Tuesday, 4 October 2011

TP, CT & PT*

Dear Manu,
Hope u guys enjoyed dinner at our place!!!! I'm sorry I didnt serve too many snacks as I was afraid you'll be stuffed and won't eat the dinner I slaved over. From where I stand I pronounce it a success...well the kids didn’t approach us with their grievances even once;-o.

Dear Baskin Robbins,
What is the neccessity to set up shop in every corner???? At any given location the kids sniff you out and then proceed to make my life miserable until I agree to get some.

Dear Jigsaw puzzle makers,
I've completed 80% of your puzzle but am going all crossed eyed trying to piece the sky together. There simply has got to be an easier way.

Dear mama,
Do your exam well. Don’t waste time looking here & there. Answer every question whether u know it or not. Dont forget to recheck your paper to see if u've missed anything. If u come back with less than 80% I'll not be very pleased.
[My mother was attempting an exam in church....I got the CT's repeating the same dialogues I heard all my life;-D]

Dear Pineapples,
I know I got you for a very low price but that doesn’t mean you have to all ripen at the same time;-/. My fingers are bone tired googling for all kinds of recipes.

Dear Maid,
Lifting the mats and vacuuming underneath will cost you only an extra minute of your time. What do you mean How???? Just bend, pick up mat, shake it, vacuum underneath, put mat back and vacuum over it.
Seeee it's so simple isn’t it. What???? Yes you have to do that way with all the 15 mats around the house. YES that will be 15 minutes.

Dear Blogger creators,
When are you going to settle all my complaints???? There are too many issues to mention, though for a start you could offer us a facility wherein we can respond to each comment individually.

Dear School authorities,
You guys are the best. Thanks for the tracking device which helps us follow the school bus all the way home. Now I don’t have to wait endlessly in the HOT sun for the bus to arrive.

Dear God,
You know me, a regular complaint box………..was just airing out a few of my grouses, and entertaining my blog friends with the weekly update. Thank You for all the blessings you have bestowed on me. Amen

Errr....Pineapple Trifle anyone???

* Title of the post : Time-pass, Cheap Thrills & Pineapple Trifle


  1. Oh my...u made this trifle?? Looks so YUM..!!! ENikkippo thanne venamm!!!! ANother lovely post..I am so touched by the observations you make about the smallest things each day and the effort to put them into words... this is with reference to your prev post also...awesome !

  2. Was that the first comment? Yay ! Ho samadhanam aayi !

  3. ThankUthankUthankU;-D

    Yup ur First, first comment Anita Jeyan Sandeep....ippozhum, eppozhum samadhaanathalle poguveen[mallu movie 'Innacent in priest garb' dialogue];-D

  4. Yr posts is always tooo goood!!! You make a lot of observations and writes in simple words .... Tussi great ho :)

  5. Awwww Blissful.....awwww....U r too kind*blush blush*;-D

  6. Dear Nancy,
    You write so well, I keep re-reading your posts..I love you.. So please send me some pine apple triffle.
    Thank you for understanding..

  7. Dear Tharani,
    If u keep writing lovely comments like this I'll send u a truckful of Pineapple trifle;-D

  8. oh man, i really need to make a trip to see u now! that trifle looks yummmmm!!!!!

    i like the random timepass :)

  9. truffle looks so yummy..did you make it? then share the receipe.

  10. Uf! What sin did we the commenters do? Are we not dear? No notes addressed to us??*sad face*

    As a peace treaty, please pass the pine apple trifle over here! BTW, did the kids ate this one or avoided like they did the previous one??

    PSst, my maid removes fans and cleans every wing of it, even without my having to say. *rub it in*

  11. LOL @ dear maid! I think it's a universal maid thing!

  12. sigh! you always manage to dish out a super post with the simplest ingredients life has to offer :)

    Btw I am crossing my fingers in hope that your comment box will not kick me out again (hence the sweet first para) ;)

    lolz at the Dear mama one. I am pretty sure your kids and my son is waiting for their chance to say something like this to us :(

    Hmmm you can write and make such gorgeous dishes too? and then you say we think alike....sobs sobs!!

  13. Dear Reflections Begum Sahiba,

    Why are you so poor in counting. You still owe us one more question from the Q&A series of a while ago. N Jr and N JrJr have confirmed that you score no better than 39% in arithmetic.

    Madam - you are in scintillating form.

  14. Sunshine: Hahahaaa...u've been saying this for the past 3 yrs;-D.

    Renu: LOL its not truffle, its trifle....now do u still want the recipe;-D????

    Dear RS,
    There, now u have a dear note addressed to u;-D. The kids ate 1 portion each without much enthu and then hung around for the rest to be served to other so tht they cd swipe the whipping cream off them...thts the only thing they liked;-S.
    Aapki maid mahaan hai;-o!!!!

    Agnes: I thot so too but read what RS says about hers;-o

    Sakshi: Aha finally blogger took pity on u and allowed u to post ur comment eh;-D. Thanks Blogger;-D!!!!!
    U sob all u want but by now we all know tht the real Sakshi is hiding all her talents under a bushel & making outrageous comments to divert our attention;-D.

    Huzoor: Aapko kaise pata abt the maths;-o????
    Aur aap hamme apne compliments se sharminda[as in blush blush] kar rahe hai;-D

  15. LOL..I agree with saksh! You have the most hilarious way of presenting the simplest anecdotes of life, Nance :).

    That trifle looks super-yum!
    BTW the blogger does a few themes with individual comment-reply features. So changing your layout would be a good option to try that out ;). waise bhi this theme has been with you from adam-ke-zamaane se, nahi? Time to go in for a new look, what say? ;)

  16. That pineapple trifle looks zimplyyy grt. lovely post as always

  17. hahahaha...

    I had this arguement with my Maid last month. She protested "if I do all this daily I will be spending hours at ur place only" the result is she is no mroe working at my place :D

    All pineappples rippened at the same time?? tccch!!! I also do such kind of studies every now & then ;)

    Fun post!!! Made me smile :)

  18. hahahaha...

    I had this arguement with my Maid last month. She protested "if I do all this daily I will be spending hours at ur place only" the result is she is no mroe working at my place :D

    All pineappples rippened at the same time?? tccch!!! I also do such kind of studies every now & then ;)

    Fun post!!! Made me smile :)

  19. Lol!!!

    Have you noticed a pattern here? The 1st line is how I start my comment everytime I read your post.

    I'd absolutely love to gorge on that PT! Just PM me your location! :)

    P.S: I hope Blogger doesn't take your request seriously. Please don't deprive us of reading your answers to everyone's comments...that's a whole other CT for us! :D

  20. Deeps: Sakshi & U are always lavish in ur compliments;-D....its a real pity tht you 2[esp saks] dont give us the chance to return the favour;-/.
    There was a time when i was interested in changing my template but now...and I feel all of you are so used to this one tht u'll feel awkward & thk tht u landed in somebody else's house if I change it;-D

    Elizabeth: Awww zanks...u r z zweetest;-D

    Smita: U r amazing...to fire a maid after firing her[left, right & centre] requires a special king of courage;-o. Pranaam Guruji;-D!!!!!
    And hey thanks;-D!!!!!

    Sparkling: Hey great to see u here;-D....PT tray is now sparkling clean & kept back in cuboard. But the next time I make one u get lions share okkk[pinching throat];-D.

  21. Ha ha ha! What a title :)
    Am drooling over the trifle. What else did u make with pineapple Nance?
    And that tracking device sounds so cool :)
    How did aunty's exams go?

  22. Wow---yummy pineapple trifle.
    love reading your posts and you could tell that back to your mom--awesome(really a CT)

  23. You are too much you know. Thanks for the smiles. And good you learnt that fruits bought at the same time ripe at the same rate. I had this problems with apples recently. But thankfully, they were apples. (Much smaller) .

  24. hahaha hilarious post as usual :) btw, that truffle looks yummy!!

  25. Swaram: Nothing much...one pineapple was not very sweet so made a pachadi with it, some the kids & I ate with chilli pwdr & salt...oooh tht was yummy and reminded me of when we used to buy them fr hawkers outside the school gates;-D

    Horizon: Thanks;-D!!!!!

    Juxta: Hey but apples dont ripen-ripen do they, I mean we keep them in the fridge & it sort of lasts forever but pineapples...;-(.
    And....dont mention it, my pleasure;-D!!!!

    Snow: Thanks;-D!!!!!

  26. Dear Nancy-

    Your posts are always the BEST- enjoyed each 'letter' - you never cease to amaze me with your creativity.

  27. Dear Anjuli,
    U have always been generous with your compliments, thank U:-))

  28. OMG we have some fun stuff going on here. btw, i read the most recent first and am going down the line if you see it. loved the one to mama. great that you got a chance to pay it forward/back in a good way:-) that pineapple trifle looks delicious. i say you should get good deals on everything and that you buy in bulk to make yummy stuff!

  29. The pineapple trifle looks seriously yum :)

  30. the trifle looks yumm! Im having the same issues with papaya... 5 of them ripening at the same time... halp!!!


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