so I just let it be nowadays..:-) Of course, I do the needful like saying it's valentine's and he needs to give me something..I am perseverant that way ;-)

  2. Dear Uma, u r describing my situation here but the other way around;-D. I never was very interested in V-day but the H never forgot & always made it special. So nowadays I'm like "if u cant beat them, join them";-D. So dont lose heart....continue to follow ur heart and u just watch...he'll come around to ur way of thinking:-))

  3. nah... forget 'em! The other stuff would just do the trick ;)

    ps. You can parcel 'em to me if you want :-D

  4. no never over kill :) :P
    Ensoiiii and hope he likes ur gift :)
    I also thot thot thot a lot and gave up. What valentine shalentine :) I ended up thinking, i am too old for all this :D

  5. I am non believer but no issues with ppl who love the day :)

    Hopy hubby loved your surprise :)

  6. Wow... what a great idea!!!
    You did a great job... I am sure he will love your gift :)

  7. Wow. That's so cute. Leave it like that.
    I got chocolates after reminding AV a hundred times that I want chocolates for the V day. Sigh
    happy valentines day Nane. Loads of love

  8. Uma: Sometimes we have to show[a few times] how it's done;-D.

    Sulo: Dont change the topic, how did ur day go:-))????

    Amrita: Hah...nobody is too old for some love-shove;-D

    Smita: Aaah I used to sing the same tune once upon a time;-D

    Laila: He did;-D

    Tharani: It's obvious AV likes to be reminded about things by you;-D.
    Same to U:-))!!!!!

  9. oh wow- this is soooooo sweet!!!!! What was his reaction to your wonderful gift? I just loved it! (plus loved the fact you went around finding the various items to put in the basket- rather than just going out and buying a pre made gift basket).

  10. Plizzzz to post what your hero did in return. After Awwwwwwing that is. And surely a big big hug, despite your previous post :)

    Men do it a little differently you know .......

  11. Nono no hairbands they are not manly and lays will kill the mood ! Hope u dint include those . Did he like it ? Well as for me we were planning to goto a nice dinner when the sadistic server in office took a beating and hubby had to be there to lift its spirits so that the business doesnt get affected. We ate leftover idlis from breakfast for dinner :|

  12. Anjuli: Buying a pre-made gift basket was never an option....I have never bought a gift for valentines yet. A few years back I remember being stuck for ideas and then made heart-shaped aloo parattas[only for him], the rest of the family got normal ones. I got royally ribbed for that;-D

    Ramesh: Just between u & me, I think he found it a lil too girly[if u know wht I mean;-P] not that he said anything...yep got lots of hugs and more;-D.


  13. Soemtimes I think Anita these servers are human beings in disguise, how else are they able to put a spoke on things when we have plans...esp when we have plans;-/.
    Dont let the server win....just declare the weekend as Valentine's weekend and have 2 days dedicated to 'sweet nothings' and togetherness;-D

  14. Hi, As usual, just visiting here makes my day, your basket of love looked really lovely and I could read in the comments that you got lovely return gifts too ;)
    Its always such a pleasure reading you Nancy...

    take care

  15. Hi Nancy..
    I am writing here for the very first time. I have been reading your blog more than a year , but never commented on any of ur post. Well , to say , Ur blog is saved in my Favourites folder..And whenever I get free time at work I read it.
    In many ways I could connect with you as I lived in Bangalore for 10 years , and moved to Dubai after my marriage.
    Well I started blogging in 2006.. But my posts are hardly 9 or 10.And when i moved my blog from rediffblogs to Blogger I lost some posts..Blame it on my hectic Job and packed weekends ... I hav'nt even done spell check or basic grammar on some of my posts.

    Anyways, you have inspired me a lot to start writing full on..

    Take Care Nancy..and Luv to ur Kids

  16. Wow! Such a good idea!!! :) That gift looks amazing. :)
    I am not a massive fan of the whole v day thing but we try and do something nice...
    Hope he liked it. :) :)
    p.s: I might be stealing this idea for next time. ;)

  17. Soul Speaks: Awwww...thank u....thank u for the lovely comment:-)).

    Deepa Jose: I'm so glad you decided to comment:-)). I'm actually in a very good mood today otherwise I wd have picked up a fight with u as to why you waited so long;-D.
    Also very thrilled to hear that u've decided to be more regular at blogging and that too because of me;-o. Thank U for delurking:-))!!!!

    Divya: Steal away, steal away....seriously I put the idea up so that others can use it too...especially if they are last-minute characters like me;-D

  18. wow! liked the fact that u managed to put together at last minute..ur efforts really count! pls can ur next post be abt how he liked it? my hubby believes every day should be valentines day n tries to get away with this lame excuse! will try n surprise him big time asap!

  19. The gift looks really cute :) Well done you!

  20. hope you had a good valentines day nance. that is a cute assortment of gifts!

  21. Aww that was so so cute and sweet a gesture of loooove!! ;). Hope you two had a lovely day and the girls with their friends :)

  22. Wow!!! Got all mushy-mushy and romantic, is it? :-)

  23. Lilac: The H appreciated my gesture....go on try it, ur H will be surprised & touched and u'll feel so good:-)).

    Dhanya: Thank U:-))!!!

    Lan: Oh yes, we all had a really good day;-D!!!

    Deeps: Oh yes we did, even the girls and finally all together ;-D

  24. Hehe Tan mushy and romantic are very OTT words after 12 yrs of marriage;-D. But dont blame u for thinking that because my gift made it seem so;-D. But seriously I believe[umm...have started believing] it is important to make the effort:-))!!!

  25. So, did you receive any gift from him? It should be give and take, no? :)

    Destination Infinity

  26. DI if u think it's all abt give & take then I'm not even going to bother asking u ur take on Valentine's day;-P. And u believe in asking questions directly huh...alright, alright I got a bottle of Lady Million & some melt-in-the-Chocolates[forgot the name], total paisa vasool huh;-D.

  27. Well, i dono how the vday went, but i know for sure today is not going any good - wondering why...

    Well, here is the thing - Today is Shivrathri, and the spiritualist that I am (ahem ;)), I planned to think about HIM, or should i say mediate on HIM...

    and when i come to office ..................????

    My crush is here.... in chennai... right across my desk... what are the chances of that happening :D

    ps. have a meeting with him tomorrow ;) tee he :P

    pps. poor shiva... he is not even in the picture :(

    1. I think Shiva wd have understood, infact he wd have been relieved to see that u r a normal kid;-D

      p.s: Notice anything*wink, wink*. Yep changed my browser and ta da....reply works;-D

    2. ha ha... Me n normal, am not quite sure :D but I did pamper Siva that nite... n myself with the guy the whole week :P

      ps. Awesome... look who s showing off ;)

    3. Seee....it will all work out if u give it a chance;-)

      ps: hehe;-D

  28. Hi Nancy, how perfectly you managed it!!

    And what about the gift from your 'Hero"?

    1. Thanks!!!! Got a bottle of perfume and some yummy chocolates;-D

  29. Perfect :-)
    I went out with friends on V-day. Was nice.

    1. Heee thankya;-D!!!
      Valentines with friends must have been wonderful:-))

  30. :) awww

    so whatdya get?


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