Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A tough act to Follow

Below is a comment I posted today at Agnes blog. I thought I'll tell all of u about it as so many of u have kindly "Followed" me and I havent returned the compliment.
[ I have taken the liberty to edit it a bit here & there but the jist of the matter remains the same]

"Agnes I came here to confess.....I so wanted to follow ur blog but experience[and  a teeny-weeny bit of superstition] has taught me that the minute I blogroll or follow somebody they stop posting on their blog. U dont believe me....take my blogroll itself, initially there were atleast 12-14 blog links there, as soon as I blogrolled them 4 bloggers stopped writing.......yes, just like that;-o.

Within 2-3 months 3 more stopped. And now if u notice, except for Preeti Shenoy all the rest of them I personally have to go blog to blog bugging them to update;-(.

Almost the same thing happens when I watch cricket. As soon as I sit down comfortably, players start getting out for the silliest of reasons. When I stand up they are hitting 1's & 2's. As soon as I leave the room they are belting fours & sixes. So now I stand behind the curtain & peek;-(.

I love reading what you write Agnes and dont want to lose you for selfish reasons. I hope u do understand my dilemma and won't hold it against me."

ps: On the other hand, somebody has stopped following me around 4 days back. I spent atleast 2 hours trying to figure out who the blogger was but my memory is unreliable at the best of times. Be warned all of u who are hatching plans to stop following me, now I have all ur names down in alphatbetical order on my laptop & if I find anybody missing I'll......I'll......


  1. .....I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it ;-D

  2. haha..u always post first comment..and dont give us chance towrite "me first" :-)

  3. hey..i luv to read whatever u write..and will never stop coming to this place :-)

  4. Hey there...I'm sure its just a bad coincidence...I think you're getting a bit superstitious...do find that person and spank him/her...Thank God its not me :D

    BTW...You can follow me and I promise I'll never stop writing :D

  5. I'm quite selective at following other's blog but I do follow few blogs and never ever felt as you...

  6. Today I watched Ind Vs SA for a few minutes and Sachin got out, Dhoni got out !!! Che !! Che !!! I got up and went away !!! My luck !!

    Nancy, as long as you comment in my blog and I know you read them all, I am happy, dear !!

    I actually followed you thru my blogspot account and then changed to WP. That one is no longer valid, I think.

    So many blogs which I am reading are only in my Google Reader !! Some are not displayed in the "I Follow" Page. I think its fine, as long as we keep in touch thru comments.

  7. Ohh thank u so much Nancy chechi.you know what ,one of my friend is looking for a thread to write a script for horror movie(short filim).Now i got the thread :) ."Curse of the mysterious girl".............

  8. And hence you don't follow me??? :( I just lost 2 followers myself. No idea why, but I did. Makes me realise I am not good enough to be followed, even if someone thought I was.

    I will never ever stop following you!

  9. Add me 2 ur blogroll & I promise I will break your syuperstitions ;-)

  10. In my case it's just the opposite, the minute I subscribe them in my reader, their posting speed doubles.
    If I am stuck with work a few days and don't get time to read my favorite blogs, the day I get back, I always have an alarming three digit figure waiting in the unread articles section.

    Love your wonderful blog Nancy :)

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  11. Rashmi: "..and dont give us chance towrite "me first" :-)
    Hehe I never thot of it that way;-D
    Thank U:-))!!!!

    Varsh: tauba, tauba mein aapke blog ki barbaadi ka zimaedaari nahi uttha sakthi;-o

    Ashish: Oh dont mind me, I'm a lil weird tht way;-D

    Umsreflections: Seriously it happens to u too huh[@ the matches]. I feel so terrible those times...like I personally had a hand in making India lose;-(

    Anishthomas: Thats a marvellous idea!!! Just tell him I have no issues abt my name featuring in the closing credits;-D

    Passionate Goof: Oh u too...lets form a club. We'll call it the "We know how it feels to lose a follower Club". Here we will discuss the physical pain & mental agony we go thru eachtime a follower stops following us;-(
    Jokes apart, I all the more value my followers because they know very well I havent followed anyone and still have followed me without expecting me to do the same.

    Smita: Kyon apni kismet ko challenge kar rahi ho;-o

    Chatterbox: LOL really...please I beg u, add me in ur reader. I have been so sporadic with my posts that I'm contemplating shutting down the blog;-/
    And thank U:-))!!!!

  12. hehehe nice observation Watson!

  13. LOL..
    Did u by any chance blogroll me nancy? is it the reason i havent posted since months???

  14. wow.. what an confession.. dont worry, i will never stop following you. On the other hand, you can also follow me and i promise that i will stop writing except for next week, as I will be going to Bangalore :).. Better follow me after one week, so that your superstitous fails :)

  15. good one..
    dont worry about no of followers going down, blogger is weird that way :D that is why we all moved to wp :D heh heh.

    am wondering, would you get to know if someone has subscribed to ur blog thru google reader? because thats how i read most of the blogs...
    keep writing or even if u take breaks, i will always follow u.. so worry not lady!


  16. Hehe...I guess thats all superstition or a coincidence:)U know what, iam not a good reader....the only blog that i follow that does some writing is u!!!So u really have to be honoured....I wont stop reading u...I like the way u write....pinney....u wrote down the list of followers eh?...I was wondering couple of times when i became slow in blogging some of my followers has left as well....It's a bit disappointing as somebody above said , it makes us think we arent good enough!!!Lols...
    Keep up ur work, If not always, i will be surely stopping by.

  17. :grrr y do u leave that first comment .. another superstition :P :P

    Nance, always meant to ask u y u don't update ur blogroll, read am nt a part of it ;) ;) Nw I know ;) ;)

    As usual, awesome post Nancy .. u rock :D

  18. lol Nancy...whoever would stop following you...it won't be so nice without a dose of nice laughter after reading your posts :)

  19. Amrita: Thank U Ms. Holmes;-D!!!

    Mystery: Ohmigosh I swear on my Promise toothpaste that I have never ever looked at ur blog with less than good intentions;-o. Dont forget I even awarded u last month!!

    Kavya: Tauba, tauba mereliyae aisa sochna bhi paap hai;-o. Have a good trip;-D!!!!

    Mindspace: Blogger is the BEST[Nancy defends her space provider stoutly].
    Nope we cannot make out who comes in thru Google reader except maybe from which country they r coming from. How about in WP, can u make out there????

    Shabs: Thank U, thank U, thank u...its a compliment for sure;-D.
    Join my club "We know how it feels to lose a follower Club" with Passionate Goof, we are looking for new recruits;-D

    Swaram: Hehe the post is written tongue in cheek but honestly I do feel like that;-P. I've even contemplated removing blogroll altogether...dunno why I havent done it yet.
    Yeah Mystery is having some fun at my expense;-D

    Titaxy: Thank U, oh U nice person & wonderful blogger;-D!!!

  20. am totally fallin in love with ur blog... i don read other blogs tht much - 4 that matter i dont write also tht much - lol... but man! i love ur blog n u in the process - ;) he hee...

    as u kno i strtd followin ur blog quite late n now am evn readin the comments section lik mad - u r awesome chechi...

    b4 i spam some more... even i thot of deletin ma blog not a week ago - thnk god! u din subscribe ;D

    n am one other crickt victim - but how wd our team surivive if none of us watch cos of this...

    ps. i dont think he/she wd have stopped followin - might be they have deleted their blog profile n automatically the count wd have come down - cos it wont make sense otherwise... if ppl don follow this blog wat can they possibly follow..

    pps. the comment abv mite have made u fly... so chechi pl come down.. bt swear am not flatterin...


  21. hahaha...

    hope the missing followers have resurfaced....:p

  22. Sulo Badri: A few more comments like this & I'll be able to do the elevated pose in Yoga without training;-D
    U wanted to delete ur blog, but why;-o???
    u r calling me Chechi and all...are u Malayalee[i never guessed];-o????

  23. Suma: Nope, no atha-patha;-(!!!

  24. Even when you post some serious things, it brings a broad smile on my face and I guess it happens to others as well.:)…So why would anyone stop following your blog. On the other hand, I strongly believe that if anyone likes and wants to read our blog they will definitely follow us. It is not a trade to say “follow to get followed.”
    And I think it is better to leave such people on their own self who think that way.

    BTW did you watch this test match which ended today? ;)…What happened to your curtains? I guess this time it worked for the other team :D

  25. he hee... n if u do fly so - half riches to me ok?! ;)

    well delete cos basically i strtd writin jus 4 d heck of it (bein a gal of finance n figures) i no more prefer to s**k publicly.. bt havin strtd as a hobby i regret y i din do english literature :( lil' guilty cos am likin eng more than finance now ;) also if u hav noticed my topics center more on spiru stuff... not evry1's fancy.. so... :/

    n chechi, am not a mallu :( am 4m chennai.. but i have loads of mallu frens.. tht includes one of ma bestest chums who s also 4m bnglr... :) oh, u made me miss her nw :(

    lol - nywy, i find 'chechi' the most endearing out of akka, di n the like.. don u think?!

  26. Heheheheh, find out soon who that is and tell us what you did to them :)

  27. hehehe now thats strange... :P poor you must be having a hard time checking for updates :D

  28. hehehe now thats strange... :P poor you must be having a hard time checking for updates :D

  29. yeah yeah...nice excuses u come up with :P

  30. LOL Nancy! You're too funny.
    I just added the "follow me" thingy recently, not even sure why... and hardly anyone followed, LOL!
    And Nancy, I think you should only blogroll or link someone when you want to. It's your blog. OK, now that being said, I never actually pay attention to my traffic, but since you linked me today, I checked my traffic and I had dozens of hits from your site -- so now I kinda want to be blogrolled by you, LOL. But no pressure, really -- it's your blog. And I love coming here.

  31. hey i hav somthng for u in ma blog :)

  32. First of all, you have to tell me how do you figure out how many people follow you? I have never figured that one out!

    I am certainly not going to un-follow you in a hurry :)

  33. What if I tell you, you and Bins are the reasons I am writing again. Your persistence in asking me each time?

  34. lol a truly Nancy post it is! :P hehe...well then don't follow any more popular bloggers! :P too many of them have left in recent times!

  35. ;) This is a very good Nancy kind of post. I love your blog and am still following it, but am sloppy these days(!)

  36. Now I can rest assuered that you dont follow me because you mean well for me:)

    I think following is just a mean to read blogs..whatever you do is your choice..I dont follow yours, but I am your permanent reader...Inbitially i ifollowed, but now I prefer reading thru blogroll.

  37. Hi Nancy, I was just going to blogroll you before reading this, now all the more reason ;)
    take care

  38. nancy, you must know i love your blog and read every post faithfully. it is the only blog other than pioneerwoman's that i have yet to miss a post. one of the reasons i post in vaayanasaala is so i can see how it looks on your page. only half kidding:-))

  39. In the blogworld it is quite common, that you pat my shoulder and I pat yours. So don't give too much emphasis to this follow and unfollow

    There can be so many reasons one come and comment or just read. But whatever the case may be you are followed,read.

    I don't have a blogroll neither in anybody's follower's list. My way of following is mark in my "Favourites" which keeps changing. One step above is "subscribe in Google reader"...those who are in my MUST read list.You are one of them, though I haven't given any publicity to you!!

  40. That's happened with me as well. Half the bloggers on my blogroll has stopped posting and 1 has stopped blogging all together. I never thought of it as you did. Infact I didn't bother thinking at all.

    But seriously, do you really have all your followers on paper? ;)

    About cricket, yes, that happens to a lot of us. Infact yday, everytime I tweeted about the game, India lost a wicket. So I closed twitter for a bit. And as soon as I turned it on again and tweeted, India lost the game!!!

    Btw, I hope I am in your list of followers. Heil, Nancy! :) And don't worry, I will spare you the torture. Will let you know the day I stop following you :p

  41. ha ha....Your post scared me a bit and i was afraid of leaving my footprints here coz jus in case u followed me n....but i couldn't help commenting here coz i liked ur concern.

    Happy Blogging!!

  42. Ms. Orginality...now this has become an idea for you to posr when I have keep hunting for things to write...and I so love it when out of the blue, you prod me to write...even I f you have many firnds, for me you are the best friend in the blog world...keep writing!

  43. Asif: Hehe lets not be under any illusions here. The blog-world works on this "I scratch ur back and inturn u scratch my back policy". Generally it works out in both the party's favour & all iz well.
    And I swear on the sofa in my living room that I didnt watch even a minute of yesterday's match. Maybe this time its because Ums & Masood[read their comment above] were watching it;-D.

    Sulo Badri: Ok, Deal;-D!!!!!
    And u dont ever think of deleting ur space....ur thought are ur own and Unique. I personally am amazed everytime I visit u!!!!
    Ofcourse Chechi is endearing...my Naina calls her sister that;-D
    And I'm coming over there as soon as I finish this:-).

    Prashanti: LOL u didnt read the 1st comment did u;-D????

    Rajalakshmi: Yeah initially it was a bit of a bother but I like it tht day now. Because now I go to a particular blog its because I want to and not because they've updated:-).

    Blunt Edges: Before I answer ur question, U tell me what excuse do u have for not updating for almost 2 months now;-/.

    Agnes: It is a stupid feeling I knw....but somehow it has wedged itself in my thinking. I'm actually planning to remove the blogroll altogether....u see now tht I have said it out aloud, ISH, Wannabe and Bins must be already nodding their heads like "So tht's why we have not been updating regularly";-P

    Smitha: LOL thts because wordpress doesnt have that option;-D. And thank U;-D!!!!!

    Colours: felt really good to hear that;-D!!!

    Sunshine: Honestly I'm seeing that too;-o

    Lakshmi: What is this "Nancy kind of post" everybody is talking about??? I'm sharing my dukh-bhari kahani and all of u are finding it funny;-(

    Renu: YESSS...exactly, thank goodness u got my point;-D.

    Soul speaks: Hehe blogroll away;-D!!!! The problem is with me, not with u;-D

    Lan: Half kidding or not I laughed so much when I read that;-D

  44. Kindly note, there are some ppl as well who do not follow you but read you religiously :p


  45. nw thts rude - u din read my other post :(

  46. Sigh.. so true.. I think I have been afflicted by the same curse by someone else... havent been writing for quite a while.. where earlier used to post once a week, now once a month sounds like a luxury.. officially I say work.. unofficially.. well, I'd still have to say work !!!
    Nice blog, by the way

  47. LOL Nancy, I would forget the superstition, follow to my heart's content! I like to think I bring good luck to people!


  48. Ah ha! It was your doing then.... look at that! All these months i've been wondering why i don't write anymore! sigh! sigh! :P LOL. Love your blog dear nancy .... will always come back for more... although i don't follow anyone, add me on to ur alphabetical list...

  49. Have you ever checked out wordpress? They have some great statistics! (I know coz I tried to get the red moonrise name there, but never followed up on it, so its probably gone by now :D)

  50. You manage to make me feel sooooooooo guilty!!! :D

    Don't take me off the blogroll...am so flattered to be there.. will post will post!!! :D

  51. Lol... no jokes but please tell this bloke to not go anywhere near the TV when India is playing !!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    buss... bhagoooooooo

  52. Maddy: Aaaah thank U....nope dont need any publicity, just lovely comments like this will do;-D

    Masood: "But seriously, do you really have all your followers on paper?"
    If I tell u that nobody will believe what I write anymore;-D

    Shas: Welcome to my space;-D!!! Hey dont worry ask anybody, they'll all tell u tht I'm just all bark and no bite;-(

    Sindhu: Awwww thats that a sweet thing to say, thank U!!! U must know by now that I love what u write and thts why I keep bugging u:-).

    Sparkling: That will do, that will more than do;-o.

    Sulo Badri: I'm sorry I disappointed u...I really didnt realise u wanted me to read a particular post. Will be over soon!!!

    Dr Roshan R: LOL it feels good to put the blame on somebody or something once in a while doesnt it...now me I put the blame squarely on the internet;-D
    And thank U:-))!!!!

    Nilu: Aaah that's a lovely way to think!!!!

    Preethi: Sighhh....Agnes, are u reading this;-(????
    I was thinking Preethi, maybe the bad luck is wearing off....these past 2 months most of u are more regular, wdnt u say;-o???

    Shalom: Yeah I've checked out WP and have a page registered too but havent gone back after tht;-P. Somehow I'm not very comfortable there. But ummm....I didnt understand in what context u r asking me this;-P????

    WannabeWriter: Now this is the kind of response I was waiting for;-D

    Hitchwriter: Bloke??? Who's the bloke here????
    Hero, if U ask me nicely I might just decide to be a good girl & stay away from the tv, until then....bbwahahahaaaa!!!!

  53. LOL..LOL :)

    Whenever you visit mine I am tempted to write more and more..Same I feel when I visit yours :)

    So mebbe I am wired the opposite way--coz whatever you are doing works fine for me :)


  54. U crazy woman and ur crazier superstitions!!!! :D

  55. Now, that's the most innovative reason I've seen for being lazy and not commenting :):):)

    Naw - how can anybody stop following our dear N

  56. hey nancy
    here you go
    another follower for that lost one, ab number poore ho gaye :)

  57. Preethi Shenoy: Awwww...thank U!!!!! Such a lovely thing to say. And u r only one who took my whole post at face value...everybody else is accusing me of terrible, terrible things;-(

    Butterfly: Thanks, who needs enemies when I have relatives who make me feel so wondrafool;-/

    Ramesh: I am wounded at being called lazy;-(. I have around 130 blogs to visit & it's not possible to visit all of the them in a month. Inspite of my crazy schedule with kids, housework and weekends[2 whole days in a week when I hardly switch on the laptop] I still try...try hard to reach everywhere. Most of u say I dont post often enoff, the reason is simple I just dont have the time. Lazy I'm hope I'm not but yeah I'm a bit slow.
    Please dont mistake me, but I needed to explain coz I know many think the same way:-).

    Elizabeth: Awwww....thts really so sweet of u, thank U;-D

  58. I think a lot of bloggers are hardly blogging these days! I am one of them :( But I am sure it's just a busy phase for most of them and they will be back soon :) So go ahead and follow whoever you like :)

    I like the idea of making a list of followers :) I also love that other gadget that lets us count the number of comments by each reader :)

    And I can sit and watch a match but I can never drink water while watching a cricket match - if I do the team I am siding with hundred percent loses :(

  59. LOL IHM I thought I was bad but u take the cake...so u dont drink water huh;-D. I have an idea, for the next match India is playing we'll both threaten Hitchwriter to watch the match & drink water, he'll be begging us bhaksh him & his precious team;-D. He's been acting too superstarish lately...want to bring him down a bit;-D.

    Seriously, too many bloggers I knw are not active anymore...I too have my bad days but I try to post atleast once a week.
    Oh I like tht no. of comments gadget too...infact I had one on my blog but half-way thru it started acting funny & gave wrong info, then I had to delete it.

    Thanks for the laugh once again;-D!!!!

  60. mea culpa
    you make me feel so guilty, Nancy

  61. I smiled on opening the Comments section and it sure did remind me of the movie, 'Pati, patni aur woh' of the 'varna'... fame. The only difference being, it was Sanjeev Kumar and his expressions in that movie, and it is you and your creative mind here. Thank you.

  62. Hey Nancy....like the way you penned thoughts!
    I know some people blog always and other like me when I feel like...
    I guess thats the way life is!

  63. I'm guilty of removing you from my blogroll but stalk you I shall!!:-))I think yours was one of the first blogs I started following regularly so it would break my tiny little heart into a 1000 pieces if something untoward happened to one of my fav bloggers b'cos of me. I hope I made you all weepy and teary-eyed Nancy!!

    P.S. I added some other blogs I read in my blogroll 'cos I thought I'll shuffle the list (for my own sake). I liked your reply to Ramesh. Like you, I'm also a bit slow so..!

  64. :( :( does that mean you are taking me off your blogroll?
    what can i say.. this is the longest spell of bloggersblock or whatever it is
    and yes, i heart Agnes' blog too

    ps- check ur email!

  65. Is it me? *Mmmm scratching head, trying to recollect* No wait, I am not a follower here yet. Oh What am I waiting for!

  66. Nance, am I in your blogroll? Satyam para! you are the reason that I reduced my blogging. Ille? Hahaha

    You are so sweet. Your posts are always refreshing and simple.

  67. Lol @ the first comment on this post ;) I second that ! :D

  68. "Ms. Orginality...now this has become an idea for you to posr " LOL,Sindhu!

    Nance,you, for one should know I will never stop following you :)

  69. The problem is that you come across as being so sweet, Agnes would actually be compelled to believe you. :P

  70. I am following you nice and proper! yes missy I am! *nods head *

    check in your sidebar I still am!:P

    the not so active bloggers? err ermmm...

    on another note

    ROFL@Rakesh's comment:D:D

  71. Wanderlust: And that makes me feel really good;-D!!!

    JP Joshi: Hahaha I love the compliment, my mum & I adore Sanjeev Kumar and all his nuances in acting;-D

    Vinoo John: Thank U:-)!!!!

    Lostworld: No, no u got the wrong idea...nothing happens if u follow me but everything happens[and bad] if I follow u is what I meant to say;-o

    Ish: After a long time....where have u been??? Waiting for a bindaas post from u:-D!!!

    G: LOL;-D

    Solilo: Oh u made me laugh here, 'Shatyam pada' used to be my mom's fav way of threatening us when we were kids and now I use it on my kids;-D.
    And hey thank U:-))!!!!

    Dhanya: Me too;-D!!!

    Deeps: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Rakesh: I'm not going to question tht back-handed compliment too deeply and give u more ammunition. So thank U;-D!!!!

    Indyeah: So u checked huh;-D!!!
    @ not so active...I swear on my promise toothpaste I have nothing to do with ur not blogging frequently. Mayb if u question ur pilot mehbooba he may have the answer;-D
    And Rakesh...his humour sense is going to get him into trouble one of these days, mark my words;-D

  72. ROFL!! @pilot mehbooba!! whatta a term!!:D:D

    you sure you didnt do the black thingamajik? :P:P
    *looks at Nancy Suspiciously* :P

  73. lol..you crack me up :)..your post are a breath of fresh air always....:)
    ....and thanks for the V-day wishes...I went peeping into a few blogs you comment regularly just to make sure you were wishing just me, as proclaimed LOL.... :D.

  74. since I can't post on the latest blog entry above- I will comment here and say that I loved your answers. You are one of the best bloggers I know and i really enjoy your updates in whatever form them take.

  75. Indyeah: Apne dil mein jhaankar dekho and sach bolo. Apne chahithe blog friend par ungli utthana buri baat hai *nancy waggles her fingers*;-D

    A: I'm wounded u didnt take my word;-(. But the wound is healing magically when I read back ur compliment;-o. Magic huh!!!!

    Anjuli: Thank U soooo much:-))!!!!

  76. :):) not me Nancy! I just cant stop following you ;):):)

  77. I beg you Oh great Nancy to please blogroll me as I can't take my maniac speed of posting. I think if you blogroll me and the curse works I might be able to stop and catch my breath between my postings :)

    Oye even if you bribe me with your magnet collection I am not gonna stop following your blog.

    Ps: Count me in Plan Torturing Hitchy.. I will be the Saki who will serve IHM the water from a pitcher dancing like Shakira :)

  78. ROFL Sakshi, if I blogroll u then even ur now slow speed will be deccelerate to non-existence....cant do it, what will I do when I want to see beautiful pictures...nope I just cant take the chance;-o.
    Ur plan to torture HitchWriter is good except for the Shakira part. If U do tht then he'll be like 'Match jaaye bhaad mein' and will be watching u;-D


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