Thursday, 3 June 2010

Dune Bashing is so cool really!!!!!

My friend was here in Dubai last week with her son on vacation. They were here for a mere 5 days but the amount of activities we packed into those days left me with no time for anything else. And after she left I needed around 7 days to recover; that’s why no posts for 2 weeks;-P

It was lovely having Chaitra staying with me; though we’ve known eachother for almost 15 yrs there were so many firsts. I have tasted her cooking many times in the past but she never had what I made until now, we spent hours talking and discovered surprising changes in eachother, old times were discussed and reminisced in detail as was marriage and motherhood. And when the children took to each other easily we were overjoyed.

We did the usual sight-seeing and among the experiences was the Desert Safari which stood out; now this is a trip which is a must-do on a tourist’s list to get a feel of Dubai. It is a half day trip where we are taken into the desert and shown what desert-living is all about. Well ok not that ‘real’ but close as they come and they focus on the good bits which makes it bearable. But even then it was summer for goodness sakes.

So when my friend requested me to go along I told her an emphatic NO….for many reasons. For one I like to take my trips in comfort and spending ½ a day in the sweltering heat was not my idea of fun. Secondly there is something called dune-bashing wherein before reaching the camp we are taken into the ‘proper’ desert[where for miles you see only sand and sand-dunes like in the movies] and the 4 wheel drive you are traveling in is made to thrash up & down the sand dunes. The driver deliberately jerks the vehicle up & down and the passengers get a kick out of it.

Now this is what scared me the most. I’m a poor traveller with a motion-sickness problem; infact I’m so sensitive that I get funny feelings in my stomach if I rock too hard on the recliner in the living-room. Yes really;-/. When I was a child the problem was so bad that I always had a plastic-cover tucked away in my school-bag for emergencies. Now I’m like sooooo much better but the fear is still there. The only vehicles I can breathe easily are in the auto and the train, the rest are just tolerated for their uses.

Oh well coming back to the main subject at hand……dune-bashing was precisely the reason why I never wanted to go on a desert-safari in these years. My friend was disappointed ofcourse but understood my fear & didn’t make a fuss & so I call the one person I know in this area of expertise to arrange this trip. In spite of the short notice he agreed to arrange it but was aghast to hear I had never been on one in these 10 years I’ve lived here. And he literally ate my head….he coaxed, cajoled, waxed eloquently on the exhilarating desert-safari experience and made it sound like I would not have lived my life fully if I didn’t go on one. Inspite of my fears I wondered if I was missing out on something all these years. Then suddenly something he said just overpowered all of my doubts and I recklessly agreed. I thought what the heck… those 7 hrs of supposedly pure unadulterated fun what’s a mere 20-30 minutes of dune-bashing. Right?????

So armed with a light lunch, anti-motion sickness tablets and plastic covers we boarded the vehicle. My better-half who has a bad back and my younger daughter opted not to come. My elder daughter and my friend’s son were so excited. On the way the vehicle stopped to pick up a Portuguese couple and soon we were on our way. After an hour or so when it didn’t look like we were reaching anywhere soon I gave into my thirst, opened a can of Mirinda & took 2 tiny sips.

Almost immediately we reached a camel farm where we clicked pictures of camels & fed the curious animals with bread and the rest of the Mirinda[yep they love fizzy drinks] after which the dune bashing started immediately. It didn’t take me 3 minutes to come to the conclusion that drinking the Mirinda was one of the idiotic decisions taken in my entire life. I bravely pasted a smile on my face but went a deathly white. While the rest of the group shouted “Whooo-hoooo” and “faster, faster”[show-offs, they were all slying looking at me everytime they were saying it;-/] I was grimly hanging onto the thoughtfully provided handles on the top. The driver, a Syrian had this curious habit of saying “bye-bye” in a sing-song voice everytime he going to plunge down the side of the dune; the car would then slide down the slope almost like as if it would topple over and my stomach would plummet in the same speed making me swallow uncomfortably.

My daughter was laughing delightedly and shouting “Faster, faster” with a half-crazed look on her face. I looked at her wryly wondering how she could be so different from me, then narrowed my eye-brows suspiciously and thought back to the time she was born. After all she did lie in the nursery along with many other kids, was there a possibility my own flesh and blood got switched with this brat. Goodness I really have to discuss this with the better-half….maybe a DNA test…..

And I puked, but not before I fished out the plastic cover and buried my face into it. Just when I was congratulating myself for hitting it right into the cover the vehicle bucked & it spilt. If you are thinking “yecch, ewwwwwww……sick” just imagine me. The vehicle stopped, there was a deathly silence filled with pity, guilt[u know coz they were enjoying & I wasn’t] & a sour Mirinda stink….I was so embarrassed & hopping mad at myself. Everybody scrambled out eager to get away. My daughter loudly criticizes “Mama, you didn’t hold the plastic cover properly, you should be more careful”. Giving her a piercing “wait till I get you alone” look I stumbled out & cleaned up. The rest of them walked around clicking pictures and I breathed deeply drinking in the surprisingly cool breeze in the middle of the beautiful barren land.

They were standing at the edge, contemplating sliding down the dune and ran the idea by us. We vetoed it ofcourse.

The rest of the trip went off fine. We reached the camp, witnessed a glorious sunset, rode on camels, got henna tattoos on our bodies, carried falcons on our wrists, watched a documentary on Sheikh Zayed[the founder of UAE], gorged on Arabic food, watched belly-dancing & other curious forms of entertainment. The belly-dancer was gorgeous and not at all like the thin fair creatures you see on tv; she was a mature, dusky Moroccan woman whose graceful movements mesmerized us from the start. I could see Nikita watching all her moves closely and had to hide a smile when she whispered sadly that she wont be able to do a particular dance-step; well I had to agree coz the belly-dancer was balancing a long stick horizontally on her generously endowed upper torso;-D

When I think about it now I’m so glad I took Nikita along. I almost didn’t coz I didn’t want Naina to feel bad[Naina[6yrs] I knew for sure wouldn’t have enjoyed the dune-bashing, and so when I explained how it was going to be she willingly stayed back with her father]. Nikita threw herself whole-heartedly into having fun and reveled in the whole experience. She even got up to join the belly-dancer along with the others at the end of the performance. And in the middle of everything she found time to make a sand-castle too; I smiled in indulgence at her boundless energy but it was wiped off almost immediately when I realized she was using up all the water in the unattended Aquafina bottles, to make it;-/.

As for me I’m glad I went for it. So many times I say NO without thought and miss out on different experiences. I doubt I’ll ever put myself thru another round of dune-bashing but I don’t for a moment regret the one I experienced and there is this decision I made that I will open my mind to all ideas and experiences and give them a fair chance. Who knows I may even end up enjoying a few like this one. All but for one thing….it will be a long time before I drink Mirinda again.

And as to how the friend finally convinced me to go on this desert safari…..

He said something like “Just think about it, you can blog about the whole experience when you get back” and believe me when I say, that very minute all my reservations went flying out of the window;-D


  1. Ohh poor you !!! But, I'm sure catching up with your friend after such a long time and going on that trip for the first time made up for it :)

  2. hahah :) "He said something like “Just think about it, you can blog about the whole experience when you get back” and believe me when I say, that very minute all my reservations went flying out of the window;-D " -this really amused me heheh

  3. See the lengths I go, to post something;-P

  4. i loved it whn i visited dxb abt 5 yrs back :)
    but like u said i have fears abt a lot of things and very rarely open up to trying it out..
    thanks a lot for the comments on my food blog..i think ure the only one, other than my friends, in the virtual world who gives me honest opinions.PS: did u chk out the label?

  5. Wow! the temptation to be able to blog about it made you give up your fears and reservations :D
    That's so good that least blogging did bring courage in hearts of bloggers :D :D

    The sand dune bashing sounds scary to me. But I am totally thrilled by the fun and adventure you had & by your never failing to impress narrative.

    Though you had a rough patch, but see your determination paid off and you had a fantastic time with an old pal, that's what actually counts.

    Did you finally find out who I am?


  6. ha ha... ROFL on the final blog bit!!! If you hadn't thrown up, the narration wouldn't have been dramatic :)

    Dune bashing does sound awesome!!

  7. 'And after she left I needed around 7 days to recover; that’s why no posts for 2 weeks;-P".....hmmm I say how selfish! all u care about is your post?? what about all those posts of mine you missed in those 2 weeks? sobs..

    Hey Niki girl looks so big in the pic. i still remember her pic which you had put up once as a baby. the one where both the girls are in the kitchen.

    Dune Bashing is soooper fun and am glad you went ahead with it.

    Come on you don't need a DNA test. Give Niki a blogspot account and we all will know for sure if she is yours ;)

    ROFL at the dance step she can't do. Ahem so did you sing the song Sharara sharara for the belly dancer?

    Ayyo me thinks my comment quota is already used up :(

  8. Lolz.. you took me back to my days of dune busting Nancy... I have been so used to doing it during my tenure in Raj... but Dubai was the first time I did it with Ma and Baba... the latter was cooing like a child with me, while Ma never opened her eyes. i still remmeber during the break from busting she took me aside and asked me to listen carefully as to where she had stacked away the locker keys,.... just in case she didn't survive the rest of the trip :P ... Imagine!!!
    And yes I can so imagine that lure... to blog about an exp. surely is the most tempting offer which is irrrestible most of the times! :D ...
    Errr... i thought u taking part in the blog marathon ;p

  9. I was actually missing your posts and came here to poke one out of you!This is sooo hilarious , mostly at your expense though. It reminds me of the time when my younger brother puked all over the lawns of Taj Mahal!!;-p Wonderful read! I read every word this time ;-)

  10. baapre.. blogging ke liye kuch bhi karega.. good one.. u r seriously a true blogger :)

  11. Aww u r so caring Nance. Hw lucky we r to hv u in the blogworld :D

    Sigh! I wud give anything to hv such an experience! I hv been dying go to Rajasthan for a desert safari and sadly it hs still remained a dream :( :(

    :P :P I wil nt serve u Mirinda .. promise ;) Nw, wil u promise u wil come to Hyd next time ... Bins, where r u?

  12. So it took a mention of blogging for you to give up your 10 year resistance :)

    It sounds like so much fun! I have to use this to sell Dubai to my husband - he refuses to go to any place where I might want to shop, but I might be able to convince him with the dune-roller coaster ride :)

    It does sound like fun!

    Belly dancing sounds so interesting too.

    lol @ Nikita's antics :) She sounds so cute :) Did she try out the moves at home ?

  13. lol @ the reasons which convinced you to go :D

    But honestly it was very brave of you to go despite all your reservations and look u aren't even regretting it :)

  14. He he... ur friend knows you well i guess :)
    Even I have never tried desert safari for the fear of dune bashing.

  15. Oh Nancy- I'm sooo glad you went!! This is the most excellent post- I felt as though I was in that vehicle being bashed up and down the dunes right along with you- you had me laughing soo hard...especially at the DNA comment :)

    You are a REAL trooper- and just think - you did it ALL for US!! :) I always knew you were a diehard blogger...willing to brave any situation for a good blog update.


    As always- my hero.

  16. whoa! This sounds a little scary to me - and something I`d hate to venture into :( I can imagine how you must have felt Nancy (after throwing up, I mean!). The only consolation I can give is that I would have done the exact same thing! :):) I have severe motion sickness too!!
    But the whole experience sounds awesome otherwise. Great Arabic food, belly dancing etc etc :) Hugs to the lil ones! Great to have you back!

  17. Nancy :) have to pass on the contact of this person who arranged the trip...I'm coming to dune bash too ;) go check your fb inbox :D

  18. Nancyy.. 3 years in Dubai and I have never gone dune bashing.. for the same reasons you have, i like the desert only on winter nights, bbqs in teh cold are fun, but dune bashing-no! anyway, am sure you had a good time catching up with old friend
    AND, another friend is coming to town.. check your FB inbox, its time we met!!!:)

  19. such a well written blog as always :) :) I am soo glad I am back at reading all the blogs :)

    You know, in feb we had gone to Jaisalmer, where the guy who was steering my camel told me to try out camel racing. Just like u i was superbly nervous and quite sure i'll end up falling, but gave in thinking what the hell...if i fall it'll be in the desert only:) and i am soo glad i tried it out! though i went MAD shouting n screaming and embarrassed the fellow who was sitting behind me...but then what the hell :)

  20. “Just think about it, you can blog about the whole experience when you get back”

    No!No I am not talking about your Dune-bashing....but the Bloggers meet you are planning to arrange!

  21. great pic..must have been a great experience!!

  22. lol! trust u to do this for a blog post! :P

    but that sounds amazing Nancy! i would love to try dune-bashing! :D now pls add that to the list of things i have to do when i finally come to Dubai to meet u! :P (gosh the list must b amazingly long by now!)

  23. Your last line made me laugh out loud like anything. I had thought that there must have been a real punching kind of a reason to convince you to go for it :D
    Even the baby swapping thing and the idea of DNA test was funny.

    Am glad you had fun despite the puking thing.

  24. Hi..
    This is Sindhu..
    I love reading your blogs. You are so detailed and express really well. But I wonder how your friends react to your writing on their personal life. No pun intended. Just asking. I am talking about your friend Chaitra's personal life story that you had posted on Women's day. You wrote how she had struggled to reach to the stage she is at now. It is great to hear such an inspirational story but at the same time you also wrote about her parents, in-laws and husband. Nothing bad really. I understand that you had to bring them in because you wanted to explain the situation that she had gone through. But don't you agree that after all its someone else's family matter that one shouldn't discuss it in public. It's just my opinion.

  25. Dune bashing sounds interesting, Dubai here I come :):)

    blogging is such an inspiration to do so many things :P

  26. heyy..thats an involving narration.. i got reminded of my elder sister...shes got travel sickness a lil bit.
    Hmm..and hey me and hubby are at Muscat...we got jobs here..and we're tryin to get license and car soon..and hubby is already excited about goin 2 Dubai..especially the desert safari part :D Dunno but we might be there in a few months. :) I'm sending the link of this blog to him NOW!!
    By the way, poor camels. Did you ruin their day by giving them mirinda? lol
    And high fives 2 Nikita! The coolest one!

  27. Interesting.
    I found the Tree of Life in Bahrain a very interesting sight.


  28. I am so glad you went for the trip because it made a great reading...

  29. An Open Book: Thts the mistake we all make;-(.
    I did but forgot to comment on it;-P

    Chatterbox: Thank U and thank U;-D.
    And yep I did and boy was I surprised;-D

    Jira: Now that u said it I'm beginning to think so too;-o[referring to the dramatic bit;-D].

    Sakshi: Sakshi my dear I got so used to seeing 1 post per month on ur page tht u cant blame me for taking my time to reach ur blog. Aage se dhyaan rakhooongi;-D.
    Yeah both my babies are growing up soo fast...soon they'll be taller than me;-(

    Sagarika: All my sympathies with ur mother...and unlike u I cant find anything to laugh heart too was in my mouth. I actually felt guilty in between for putting my child thru it. I mean wht if something really happened;-o.
    And dont make fun of me, mera number bhi aayega but jokes apart it was only after seeing all ur page tht I got off my lazy chair and decided to post;-P

    Lostworld: Having a good laugh at my expense huh;-P. And thank U:-))!!!!

    Kavya: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Swaram: If u r the adventurous types u definitely shouldnt miss it. Start hinting at home now itself;-D

    Smitha: Oh u must...atleast once. And u can even take Poohi[she's above 3 yrs right] if she likes adventure rides;-).
    And oh belly dancing was very interesting...only after I watched it did I understand exactly why it was called tht;-D

    Smita: U knw I'm usually the boring types and sometimes even the kill-joy kinds but this time I felt very brave and afterwards I felt even better;-D

    Elizabeth: Oh but u must....atleast to blog abt it;-D

  30. Anjuli: Oooooh thank U.....all those compliments are hitting the right spot;-D. And glad u enjoyed the post:-))!!!!
    Piper: I knew u'll understand.....Only one fellow motion-sickness sufferer will undertsand another MSS;-D
    And it experience I mean;-))!!!

    A: Thats gr8 news...u r going to have a blast I just know it;-D

    ISH: Hehe I'm quite surprised u havent dont it yet;-o.
    But the way it goes here, sooner or later u'll end up doing it with or without ur consent;-D.
    And yep read both ur msgs, will mail u;-D

    Saima: Good to see u back in the world of blogs.
    Whooohoo camel racing sounds even more adventurous as sitting on a camel & just riding it itself is so like rowing a boat in stormy waters. Racing must have been fun;-D!!!

    Maddy: Heeeeeheeee;-D

    Arti: yes it sure was and thank U:-))!!!!

    Sunshine: I know for a fact u'll just love it girl. Bas aapko idher pahunchne ki der hai;-D!!!

    Shas: Hey dont was a punching kind of reason;-D. Glad u enjoyed the post:-))!!!!

    Anonymous: U knw wht 'Sindhu' u r right. I was so proud of my friend that I got carried away. I'm going be really really careful the next time I write abt people:-).
    As for Chaitra when I coaxed her to read this post she didnt say much tho I thought I saw a sheen in her eyes.
    I'm glad u wrote this coz it really made me think but I wd admired u more if u hadnt gone anonymous to post the comment:-).

    Pins N Ashes: U bet....@ the inspiration bit I mean;-D!!!!

    Anita: Hey..thts great news, Welcome to the Middle east!!!! If u r in Muscat u need have no doubts about u coming to Dubai...simply everybody does this visit as soon as they can;-D
    Will pass on the high 5's to Nikita;-D!!

    Vivek Patwardhan: Oh yes the Tree of Life is really mysterious....some actually believe tht this was the actual location of the Garden of Eden.

    Colours: Thank U;-D

  31. ooooo...I agree...good blog material. May you get more such experiences. Hey...I know you'l steer clear of the mirindas :P

  32. Only amnesia cd get me to drink Mirinda[shudder, shudder]again;-P

  33. Hey..u poker...(u poked me 4 times and it hurt..ok)
    Glad that I didnt miss out on too many of your blogs...whenever I hide away from the bogosphere I have nightmares thinking..."God, that Nancy and Swaram will be writing away in glory and how will I finish reading all that they write.."Thank fully U had guests this time! Yippe and so u puked...pavam u...even I am not inot such rides..but have not puked...I can imagine the embarassement! Its ok, I am sure it is forgotten by now, the Miranda smell etc!

  34. And another Anonymous Sindhu has written to u...why are there so many great Sindhu's in the world...

  35. Your friend knows u tooooooooooooo well!!!! :P

  36. LOL...Ooh I LOVED this post Nancy!! (sorry i said your name but it is only in comments so it's ok I hope..Gulps) :)

    Totally love the honesty and sense of humour you have.

    Satish has done Dune bashing and enjoyed it a lot. I am sure my two will love it too. (i too wold like it :P)

    Very nice post!

  37. WOW !!! Thats one hell of a experience. I really missed doing it. Next time, I visit Dubai, I'll make sure you come with me, of course, with a bottle of Limca, becoz, thats the best one for ppl like us - not Mirinda. Yes, I too suffer from travel sickness. Its the diesel fumes or the smell of it that makes me puke - now, thanks thats a story to write abt. :)

    I remember one of my relatives doing this and she came out telling that she left her intestines, somewhere in the desert. LOL !!!

    Glad u took the plunge to enjoy yourself.

    You had Arabic food - I envy you, from the bottom of my heart. You know, Nancy, I found a shop in Chennai that sells khubooz (have I spelled it correctly ??) - the arabic bread - my girls are crazy abt it.

  38. Sindhu: Not totally forgotten but yeah it doesnt seem quite so terrible now;-P.

    Amrita: Not really, but he sure is very convincing;-D

    Preeti: Hehe...u still love to pull my leg about it dont u;-P.
    Glad u enjoyed the post!!!!

    UmaS: Yeah in my case the car was stinking of cigarette fumes;-/. LOL at ur relative's apt usage of words;-D
    Oh I too am very partial to arabic food....yep its the correct spelling but then again its spelled in different ways in different countries;-D

  39. I truly appreciate your positive thinking. I wish I could write to you using my google account but I just don't feel quite comfortable in this virtual world. Sorry to say so.


  40. the things we miss out on when we say a no are many...i am glad to hear you had fun after all.

  41. Where ever a blogger goes... !!! :) Would you believe my husband said the same thing to me when I showed some doubt about leaving our pets and kids and going for a holiday with another couple :)

    Loved the description, glad you went. I used to have motion sickness as a kid - now my daughter has it :\

    On one trip, when I was in college, someone suggested carrying pieces of fresh lime and sucking at them when I suspected sickness might begin, somehow the sickness never came, then or after that.

    I love your resolve to try new things and keep an open mind :)

  42. Sindhu: To each his own:-)!!!

    Lan: U r right, surprisingly I did;-D

    IndianHomemaker: I've tried the fresh lime theory but somehow it makes me feel even worse. Actually I'm much better from before, I guess mainly coz I'm usually watching the kids hawk-eyed if they r showing signs of discomfort but certain odours and unneccessary braking & sharp turns trigger them off;-(
    Very happy u enjoyed my post:-))!!!!!

  43. Glad that you decided to go for we got to read about this wonderful experience you had(barring the dune-bashing of course). What a valuable advice was that from your friend!!

    Desert Safari is something I've wanting to experience too ever since I came to the ME,havent had a chance yet. Hopefully when Namnam is bigger we'll go for it.

  44. Wow but YUCK!!! Where were the motion sickness tablets???

    But yeah, you haven't lived unless you've done it once. I actually found it boring. I mean, not much thrill. I tried to fake a few Woooowwws but then I got bored.

    I then waited for the Belly Dancers :)

  45. :-) LOL....amazing sense of humor., great post!! Really enjoyed it thoroughly!!:-)

  46. Deeps: Oh u must....I'm not going to say it was an eartyh-shattering experience but it was something really. And just think of it, being in the ME and not to have experienced it is a pity when u think abt it later on.

    Rakesh: I had those tablets[they worked on everybody except me] but then I made the mistake of drinking Mirinda;-(
    Yeah knw wht u mean, but I was a bit rattled to tell u the truth;-P

    Durga: Thank U;-D!!!!

  47. OMG, I can't believe you are exactly how I am, when it comes to motion sickness.
    This reminds me of the time when my friend pulled me into a very high and twisty water slide and I kept shouting -This is the worst thing you've ever done!

  48. LOL at Nikita shouting, "Faster,faster". Just imagining that look in your face!! :P

    The limits you go to write a blogpost- You are a specimen material (or you do have company, don't you?). Hope you had a great time and you'll keep away from Mirinda for a long time from now!!

  49. Oh, I didn't notice the comment moderation. Sorry for the duplicate comments. Please don't enable all. Choose one of them and publish. Thanks :)

  50. Sara: U too huh....u knw I'm such a killjoy when it comes to these things; not only am I petrified I try my best to stop others from doing it;-/.
    ooooh cant ever imagine going on a water-slide;-o

    RS: These days Comment mod happens more and more frequently as I hardly post;-/[actually it automatically comes into play after 10 days of posting.
    The 'limits' is right...since nowadays I dont feel like posting unless it is something worth talking abt;-(

  51. u still recovering huh?

  52. As someone who suffers from motion sickness and who has never gone dune bashing despite living in the UAE for 10 years, I immensely enjoyed the post!! :)

  53. Never been to UAE but the post gives an idea what is in store...

  54. Wow! sounds like u had a bash. :D

    Hey, I suddenly got an idea. Next year, please send your kids over for the summer!!! :D

  55. Limenlemons: Heeeee;-D

    Neena Sharma: Aha nice to see a fellow resident cum sufferer's comment;-D. And oohhhh thank U:-))!!!

    A: One visit is definitely worthwhile:-))!!!

    Butterfly: Its a deal;-D!!!!

  56. HEIGHTS !!!!!!!

    lol... !!!! you guillible soul !!!! lol... !!!!

    I am sure you enjoyed the trip and so did the lil girl of yours... and you reallly need to learn to hold the plastic properly !!!!!!! :P :P :P

  57. What a delightful post...
    I am an awful traveller too, 15 mins in a Cab and I am all ready to throw up the last two meals!!! Sadly, my little brat is also motion-sick... but hey, we have company ;-)
    Loved your account of the dune bashing, and little N using the Aquafina water to build her castles... very cute :-)

  58. oyi, where are you..gone for another round of dune-bashing or what??

    New post ta, Nancykutty

  59. waitin 4 ur nxt post sis?! :(

  60. Poke , poke, pinch, pinch..where are u?Even I got over my lethargy... and have mentioned u in my blog..but where are u?miss u in thaat world

  61. Hitchwriter: I'm usually ustaad at it[many years of practice u see] but here it let me down;-P
    But yeah both of us really enjoyed it:-)

    Pallavi: U too and kids sympathies with u;-). I was so relieved when I saw my kids were not at all affected...especially on the flights;-P.
    And thank U:-))!!!!

    Deeps: LOL.....wdnt mind another round actually;-D!!!

    Sulo Badri: Hehe....soon, promise;-D!!!

    Sindhu: Maybe the feeling was infectious....u've passed it onto me;-D.
    Jokes apart, the kids have their 1st term exams going on, finishes today actually. Will post soon!!!!

  62. Hey Nancy I did posted a comment last week and it didn't appeared :(

    I forgot what all I said though....but the fact was...I had a ditto kind of few last weeks where my husband's best friend visited with his family for few days and we did all of the above except for Desert hubby discouraged his very recluctant friend becos of the heat.

    I am eagerly waiting for this year winter to experience it myself, God Willing.

    But I could not blog about anything as my kids were going through final exams while the friendz were here and it was one crazee situation to be in and juggle all this, guess what they left on the day of girls last exam :)

  63. LOL@ ur guests leaving on the last day of the exams; symbolic even dont u think;-D???
    Sadiya even we had the same doubts abt the heat but u knw wht, out there in the desert it is wayyyy cooler than the cities. Its said tht all the AC's running are making the city hotter than it actually is;-(

  64. Hi, I'm new here :)

    I started off with this post on June 3rd... went all around the blog, finished all your archives, in chronological order :) and finished all of them! :( eagerly waiting for the next one now :)

  65. Wow MS you must have 'really' liked my posts to have gone thru the entire archives;-o
    I dont quite know wht to say;-(. I actually wrote a post 2days back but am dilly-dallying abt posting it;-(

  66. Yes Dudette, I really liked them all, very much! :) Plus I am a little jobless and I have quite a lot of time and a computer with internet available. You know where that kind of a situation takes you, don't you? :)

  67. Hey, judgements made and no complaints either;-D.
    Just glad to meet U MS...pity u've made ur blog private, wd have loved to read u:-))!!!!

  68. Awesome lady!! Kudos! Btw.. i read this post long time back but cudnt comment.. as i read it from office and commenting is blocked from office. dont ask why!

    Anyhow.. i read it again now and was laughing so much! If get late to office today.. am gonna blame you :P

  69. Oh so thts why u r so out of touch huh.....glad u enjoyed the post;-D


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