Monday, 13 February 2012


People think I'm this very laid back kind of person……I am I am but what they don't know is that a lot of pressure, anxiety and hard work goes into looking like a laid back person. Yessss, that’s what I am……. a stressed out person trying hard to be laid back.

So the last 2 weeks I was not in a very good frame of mind……was out of sorts….got sick, went all moody and was feeling low generally. I doubt the family even knew because I was okay with them just maybe a little too quiet. The better-half was out of town so he had no clue. The kids were their boisterous selves so there also it went unnoticed.

The blog when I finally got around to giving it some attention got the brunt of it……and out came a post which wavered between unhappiness and mulishness. A little bit of defiance and depreciation thrown in. And oodles of self-pity;-P.

As I hit 'publish' I wondered what you’ll make of the incoherent matter; bits and pieces from here and there just randomly listed out on the post. I could even imagine you guys staring at the blank comment space & thinking ‘uhhh….what kind of a comment do I post to this???’

I’m one of those ‘types’….you know the kinds who runs at the sight of emotions…..all the hugs and kisses & the touchy-feely stuff are soo not me. Even with friends it is only now after all these years that we sort of peck eachothers cheeks when we meet but take a step back quickly…..our friendship is more the backslapping[making sure the recipient lurches forward who then turns & whack a harder one back ] & back-handed compliments kinds. Even when the kids hug me….sure I hug them back but it’s one of those quick fierce hugs where in the next minute you’ll see me disentangling myself to breathe freely.

And so I was saying…...your comments threw me. I don’t know what I expected but never what was written.

Each one of U wrote such beautiful and thoughtful comments. Even though I hung onto the ‘I’m depressed I refuse to be comforted mode’ for a few more days after that, I read and reread every one of your lovely responses and the mails I got.

Just want to say that there’s this warm feeling inside me…..a feeling which refuses to go away. Yep a warm fuzzy feeling which has enveloped me and transformed me back to that laid-back person mentioned above, minus the stress ofcourse:-)).

I want to say more but am always at a loss for words when I need them most.

p.s: @title - means 'Thank You' in Japanese. I have a follower from Japan. He calls himself Uncle Polyglot. I have been patiently waiting for him to comment on my blog for sometime now. In the meanwhile, I'm practicing my Japanese;-D

p.p.s: The correct way to say it is Arigatou gozaimasu but that becomes very formal and our relationship is not like formal is it. So thats why only Arigatou....alright, alright I'll quit showing off;-/


  1. hehe feeling warm and fuzzy is such a cool feeling. Notice the play of words there ;)
    Hey thats what bloggerville is for is nt - to be a different avatar :) So enjoy being the emotional one here for the real world needs the more stoic you :)
    Take care. Lots of hugs ;)

  2. Honakashimas Toma Harikada Huzai Masta. I have no idea what it is, but that bit of Japanese was the only thing I learned from my short Karate class! :P

    Destination Infinity

  3. I am glad that you are back to the 'laid back' mode :-) And continue to be so...

  4. Hi Nancy...Hope you are feeling well now..I was also, in a very bad mood for the last few days..But anybody may laugh at me for the reason.Actually, i was so depressed for "Arnav and Khushi". You know them right..?
    There can be any reason, if we want to worry..and if we dont want to be worried, then nothing can change your mood..

    note: Have you read "the monk who sold his ferrari "by, Robin Sharma..?It is good book, some thing really we need..
    Take care..

  5. and I also notice the followers number gone up??
    can you share how does one get to this number in the first place????

    p.s. the anti-stress kit should definitely work! ;-)

  6. What a brilliant post- it showcases how wonderful this blogging world is- you throw out your proverbial message in a bottle and instead of silence- you receive so much love and understanding!! :)

    Oh my- now that I've read this post, I think WHEN we meet you are in for a shock- because I'm one of those 'bear hug' type people who won't let you go until I've squeezed every ounce of strength from you :) beware...:)

  7. ha-ha... chech, u r soooo cute..! :) happy valentines ;)

  8. @anjuli: he hee... i know! am also plannin to do the same thing, though even i dont hug sooo much :-D but coll life spoiled me, so one tight hug from my end too :P

  9. Amrita: oooooh I noticed...ofcourse I noticed, rather hot choice of words I must say;-D. And loved what u wrote below that:-)).

    DI: Hero...U always make me laugh. Alright I'll admit I googled & I'm sure u knw tht it translated to nothing...infact I'll go as far as to say that it is not Japanese...just some gibberish u made up on the spot;-/

    Laila: And I'm glad U r making the effort to comment:-))

    Sikha Arnav: Now look what u did to me...reminded me of my sorrows;-(((. Arnav the poor darling is going thru hell right now & I'm so miserable*sniff, sniff*. I can hardly bear to watch the coming episodes. But u knw wht there is a rumour they are getting married. So...;-D
    Havent read that book but I have a copy of 'Who will cry when u die' by the same author which is pretty good too:-)).

    Swaram: Do smileys' se kaam nahi chalega....swaram style comments chahiyae, winks and all;-D

    Uma: Hah u havent figured that out yet...alright I'll let u into the trade secret[keep consultation fees ready]- answer is simple...u shd have like me started blogging in 2007;-D.

    Anjuli: Ur comment is what is brilliant Connie....u just go to the heart of the matter. A bear hug from u is something I'll look forward to...I feel like I've known u for ever:-)).

    Sulo: Happy Valentine's Day to U too!!!
    Have a good day;-D!!!!

  10. Nancy,

    To tell you the truth I read your last post now only.

    I am seeing Wisdom in your words.( Especially on the Church and abt your dad).

    You are becoming yourown life Coach lady. Keep smiling and head high!!

  11. can I step out of my teddy bear outfit now? It was getting pretty hot inside it you know ;)

  12. Ayyo reply button still not working or you chose not to use it? Anyway. Japanese huh ? Naaiiiccee ! What if he is the president of a huge japanese car company and gifts you a luxury coupe car ? Wow !

  13. Thanks for the lovely words Maddy:-))!!!!

    Awww Sakshi dont do that...just for some more time peeeze, pwetty peeeze.

    Nope not working even now;-(((((.
    Hahahaaaaa Anita u've got imagination....if wishes were horses;-D

  14. You at a loss for words ??? Impossible :) You always have the right phrase (as well as the last word) :):)

    You get a huge big massive looong hug, young lady. You don't have a choice :)

  15. Normally I wd have started my comment with 'no. no.....' but how can I refute a statement made with so much of affection.....would like to return the compliment- you say the nicest things Ramesh:-)).

  16. Have been away for sometime now so just read your last few posts.
    I know I am late BUT....
    Lots and lots of BIG hugs and love your way. Glad you are feeling better. :)

  17. Ofocurse you are not late they say, better late than never;-D.
    What is happening, everybody is bent on hugging me;-D; oh yes I'm feeling so much better now that I read ur comment also;-D

  18. hahaha i came to hug u too, but i see everyone's been doing the same! i guess it's ur post :) it sent out a very strong huggy message :)

    lol @ disentangling myself to breathe freely :P


  19. Hahahaaa Snow if thts the case then I'll revert to the 'if u cant beat them, join them' strategy so all virtual hugs returned with equal fervour;-D


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