Wednesday, 12 October 2011

No particular reason

Feeling very sad.

No particular reason.


Wandering room to room.

It’s so quiet.

Feel like having Bebinca*.

Ages since I had some.

Laptop is sooo slow.

Have nothing much to say anyway.

Nobody called me today.

Better-half did though

for some mundane detail.

Ate a squishy kiwi.

I want to climb a mountain.


Breathe in pure, unpolluted air.

He called again.

Asked me to check out laptops.

I sat upright.

Sometimes I think he can read my mind.

Gitex** or not,

He’s the best, the better-half.

Mamma mia played in the background.

Sang along.

Loaded washing machine.



Calms the soul.

Jagjit Singh, we’ll miss u.


Changing weather.

Must start going for walks.


And evenings,

maybe some skipping too.

Yeah right;-S.

The Phone.

It was my Friend.

Laughed together.

Rebooted laptop.


Dare I pass it off as a post.

[if anybody is looking for rhyme or reason in the above post let me assure you there is none. Just told u about my morning, the short-cut way].

*goan delicacy

** GITEX is an annual consumer computer & electronics trade show[read massive discounts & freebies] which takes place in Dubai


  1. lol. Laptops do get slow during Gitex! I think I attended it during its first year. But not since then. The traffic in that area is packed.

    You put ingredients in, and voila, you have a post! :)

  2. LOL I too went for it just once;-D
    Good thing the offers are everywhere and not just at the trade centre.

  3. I Me Myself? (0_0)

    Want to climb a mountain?
    Mamma Mia!

    Start going for walks.Morning and Evening?LOL...Wandering room to room!

    Whatever you write, Instantly it brings a smile on the faces of the readers :)

  4. even a short-cut post from you carries the trademark essence!!!
    There are many such mornings and evenings when I feel pretty much the same way..

  5. Not looking at any rhyme or reason. Still it has that special Nancy's touch:-) Sometime word and thoughts just flow out like that.
    Glad that your friend's call made you laugh.

  6. awww @ dil se's last line :)

    hugs if u r still sad, else more hugs :D

    lots of love.

  7. I am sending you loads of hugs. Don't be sad ok. Now smile :) and get that Bebinca and eat (I googled it. It looks yummy)
    Hugs again :)

  8. What? You were sad, your laptop was slow and you did everything, but sleep??? Try sleeping, it works, ALWAYS!

    Glad you were cheered up at the end of it all. Cheers N!

    Take care!!

  9. :) surprise! coz ive been in a somewhat similar mood and what followed is my recent post!

    and yes we love Bebinca, and we have two slabs still left; would've passed it on if you were near(er)by!!

  10. I am shamelessly going to be a copy cat and write something like this as I have run out of topics too. Well to copy you is going to be tough. Somehow I have to quench my unending desire of updating my blog !

  11. Asif: Hey...long time, good to see u!!! Thank U;-D!!!!

    Uma: I'm usually too busy to think abt it but when it catches me unawares it really pulls me to the bottom;-(

    Dil Se: Oh yes friends can be depended on to lift our spirits up:-)).

    Sulo: Yup Dil Se said it;-D, managed to shake the sadness off, hugs back;-)). Where had u disappeared to?????

    Tharani: Nope not sad anymore, am smiling, seee;-D. My SIL told me abt her trip to Goa & I guess tht triggered off the craving for Bebinca;-o.

    RS: Haha so says the sleep maniac;-D!!!! But for me sleep is never the answer; for one I'll be tossing & turning for a long time and if suppose I slept I'll get up in a lousier mood;-P.

    Vaidegi: U lucky woman....enjoyyy and have one on behalf of me;-D. Will come over to chk out ur mood;-P.

    Anita: Hahahaaaa the mallu buddhi shows very well; there everybody is consoling me and here u r busy lifting my idea...hahahaaaa u r good for my confidence anyway;-D. Copy away, it will be interesting to see urs;-D

  12. whats bebinca ?

  13. Hope you had the bebinca and all blues miraculously vanished.

  14. Hitchwriter: A Goan traditional delicacy:-)!!!!

    Ramesh: Yup miraculously vanished by the end of the next day;-D!!!!

    sb: But its not winter yet;-o

  15. in that case, u think chennaites can ever hibernate? :p

  16. helloooo!
    darn ive soooo much to catch up on ur blog...
    hope you and the kiddies are good. much love.

  17. Sulo: Hahahaaaaa....thts a good one;-D

    limenlemons: Good to see u back;-D!!!
    We doing good, hope u r too:-))!!!!!!

  18. Who says it has to be written in rhyme, expressions of thought is poem in its own. You are good at it Nancy.

    Climbing mountain? Shall we go to Fujeirah then? Hi to three muskateers at home


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