Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thank U Preeti for asking me:-)!!!!

Preeti Shenoy was putting up her 400th post and wanted to make it special. So she chose this novel way of inviting a ‘select’ few [ahem;-D] to answer a set of thought-provoking questions though in the beginning I thought they were more mind-numbing than provoking; oh you know me, I run at the 1st sight of emotion and here she was asking difficult questions about  Love, Death & such-like.

I so wanted to chicken out at first but was torn between 'feeling important' and thinking ‘have no clue what to write’.
I deliberated with lofty thoughts for a while and the page remained blank as ever, then finally slid down to the bottom and wrote like how I usually do. So yeah I sent in my answers and chewed my nails to nothing to release the tension.

And it’s up today. I’m so glad I made the effort, do go take a look here[1st part] and here[2nd part].

Thank You Preeti for asking me, it made me feel really good!!!!

Ps: Since it's not exactly a proper post as such, I have disabled comments


  1. Somebody tell me how do I disable comments for this post so tht u dont have to comment at 2 places at once.
    Ummm...u got the hint right;-D

    Now really tell me how do I...coz when I'm disabling it all the comments links from all the posts are disappearing;-(

  2. heh heh heh..Good i got here before you figured how to disable comments!

    It was my pleasure entirely to ask you! Thank you for taking part!Have mailed you too. I really like the way you write and the way you are so honest with no pretence of being anybody else!

    I really think you should not disable comments for this one. But if you really want to, then go and open the post. (where you edit when you have to make changes after you publish) Scroll down all the way. You will see 'Post options' just at the bottom left hand side of your post. Click on that it will show you options
    "readers comments" where you have two options
    1. allow
    2.Dont allow show existing.

    Choose one and Voila you're done :)