Thursday, 20 October 2011

She's all mine

We brought the new laptop home last weekend and I am soooo busy nowadays. I'm spending all my time caressing it lovingly and admiring it from every angle. I just dont have time to do anything else. Every time I look at it which is all the time, a beautific smile fills my face and my hands keep making these multiple namaste motions upwards. Looks like Khushi and her Devi maiyya movements are contagious. Ignore previous sentence if you don't watch Star Plus. Every morning my 1st thought is of my new laptop. The 1st two days I wasted so much time opening the laptop bag at the crack of dawn to check if it was still there.

It was;-D.

But the school bus wasn't;-(.

So now I content myself by blowing a quick kiss in its general direction before rushing off to attend to worldly matters. All through the day I'm preoccupied with the laptop or thoughts of it. At nights I carefully pack my heart’s desire into the neat looking bag they gave me and carry into the bedroom with me.

The old Compaq was everybodys. It still is.
But this baby....she's mine, only ma-ma-ma mine;-D.

I clean my new laptop like every 20 seconds. Nope I don’t do any other work. I have made other arrangements for that. No dust or germ is going to get a chance to sit on my precious. I have already kept aside a special scrap of cloth[umm…the soft cloth you get from the opticians for your glasses] for the same. So when I'm not admiring the features I'm gently dusting away non-existent dirt from its body. I used to smirk at the better-half when he forbade all of us from touching his new 42 inch LCD & would clean it all by himself. Now I know exactly how he must have felt. I have my heart in my mouth when the kids are man-handling my dil ka tukda[piece of my heart]. I have given them the strictest instructions...

* no carrying the laptop from one room to the other.

* no eating or drinking allowed when you are using it

* no laughing loudly and passing envious comments

* You will get the laptop only after u finish your studies, keep your time-table, clean your room, clean the house and the bathrooms, water the plants, feed the dog........

Whaaat...we dont have a dog???

Okay then feed the fish, have your bath and finish your dinner. By which time I'm fervently hoping that they are exhausted and just want to crash into bed.

You think I'm over-reacting.....huh if only you knew. When we did the initial rounds to check out the range of laptops I had no particular brand in mind. I just wanted a something, anything which was faster than the one we had at home. And yeah I wanted a windows OS, thats it. Gradually the sales-pitch started making sense to me and I was now very keenly observing all brands. One brand stood out; both looks and features-wise. And the price reflected it;-(. The more we checked all of them out the more I kept loitering around this particular model.

The better-half by now had it all planned; a Toshiba was a good buy he said. Seems like it was the Nokia of Laptops; it had a good lifespan, even if it fell somwhere it will not affect the working of the system. And the price was so reasonable that we could also pick up an ipad2 and still not cause any undue stress on our budget.

The kids whooped in delight. And I had to agree reluctantly. I didn’t have anything concrete against the model except that it looked big & bulky & the colours were not really attractive.

Alright so I was biased.

My eyes kept turning to the other corner where my heart’s desire was beckoning me. The better-half took one look at my expression and knew. In hindsight now I realise how badly he wanted to pick up the ipad. He tried his luck one last time; took me all around the room asking me to pick any other brand. We saw Dell, HP, Packard Bell, Samsung, so many others in the same range. They all looked good; I knew he was talking sense & finally told him to pick up what he thought was the best. Nope not bitter or anything, just resigned, disappointed and a little sad.

And just like that the better-half gave up and soon we were back at the counter where the one I wanted was displayed. The sales guy at that counter grinned knowingly. My hero doesn’t know it but I had very James Bondishly told the guy 'I'll be back' earlier. Or was it Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator who said that. Anyways…

I was now feeling all guilty and wrestling with my conscience....

Good Nancy [dressed in white flowing gown & with beautiful wings]: Listen to him, he is right.....Toshiba is sturdier, even if it falls there is no lasting damage.

Wicked Nancy[robed in black, bald with red horns]: So??? You are not going to be making a habit of throwing your laptop around the place are you????

Good Nancy: If you buy this the ipad won’t happen.

Wicked Nancy: Studies are priority, an ipad will only distract the children. Not buying it is not the end of the world.

Good Nancy: They'll be disappointed.

Wicked Nancy: Ohhhh yes that they will be and they won’t let you forget it anytime soon and I'm soo going to enjoy that buahahahaaaaaaa.......

Was jerked back to earth when I felt the kids pulling at my hands & jumping excitedly....

Huh...what the….

Seems like the laptop came with a free MP3 player, a Cross Pen, a 16GB vault and 1 yr free McAfee anti-virus + a neat looking bag for the laptop…..courtesy GITEX.

You are not going to believe this but the kids forgot all about the ipad when they heard about the MP3 player. I know, I know. They are weird. Just like me. Whoever chooses a music player ahead of an IPAD. The thing is...the kids have been asking of an MP3 player for a long time now because all their friends have it. So the thought of getting their dream gadget completely obliterated thoughts of the ipad. The better-half’s heaven-ward look of disbelief was hilarious.

So it was one happy family which trooped back home that night. Oh yes even better-half was. His funda is simple; if family happy, he also happy.

Yup thats my funda too....if I'm happy, my family also happy.

Here’s a glimpse of my beautiful, beautiful ……machine.


  1. Ummm…..dont tell anybody this but I can’t seem to get any work done on it. If I need to get any work done I go back to the old machine;-P.

  2. hahaha :) u remind me of me when i bought my new laptop (gateway, a cool snazzy blue colour) and my bb (even cooler white one!)....of course in a much better told story way....

    enjoy! something so special about your very own gadgets no?

  3. hahaha :) u remind me of me when i bought my new laptop (gateway, a cool snazzy blue colour) and my bb (even cooler white one!)....of course in a much better told story way....

    enjoy! something so special about your very own gadgets no?

  4. Congraaaatulationssssssssssssss, Nancy!! You got it!! I know how it feels the first time you get your own laptop. Exactly what I did last March-wipe, clean, dust etc, but work only on the 5yr old thinkpad that is 5 times slower and does not have its 'm' key. Today, that Thinkpad is crying for attention :P

    Your laptop looks great...

  5. :) a big hi-fi to that!!

    n know what we have a very similar looking vaio, maybe an older version, so 'same-pinch' to that!! :)

    well it was a lovely read, took us on a ride around the shop, around the amused salesman, the trying-to-look-sad- you, and the resigned hubby! was fun! loved it!

  6. Aaaagh, now I understand why the

    "I sat upright.

    Sometimes I think he can read my mind.

    Gitex** or not,

    He’s the best, the better-half."

    bit in the previous post. You know how to get things done, don't you? ;):P

  7. aha...tht's a lovely one..liked the wicked Nancy's reasonings..
    and now you must get down to writing more posts from the new one..

  8. Limenlemons: Ur gadgets sounds really cooool;-D!!!
    Yup something really special....I thought I was excited when I go the iphone but here I am over the moon over a laptop;-D

    RS: You too;-o????? Hah so I'm not alone;-D.

    Vaidegi: Same pinch, mine's an i5 and weighs just 1.7kgs;-o. Ok, ok I'll quit showing off;-D
    Glad u liked the post;-D!!!!!

    Uma: I guess I have to get used to it. I was already like this....I have trouble adapting to new stuff, keep clinging to the old;-P.

  9. RS: Hahahahahaaaaaa.....
    "Daarling U wound me with ur cd u think I was ever like that;-o???"
    My husband doesnt read my blog. Atleast I think he doesnt;-D.
    I just wrote down whtever I felt the other day...honest;-D.
    But I have to tell u...I nenneche nenneche laughed at this comment;-D

  10. Beautiful :-)
    I have a viao too but never use it. But it IS pretty. I can't work in windows... an Apple girl here :-)

  11. Gorgeous :)
    I too have a VAIO..they are simply the best :)
    Absolutely loved the narration..especially the good & bad Nancy thoughts :)

  12. Congrats Nancy!!! I too am like that once I know something is truly mine as well as what I desired for :-)
    Vaio IS anytime a really really pretty one!!!

  13. Chech.... Check your mail...

    ps. now that i told you, i will read ur post :P

  14. ROFL!! you never.... like NEVER EVER fail to make me shiver in fear. Oh I was talking about your comment about how you can't get any work done on your baby. It's the same with me. I pestered the husband to get me the new MacAir Book and to date I can't simply figure out how to use the damn thing and the husband is taking his sweet revenge by acting busy every time I ask him to help me with it...sobs!

    Hmmm so what is with the bald image for the nasty Nancy? Even I have this Lady Mogambo image for myself for such special appearances :)

    Ohhh and before I go on picking your every single sentence and commenting two paras for each sentence; let me tell you how much I enjoy your humor. You are the undisputed Humour Queen blogger on my list *devil Horns Off to you Nance*

  15. Agnes: Its the other way arnd for me.....I know my way arnd the mac[the husband has one] but somehow I'm not very comfortable with its OS.
    U said beautiful....were u talking abt the post or the picture...just thot I'll ask;-D

    Dialoguewithyou: Hey coool...same pinch;-D. And thanks:-))!!!!

    Sulo: Yup read ur mail, have replied too;-).

    Sakshi: Ooooh I saw the new MacAir....its a beautiful piece. Goodluck on the learning...u knw wht, its pretty easy actually. Just let ur son loose on it and he will teach u all wht u want to know;-D.
    And the bonus, seeing this the hubby will panic and rush to ur side to teach u the rest hahahahaaaaa....oh Sakshi u cant go wrong here;-D

  16. lol @ ur comment for sakshi :D u r just tooo much. In other words, great with tips. HA ha!

    n thanks - just read ;) I will mail u on that...

    re. the post - OMG! Showing off n all :D Super cool Chech... luks lik bil is completely stumped ;) how sweet of him to buy tht for you!!!

    Yeah, somtimes kids are a blessing that way... they forget things really soon ;)

    ps. now that u got a new one, u cant dodge us by sayin the computer hanged, okay? ;)

    pps. RSsssssssssss.... waata an observation... kalakeetenga... Chech, I think one day u can prepare a questionnaire for all of us, for it looks like we remem a LOOOOOT of things...

  17. waiting to meet you21 October 2011 at 06:37

    awwwwwwww @ "I nenneche nenneche laughed at this comment" ha ha!

  18. sweet!!!!

    Your post shows the happiness of a little child when she gets her favorite doll....So innocent.. I am so happy you got what you wanted. Also, so sweet of you hubby to finally give in to your wish :)

  19. This childlike enthusiasm is so infectious:)

  20. Hi Nancy, Its been ages since I landed here,I missed this place so much. right now I am down and out but reading your blog pepped me up ...hope you are doing fine and you still remember me..
    take care
    will visit more often

  21. Classic N shtyle rollicking post.

    But why isn't it pink ????????

  22. @Wicked Nancy: Hey you look pretty in black robe along with those red horns of yours. :) . Don’t you have that trademark tail of devils (Onida Ad)? (Just checking :-D )
    On a different note, Good Nancy is more like me and you make much sense in making her happy :-D. Keep appearing in front of her in the mirror to make her family happy ;)...Yes Yes that’s what to make her happy first ;-)

    @ Good Nancy: Enjoyed every bit of this post as ever. Just wondering about the reaction of the wicked Nancy when actually the laptop falls *evil grin*

  23. WOW! Nice. I have looked the other way from a Vaio so many times over the years. Dell was what I was stuck with. Recently I bought Macbook Pro. I had send the hubby to buy Macbook Air, but he called up from there and told me that Pro is better and my son who was beside me agreed too. So I ended up with a Pro, and I haven't been happier. You can see it proudly displayed on my blog! :D

    Hence, I can totally understand, I have a similar cloth too for wiping. ;) The son installed everything , the daughter listened to music on it and then they handed it over to me. I never thought I would fall in love with it either.It was totally unexpected! :)

  24. I cannot imagine myself being attached to ANY gadget but SO amused by your writing!!!!

    And congratulations!!!!

  25. i am glad that your husband saw what was in your heart and did the right thing. you deserve it. remember the drum?:-)))) a sony vaio is a perfect choice and it looks great. good selection nance! i hope this means there will be posts galore for us to read and enjoy as this one did. but most importantly good to see that it makes you happy....

  26. Nancy I just cant believe this...!!! For the past one month me and hubby are roaming around carrefour and other malls looking for the Blue Vaio - my dream machine !!!! Blue Vaio was always my top fav and I was reluctant to buy the blue dell which was cheaper....cos this one had caught into my nerves ! Still dint buy it, but he promised me one soon !! Yaay ! And you sound just like me !!! Vaio is always my fav ! And yours looks super cool !!!

  27. Very well written...

    Thank you for your visit and comment Nancy...Hope to see you more often:)

    ps:Glad to have 'met' a co-blogger from Dxb:))

  28. Even I own a Vaio. And somehow, I feel it is better than Apples ;-)

  29. Sulo: Generally I'm not the "if u have it, flaunt it" kinds but in this case I just cdnt help it;-D
    RS is too now she's knws me inside-out;-D

    Tan: When u mentioned fav doll, it made thk back when I was small & my father asked me[arnd 5yrs old] to choose btn a doll & a ball. I hesitated & chose the ball bcoz I knew the doll was more expensive but my father understood and got me the doll. I was soooo happy; I still have the doll:-).

    Renu: Very rarely do I make a fuss for all the more thrilled when I got wht I wanted:-).

    Soul speaks: Heyyy good to see u back:-)).
    Glad u liked the post!!!!

    Ramesh: Thanks;-D!!!!
    Pink.....I saw a blue, black & even purple colored ones, didnt see a pink anywhere. And anyways even if I saw it there was no way I'd have chosen a pink laptop;-D.

    Asif: Hahaha...when I was adding description to wicked me the onida ad ka devil did come to my mind....tho I didnt knw he had a tail;-D
    @laptop falling - Bhaisaab shubh shubh boliyae;-o!!!!

    Jyothi: Nice to see ur name;-D. Macbook Pro is husband has it. Will come over to admire urs;-D

  30. Nilu: Hah u r joking...just try staying away from ur laptop for 3 days & u'll much u r attached I mean;-D
    And thanks:-))!!!!!

    Lan: Now tht u mentioned the drum I remember it;-).
    "i hope this means there will be posts galore for us to read".
    Haaah trust u to come to the moot point;-D.

    Anita Jeyan Sandeep: I saw it, i saw it...the blue vaio infact I even saw a purple one. Dont compromise...I'm going to echo Sachin Tendulkar 'Now U go get it';-D

    Deepazartz: Good to meet u too:-)!!!
    Welcome here & thank U!!!!

    Lumuhuku: I guess we all feel this way abt our machines;-D!!!!!

  31. Laila: Dont knw how I missed replying to ur comment;-o!!!
    Oh yes my Vaio...she's reeely reely pretty and gorgeous and beautiful and elegant and graceful....and I can go on;-D.

  32. ha ha... RS, way to go!

    Awww @ ur comment to Tan... thats really cute... i will surely have a look at the doll when i visit over ;)

  33. I too don't have much time. Come back to the blog world only for a very few friends: one of 'em is you :o) Congrats!

  34. Congrats Congrats :)

    Looks like a sleek piece!!!


  35. Congrats!!! :))))
    Gosh! You sound like a kid in a candy store :p
    It definitely looks sleek. One of my favourites too.

    Missed Gitex, but am gonna gift myself this piece soon.
    How does Orange color sound?

  36. Hey congrats. it looks cool and love the color.. So good Nancy expecting many posts from you from the new laptop.

  37. Chech..... wher hav u gone :ooooooooooooooo??

  38. Hey chech.... happy diwali to u n to ur family...

  39. Sulo: LOL u'll fall in love with her too;-D

    Jane: Thanks!!!! Good to see u;-)!!!!

    Smita: Thanks;-D!!!!

    Sparkling: Orange sounds neon;-o but on the positive side...go ahead & buy it, it will be easier for me to spot u;-D

    Tharani: Hah...u congratulate and put pressure huh;-D. Thanks!!!!

    Sulo: Kids were at home fulltime[diwali hols] so...
    Hope u had a wonderful day too!!!!

    Lee: Thanks;-D!!!!
    Good to see u, but why have u made ur blog private;-(????

  40. @Nancy: Haha, I was talking about the viao actually! I think it's pretty!!

  41. beauty!! it's like having a new baby lol soon everything will get reversed though :P more working on it, less cleaning it hahaha ;-) really loved this post, just so cute!!! :D

  42. Congrats on the GREAT looking new laptop- AND this super post!! :)

  43. hehe even i have a waio and same color!!! Lovely Post!!!!

  44. Agnes: Oh yes that she is...pretty I mean;-P

    Heyyy thanks Snow;-D!!!!

    Thanks Anjuli:-))!!!!

    Thanks Jenny and same pinch;-D!!!


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