Thursday, 8 April 2010

Going Home or should I say, Coming Home

You know what……I have this weird feeling that the better-half knows more about my blog than he is letting on.

There I was minding my own business and tearing out the hair on my sparsely populated head alternatively, when out of the blue he asked if I wanted to celebrate Easter with my parents in Bangalore[and mind you this happens after I wrote my previous post about the kids giving me a hard time].
I looked doubtfully at him…. “Everybodys’ saying it’s really hot out there in India”.
He holds my gaze & says casually “I’ve got a deadline coming up at work so I can’t come.”
My eyelids dropped to hide my expression & said carelessly “Alright, the kids will be really thrilled”.
I then walk sedately to the bedroom, close the door, let out a silent whoop & do an uncoordinated war-dance. I’m quite considerate that way; he’d have been so hurt if I did it in front of him.

A few days later we were packed and on our way. Quite honestly I was looking forward to a few days without the better-half. I don’t know how it is with most of you but most of our vacations to India are very hectic with 15 days in Kerala[his parents stay there] & 15 days in Bangalore[my parents]. Atleast 2 weeks whizz by with dentist appointments, medical checkups and Bank work and Insurance and goodness knows what else. The rest of the 2 weeks will be spent visiting all the relatives, neighbours, ex-collegues, acquaintances and SHOPPING. In all this halaboo I hardly get any time to spend with my friends….actually I do manage to make time but the better-half will look at me so mournfully like I’m abandoning him, making me feel so guilty.

So this time I was looking forward to lot of ‘stretching late into the night’ conversations with my mother, shopping with my sister[I select the clothes, she pays for them…heeehaw], leisurely lunches and chai conversations with my friends; not that I drink tea but you know what I mean.

One thing I realized as soon as we reached Bangalore[dunno why but I just cant say bengaluru] is that my mom was not joking when she said it was hot. The kids and I hardly slept thru the 1st night coz we spent all the time dragging the bed from 1 corner to the other for the best position where all 3 of us would get equal amount of cool air from the old rickety fan. And just when we were dropping off to sleep an army of dogs[sounded like it really] decided to bark at the same time causing the kids to jump up in fright. I myself was quite startled but put on a calm façade and explained to the kids that the dogs were having a birthday party and were singing Happy Birthday for one of their friends. It was not possible for the dogs to hold it during the day as people & vehicles kept going up and down the road, right. It was the right track to take for they calmed down immediately but it boomeranged on me coz I spent almost 1 hour after that answering questions ranging from what flavour the birthday-cake was and where they got the money to buy party-hats.

The 1st few days we hardly ventured out of the house but even then it was not at all boring. Elections for the civic polls were going on and I quite enjoyed the aggressive way each nominated party were going door-to-door campaigning. One of the popular candidates fell at my fathers feet[yes, like in the movies] and pleaded with him to give him the vote. Another candidate, a lady told us we could contact her for any problem anytime of the day/night and she’ll be at our gate within ½ an hr. Some of them were accompanied by bands which played loud music. The children watched all the drama goggle-eyed while my parents and I lazily discussed merits of each party over snacks and coffee[nope dont drink coffee, I gorged on Mama’s delicacies].

I realized the extent of their[candidates] single-mindedness only after the elections. That night the electricity went for 2 hours….and after that everyday our houses were plunged into darkness for atleast 1-2hrs. My heart went out to the SSLC students who were preparing for their final examinations the next day. Most people have invested in inverters and generators but some stubborn old-timers like my father still hung on to their candles and emergency lamps ;-/. In a way it was quite nice coz we used sit out on the verandah and talk about old times and new. My kids after the 1st day preferred to stay indoors. The mosquitoes were after their blood and left more than a few marks on their legs, hands & face.

The worst was when the electricity went off in the middle of the night. As soon as the grrring whirring fan wound down I would be up alert and hurriedly hunt around for a newspaper to fan the kids. I rather wave my hands side to side for 5 hours continuously than have them wake up and continue with the conversation about doggy birthday parties.

My friends were thrilled to hear from me but for some reason or the other we weren’t able to meet up all together. I met them just once on a one-to-one basis but spent a lot of time talking on the phone. It’s not the same anymore; what with kids and additional responsibility but our affection for eachother is unmistakable. We call eachother 15 times a day and still have so much to talk about[my mum gets so irritated even now;-D]. We can cut a conversation abruptly without explanation and call back to receive the same warm response. Girl-friends are the best, really.

I really have to tell you something here……I didn’t miss my blog as much as I thought I would. My parents are not connected to the net[it’s a long story] and I did wonder how I would live without checking my blog every hour everyday for comments. Honestly it was not so bad but yeah some nights when I didn’t get sleep my thoughts were not about God or my husband, it was about how best I was going to explain my taking off suddenly without letting u know. Yeah well ok so I'm contradicting myself;-P

Easter was wonderful with my parents and sister but dunno why my heart was not in it. I had this dream that morning that the better-half arrived at my parents’ home and gave us a lovely surprise. Spent the entire day jumping everytime the doorbell rang. I did call him to sneakily check and didn’t quite believe him when he said he was on his way to office. Easter Sundays are like any other working day in the Middle-east you see.

As days passed I realized I was missing the better-half more and more; mainly when I was doing some tedious paperwork or standing in some queue or the other. Even the kids who so eagerly looked forward to their vacation were now talking about how they’ll greet papa at the airport when they get back. When he pre-poned our flight date by 2 days I didn’t quibble at all. I even teased him about his eagerness to get us back without letting him know how I felt.

And at the airport yesterday when the kids hugged him tight, waiting for my turn I beamed at him inwardly thinking “I can get a good night’s sleep finally”.

Now coming back to what I wrote earlier…..any idea how I can find out whether he is reading my blog??? And before you ask, nope I cannot ask him…..a year or so back I swore on my refrigerator I’ll never again ask him directly.


  1. hahaha...every post of yours manages to make me smile :)

    bangalore cannot be that hot :( mom used to crib abt the weather and i would always say you don't know what hot is, come to delhi in may!

    welcome back, even tho i didn't know you had gone :p

  2. LOL Nancy .. u swore on ur refrigerator ha ha ha ;)
    Nt time to buy a new one yet ;)

    And u evil lady .. u r telling us after u returned so that we dnt come n meet u :( :( As I read thru, I ws framing a comment in my mind asking u if u hv any plans of cmg down here atleast this time hmmpf!

    LOL @ the canvassing techniques .. one lady gave me a Bindi packet here ...biggg roundd ones :P

  3. Lunch time ... blog time ;)

  4. Suma: Yeah u r right....Chennai & Kerala is supposed to be like scorching, so terrible tht tht fish are dying of sunstroke, can u believe tht;-o
    And glad u enjoyed the post;-D!!!!

    Swaram: Oh we'll definitely be travelling to India again sometime in July-Aug when the kids have summer hols...then we'll meet;-D
    Really u got bindi's.....they didnt give us anything the cheapskates. I have a good mind to register a complaint;-D

  5. wow swore by the refrigerator :) that's something :)

    Nice account of your holidays..and my heart melt by reading that you were waiting for your turn to be hugged and you thought "you sleep peacefully" :) that's very romantic I guess :)

  6. umm how to know whether the better half read it ? a quiz out of your blog..without letting him know :P

    Or just tell him that your blog is long dead since 3 months now...and see as to how he reacts to surprise or with a 'not-possible' look on his face :)

  7. Nothing romantic Nu...when u dont get proper sleep for over a week romance takes a back seat;-P. But yeah I was strangely glad to see him;-)

  8. He'll never believe me abt the blog being long dead....coz he see's me on the page all the time;-P. We've got to get devious here;-D

  9. :)

    Aah--so that is where you vanished to! :)
    Glad you got to spend time with family..
    India vacations sound so horribly familiar..When i went this time, I realised it was too long and I need a vacation from the vacation :)

    The saving grace was that I managed to stay for 4 days each with two friends and that was lovely.


  10. u were in blore!?!? we could have done the chai conversation ourselves :D

    make ur next post about how u want something ridiculous :D shock him into saying something to u! lol

  11. Well, to say the least, living in Bangalore is a misery nowadays. It has lost all it's old world charm. Speaking about the civic elections, that was not all... A few independent candidates were offering as much as a thousand rupees to people to cast their votes. I've heard of some people earning 4-5k on a single day through this. Anyways, good to see you in the blogosphere, alive and kicking :)

  12. Quite some fun. Swearing on me likey. :)

    I don't even have to find out if other half reads or not; because he reads sitting right next to me :P

  13. i came here to find out where have you been missing.. lucky you, that must have been a good break.. minus missing the hsband ofcourse:)

    how to let him know abt the blog? well post something really wicked about him.. he will pounce on you the moment he reads :D ( I know, i suck at ideas)

    is bangalore that hot already? i thought the city was known for its good weather, and for someone going from dubai, it ought to be good!

  14. This time I am no that late...and u have managed to brin in the smile in u always do with ur blogs.
    I can understand all that u went through...
    loved how u wrote abt cutting conversatiosn with friends and going back to it true.
    And kids asking about the dog's birthday party! U are one imaginative mom!
    Great one...
    This time in July August, even I will be in Banglore, should meet up, what say?

  15. wht! you swore on refrigerator :)

    Bangalore has seriously changed..When I went ther in february, it was too hot.. It has lost its charm.. But whatever it is Bangalore is best..:)

  16. Hey, you are the best - to write abt everyday's happenings and still make them interesting to read. All thru reading, I am smiling at certain places, laughing silently and aloud at various things. The girls are so cute - doggy bday bash details - LOL !!!!

    Girl friends are the best - I totally agree. :)

    The power cuts are horrible in all places in India and its really bad. It looks like the fan's sound is like a lullaby and we sleep well. The moment the power goes off, the lullaby stops, we are totally awake. And the mosquitoes help such situations so well, you see...

    That war-dance behind closed doors - LOL - I too do it, of course, for different reasons.

    Easter at mom's place - hope you had a great time.

  17. Of course he reads your blog, silly. All "better halfs" read every word that their "worse halfs (?)" write. Every single word. Two times actually. But would never ever admit it.

    We'll forgive your disappearing act if at the end a nice post like this emerges.

  18. Oops - my nick name has stuck. I've been officially tagged on my blog with this nick name courtesy a ravishing damsel :) -- Ramesh

  19. lol! of course he reads it...! we all derive a certain pleasure out of reading about each other's lives...and this is out his better half! :P

    i agree abt vacations being too long...short & sweet is def way better! :)

    hope u had a good time! now when are you coming to sg so i get to meet the adorable kids who believe in doggy birthday parties! :D

  20. i wrote a long comment n its all gone :(
    anyways, welcome back,, you are fun.. the war dance, the bday party and the swearing on the fridge takes the cake... i guess the day ur h'band reads u he wont be able to hide that..

  21. So you have come to that Phase now.

    Every year my wife look forward her trip to her mother'place.Her sister also join at theat time from another Gulf country. As you said all this happiness generally last for a week or two. Then whenever I call, she would it possible to advance the ticket booking? ( She won't admit she misses me,but that is understood). I allow her to stay as much as she wants and enjoy my solitude!!!(LOL)

  22. I say ask him! If nothing else you will get a new refrigrator ;-)

  23. you were away? OK

    and now you are back? OK


  24. That was such a beautiful post..i completely agree with you when you say..going back home and meeting friends is not the same as how it used to be...

  25. I tell everybody - A Vacation is hard work. Actually we do not not the first thing about taking a vacation! :D

    I hate these 'must' visits. For Heaven's sake, I am on vacation! But somehow, nobody gets it.

    Doggy b'day party? Ha ha!!!

    Next time, try odomos/good night naturals!!

  26. Oh Nancy! Great to have you back! :)
    This sounds so typically like any of the trips back home that I`ve had..The heat, the load shedding, moving the beds around to get some air, the exasperation at standing in queues etc..and while you really have fun back there, you miss your own home and after a while long to return back to the familiar comfort zone.. what a fabulous post this is!! :):)
    About your you use a sitemeter? you can track the place and the IPs of people who visit you.. though this seems a lil over the top, to spy on the hubby!! :):) JUST ASK HIM! :)

  27. Preeti Shenoy: Exactly what I say too....I need another vacation to recover from this vacation;-D

    Limenlemons: We can still do it...sometime in July-aug;-D.
    Shock treatment huh, hmmm....

    Arjun: Goodness, I've hrd of biriyanis and saris being gifted but giving money...tht is like blatent bribing;-o. And u r right...the old charm is missing but then I guess the old has to make way for the new;-)

    BlueMist: LOL I'm very attached to my fridge u know;-D. And lucky U:-))!!!!

    ISH: Bangalore is hot but atleast its not as humid as Chennai or Kerala. Guess I was just cribbing but u know wht when I reached Dubai I thot the weather was pleasant compared to there;-o. But then summer hasnt quite started here, right;-P
    Hmmmm....all ur ideas are making me think;-D

    Sindhu: Seriously u are???? Then we'll definitely meet up unless u r coming to Dubai earlier;-D

    Kavya: I feel exactly the same....I may crib but Bangalore for me is the BEST;-D

    Umas: Oh u bet the mosquitoes help;-P. Seriously these are exactly the reasons why we prefer making our trips in Dec and the bonus is we get to celebrate christmas and New years with family;-)).
    And ur war-dance and reasons sound very interesting, do spill;-D

    Thiru K'ung Tzu: First things first, this name is awesome, dont ever change it. It sort of has this royalty feel to it tht I am continually bowing while penning this comment;-o. Tho I hope u wont hold it against me if I shorten it to TKT the next time;-D
    So u r saying he reads huh....u knw as soon as I read ur comment I was convinced, now the trick is to get him to admit it;-D

    Sunshine: He is such a 'uncurious' person[really I have egs to prove it;-P] and plus doesnt like me blogging & also is soooo busy tht I cant quite picture him reading my post;-D. all of u convincing me quite thoroughly.
    Quite early I had decided NEVER to travel anywhere except home country till my youngest kid is atleast 10[I just cant take the extra headache]. So theres another 4 yrs to go. But if I ever visit Sg even by mistake I'll definitely meet u;-D

    Mindspace: I'm so disappointed ur comment got lost....u write very thoughtful comments Tara:-)).

    Maddy: Goodness it is a phase is it...and here I was happily blaming it on the weather and the mosquitoes;-D

    Smita: LOL but I'm quite attached to this fridge of mine; why do u think I swore on it;-D

    Masood: ;-D

    An Open Book: And u knw wht the worst is yet to come in ur angle u never thot of.
    Picture this: Friend and I meet up with kids and realise we cant say a single thing without them interrupting and adding their 2 bits worth;-/. And worse u have to think twice before saying anything;-o

    Butterfly: Tell me about the end of it u need another vacation to recover from that vacation;-/
    Long back I had tried Odomos but Naina developed an allergy, after tht I never dared to experiment.

    Piper: Thank U, glad u enjoyed it:-D!!! Heee ur right...seems over the top for such a silly issue, now if only I cd convince my curiosity and my ego to work it out between themselves;-D

  28. That's wonderful that you get to spend half your time in Kerala & half in Bangalore. Me & hubby are always fighting about dividing my time in two places. The inlawas place always wins!

    Good to have you back!

  29. So great to have you back!!! And this update post is better than ever- you had me laughing = nodding- giggling- etc all the way through.

    Girlfriends are the best-like you said- not that we have to spend oodles of time together: often just a quick phone call here or there- a quick visit- but we pick up right where we left off.

    Hugs to you and am looking for plenty more great posts!! Not sure how to find out about hubby- unless you put a 'test' post in your blog :)...something like...."I bought the better half a new car to surprise him" ha ha!! Then see if he starts looking around for the car keys. :)

  30. Oooh look who was in town!! Yeah Blore is hot..& so I went to Coorg which was also hot. Next month I might go to Chennai & I don't wanna imagine the intensity of heat there before my tickets are booked.

    My entire family was reading my blog just weeks after its inception(I never shared the link) so u can sleep easy-your husband & even his childhood friends would be glued to yours!

  31. borthday parties :)
    my mom used to tell me similar stories..i had a strange affection for pigs tho :P

    And yea, I second everybody for BAD weather in Bangalore :(

    Happie Easter to you..

  32. I wouldn't be surprised if your better half is indeed reading your blog! My relatives gave away my blog URL to my fiance (such sneaky people I tell you). And later on, when I actually did decide to tell him about it, he goes - 'Yeah, I know abt it!' Aaarghhh!

  33. Oh, you can check if he's visiting ur blog actually. Go to and install that code in your blog! :D You can check stats there, and if the OS, country, screen resolution (they give all details over there -- one amazing site) etc etc matches with ur husband's laptop/computer's.. then u will know :D

    I used to be addicted to that site over a year ago. But now I hardly check. Guess I am not that inquisitive anymore on who's visiting my blog :D

  34. Welcome back !! So that's where you were gone.You sure had a good time.
    And the dogs having a B'day party, that was jsut soooper :-)
    So, it's not just my parents who still don't want to do anything with the Internet and reject the idea of invertors/generators :-)

    And about better half knowing/reading your blog -- yeah, actually they are strange in that. Mine knows that I do write one, will try to look over the shoulder if I open it when he is around but when I try to ask him what he thinks about it, he acts as if doesn't know anything about it.

  35. Yay! So you had a good grand Easter vacation. I messaged you, hope you received my Easter wishes girl. About him reading your blog, try and check the location, time etc of your visitors, may help you get an idea.

    PS - Just reading about your vacation, I feel like going for one!

  36. Nancy,
    completly understand the scenario whole heartedly with extra nodding at every second setence!
    of-course minus the kids part.. I can only laugh at the dog- happy budday stories..
    so which flavour was the cake and where exactly did the funds come from?;)
    remembered the 1 st time I left for India leaving aj here for 6 weeks:
    the week before I left was absolute bliss.. felt like I was his girfriend more, wife less ;)
    he even stiched a button for me :D
    once home, after the normal hulla-gulla died..
    I was so happily annoyed to having to recieve his calls everytimr hour almost..
    my friends were s bugged that they said I was better off being in Mel than home , atleast they could get some attention..
    who cares, they love me anyway.. :)
    best part was coming back..
    no comments!!**blush Blush me - the old wife was no different than me- the new wife :D
    P.S: if you like this comment, u must give a message bfore u post anything ne..
    want to be first, u see..**rasberry to Swaru... u reading this??

  37. If he gives you an extra tight hug today, you'l know that he reads. I mean...after all the good things you're written about missing him, he is sure to respond.*wink wink*

  38. Hi,
    I ve moved to here from

    Hope you ll visit me :)


  39. YAY!!Nancy is back!!! but srsly, i wasnt even aware u were away.

    So u had a super vacation with super hot weather, power cuts, mosquitoes, barking dogs and politicians?? just imagine the combination of these :D i can understand how much you loved them {wicked grin} :D

    Girls hangouts, long telephonic calls, chai conversations.. lovely.. recently a couple of us friends met after a somewhat longtime, sat in my home and were doing gupshup.. it was so much fun..

    U swore on ur refrigirator! I can understand how important it is to you :D

  40. Welcome back Nancy. WannaBe and I were about to send the blog-police to your place...

    I missed you and I missed Bins too. I was a bit worried why you two were "missing".

    Seriously, I am so glad you got to go to Bangalore. (I can't say Bangaluru either. And I can't say Mumbai. I can say Chennai but I prefer "Madras". Weird. Anyway.)

    I think he's reading your blog. And he loves it :-) Or maybe he's just reading mind :-D

  41. Sometimes it's good to get away & even good when you don't miss blogging. Life is to LIVE - you can always blog later!

    My husband says he reads every word I write(or so he says!). I am pretty sure your hubby is reading!


  42. Wow! you seem to have had a very happening holiday :)
    Loved the sweet dog birthday party bash idea :D
    You are wonderful with words, love reading your interestingly narrated pots.
    Glad to have you back:D
    I agree with Smita, just ask hubby straight on face and don't worry about the fridge, he'll have to get you a bigger one if it dies ;)


  43. nancy nancy nancy...where are you...happy easter!...
    I'm back to reading and writing...hopefully...shout out when you get back...will come give you hugsss :)

  44. you missed replying to me :(

  45. So, you had a scorching Easter, ha?
    It is always so funny, we would prefer going to our parents' place without the other halves, but they always have to have us with them when they go their parent's. My hubby is totally lost without me there :-)
    And next time, don't do your disappearing act, we miss you too much!

  46. Nilu: No arguments here coz we divide the time equally;-D.
    "Life is to LIVE - you can always blog later!"
    I soooo agree with u:-))!!!!!!

    Anjuli: Hahahaaaaa, thts a super idea;-D.....i've been laughing everytime I passed by. Ummm a tiny detail like not having a license shdnt really matter huh;-D.

    Lostworld: Lucky u, spending holidays in coorg but so surprised to hear Coorg was hot;-o.
    Hehe now I can sleep easier after ur advice;-D

    S: I was partial to them too tho I liked them in the cartoons more than in real life;-D.

    Dhanya: Hehe look at it this way.....he gets to know all the good stuff abt u without U having to blow ur own trumpet;-D.
    And I use statcounter too but had no idea all wht u said above was possible;-o. Thanks, need all the ammunition I can get;-D!!!!

    Dil Se: In the beginning I had forced the husband to read a few posts but afterwards I used to get mad when he used to show blatant reluctance. So I stopped bugging him. Now with the kind of stuff I post abt him I'm not so sure I want him to read;-P
    But I remember telling him tht anybody cd get to my blog if they just used a few keywords. That is why now and then a doubt arises;-D

    Passionate Goof: Yep had a wonderful & unexpected Easter with family. I was supposed to write a mail to u, will do soon;-D

    Swathy: Aaaaah I so enjoyed ur comment more so coz I was exactly like tht...still am;-P. Kids dont make tht much of a difference u knw;-D.
    I didnt get the last bit u asked..."if you like this comment, u must give a message bfore u post anything ne..". What message??
    And thanks for letting me know abt ur new id, ofcourse I'll visit u, ye bhi koi poochne ki baat hai:-))!!!

    Meira: Heee u think so...the problem here is tht we all have been getting extra tight hugs everyday after we've come back coz it looks like he really missed us;-D.

    Mystery: LOL I got this fridge just 2 yrs back and am very fond of her. So u understand why I swore on her & now cant risk putting her in jeopardy and hence am asking for all ur help;-D

    Agnes: "WannaBe and I were about to send the blog-police to your place..."
    Hmmmmph dont make me laugh, will u please tell Wannabe the blog-FBI will be after her if she doesnt post soo;-/.
    U knw wht somehow I just cant imagine him reading my blog but I can sooo imagine him reading my mind:-)).

    Chatterbox: Oh the holiday was just great except for the heat and now the memories of the heat are fading replacing them with just great memories of a wonderful holiday;-D
    Oh my pooor, poor fridge why is everybody after her life. I love her and cant think of putting her in jeopardy;-o

    Colormesunshine: Huh I'm back, I just posted this 2 days back. I'M BAAAACK[Nancy waves her hands up & down to attract A's attention].

    Nu: Look again sweetie-pie, there are 2 comment directed at u just waiting to be read.
    Now u owe me an apology;-D!!!!!

    Wanderlust: "It is always so funny, we would prefer going to our parents' place without the other halves, but they always have to have us with them when they go their parent's. My hubby is totally lost without me there"
    Oh my goodness u explained it so well, my situation is EXACTLY the same;-o. And yes I had a lovely Easter, thank u:-)).

  47. haha sweet, looks like you had an awesome Easter :D happy holidays {hugs} Is it just me or is India really getting hotter by the minute :O

  48. good to see u back in form nance.
    if your intuition tells you that he reads it, then he does. but i am sure he will mostly be rediscovering the person he married and some more. so you are in a good place. bangalore trip sounds fun with elections and b'days:-)

  49. Lol! Oh the drama queen emerges again! :D
    Belated Happy Easter, btw, and I'm so glad you'd some 'bonding' time with your family and friends.

    Btw, you don't coffee nor do you drink tea, then WTH do you drink? How do you manage to keep your eyelids open?

    P.S: You could check you hubby's work IP address, you know? :P
    Or just cheat on your refrigerator! :)

  50. Hellooone... me in Bangalore and havin a tough time fighting the heat...heat wins anyways:(
    I laughed reading every paragraph of your post.. How do u possibly write such a long post making readers more involved and interested every minute?

  51. Nancy:
    I notice there is a 'lot of compitition' for the first commentator position.
    so, I wanted to have a head start at it..LOL..
    Just a silly idea of mine to know u ve updated ur blog write a comment first..
    thanks..waiting to meet u there then!!:)

  52. Dog birthday parties??Pass on the cake, will you please.....

    Hope the kutties had a great time(except for the heat and powercuts,ofcourse) with their grandparents...

    So, when you come down to Sg, after 4 yrs,please let me know,too!! A merlion keychain awaits you :)

    By the way, about knowing if your husband reads:you better ask, that way you can move your dear old refrigerator(proving you are papa's daughter again :D-just remembered the car story) to your bedroom and get a new one,too!!Now you'll have two fridges to love :P

  53. LOL!! Doggie party!! You sure need to start classes to teach the other mommies how to fend of the "whys" !! :D :D

    Glad you had a good getaway to India!! And a surprise one at that !! :-)

  54. Snow: Oh it was awesome, infact the whole trip was great except for the heat;-D
    And u r not imagining it...everybody I met was saying the same thing, a place like b'lore which was known as a pensioners paradise because of its mild climate is now so terribly hot. But yeah compared to places like Kerala & Chennai its not humid, thank goodness;-o

    Lan: Thank U!!!! U think so, honestly ur comment goes a long way in setting my heart at rest;-D

    Sparkling: Hehe most people ask me the same question. Actually I dont need anything but yeah a tall glass of cool drink dil ko thandak pahunchaati hai;-D
    Nobody seems to understand the relationship I share with my refridgerator;-/.

    Anita: Thankoo, thankoo;-D!!!

    Swathy: LOL u r way too smart for everybody;-D

    RS: Both the kids & I had a gr8 time except like I said, for the heat.
    Ofcourse we'll meet up, keychain or no keychain...yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai;-D

    TTT: Tht a gr8 idea....and here I was wasting time wondering what kind of a job will suit me;-D
    Oh the vacations which are planned on the spot are the best....they turn out way better than the normal ones;-D

  55. were in india! You had a valid excuse for not posting!!! Oh dear! How disappointing! Here I was telling agnes that we will add you to mine and scribble's league! :-(

    Bijuuuu... Post a comment and put her out of the misery, will you? ;-)

  56. Lolz... I bow down to the doggy birthday party story. how do you come up with stuff like that in the middle of the night???

    And madam.. did u atleast tell ur better half that you missed him???? ... ;p ...

    BTW wat was the flavour of the doggy birthday cake?

  57. So you went to India for Easter..thats great!LOL @ the doggy birthday party story! What imagination, Nance! Oh and yes we can actually dedicate a whole new post on the jugalbandi between power-cuts and mosquitoes in our country!

    As for meeting up with happens with me too...we keep planning to meet up but nothing ever works out :( this time too it was all talk no meet!

  58. You were in India for vacations?:D cool!
    ANd I so agree on the spending time apart thingie..
    coz not been there done that yet..but yeah would love time on my own once in a while..(as he would I am sure:D)

    sawwry been away too...posting and bloghopping erratically...
    (psst..all courtesy you know who!! :P wha? look in the mirror gurl! :P )

    Your comment on mine reminded me that I had to come see you..

    I know I am getting old
    But ya like me anyway :P

  59. I guess your husband is taking revenge by increasing your curiosity :).

    Vacations at home with parents are heavenly - right? - Happy Vishu.

  60. Lovely post. It made me smile:-)

  61. WannabeWriter: Very valid excuse, unlike a few people I knw;-/.

    Sagarika: Dont ask, I guess it was tht or bear with two bawling kids. So necessity is really the mother of invention here;-D
    Not so much in words;-D!!!!
    Pinapple favour!!!!

    Deeps: I like the idea of a jugalbandi;-D
    Actually I met them all on a 1 to 1 basis, its just tht we didnt get to meet up altogether. U knw last year we all took off with just the kids, spent a night at a resort & had a blast.

    Indyeah: "but yeah would love time on my own once in a while..(as he would I am sure:D)"
    Oh dont be so sure abt it. They get so attached to us tht they cant imagine a few hrs without us unless its office time;-D
    Hey no issues I understand wht u mean coz I'm just the same;-(!!!!
    And no doubts abt it, I may not have met u but I'm very fond of u:-))!!!!!

    Colours: "I guess your husband is taking revenge by increasing your curiosity :)."
    For all u knw[rather I knw] he hasnt looked in here at all and I'm barking up the wrong tree;-/.
    Oh yes vacation was lovely. How YUMMY mothers cooking tastes doesnt it. Every single dish was praised to the skies making my mother blush in pleasure;-D

    Lee: Good to see U:-)!!! Thank U!!!

  62. Welcome back nancy....hope u had a grt time wid u r family n parents in India.....
    ITs too good..u gain spread the magic..
    keep going!!

  63. I had a great time!!!
    And thank U for the nice words Jayasree:-))!!!!!

  64. post something Nancy! all i want is to read one of ur regular post.. in such a foul mood!
    how are u doing btw?

  65. once again a great post! your posts reflect simplicity of life in a very beautiful way :)

  66. Ish: I'm doing good. U tell me, wht do I have to do to get u to post;-(????

    Archana Gawde: Thank U:-))!!!

  67. Hey, my first visit here (today seems to be a good day, for first-time-visits). Loved this post, as I could relate to it so much. The short time spent in Madras (I cannot call it 'Chennai' just as you cannot come to terms with 'Bengalooru' :-))) on dental appts, bank work, blah blah, and the formidable Heat... it was all so familiar :-) Will come back to read more later! Keep writing!!

  68. Hey, my first visit here (today seems to be a good day, for first-time-visits). Loved this post, as I could relate to it so much. The short time spent in Madras (I cannot call it 'Chennai' just as you cannot come to terms with 'Bengalooru' :-))) on dental appts, bank work, blah blah, and the formidable Heat... it was all so familiar :-) Will come back to read more later! Keep writing!!

  69. Hell, the summers in India, don't even remind me, just got back from a similar trip with the better half tho. The heat did us in, we hardly ventured out the whole day and on top of it had to battle stomach upsets.

  70. Home is always inviting wherever you are :)

  71. Hellos :D :D

    U better meet me the next time.. we missed meeting last time too.. and yeah it is miserably hot here *sigh* but it rained.. guess u missed that :D :D

    About your hubby.. ask ur kids to ask :P

  72. Welcome back Nancy, I was also missing from blogsville for a while so didn't noticed you missing....good to know you flew for easter and that was a nice warm post, I enjoyed reading, yeah you are right, I totally agree that.... visiting home is nice and to be back home is nicer :)

  73. Writerzblock: Welcome to my space;-D!!!!!

    Elizabeth: Stomach-upset sounds terrible. Hope all of u are better now. Its so upsetting when children fall sick during vacation:-(

    Tan: U bet;-D

    Winnie: Oh this was a spur of the moment idea. Had no time for anything. Catch u during the July-aug hols;-D
    And it did rain once when I was there & we had 2 days of blessed coolness;-)).

    Sadiya: It was a kind of 'blink and u'll miss it' kinda vacation;-D. Good to see u too;-D!!!

  74. That is one more reason why we should post more frequently.
    As for me, wifey asks me if I have posted a new one and THEN she goes and reads, and then I get two pats on my back with a beaming smile.

  75. U lucky person...u have designed for urself a complete blog-support system in place huh;-D

  76. wow.. the whole post is so cutely about your better half..
    did you finally know if he read it?.. i guess i couldn't make out much from the comments above

  77. hehe..very nice post...I hate calling bangalore as 'bengaluru'too. I recently went to bangalore, the weather was awesome!


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