Thursday, 8 July 2010

Still on the BB, just couldn't resist this Gender Tag:-)

I’m still on a break; that part of it hasn’t changed but I did take some advice to heart where many of you advised me not break away completely, to post an odd picture or a forward or do any tag which comes my way. It did make sense to me. And when Masood and Deeps tagged me with this gender tag I was thrilled. I really didn’t want my archives to show July 2010 as zero.

Now this tag originated from IHM’s page and the past week saw this tag on almost every bloggers’ page this side of town[as in within our circles]. And I was not going to let it go without a try.
The tag is called ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’. We are supposed to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.And you must tag twelve blogging friends or else you will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years. So here goes……

# When I sit down to watch TV, the remote control will be in my possession. Heaven save anybody who takes it and tries to change the channel;-/.

# When I was younger I had a Hero Puch[a GEARED bike mind u]; while I didn’t mind the bigger vehicles overtaking me, woe betide anybody on a TVS or a sunny who overtook me. I would be incredulous at their audacity and within minutes fly past them to mark my presence and then turn back to smirk at them before speeding away into the horizon.

# I am more partial to the fragrance men wear….I find most perfumes for women too fruity or ‘sweet-sweet’.

# I make the lamest of excuses and am genuinely perplexed when others look at me with raised eyebrows.

# Only when somebody calls my name out atleast 3 times do I answer. The 1st 2 calls just don’t register, honestly.

# I don’t mind cooking but it astounds me how I manage to use up every spoon and utensil to make a single dish & oh how I hate the cleaning up afterwards.

# I love receiving flowers but would never think of buying them for somebody. What a waste of money really!!!! Instead I’ll buy them expensive cake and hang around hoping they’ll share it with me.

# I don’t mind splurging on the latest electronic device but will think 10 times before buying a frying pan.

# Other minor details like washing cars & huge water tanks, taking care of utility bills, splashing in the dirtiest puddles, taking apart fixing electronic gadgets, flying kites, driving the family everywhere, joy-riding on a Yahama rx100 when my friends father was having his siesta[my best friend Neetu & I would stealthily push the vehicle to the corner of the street and then take turns riding it], bringing friends home without warning are all the other crimes which I am guilty of.

I enjoyed doing this tag and had a grin on my face the whole time I was penning this down. I do realize this isn’t exactly what IHM meant when she created the tag but my fingers wouldn’t cooperate with my brain and let me pen awesome stuff about me and the result is before u;-(.
Meanwhile, majority of all the 12 bloggers I’m tagging here on various stages of Blog Breaks or posting very sporadically, I'm trying to interest them back in with this tempting tag:

Amrita[I really hope u'll get back with this tag:-)]

Anita[Go on, unleash the truth on us;-D]

Blunt Edges[Get back soon, waiting to read ur take on this;-D]

Dil se[Do take it up:-)]

Horizon[It's tradition; I always welcome my 'newest' visitors with a tag:-)]

ISH[please dont make ur blog private...I have no other way to get to High Heel confidential;-(]

Lostworld[I'd like to read ur take on it;-D]

Ramesh[please make it a sunday post.....I've no doubt u'll make it worth our while;-D]

Samvedna [I'd like to read ur experiences:-))]

Suma[high time u got back on the wagon;-))]

WannabeWriter[If u dont do this tag I going to be 'katti' with u for life;-/]

Wanderlust[Why do u keep disappearing;-(]

And dont forget to paste the signature image onto the tag:-))


  1. 1. You have Remote power, Nancy !!! LOL...keep it to yourself...once given, it never comes back... :)
    2. ha ha ha...exactly what I've seen my husband do, while driving a car...the smirk...LOL
    3. too love the perfumes which S wears - and I always tell him that men have better choice...
    4. That means they dont know you, na..
    5. LOL, you are a total sinner.
    6. Its Ok - totally in the men's league, I guess.
    7. Yeah, if they share the cake, its ok to buy and gift.
    8. Nancy, you are the best in writing like this. :) ROFL !!!

    Sinner, sinner, loved it all sinner. Loved ur take on all the titbits too...I too love car-washing -so much fun !!!

    Get the badge !!! Join the SAGS team at FB !!! We have company Nancy...did u read Bins version of this tag ???? Thats another ROFL !!!

  2. Uma u really make me feel good....I wrote all this with a heavy heart thinking that now all of u will know all my deepest and darkest secrets;-o

  3. haha this is really a fun tag na? i just did it too!

    ur sins are hilarious!! this one reminds me of my dad!! lol!

    Only when somebody calls my name out atleast 3 times do I answer. The 1st 2 calls just don’t register, honestly.

    im so glad u dint break away completely! :) how are the hols coming along??

  4. Only when somebody calls my name out atleast 3 times do I answer. The 1st 2 calls just don’t register, honestly.

    Huh! Really? I keep blaming the husband that I hv better work to do than calling his name out so many times ;)

    LOL @ buying a cake and sharing it wiht u - Nw, get me some cake and see if I do it :P :P

    Nice to hv u bk Nance :)

  5. *eyebrows gently rise slightly higher than usual... *

    So using up every spoon in the kitchen and hating to clean up afterwards is a SAGS for women? Hmm well errr it is...

    And heaven save anyone who tried to take the remote from you - that's SAGS too ? I can imagine so many people who will just love this list :)

    Not responding until you are called atleast thrice is so SAGS for women :) Applies to my son atleast.

    Lamest excuses are stereotypically reserved for men too?

    Splurging on electronic devices but thinking 10 times before buying a frying pan...

    Taking apart, errr fixing electronic devices ... bringing friends home without warning ...

    I enjoyed reading this tag and had a grin on my face the whole time I was reading it :) Uncooperative fingers can be so full of wit Nancy :)

    You made me laugh and laugh - this is really funny :)

    And now watch this video - and then join other sinners on facebook too!

    (or at least leave a link to your confessions there)

    Leaving the link to the video in the next comment.

  6. The very thought of you joyriding a Yamaha is enough to make me forgive you for tagging me with this girlie tag !!! Especially if I extend the thought to N clad all in leathers on a Harley Davidson :):)

  7. Great to have you back after so long. Well done tag Nancy.And I really envy people who can drive geared vehicles, I am just so so so bad at it. And driving the family around? Does this mean you finally have a DL in Dubai?

  8. Done dana-done! See how much I've missed you ;-)

  9. Nancy: A big hug with a big welcome !! Am glad that you are not a 100% break from your blog.
    and coming to your sin list, you are so sinful:-)
    First 2 calls don't register on you at all, why does that remind me of my husband :-)
    Aah, the remote control, yes, even I have to have it when I am watching TV
    Buying flowers a big no no for me too !!
    Loved knowing your sin list.
    Keep sinning and bloggin too(between BB)

  10. a hero puch? really? ;)
    n i agree that flowers are a huge waste of money...cake sounds good...make it chocolate cake ;)

    thanks 4 tagging...will try taking it up :)

  11. rofl @ the remote thing lol that's sooooooo guy-ish :P

  12. have got great sense of humor Nancy! still similing at your 3rd one on the list. 3 times? It could possibly be a side effect of having kids around :)

  13. coming from you why does none of this seem like a surprise. Loved your sins and each of them so different. Good that the tag brought you back...

  14. And all the time I thought you meant 'BlackBerry'!
    Why in God's name are you on a break? Seriously?

    The tag was soooo 'Reflections', made me smile all through. I may not be as cool and genius as you are, but that is exactly what happens to me when I cook a simple dish...all my pans, spoons and ladles are in the sink! Feels like kindred spirits!!

    P.S: You drive bikes??? Wow!

  15. Had a gud laugh reading your post on SAGS. Rightly said. I happened 2 read your blog and post a comment coz u were the first and the only one 2 comment on my sole and first attempt on blogging. So when I inched ahead with my second post thought to thank you for your wonderful and valuable comment. Thanks.

  16. Hero Puch!! I remember its ad! THE hero puch ...! lol lol... if u had one in dubai, u wouldve got burnt to your very soul... :D and it wudve been a head turner too ROFL

    And honoured 2 be tagged by you...had checked the link twice 2 ensure whether you actually tagged me :) Will work on it and let you know asap. :) Luv u!

  17. I had a Hero Puch! Trust you to ruin that Aamir Khan feeling for me :P

    And you do love receiving flowers! That keeps you a woman, no matter what you say about giving flowers :))

    I've already been tagged thrice and threatened. But I'm waiting for IHM to send me the Pink shirt that she promised to send to those who did not do the tag :)

  18. Sunshine: U too huh...then I simply have to read it;-D
    The hols are quite eventful...something or the other goes wrong everyday. And there's another 50 days to go;-P.

    Swaram: I have no doubts abt u sharing it with me...infact I'll look so hopefully tht u'll just give the whole cake back to me;-D

    IHM: Oh I know....totally SAGS....infact I've wondered many times whether the creator made me a woman by mistake;-o.
    Saw the video....simply superb;-). And will surely join the grp in FB, wht fun;-D.

    Ramesh: LOL those were the days really!!! Now when I thk of my girls my hair stands up;-o
    And I have no doubts u'll do complete justice to the tag;-D

    Passionate Goof: Oh I was not an expert but managed it somehow...scraped thru wd be more accurate;-D
    I was talking abt driving in India, if u went thru the link u'll understand;-D

    Lostworld: Wow tht was fast;-o!!! Will be there in a 'moments' jiffy;-D

    Dil Se: Thank U, I'm glad too!!!! Looking forward to reading ur tag;-D!!!

    BluntEdges: No, make that sinfully rich death by chocolate cake....mmmmmm.
    And u must do the tag, I've no doubts u'll make it wickedly entertaining;-D

    Snow: I even threaten to carry it to the loo sometimes;-D

    Sindhu: Oh I have no doubts;-D.....another side-effect is to repeat every sentence twice even if I'm standing next to them;-P

  19. Sindhu, Doha: Not surprised huh....u my dear are beginning to read me very well;-D

    Sparkling: "Cool, genius" huh....where??? How?????
    I used to ride them bikes once upon a time. Been a decade or more now; honestly those were the days;-)

    Jisha: Awww....I'll be right over;-D. And glad u enjoyed the post;-))!!!!

    Anita: If I had one here in Dubai I wd never be suck in a traffic jam. In college I was nicknamed the 'Artful Dodger' coz I used to wriggle thru the traffic [waiting for the signal to turn green] and reach the front of the traffic signal to be the 1st to speed away;-D
    Waiting to read ur tag;-))!!!!!

    Rakesh: Huh if u had seen me on mine u'll never say tht. The bike & I were one[read above reply].
    Heee u had one too...but how did u fit in??? I mean, u r tall arent u & HP is a small bike really;-o???

  20. Ha ha!!! Too Good.

    Welcome back. I remember that you used to jump at any chance to do any work that had to be done outside the home. U've always hated housework! We women are a cursed lot I tell u!!! :D

  21. heyhey! what is this.. i come back from a break ( holiday i mean not the blogbreak:) )to read ur post that u are also planning to take a break. DONT.EVEN.THINK.ABOUT.IT. seriously, before u know it the small break gets longer and longer and its a task to write a word afterwords, ask me.
    and i am taking the private settings off right now, thats the least i could do i guess:)
    and coming to ur current post.. i am surprised that there are still things abt u that we dont know after reading u for so long.. u are quite a, erm, man! :D
    come on FB more often would u! :/

  22. I am happy to see you..for whatevr reason you come out but at..Only when somebody calls my name out atleast 3 times do I answer. The 1st 2 calls just don’t register, honestly....

    and thank you for tagging me!

  23. Nicely done, Nancy.

    Gadget/electronic devices geek...excellent...

  24. You and your friend on a Yamaha rx100 - LOL

    "woe betide anybody on a TVS or a sunny who overtook me." - i know exactly what you mean.

    And yes, this tag will be done this weekend, thanks again for shaking me out of my slumber

  25. I am not going to welcome you back. you were never gone out of blogworld, per me :)

    //#I make the lamest of excuses and am genuinely perplexed when others look at me with raised eyebrows.//
    Exactly!! So what if the excuse is completely irrelevant??

    //# Only when somebody calls my name out atleast 3 times do I answer. The 1st 2 calls just don’t register, honestly. //
    This in case, if it is the husband:P. He almost always keeps chanting, that only when mentioned the third time do I know I'm being called :P

    PS:The signature image looks good!:)
    PPS: Keep blogging, you don't want the archives to show 1 post in July, do you?

  26. Hellooone... I have done the tag.. check it out ...would want to know your comments.

  27. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hey even my girlfriend prefer wearing my perfumes than hers.

  28. Butterfly: I had almost forgotten abt my aversion this past decade. The sudden exit of the maid brought it all back;-(

    ISH: Good to see u back. And u've taken off the private settings which is gr8 news. Now if u'll just do tht tag, u'll on ur way. Come on, just do it;-D
    I know, I know I sooo get u mean abt the break....u've echoed all my fears actually;-P

    Samvedna: I'm happy too;-D.
    Waiting to read ur take on the tag;-)).

    Masood: Thank U Sir!!! U r much tooo kind sir;-D!!!

    Wanderlust: I'm glad u r back, waiting to read ur tag;-)).

    RS: LOL even u....usually its woman who seem to be having this problem with their husbands;-D
    I'd love to keep posting too but time is the real issue;-P

    Anita: Done dana done;-D

    A.K: Welcome to my space:-))!!!

  29. hahaha! This sure is a wonderful tag! Funny, I like men fragnance better too. I usually go hunting for the 'lemony' ones coz they are the least fruity!

  30. Hehe...which reminds me I havent read urs yet...which I'm sure u wd have written totally tongue in cheek;-D.

  31. Hero puch!! I had forgotten this vehicle completely. Got reminded by your post. I see you riding RX as well..:D

    This tag has been doing rounds and certainly interesting.

    Using almost all utensils to cook a dish!! My husband just does that.

    Splugring money on latest electronics...and think 10 times before buying a fry pan!! So like me!

    Nice list

  32. To the others HP is a nondescript vehicle but for the owners there isnt another one like tht;-D. Thank U Insignia ;-D!!!!

  33. Interesting facts bout u. You are quite sportive =)

  34. Wanderlust: ;-)

    Shas: I'm going to take tht as a compliment, so thank U;-D

  35. Nance, I hv clear pics of the pine-apple just for u this time :P
    Remember the ones on the Charminar? Pls drop by when u find time :)

  36. I loved this Nancy :-)
    Especially the frying pan one :-D

  37. Thanks for tagging nancy- I have done mine though late as I saw ur comment only yday.
    here's the link

  38. I’m very happy to have missed reading your posts all these days. :D… Swear on my keyboard. :)
    No No don’t frown so soon. :P
    Do you know why I’m happy? Its because of the blogs like yours, I’m finally back here again. I really missed reading all the cute posts so much that I had to come back running or rather you can say flying. :P…As I came in here, I was expecting to read a lot of things but now feel a bit low knowing that everyone is on a breaking spree instead of blogging spree.

    Hmm quite interesting things I got to know about you from this post. Possesing TV remote and forcing others to watch what you want to? Hehehe I guess there was no one who could dare to take the authority of Switch board altogether? ;)
    Turning back and smirking at the hind riders might have been real fun. :) And whaaaat???? flying kites tooo????
    Thanks for such a lovely post. Waiting to hear more stories about the dogs’ birthday parties. :D :P…By the way how do they light up the candles on the cake??? ;) ;)hehehe

  39. Agnes: ;-D

    Horizon: Thts ok, the criteria is to do it;-D

    Asif: Oho look who's back in blogsville....good to see u back Asif.
    No, no, no u've got the wrong idea. I dont force anybody to watch my programs..they are absolutely free to walk away and do anything they want;-D.
    And I think the kids have forgotten all abt doggy bday parties. For heavens sake now u dont remind them;-P

  40. I'm sorry I'm late here, Nance!! Am on a BB myself as I'm in Delhi right now on a vacation.

    Was laughing all through reading your post. You've ridden a bike..WOW!!I cant and I'm petrified of bikes :(

    Thoroughly enjoyed this tag, Nance :). You enjoy your break and be back all refreshed and rejuvenated ;)

  41. Am glad u liked it Deeps;-)!!!!
    Thanks I plan to do just tht and u have fun too;-D!!!

  42. You manly you :P :P My post seems so lame after reading yours!

  43. Hehe....its all about from which angle one looks at it;-D

  44. Here for the first time. Enjoyed reading about you! And hey, I used to ride a hero-puch too in my school days and a motorbike in my college days :D

  45. Welcome to my space RGB, glad to make ur aquaintance....also happy to meet another HP owner;-D
    I used to love my HP and it broke my heart to part with it. It was deteriorating by the minute but I refused to let my parents sell it off[even tho I was living across the sea by then;-P]. Finally I thk they had to pay somebody to take it off their hands;-D

  46. I have seen so many people taking this tag, but incidentally haven't come across any man doing it- would love to hear men doing girly stuff :)

    i loved all your points especially the remote wala, kitchen wala, and excuse wala :)

    P.S: There is something waiting for you on my blog :)

  47. Hi Nancy, just came here trusting your blogging nerves, looking for a new post. Anyway, hope all is well, and things are fine! Happy holidays!

  48. Hi Nancy, just came in here trusting your blogging nerves, hoping to see a new post. BEtter luck next time to me, and hope you won't continue to leave me disappointed :D

    Happy BB. Come back with stories, please!!

  49. Nancy! Nancccccy! Oh! Naancccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! "phew" thrice shouted. Let me see if it was registered. then let me comemnt for the rest.

  50. S: Thanks a lot;-D!!!!!
    And here u go....

    RS: Awwwww....u r sweeetttt!!!! Honestly I too am hoping to be back soon:-)).

    Maddy: I hear u loud and clear;-D, looking forward to reading ur comment;-D

  51. It's nice to be back and it's always nice to read your blogs....bless you...

  52. Hi Reflections,

    Come back from BB... Missing all your wonderful posts :)

  53. knock...knock..
    someone there?

  54. Still on your BB? C'mon...Come back. We all are missing your posts. :)

  55. Come back now, will you?? Miss your posts, Nance!

  56. Sukku, Tan, Dilse, Divya, Deeps: Thanks so much for writing in; I miss u guys too.....just gimme a few more weeks, pleeease;-))

  57. Hi Reflections,

    I have been meaning to thank you for stopping by my blog. I was MIA for 2 mths and got back to the blogging world today. I totally agree with buying cake and waiting for a piece! :-)

  58. A pleasure to see u here Anju: and MIA is my present status too, in the blog-world;-D

    Right here oh Lan: and enjoying my blog-break;-D

  59. OK!! very much here and keeping all your fans awaiting!! not good! *frowning* anyways get back into the bandwagon soon!!!

  60. Nancy, you have been awarded :)

  61. oh! chech u r tooo much... i seriously hoped u will start writing u know :( am bored! most of the blogs i follow rnt loggin on that much... wen is the BB getting over... its like waiting to buy movie tickets for rajnikanths movie - only worse cos the movie is yet to be directed :/

  62. u too still not back...?why...BB too long!

  63. Onlooker: Hah look who is talking;-D?????

    Lakshmi: Thank U:-))!!!

    Sulo Badri: Hahahaaaaa.....u my little friend are good for my self-esteem;-D

    Sindhu: Oho, meri question mujhise....;-/????

  64. You too in BB. I just came back from BB after around 3 months. Now its high time you also come back.. We are missing your post..

  65. Too long a BB ;-).
    Planning to come out of hiatus soon. Been missing everyone

  66. Hey Kavya how r u:-))???? U too were on a BB huh.
    I really do want to get back but somehow dont seem to find the time nowdays;-(

    Wanderlust: U just expressed what I wanted to say;-))!!!!!

  67. you have a post waiting here - ;) :)

    - sulo badri

    ps. i moved to wp :P

  68. Enough of this BB, get back soon!

  69. I am planning to barge into your home one of these days and check what you are upto....Enough of your BB, Nancy. Comeon...

    We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!We want Nancy's post!!

  70. SB: U traitor....blogger ke dushman;-D

    Wanderlust: Sooon, sooon

    RS: Awwww....I want to, honestly I have no clue what I'm waiting for. But one things for sure....they will definitely be a post before the next year ends and thts a promise;-D

  71. lol :D

    Just came by to remind you Dec'10 has already started... u have 31 days only... keep up the promise :) ;)

  72. Sulo my friend u didnt read the sentence carefully. Look says 'before the next year ends'. So u see I have a lot of time.....heeehaaawwwwhawwhawww;-D

  73. oh my! have u really written that or are my eyes deceiving me!!!

    --- sniffs n silently walks away ---

  74. Nance, put up pics specially for u:P
    Really miss u and ur fresh breeze of posts :)

  75. Nancy,

    I rushed to your blogsite after seeing a commnet on my blog to see if you're back to disappointed!

    Please put something here. I miss you and all the socialising we used to do here.

    Take care!


  76. Sulo: Awwwww.....dont be mad at me;-)

    Swaram: Thank U & I'm glad u told me;-))!!!!! About what u'll ask and I reply 'about both';-D

    Nilu: Oh I havent decided when I'll get back.....hopefully sooon. Actually I miss all tht banter too and tht wd probably be the only reason why I'd consider getting back;-D

  77. chech... you dont want us to get mad but dont you think thats a teeeeny tiny bit too much :P

    But you know, i have a suggestion - even if you comment we are anyway gonu grumble; instead make your comment as a post... and look at the wonderous responses you will get... and guess what - all of us be will be doubly happy :) ;) pretty please sis - i dont want a comment... i want a post...

    We want post! We want post!!! We want post!!! We want post!!!! ;D

    C'mon ye all - lets bring the roof of UAE down... We want post!!! We want post!!! We want post!!!! ;)

  78. Nice Blog....
    Perfect with just the right type of humor that leaves a smile:)

  79. 5 months!!
    Enough is enough! Get back, you lazy bum!

  80. Wanderlust: Heee....only 1 lazy bum can recognise another;-D

    TheWizardspost: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Sulo: I wrote a loooong comment but deleted it....gimme a few days, I'll try to put up a post:-)

  81. why why why did u delete??

    gosh! how much we all are bugging u hey na?! :) :D I think uae is flooded with all the love ;)

  82. today i miss you! come back come back come back!!!


    p.s. and stop fwding rajni jokes! migod u and the entire world! :P

  83. lol @ prev comment... chech its weeken... n now is the time i will be (all the more) scrollin my igoogle page down jus to see if you got a new post whnever i login... don ditch.. tht will be my christmas gift ;)

  84. It's a pity that such a good and prolific blogger has gone into hibernation! Guess winter season means lazy time for Reflections ;)

  85. :(:(:(:(:(::(::(:(:(:(::(:(:(:((:(:::(:(::(:(::(:(:(:(::(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(::(:(:(::(:(:(::(:(:(:(::(:(:(::((::(:(:(:(:(::(:((:(:(::((:(

    ps. do you need any more? we are waiting ;(

  86. btw did u see tht award tht i have given u in fb??? :/ :D ;)


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