Monday, 22 March 2010

Just some random kids' stuff

Naina: Mama I had a nighmare last night.

Mama looks at her concerned.

Naina: Mama, do u know what a nightmare is???

Mama: Yes i know, shall I explain???

Naina: Ofcourse I know what it is, I wanted to know if u knew.

Mama looks irritatedly at the all-knowing 6 yr old who thought her mother didnt knw the meaning. Nikita snickers, understanding her mothers indignation very well .

Mother[a bit worried now]: Tell me wht u nightmared about


Ma: Why, why cant u tell me...was it so terrible?????

Naina: No no it was a nice nightmare.

I wish I had one of those eyes rolling emoticons to express my feelings. I didnt ask further abt the nice nightmare since I knew for sure it would be a long-winded description of a prince who fought off demons to win her hand and they lived happily ever after;-/

Nikita goes for Arabic tuitions but Naina doesnt but she needs to learn too. Since Naina just needed to know the basics I ask Nikita to teach her. Nikita doesnt show the slighest interest. So to awaken Nikita's interest I tell her that just like how I pay Sabha didi[Arabic tuition teacher] to teach u, I'll pay u to teach Naina.

Now Nikita is interested. And we agree she'll get Dhs.10 per month if she taught Arabic to Naina. So she starts to teach Naina...soon Naina is not very happy at her sister's bossy ways and refuses to learn under her guidance. Nikita is depressed and approaches me for a solution.
I tell her "If u want the 10dhs u must find some way to make her learn".

After a while I find both of them peacefully doing Naina's arabic lessons. I was impressed with Nikita's capabilities and curious. Later I ask her how she managed to get Naina to sit thru

She replies sheepishly "I told her I'll give her half of what I get if she allows me to teach her"

If  I have 7 oranges in 1 hand and 9 in the other what do I have???? asks Naina to her sister.

Mama who overheard this was very happy that her children were studying even before she told them to take out their books. "My children are growing up and recognise their responsibilities" she thinks fondly and moves closer to listen to the answer.

"It means u have very large hands" Nikita answers and both fall back onto the couch and laugh gleefully.

They were quizzing eachother from a Tom & Jerry jokebook;-/

After 45 minutes of heightened activity I order the kids to take a break from the wild games they were playing. So they flop down on the floor and rest.

After 2 minutes.....

Naina: Its so boring

1 minute later..

a deeeeep sigh indicating boredom

after a minute

Naina: "I wish we had 2 brothers."

Nikita nods understandingly while Mama raises eyebrows

Nikita: We could name them Phineas and Ferb

Mama: Huh!!!!

Naina: Havent u seen their cartoon??? For them "there is no such thing as an ordinary day"

I looks up & silently thank the good Lord. Our days are extraordinary enough without adding 2 boys & creating bedlam

Nikita: Or I wish we had 10 sisters...then we could be the 12 dancing princess.

Mama[gets up agitatedly]: U two have too much free time in ur hands. Go get your holiday homework both of U.....NOW.

Nikita is engrossed in a book & I make the mistake of passing by...

Nikita: Ma, can u scratch over here please......[pointing to the portion between the 2nd and the 3rd toe]

...not there, a little bit to the left, no no a bit lower

....higher, higher

Nikita[exasperatedly]: uff not like that........u r so old, its high time u learned how to follow instructions[in the same tone we use to tell her off;-/]

In normal households mothers will sit their children down gently, point to a globe or an Atlas and tell them about different places and facts abt the world. In our household.......

Location: Bathroom

Activity: One of the kids will be sitting on the pot to pee

Mama[impatiently]: Finished???

Child: Not yet

Mama: I dont have the whole day, I've got work to do

Child: Its on its way.

but even after 30 seconds..... nothing

Mama: U r not doing potty are u???

Child: No Ma..I just need to pee

Mama[at the end of her tether]: How long doesn it take to pee??? Anybody will think its coming from the Himalayas???

Child[interestedly]: Himalayas???? Where is that???

Mama: Himalayas are mountains found in the northern most parts of India................detailed explanation follows.

And this is how they learnt about Africa, Australia, China, Sahara Desert, River Thames, the Ganges........

To keep them out of my hair I organised a story-writing competition and this is what Naina wrote...

One day when it was snowing Tom went out to post a letter he saw an enormous sight. He saw a bundle of cats sitting on chairs and it looked just like a party. He began to join in but the cats pushed him out and Tom became very sad.
Then Tom had an idea. He went to them and said " Please" and the cats said ok.

Moral of the story: Always say please before doing or taking something.

;-D.......dont miss the words in italics; incase u r wondering Nikita didnt have the patience & gave up half-way.


The Final exams are finally over and the kids have 1 whole month of holidays before they start their next session. I have my hands full and am running around like a hen without a head. Wish me luck.....there's another 3 weeks before school starts.


  1. Whooppee - super post. May every day of the holidays be exactly like this so that you can make such grand posts every day. N&N - make sure mama is "fully occupied" OK ??

  2. LOL Ramesh.....have a heart;-D

  3. N&N are way fun. Tell me you keep giggling all the time ? :D :D
    Keep them coming more please !

  4. LOL Aren't they delightful!! Only thing I don't understand is why - just because they said 12 sisters (sounds great to me), did you ask them to start their holiday home work! Not fair!


  5. My dear BlueMist...please do not mention the word giggling coz I'm allergic to the sound of it. The 2 of them spend atleast 8 hrs in a day giggling away for nothing. By the end of the day I'm just about ready to tear my hair;-P

  6. IHM I'm going air-drop the 2 of them into ur home for 2 days. Believe me when I say u'll be pleading with me to take them away within 24 hrs;-D

  7. Now come on...who said its only the kids that need to be taught! With the girls at home full time I'm sure your brain's going to get some good brain-washing, the kiddo style! :P

    Enjoy!!! :D

  8. wow.. enjoyed the conversation..awaiting more and more of these conversations..All the best to you for 3 weeks :)

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  10. LOL, happy happy hols! :)

    and i had a good laugh reading this...

  11. hahaha what a brilliant post. And what a bunch of kids you got there. Soooper!

  12. Varsh: U do have a point abt the brain washing....I end up feeling like a fool saying "I dont know" 23 times out of 25 when they ask a question;-(.

    Kavya: Its been just 1 week and I'm totally exhausted;-P

    Suma & Masood: Who needs enemies when I have soooper emphathetic [blog]friends like u;-/

  13. Told you...I heard from a friend...her son who's barely 5 yr old...tells her that she knows nothing...his teacher's very intelligent!

    From all you guys I'm learning helps playing dumb and let them do the talking...reply a question with a question :P

  14. That was a sweet post :)
    Your wonderful narration brought to me memories of my childhood days and how I used to enjoy pestering my mum.

    Hope you have fun time in the vacations and we'll enjoy such brilliant posts :)


  15. Just loved loved this kids stuff. Its so cute to sit on my comp and read abt them. Even though they are quite funny, sometimes I can see you rolling your eyes !!!! LOL !!!

    I like that sharing the 10dhs for learning tooo !!! :) She is quite smart !!! :)

    ROFL @ having Phineas and Ferb or another 10 sisters !!! My God, Nancy, these kids relate everything with what they watch in TV !!! :) But, its still a cute thot. :)

    Love the short story !!! Tom said Please - Oh!!! LOL !!! :)

    Bathroom seems to be the great place for knowledge !!! LOL !!!!

    And that is so cute - the figures they have done with clay !!! Its so beautiful, too !!!

    Lots of Hugs and Kisses to Nikhita and Naina !!! And to their wonderful mommy too !!! :)

  16. Varsh: Oh yes teachers words are like 'carved on stone' kinda stuff. Nothing we say convinces them otherwise;-P

    Chatterbox: In plain words I'm freaking....presently hunting for a summer camp which will keep them there for 25 hrs in a day;-P

    Uma: U dont know half of it....sometimes I think I'm not cut out for motherhood;-(.
    [forget the kids]All those hugs & kisses I accept them gratefully;-D

  17. What fun reading these .. we want more tales :P :P

  18. superrrr cute!!!!
    want more of it :)

    i could visualise all the stories :) Naina, Nikita- absolutely addddddddorable :)

    "Mama, do u know what a nightmare is???"
    adorable !!!!!!

  19. Swaram & S: Verrry funnny I'm freaking here & u guys are finding it I was telling Suma above, who needs enemies when I have soooper emphathetic [blog]friends like u;-/

  20. super duper cute and funny :D can't get enough of their posts Nancy :)

  21. SOOOOOOOOPER! And I am still wondering how Mama found time to type this much... Nikita and Naina mustv'e been sleeping!

    Got a good laugh. At office. Boss not rolling eyes anymore. He knows.

    In a way, am happy that they have 3 more weeks off...we'd get more doses of fun posts!

  22. Made a wonderful read Nancy!
    just with 2 N's we have such funny posts to read and i was imagining how awesome it would be if u had a dozen girls:D

  23. When I was reading this post, my mom passed by & I read out a few snippets to her (and told her about the 3 of you). Mom then started off about how troublesome we were as kids, blah blah blah..Omigosh! Who would've thought it'd backfire on me. Now I know why I was sent to summercamp:(

    ** I laughed hard imagining you as a headless hen!!:D All the besht Nancy.

  24. Bestest post I`ve read in a while!!! What cute lil daughters you have Nancy!! :):) Loveeeeeeeeeed the 'big hands' joke!! :):)
    Hugs to the lil ones!

  25. Lovely :)... With the 2 of them around I bet time flies. U can write Naina's and Nikita's adventures as a story book. U have tat talent of engaging your readers. I must say you have got 2 intelligent girls in your hand :)

  26. Your kids are seriously fun! I am sure there's nothing called boredom around u!!
    ROTFL @the himalayas and rest of the geography!! Fun Times for 3 weeks.. enjoy :D

  27. They are amazingly funny!! Me and my daughter were reading it together and laughing! She is now interested in meeting Naina and Nikita!!!! :D So what say about that long pending meeting????

  28. lovely kids...very entertaining

  29. I found your blog through a very old comment on mine. I am so sorry I was so late in responding---and I loved reading about your world so much. It sounds so much like mine!

    Looking forward to knowing more about it

  30. now that made me laugh through n through...witty girls you got :) precious :) muuuah to them both !

  31. Aweeee !!! Such lovely kids Naina and Nikitha.
    As I was reading the post, all along I was actually visualising their facial expressions and laughing out loud.
    Really you created magical post with just two lovely intelligent and fun loving kids. I wonder what you might have done with 12 lovely intelligent and fun loving kids :P
    Can you believe it that I actually guessed about the nice nightmare as something related to Momatassim :D Isn't he a sweet boy !!!
    On a serious note, how are you managing all the works along with the kids and yet finding time to write all this stuff with such elegance. Don’t you get tired???
    By the way, “Isn’t it high time now that you learnt following their instructions?”-hahaha Give it a second thought anyway :D
    You may get angry or frustrated on them sometimes but at the same time I can see how much happiness they are spreading in your life :).
    Please show this post to the little angels See even I added “please” here. Hehehe.

  32. Awwwwwwwww, you are having so so much fun aren't you lady? So stop the fake whining.;) (OK, now don't hit me for that.)
    Lots of love, keep enjoying. And loves the little dolls. The girls made them???
    PS - I wish all my nightmares were nice too.

  33. Niki n naina s cheekiness tickles me to no end[:P]
    cheers to the mum too chicken without a head sounds too dangerously cute..[:P]

  34. oh, also a piece of knowledge from a mum os 2 bad daughters since 27 & 21 years...
    keep telling urself when you want to tear some hair off " if not for the kids, who else is eligible to frustrate you (mum) at this rate with thier mischief?
    only kids are capable of this"
    once you know the limitations of the problem you will know this is (hopefully) gonna last only for a few more years till now problems come up[:P]
    oh, BTW.. the intellectual thought belong to my mum who still suffers from non stop giggling episodes..
    only difference, now she joins us..:)

  35. What a super post!!!! I especially enjoyed the 'arabic tutoring' story- and how ingenious your daughter was to split her earnings to get her sister to learn. :)

    Each and every story had me smiling and laughing out loud. I look forward to plenty more where this came from especially since you have three more weeks to go.

  36. enjoyed reading it:))
    nice toy!!

  37. nance hope u are all better now. i couldn't enjoy this post because i couldn't help but laugh out loud at each episode which brought on the racking coughs to top gear:-)) i beg of u. please keep this up and i'll deal with the cough.
    here's a special owl to you:
    finished book 1 & 2. watched book4 as a movie. verdict : potter is not half bad:-)) the characters are like family now and the son and i discuss their well being each day with care...

  38. Now I know where you get all your wit from :) he he...

    And lets introduce them to Hayaa and Yuvaan! They'll all be dynamite together :D

  39. You're soooo good at handling them. Err.. I have a neice n nephew who have vacations too. May I send them over? Pretty please :D

  40. Titaxy: Thank U;-D!!!!

    Anita: Mama didnt have the time....all these incidents mentioned happened in the past 2months, I had roughly noted them down coz I found them funny then. So all I did was put them in order and published them...honestly I have no time now to turn & look around nowadays;-P

    Mystery: Goodness dont give me heart-attacks;-P

    Lostworld: Hehe ur mom is going to get worse when ur kids come mum laughs her insides out when she hears these tales;-(

    Piper: Glad u r having fun at my expense;-D

    Anusha: Oh yess time sure flies when they are around;-P.
    And thank U:-))!!!!!

    ISH: Laugh away, laugh away....will wait patiently to return the compliment;-D

    Wannabewriter: Whats there to ask.....anytime;-D!!!!

    Trendsetters: Thank U:-)!!!!

    Hypermom: "It sounds so much like mine!"
    I remember feeling the same when I had commented on ur page:-). Welcome to my space!!!!

    Nu: They r getting too smart for my liking;-/. Will pass it on;-D!!!!

    Asif: Oh Momataasim is history now;-D. Here generally dreams are abt her being Rapunzal or Cinderalla & the prince will be some cartoon character;-/.
    I didnt really write all this at one go. Whenever I find something funny I note it down coz I have this tendency to forget. So yesterday I just sort of put all the incidents together and made a post out of it.
    Oh I'll definitely show the post to them...but not now, maybe 5-6 years later;-D

    Passionate Goof: Hehe I do have fun but end up tearing all my hair out too;-P. Yeah the girls made them, Nikita made the girl scarecrow & the tomatoes and Naina made the boy & the apples;-D
    Oh yes tht way I sooo wish I had nice nightmares too;-D

    Swathy: Hehe thts what I also felt until a friend who has older children told me that these problem will be replaced by other problem then.
    "my mum who still suffers from non stop giggling episodes..
    only difference, now she joins us..:)"
    Really, then I'm eagerly waiting for those time;-D

    Anjuli: Hehe even I thought that was quite smart...but alas it lasted only 2 days. They both amicably decided tht 5dhs was too less an amount to suffer eachothers bossiness and tantrums. So now Naina also goes for Arabic tuitions like her sister;-)

    Brocasarea: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Lan: Goodness ur cough hasnt gone yet. Here I'm quite ok infact its so hot now tht I'm having ice-creams & other cold stuff;-D.
    Aha u started huh...but u didnt read book 3....u mustn't miss it, u got to read tht one, I had really liked it:-).

    Rakesh, Meira: Bring them over....the more the merrier. Just make sure u guys also are tagging along. I could do with some R&R....with u guys in charge I'd be sooo relaxed;-D

  41. time..! here its just a couple of weeks, so its ok..the second episode was real good, a mutual bargain! i would think all 3 get to have what they wanted...! :) yes looking fwd to more its and bits of girlish kiddish stuff...

  42. hehehehe..
    Lovely creations of the tomato and apple farm!
    The joke book--same thing my younger one does!
    Phineas and Ferb--you didn't know?! ;-) :-)
    Himalayas was too funny!
    You never disappoint nancy!! Loved this post (too) ! :-)


  43. Onlooker: Till last year even we had just 2 weeks but from this year they've made it 1 month;-/.
    The bargain last for 2 days exactly..they got fed up after tht;-P

    Preeti Shenoy: Hehe Himalayas is funny huh. But standing there I get so fidgety;-D
    Thank u, thank u;-D!!!!!

  44. hehehe bright kids u got there Nancy! And their geog must be very strong :P

  45. oh yes have to agree with u there Amrita, their geography is very strong...they even know where Timbuktu is;-D

  46. Oh Nancy -- they are adorable, aren't they :-) Love love love this post.

    p/s: Scribble hasn't posted in 4 months. What should we do?

  47. OMG, Nancy, you sure do have a way of make us all laugh.
    Ummas to the little ones and a big fat hug for their mama to take her through the holidays :-)

  48. lol and more!! If the girls' parents had that much free time I am sure their wishes for more siblings must have turned true :D Just kidding ;-)

    And for the 2nd one I would say Like mother like daughter :P

    But am sure it is fun having them around :)

  49. Wonderfulll was so funny...
    I have to show this to my two...

  50. Enikku vayya!!!

    You made my day!!!

    No wonder there is a saying...laughter is the best medicine....Oh! No Doctor Nancy...I am not ready to pay the fees!!

    .....This conversation reminds me of my daughter...

    Activity: One of the kids will be sitting on the pot to pee

    Mama[impatiently]: Finished???

    .......when my wife asked her with irritation.......

    kid:: yeah, it came but went back inside!!!!!

  51. LOL LOL LOL!! Every story had me in splits!! :D Aaaah, my tummy hurts all thanks to your girls! :D

  52. Lovely post !! I love these conversations you have with your daughters. Reminds me of my own days when me and my 2 younger sisters used to talk such silly with my mom and she would just go crazy during our holidays !!
    Another reason I so want to have a girl :-)

    Looks like your sore throat is also all gone now :-)

  53. Man.. u have a live cartoon channel n u are complaining.. i would do anything to have such entertainment filled days!!!! I love their wittiness and not to forgetn obserfvant nature! This was one of the most refreshing posts ever.. am glad i stopped by :)... oh by the way do think about the 12 sisters thingy.. might be a 'nice nightmare' ;p!

  54. My first time here! I have been smiling throughout! "A hen without a head!" Lol. Good one!

  55. 7 oranges in one hand and 9 in the other!! --This had me in splits!!

    What a place to learn Geography. Now I wish someone taught me Geo like that :P

    Beneath all these rants,You definitely are amused to heaven, aren't you?? Thanks for sharing with and lightening early in the morning!!

    Wish the three weeks prolongs, so we can have more :)

  56. Hey Nancy
    I posted a comment, its not to be seen here, well I dont remember what I wrote last time now :(

    Well your post had picked me up again when I read it and your girls seems as humorous as you, well that's the best thing way to live life, take things humorously.

    I have two girls and I can really relate to how the converstation goes, I loved the nice nightmare part, my little one too comes up with such instant punches, I love it.

    Keep'em coming and have a fun and busy holidays...I am sure you will have more nightmares....errr fun stuff to share ;)

  57. Agnes:Oh that they are;-D
    U'll never believe this but the night after I read this I dreamt that ISH pleaded with us to give her another chance;-o. So thts wht we'll do right now...give a week to put up her post. What say?????

    Wanderlust: All ummas directed towards me accepted gratefully;-D

    Smita: My sense of humour vanishes when such topics are discussed;-P
    Oh sure its fun but I prefer them in smaller doses;-D

    Sindhu: Thank U!!!! Think 10 times b4 showing ur two...u dont want to give them ideas do u;-D

    Maddy: LOL....I can just imagine mama's irritation there;-D
    I'm glad I'm helping u save on the doctors fees;-D

    TTT: yeah, yeah laugh away...don't forget my turn will come;-D

    Dil Se: In our times if the parents got up fed up they just let us out into the open grounds to run around and play but here it is sooo hot tht it is not possible;-P
    Yep the throat is much better, thanks;-)!!!

    Sagarika: LOL nope dont agree with u, its a nightmare, period;-D
    Thank U and welcome to my space:-))!!!!

    Nikita Banerjee: Thank U!!! Glad u enjoyed the post:-))!!!!

    Savitha: When I look back I find most of it funny but honestly sometimes they try my patience;-D. Glad u enjoyed it:-)!!!

    Sadiya: LOL why dont u put up what happens with ur girls. I for one wd love to read about them:-)). Wishing U happy holidays too;-D

  58. Very cute and extremely funny, what girls!!

  59. @Nancy {re: Scribble-dream} : LOL! -- BTW Bins needs to update too. And WannaBe...? Don't even get me started :-) She never told us the answer to the 'Who Am I to Myself?' quiz... You and I should form a blog-police of some sort :-D
    But I just found out that Bins and Uma are close friends and that just just melts my heart.

  60. p/s: BTW, did the five old ladies show up yet? {insert Dr Evil hand rub + grin here}

  61. Beautiful one.. specially the one where you said, how you taught them about Ganges, Africa etc,, Totally hilarious..!!

    I'm sure posting these here, you have sure made a superb collection for them to read when they grow up..!!

  62. And yeah.. Have great fun during the holidays..!!!

    Best of Luck :)

  63. wow! lovely post ... and lovely girls :)

  64. Awesome! The kids are adorable :-).

  65. Hilarious.
    I liked the way Geography class was held in bathroom! :)


  66. Wow! they r just adorable!!!
    I hope I was half as fun when i was a kid!

  67. Naina and Nikita are very cute :) Such a chweety cutie sugary post :D :D

  68. Lol!
    Wow! Seriously missed having these laughs :D
    There isn't a single boring moment in this household now, is there?!

    The farms looks beautiful, it's welcoming our scorching summer :)
    Kisses to both your dolls *muaaahhh*

    P.S: I'm very well, thank you for asking ;)

  69. Hey Nancy, I was reading this at work ;) and had a hard time controlling my laughter.

    Take care

  70. Giving Naina money to learn Arabic! Wow! Your kids are so clever and funny too. I couldn't control my laughter reading this post. :D
    I love the geography lessons one as well. :D
    All the best for the remaining holidays Nancy. Hope it will be as interesting so that you can post many more such posts. :) Take care.

  71. ROFL ROFL ROFL on the geography lesson!!!!! That was absolutely hilarious!!!!! Good luck with their vacations :D

  72. lol...u have the cutest kids ever (yeah yeah i say it 2 all moms...kinda makes them happy) :D

  73. OMg, super funny as usual. I just simply loved Nikita's idea of getting Naina to learn arabic. That is called business sense!!! :D

    And the geography classes!!!

    They have inherited your sharp sense of humor.

    And did the make those things at home. Brilliant!!!!

  74. is it jus me - cos i fel urnt here 4 a long time now.. i myself hadnt come to blogger tht much... but stil.. i visited today.. n i asked myself.. wats the blog's name tht i like the most (not kiddin)... i mean i evn 4got ur blog name can u imagine.... :-/

    ps. i obviously din 4get ur name chechi...

  75. Happy Easter to you and everyone at home!

  76. Yeah, where r u?Holidays over right?

  77. First time here and i thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. It was super fun :)

  78. Nancy, where on earth are you???????
    miss reading you..

  79. A: Thanks;-D

    Sara: ;-D

    Agnes: Its time to get tough with Ish..gimme a few days I'll come up with something;-|.
    U never knew abt bins & ums;-o...surprising how u missed this coz they keep mentioning it in everyother post;-D.
    LOL @ the term blog-policing, a word worthy enough to be added in the dictionary;-D
    My guests show up in May;-P

    Manishapatnaik: Thanks, I did;-D

    Colours: ;-D

    Destination Nowhere: Thanks, I'll take the credit;-D!!!

    Vivek Patwardhan: And guess wht maths classes are held in the kitchen;-D

    Winnie: I have no doubts u were;-D

    Dhanya: ;-D

    Sparkling: Good to see u back;-))!!!

    Rekha: ;-D

    Swaram: was taking a break;-D

    Divya: Everybody is having fun at my expense huh;-D

    Shalom: Thanks I sooo need the best wishes;-D!!!!

    Blunt Edges: Hehe I dont blame u one bit for taking the safest route out;-D

    Butterfly: Yeah they made tht at home and are all the time at work. Today they are dragging a painted shoebox with a string. Seems like they taking their doll for a walk in the park;-D

    Sulo Badri: oh names are not very important in the blogworld...we still manage to find eachother one way or the other dont we;-D

    Wanderlust: Thank U, hope u had a good day too:-))!!!!

    Sindhu: Nope hols get over on saturday;-D

    Shas: Thank U and Welcome to my space:-))!!!!

    Piper: I'm right here;-D

  80. Beautiful piece,are they into indian or british curriculum?
    BTw whats that decor on the table?

  81. They study in Indian schools.
    They've made scarecrows out of clay & they are supposed to be guarding the tomato & apple farm:-).


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