Wednesday, 23 June 2010

On a BB

There’s too much happening in my life right now and I feel so terrible that I am not able to post regularly. Earlier I used to post twice a week but now I find myself putting up a post once in 2 weeks…...that too with great difficulty.

The realization took a few weeks to sink in and especially after the exit of my lifeline read maid;-(. Past 2 months have been hectic; been busy with guests, the kids’ exams and housework. I feel like a total jerk when I go to the pages of blog friends & realize I hadn’t been there for weeks. Where is all the time flying???
It reached the heights when Anjuli mailed me saying that she was going to mention me in one of her posts & I go to her page in the last week of May to see her participating in a month long blogathon which had just a few days left. I didn’t realize it had been that long I visited her. And I was hopping mad at myself for missing out on the prize she gave away. And what’s worse now is that I realize the lethargy I feel reflects even in my commenting; and that’s really getting me down coz I pride myself on being good commenter.
Blogging was something I started when I had a lot of time on my hands…the company I was working for was going downhill & there was no work at all on some days. It was fun then. I felt privileged when people came on their own and started commenting on my posts. There was so much to say then. Once I left the job the number of posts dwindled but I bravely plowed on. Infact I must be the only ‘regular’ blogger out here who’s been at it for almost 3 years and still not reached her 200th post.

At first I thought I’ll end it all as in stop blogging but I just couldn’t bear the idea of a total termination. I have ‘met’ so many like-minded people out here who have become good friends now. Nope, no way was I going to give it all up.

And so now I’m toying with the idea of a blog break. The summer hols are coming up and I’m going to be terribly busy anyways; nope, not going to be specific and say that I’m going to be away for 2 or 6 months but just hope it’s not going to be for ever;-(.

It actually breaks my heart to do this but I need to get a few things in order. I'm not going to take ur leave and all that jazz coz I wouldn't know how in short, take care everybody, be good, work hard, party harder, drink lots of water and dont do things that I wouldn't do. I hope to be back as early as possible.

And oh, just an afterthought; there are so many of u out there who pass this way, read and go away. Do drop a line, it will make me feel really good and who knows it may be just the inspiration I need to get started again:-)).


  1. :( (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh)
    don' go... on the blog break!!

    Ahh.. do you think the reason for this laziness is your old age? How old did you say you were? - 75??
    :P :P :P :P

  2. C'mon Nancy, no going away allowed ;)
    You may take a break (just like I am about to) but promise to be back real soon for we all simply love you :)
    I wait to hear your take on my works. Love the sweet way you read in between the lines. If you are busy and find it difficult to blog, we don't mind your humorous rants and even bits of daily life, but going away is NOT ALLOWED.

    I guess it's just the heat at your end that's taking toll on so many bloggers. Three of my other blog friends rang the closing bell this week.

    I'd love to see you stay and write and visit us whenever you get a few spare moments.

    Best wishes dear :)

  3. helllooooo!...guess we should meet and share tips on how to do a blog break, what say? :)

  4. MS: LOL at the waaah;-D....and wht do u mean laziness.....I've never been so busy in my entire life;-(

    Chatterbox: Ohhh u r totally right abt the heat...we are sweltering out here;-(
    But I'll be around, and I promise to visit ur page and comment:-))
    And oooohhh u r taking a break too....see great minds think alike;-D

    Suma: Hah look whose talking....u r BB ustaad;-/. U r right tho....we shd meet;-D

  5. ohhh taking a break is ok.. but come back soon! we will be waiting for your posts :)

  6. I so wanna stop u Nance, but I know u need that break too .. am sure u wudn't hv taken it otherwise :(

    But I sooooooo want u to come bk soon .. plssss pretty pls.

    Hv a nice vacation :) Lotz of luv to u and to the li'l Ns :) :)

  7. chorree :( didn't mean laziness... ugh!! You know what I meant!

    break enjoi maadi!!

  8. So this explains the kunji-smiley you put as a comment in my previous post :D

    Awwww..Nance I can totally understand what you must be going through now. Take a breather,sort out domestic issues and then be back with a bang! Will be right here waiting for you :)

    Hugs to you & the girls :)

  9. Swaram: I really hope to be back soon. Thank U:-))!!!!

    MS: Hehe just pulling ur leg:-P.
    Mathae neevu kannadiga huh...bahala santhosha;-D

    Deeps: Yep thts wht I'm hoping to do. Thanks:-))!!!!!

  10. LOL @ dont do anything I wouldn't do :) :) Come back soon Nancy !!!

  11. Have a nice break and come back soon Nancy.

  12. Have a great break. I know how crazy it gets at times. Come back all refreshed :) Will miss you though!

  13. Prashanti: Yeah well I'm a good girl and from the heart want u guys to be too;-D

    Titaxy: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Smitha: Thank U!!! Will miss u too...actually no coz I'll be visiting u to see wht u r upto;-D

  14. So you'll be visiting only Smitha & not me?? :( :(

  15. Take a break, Nancy! But come back soon! :) We all love reading your stuff. I can understand because it`s been the same with me too. I have been so insanely busy and it`s difficult to sit and write. I havent even been reading any of my fav blogs or commenting either! So it happens.. But you must come back soon :):) We`ll wait for you.. Hugs

  16. Oh no a break from u.. Am already missing your posts... The break is good in one way though. U ll have loads to share when u are back :).. Waiting for more of Naina Nikita stories :)

  17. i can so very well understand what you feel..

    Am back from a break and now you are off to one.

    Njoy , get things done and be back super soon.

  18. And I kept wondering where had you disappeared :-)
    Don't be hard on yourself, take a break, sort out the more important matters and we all will be waiting for you.
    Enjoy your BB and hope you get some rest too !!

  19. Have fun but please come back soon.

  20. Oh Nancy... do what you have to do... we'll be right here waiting for you.

    You know, I don't even know your name or what you look like but I have your number. How lucky am I?

    My goodness, I will miss you so much.

  21. On the brighter side, are u coming to India ???? Me want to meet u !!!! :)

    Nancy, yours is the only page, I can laugh thru the whole writing, whatever you are talking abt...really...and I'll miss that terribly.... :(

    Come back soon, to the girls...have a good time and enjoy yourself.

  22. hi,
    u know they say " people in a dark pit love to know there are others with them"..(dont know if they say that..ok, may be i made it up..but u get the point..
    dont want to write/comment..
    but dont want to give up friends too..
    swaram n preeti are doing a blog marathan..but am i being a good blog friend?
    NOOOOO... I am just being lazy!

    join the bandwagon sister..
    we are in...but yet not in..
    write soon..
    I will too..
    the lazy girl..

  23. it sure is a good idea to take a break and come back afresh...but hey don't ever think about abandoning the blog please !

    We are waiting !

  24. I know this feeling, Nancy. Take a break, it's your blog and we shall all wait for your come-back. Am sure you cannot push away for long!!

  25. Happens to all the bloggers,so I am not surprised.Don't say You are so mean Maddy!!!!

    I would only suggest, to keep in touch with this place....whenever you get a TAG, just do it.You might be inspired to write something.

    You can ALWAYS say loudly about Naina and Nikita anytime.The whole blog friends love to read.

    Keep in touch aleast through forward mails!

  26. That is my line, Nancy..don't take it away..and don't fret, I am like this go and off,and then feel guilty for not reading than for not writing...
    On that note..u haven't read mine too...(since ur in in my wish list)
    Be back fast and enjoy ur holidays..where will u be?Can we meet?

  27. We all need a break but don't be gone too long.

    And yes, with summer vacations out here in Jul and Aug, it will be a challenge to churn out posts regularly.

    But be back after the break. And if that does not work, no issues, lets arrange a bloggers meet in Dubai! :)

  28. Deeps: I shd be angry with u for even asking the question;-/??? Akhir yae bhi koi poochne ki baat hai;-o

    Piper: Awwwwww....reading ur comment I'm actually wondering why I'm even considering it. But I need to and I knw u understand, thanks:-))!!!!

    Anusha: U make me feel so good, thank U:-))!!!!

    Meenakshi: I hope to, thank U:-))!!!

    Dil Se: Oh I was around but didnt get enough time to spread around;-(. Yes I'm hoping the same tho 'rest' seems like a long-lost wish;-D

    Sindhu: I hope to:-))!!!!

    Agnes: Hehe my 'real' name is Nancy & u've hrd my voice and my face has nothing much in write about anyway;-D.
    And I'm the one who's lucky, thank U:-))!!!

    Umas: U write the sweetest comments and make me want to not leave;-D.
    We do want to travel but we havent made any plans as yet. People who know us well dont ask anymore coz everything is last minute with us;-D.

    Swathy: What do u mean 'also lazy'????? Huh I'll have u know I dont have a single moment some days to sit and pity myself, thts how busy I am;-(.
    I demand u apologise immediately for keechad uchaadfying on my bedaag izzat;-/!!!!!!

  29. Arre its ok Swathy :P But dnt be lazy for long ;) ;)

    Nance, I hv the same qs that Deeps hs :P

  30. I totally get you...take a break chill out is all i wud say :)

  31. I always used to think it was impossible for you to go on breaks 'cos you are so prolific!!! But I am learning slowly that everyone has a threshold.. :-(

    Hey you must clock 200 posts here come on (some inspirational talk from a slow blogger..hehe) !!

    Cya sooooon. ( I dont like saying byes either) Take care you!! :)

  32. Me too same question that Deeps has..and its true too, in my case...:( (a very sad face).
    Asking once more, where will u be.

  33. and where is the reply to my comment :(

  34. Oh no. Going to miss your posts. I was wondering where you were after your Dune Bashing. :)

    Anyway take a good (not too long) break and come back soon. We all will be waiting for your next post.
    Have a relaxing one!

  35. Please don't take a break, Nan!! I did and I lost the whole blogging enthusiasm!! :-( I hardly comment anymore (lethargy!) though I still I hope something happens that makes you get lots of time on your hands again so that you can blog to your hearts content!!! Nancy's lifeline, please come back! Nancy's hubby - please let her stay! :D

  36. Nu: U see the thing is that I'm a creature of habit...if I'm blogging I'll keep blogging out of habit....infact when I take vacations I find it very difficult to get back into the groove. For that reason alone I'm terrified I may not get back. I dont ever want to abandon willingly but what u see the fears are endless;-(.

    RS: Aapke mooh mein ghee-shakkar....I too hope I'll not be able to stay away for very long:-))!!!!

    Maddy: Thanks a lot for the idea...I'll definitely keep this in mind, the Tag idea ie.
    Oh the fwd mails will never cease;-D

    Sindhu: "and then feel guilty for not reading than for not writing"
    Ohmygoodness thats exactly how I feel. My main problem is tht I cannot reach everybody at the same time and this definitely affects my write ie.
    Ofcourse we can meet, when are u coming to Dubai;-D????

    Masood: I'm always ready for a bloggers meet.....just let me know when & where;-D. But its got to be a proper blog meet....just all of us and not a meeting with family and kids and paraphernalia;-P

    Swaram: Arrey aap sab bade shakki mijaaz ke hai;-D[see also reply to Sindhu below]

    An Open Book: Thank U;-D!!!

    Lostworld: U knw Rohitha I thought abt myself like tht too....even now I'm sure I can go on....if only had some time to myself. I'm hoping this break will put a few things into perspective;-)).

    Sindhu: Badi dukh ki baat hai ke jo mere sabse kareeb hai, unhe yae sawaal poochna pad raha hai[umm in case u r wondering....when I'm totally lost for words I use hindi dialogues to express my feelings;-D]

    Nu: Heeee...I doubt I wd have explained so much in detail if u hadnt put this comment;-D

    Divya: Hah look who is the time I get back I'm fully expecting u to have started ur own blog;-/. Bins & I are going to be watching u!!!

    Ashwini: My dear friend, I hear u loud & clear as u have just echoed my fears;-(.
    And I'm hoping for a miracle too;-P

  37. Reflections,

    I read several of your posts. I read your posts at my leisure. At times I left comments and at times I did not have much to write. Generally speaking you are real good.

    So don't stop.

    Here is my observation about you. Ignore and don't publish if you don't like.

    You put lot of effort in putting details around your stories. That is not easy to keep doing. It burns you out. So try light subjects..

  38. no pressure but u betta b back soon! :) njoy the summer & the hols! *hugz*

  39. oh, sorry..
    and 'osla'- 'also' rewound!!
    :) and also u get a complimentary 'napisan' to remove all the stains from ur now dagbhari izzat!!khush!! :D
    no...awww.. here, a big bear hug from a motu who s hibernating in this cold winter..
    hope u get a break busy beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  40. yeah, I'm with you on the 3 years old but less than 300 posts :)

    And I came here expecting a post on your clubbing night?

    Neverthless, enjoy your break. We'll miss you (Your comments on our blogs I mean...) :P

    Ok, we'll miss your posts as well.

  41. Hi ...u said drop a line, so here I am, I do read and go away...but not anymore...shall always let you know when I a very lazy blogger, besides being lazy yes do get busy, so I surface every now and then....Get back soon from your break..and like every body says do blog.

  42. Rewind rewind! Anyway you can get back that maid of yours? Just for the summer holidays please...

    and here I was looking for inspiration.....

  43. :D You are funny! I wish a day will come (sometime soon) when I will be able to write blogs like yours or Bins. :) You guys are brilliant.
    I am going to miss my regular dosage of your posts now.

  44. No,don't go....okay go..but be back soon!

  45. nance, a break is good once in a while. blogging is fun but not when u feel u have to post. it takes some fun and spontaneity out of it. so take that break, and return when you get your groove (and maid!) back... see ya soon. hey no pressure here:-)

  46. Ayo.u taking a break? no pls dont do that...atleast one in 2 weeks will do... a loong one :-)

  47. Come back already. Do u not have an iphone?? Can u not quickly put together a post and then transfer it to the PC or something????

    I hope I have given u an alternative :D

  48. I was thinking you will be going to Bangalore..if you will be, just tell me, I will be there too.
    And keep writing, if not for anything, it keeps our grey cells working!

  49. Sob. Ok. Sob. you take care. Sob. But come back soon. Sob. And don't worry about us. Sob. We'l miss you. Sob. Will you miss us? Sob.
    Booo hooo hoooooooooooooooooooooo. really take care. But come back ok

  50. Can understand where you are. It doesn't matter if you aren't able to post regularly - for each post then becomes even more eagerly anticipated. Doesn't matter if you don't visit our blogs every day - for when you do , it becomes even more special. Take a break N - Recharge. We'll be there when you come back to active blogging. You are too special a blogger to "go away" and its incredibly heartening that you aren't doing so. Happy Break time ..... Missing you, but we understand.

  51. Life is such that we all need a break once in a while! In fact even I have been irregular lately but I feel I blog for my pleasure not because am under pressure to do so. SO chill you will find us here waiting for you. Bas don't take too long :)

  52. Take a break and enjoy it to the fullest, and be back refreshed. That's the beauty of blogging, you can blog the way, and when you'd like to.

    If you feel the blog would become too inactive, maybe share an odd photograph or an interesting forward once in a while... you could even write in advance and schedule these updates for a later date, if you like... :)

    Will wait for your updates :)

  53. Take a break and come back refreshed


  54. Oh no!!! I come back after this big marathon (huffing and puffing and panting) to read that one of my favourite bloggers is considering a break?
    Please please--stay up late at night/send kids out with hubby/go by yourself to a cafe-whatever it takes! But please dont take a long break!

    I really really enjoy reading anything you write. You write so well, so honestly and so many times, reading your posts I have chucked madly!

    U will be missed.
    But do do do come back!!


  55. You are tagged

  56. A: Thank U for ur valuable insight:-))!!!!
    I totally get what u mean and wd love to go by it but the thing is...u may find it hard to believe but I dont really choose my subjects. In the sense tht I may sit down to write abt a particular thing but halfway thru I realise the post is taking off another tangent and wd end up posting tht coz I'd feel u all wd find tht more interesting. Get wht I mean;-P
    I know, I know, I'm really weird;-D

    Sunshine: Thank U and I hope to;-))!!!

    Swathy: LOL....apology accepted and all gilas and shikwas forgotten;-D.
    U lucky, lucky person....enjoying the winter while I'm freaking in this heat;-(

    Rakesh: Break or no break U shd know by now tht as long as ur blog exists I'll comment on it whether u like it or not;-D

    Poonam J: Aaaaah thank u, thank u....much appreciated. Goes a long way in making me feel good;-)).

    Colours: Oh no rewind I want to desperately fast-forward to 15 yrs later. Hopefully the kids are married off by then and my house will be spic and span and I can get away cleaning my house just once a week;-P

    Divya: Waiting for that day;-))!!!!

    Sara: Deal;-D!!!!!

    Lan: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Anita: Hehe...u r sweet;-))!!!

    Butterfly: Dunno why but I just cant post something from the iphone....I catch up on all the reading but words dont flow;-(

    Sindhu: As of now no plans have been made. But if there is any I'll definitely let u knw:-)).
    And I adore Ramesh's comments, he always says the most sensiblest things in the wonderfullest way:-D

  57. Meira: Ofcourse I'll miss all ur comments on mine but otherwise no. Coz I'll commenting on all of urs dumbo;-D

    Ramesh: Most of ur comments make me go all 'awwww, Ramesh is sooo sweet' and this one almost brot tears to the eyes. Thank U:-)!!!!

    Smita: Thank U:-))!!!!

    IHM: Thank U for the beautiful comment...infact have taken ur advice to heart[abt the fwds or pics tho in this case it will be a tag which originated from ur page;-D]

    Horizon: Thank U Seema:-))!!!

    Preeti: LOL I'd love to do all wht u suggested but what to do, they just dont take the hint;-D
    And thaaaaank U....last para very much savoured:-))

    Masood: Thank U, will definitely do it;-D!!!!

  58. I look forward to reading your posts, pls don't stop blogging, you can write at least one post in a month.

  59. oh Nancy..dont stop blogging, I dont think I can blog when you are not there:) write so well that even if you will just blog what you ate that day we will read.

  60. Much motivation's poured in, I see :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I took 3 consecutive breaks (long ones at that) and finally i'm back. Here to stay ;)

  61. Elizabeth: U knw, thts a very good idea;-D!!!!

    Samvedna: Awwww u r sooo sweet R;-D!!!

    Alphabetworld: 3 breaks and u still came back;-o; I sure can take some inspiration from u;-D

  62. what!!? Noooooo or rather, nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii this can't be happening Nan, I come back from my break and now you're leaving :( Take a teeeeeny-meeeeeny break if you have to, but do come back. Come on, after all the hard work, you will need a rant space ;-) lol

    and I totally second Samvedna, just come back to tell us what you had for dinner, even that will have a funny undertone, enough to make our day :)

    Miss ya already...

  63. Please dont stop Nancy. I understand blogging takes a backseat sometimes. I was like that last couple of months, transitioning my move to India. Now I have some free time before next week starts, so catching up. See you back in action scoon.

  64. Snow: Good to see u back;-D!!!

    Lakshmi: I hope to get back soon too;-))!!!!

  65. if u go away, u should know i will miss u.....
    but honestly im secretly praying u miss us too and cant stay away :) im glad atleast u came back for a tag .... hopefully ull keep coming back for more.

    have fun in the holidays! what plans?

  66. Oh its not a complete break as such, I'm going to be around. Only thing is tht I wont be posting actively for sometime;-D
    'Fun' is wht the kids will be having;-(. And no plans as of now, simply going with the flow;-)

  67. Lady you cannot be on Blog break! Those things happen to ppl like me! You are on a different league altogether! You are only allowed to take a break if you are planning to publish your blog posts has a book... Bolo Hai dum???

  68. Aaaah Meena I love compliments like these...keep em coming;-D
    But jokes apart, I hope to be back in form by september atleast...I really hope to;-(
    Nope no dum....but U knw wht, a blogger called Ramesh was gifted his blog posts in the form of a book by his close huh;-D

  69. "so in short, take care everybody, be good, work hard, party harder, drink lots of water and dont do things that I wouldn't do. I hope to be back as early as possible." - man! that was sooo cute... no wonder i call u chechi - u sound jus lik a sis... ;D

    i had to come here to read this again - wanted to see if there was ny time limit... :/

    am sure u can expect a post 4m me anytime complaining abt you.. :P awww - darn! i miss ur posts chech.. (embarassed to say tht i miss u directly *me goin red*)

    am gonu complete my 3 yrs of rantin in blogger... so kin of dedication to all u gals who inspire me to ramble...


    ps. hopin naina n nikita pushes u onto your desk someday jus to say blog amma - we miss ur bloggin days ;D lol


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