Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The reasons are many.....

*The kids are at home……and making my life barely worth living. School opened a week back but we haven’t started sending them to school coz of the swine flu factor. I was all for sending them but my better-half is a regular party-pooper....oh well he may just have a point.

*My brother-in-law is back home[he was in the US studying] after 2 years….I'm sure u can imagine how it is when you have to make all the 3 meals ……and that too on time.

*Its Ramadaan now & the better-half comes home a whole 4 hrs early. For the sake of domestic harmony I stay off blogger.

*It was our 10th anniversary last week of august & I wasted 2 whole days trying to drum up a sweet-sweet post. Seems like I exhausted my quota with this
one. We sure had a good day though.

*As I sat poised to write, I remembered I had to reply to all your mails & comments, so quickly go about it…… atleast none of you can complain I haven’t replied.

*It was Onam last week & this year somehow I was not too enthused about doing anything….I was still in that ‘I miss my mama’ mode. But
Bins, Deeps & Solilo made me feel like a lazybum & I created a Onam lunch which had 21 dishes if you count the salt & ghee[don’t you dare laugh, if you had organised that many dishes for a single lunch you’d count them too]. I haven’t recovered from the shock yet.

*As I was idly watching a program on tv about Teacher's Day I wondered if Indyeah posted anything on it. I quickly go there but you know how Indyeah’s page is ……..it takes ages to load[with all those video’s & paraphernalia]. By the time I read the whole post[nope she hadnt but there were other posts which I hadn't read], saw all the video’s, read all the comments, posted my own comment & clicked submit, Internet Explorer shuts down in protest which I took as a divine sign & got up to attend to household matters.

*It was Nikita’s birthday yesterday & am still digesting the fact that she’s eight years old now. It seems like yesterday she was chasing bupafies and wanting to be as tall as a jidaffe. Now she is attempting the Spelling Bee competition and while I’m teaching her the words I’m having mini attacks at the thought of her standing in front of everybody & trying to say it right.

*Enough is enough!!!! I make up my mind firmly & sit down with the intention of writing a post but my mouse has a will of its own & automatically clicks on Spider solitaire first. I keep playing & playing, convinced that the next game I’ll surely win. But all I do is waste time.

If I think harder I can think of more perfectly pedestrian reasons as to why I have not been posting. But the real truth is that I can’t think of a single subject to post about. The blog is always at the back of my mind but there is no particular subject appealing to my sense of wackiness.

Speaking of wackiness….. I thought Rakesh’s recent post was a brilliant take on a blogger's mindset………I guess every blogger at some point almost wishes something interesting would happen in his life just so that he can blog about it;-D.

So many of you called, emailed & commented asking if I’m okay, why I haven’t posted or haven’t been to your page. I’m really very sorry about that, it’s just that time is sort of flying. I’ve already started making amends. And with this post I hope to have broken the spell.

And Thank YOU for asking…..it really matters!!!!!!!!


  1. Simply great to see you back!
    Keep writing even you don't feel like it, you bring a smile to my life with your posts and I am sure I am just one of the many who thinks so.
    You really have a gift, Nancy!

  2. Ahhhh such a lovely comment...just the kind I want to hear. Keep em coming;-D

  3. Keep writing and we'll keep them coming :-)

  4. Belated anniversary wishes dear!
    Happy Onam!
    Oh and belated birthday wishes to Nikitha! :)

  5. Thank U, thank U & thank U.....is that all???? No encouraging words for the poor ole me;-(??????

  6. you seem to be hands-full Nancy dear!
    Many belated wishes.. I guess I wished you Onam. So here's for the baby's Birthday and the parents anniversary :)
    u spend two days trying to drum up a sweet-sweet post :P ha ha.. that itself is so sweet! glad you had and having a great time..

    enjoy and take care..

  7. Hey Nancy !! Gud to see ur post !!!
    What ever reasons said and done, you are a responsible blogger - ur site says so. You cant keep away like this.

    Dont do this, any more, OK !!!

    Congrats to you on your wedding anniversary and please wish Nikhita for her bday. The wishes are belated, OOOPSSS!!!!

    Really, did u make 21 dishes for onam ??? Shld have shared it with us, na ???

    You've written abt Writer's Block - no comments - I do go thru such phases - but read my blog for something more serious than that. HAHAHAHAH !!

  8. Mindspace: Thank U for the wishes!!!!
    Hands full....yes yes thts exactly wht is happening....was so hoping somebody would notice that;-D
    Yeah I was feeling very pleased about the 10th anniversary..a decade u know but what to do...I cant seem to express my emotions very well;-(

    Uma: U knw I was feeling so terrible about it....I usually put up a post atleast once in 4-5 days but here it was just not happening. I even wondered whether I should stop blogging rather than force-write some nonsense;-o
    Thank U for all the wishes & yes I had 21 dishes for Onam...ummm I never said I MADE 21 of them;-P

  9. Glad or what to c this post n cmg @ a gr8 time :)

    Happy Anniversary and a very very happy birthday to Nikitha :)

    N plsssss don't go away again :P

  10. I have two reflections in my reader... while i try to avoid one I dont try to avoid yours... but somehow I havent noticed anything since you left for yoru vacation... !!!!!!

    geez... I believe you posted... and I missed them... !!!

    welcome back...

    Thats a lovely cartoon... how we are huh...

    you stay off blogger for domestic harmony...

    seems this is a general problem everywhere... not just at my house... !!!!!

  11. err....coming at which gr8 time????

    Thank U Swaram.......I'll try not to;-D

  12. Hitchwriter: Hehe...have to admit that u havent missed much really;-P.
    Thank U for the welcome:-))!!!!
    Yeah seems like most of us go thru it but urs is legendary;-D

  13. Celebration time re - We cud wish u na :P

  14. But your last post you written in the flight itself i suppose. I thought you were getting over your jet lag, Nancy. But now i know the reason.Welcome back once again.

  15. Swaram: Aaaah ok got it now...I'm such a tubelight sometimes;-P. Thank U for the wishes:-))!!!!

    Balvinder Singh: Hehe even the last post was put up after a lot of meahanat....and I in desperation used the kids to do the post;-P.
    I keep thinking maybe its a stage in the blogger's life....what do u think, after all u've been blogging for ages now?????

  16. Hey,
    Welcome back. So nice to see your post. I was wondering if you were ok as there were no posts. Glad you are.
    Happy belated wishes on your anniversary, Nikita's birthday and Onam.
    Keep blogging as we all WAIT for it. :)
    Once again great post!

  17. heylo Nancy! so I was not the only one MIA. good to come back to a usual Nancy post, and yes thats a compliment.
    Belated happy anniversary! 10 years? WOW! :)
    Belated birthday wishes to Nikita also.. keep writing babe.. i still havnt had the courage to open blogger :/

  18. heylo Nancy! so I was not the only one MIA. good to come back to a usual Nancy post, and yes thats a compliment.
    Belated happy anniversary! 10 years? WOW! :)
    Belated birthday wishes to Nikita also.. keep writing babe.. i still havnt had the courage to open blogger :/

  19. Hey belated anivesary wishes for both of you and also pass my belated b'day to wishes Nikita :)
    so onam,aniversary,birthday,bro's return...itz celbration time uhh!!

  20. yay! at least one of us is back LOL :D the better one too! there must be something about Nancy cuz i enjoyed even a listed post like this lol just reading thru the excuses hehe lots of celebrations, belated best wishes!

  21. bee conyest!!?....awesome!..good luck to her!!...

    belated onam wishes!!..

  22. Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Bird Day to Nikita!

    What else...

    Happy Onam and Happy whatever... Phew!

    And you don't have to worry about wackiness...

    You do quite well with craziness :)

  23. anniversary greeting to you!!! :)
    so when are we getting a party..;-D

  24. Happy Anniversary and bday wishes to the wannabe tall jidaffee :). Awww at least you could think up so many reasons for not blogging. My brain seems dead even to think of reasons for not making a post. I am too proud to say that I don't have any ideas even in my draft...sobs!!!

  25. ahhh...such an easy read...liked the randomness of the post...n do salt n ghee count as 1 or 2??? ;)

    belated anniversary wishes :D

  26. oh oh oh...happy anniversary, happy birthday kiddo and happy onam, and happy to see you here :)
    I'm overwhelmed :P
    But i truly truly understand the cooking bit.

  27. 1. After the intial sadness I too am happy that Peanut is in full Kindergarten. ;)

    2. 10th wedding anniversary! That's a milestone. We want a mush post.Mush..Mush.. Belated wishes.

    3. What did I do? I didn't post anything about Onam..other than a card. We didn't even celebrate it. Ha..ha.. now how about e-sending some of those goodies this way?

    4. Ha..ha..ha.. Indy girl is busy. She will be back to blogging soon. I talked to her last night.

    5. Happy birthday to dear Nikita!

    Good to see you back in full form, Nancy.

  28. HAPPPY anniversary(belated though:))


    And God! You had 21 dishes for Onam?? That was more than sumptuous!! *sigh*

    As you get settled now, with all your reasons already wound up, come back with YOUR bang,N!!Waiting for the next post already :)

  29. ahh wish i cud write a post like this to re-start my sleepin blog.. same prob here.. i dono wat to start off on! :( but this is really motivating :) keep bloggin and happy bloggin .. :)

  30. so many good days in a fortnight , from where should I start wishing:)

    Avery happy decade of a blissful marriage !!

    many many happy returns and happy Bday to dear Nikita!!
    and Happy Onam!

    so start telling us how did u celebrate all these important days?

  31. mera itna long comment kahan gaya:(

  32. Nancy!!! A wacky post to come back with huh? Oh! I have so been missing reading you, but i am also being a lazy bum these days, hardly reading or even posting for that matter. :P

    I hope this really broke the spell, and the posts will keep coming in with greater regularity from now. Cheers to having you back. :)

  33. Divya: Good to see here too. Thank U for all the wishes & kind words:-)). The vacation I went on sort of changed my routine so guess I needed time to get back into the groove again.

    ISH: Hey so good to see U;-D!!! Now dont gimme the same story I'm telling u.....if I remember right u went on a 2 month vacation which took u to 2-3 countries. Get on with it...the post I mean, and no excuses;-/

    ummm....at the risk of sounding out-dated, whats MIA??????

    Anishthomas: Until I wrote it here I didnt really give it too much thought but yes...its really celebration time;-D. Thank U for the wishes!!!!!!

    Snow: Hehe thank U!!!! So now u also take the cue & dash off a post quickly;-D

    Brocasarea: The pressure is all on me....lets hope it goes off well.
    Thank U for the wishes...we sure need them;-P.

    Rakesh: Thank U for all the wishes:-))!!!
    "You do quite well with craziness :)" Well I dont believe in limiting myself in tht dept...and infact I'm constantly surprising myself;-(

    Mathew: Party???? What party???? Like they say in hindi "Raat gayi, baat gayi". In this case its like weeks gayi, bhool gayi...;-D

    Sakshi: LOL....u r repeating me my own story back to me. I'll tell u what...lets form a club "The Bloggerblock Club" or something like that...we'll dubaaofy our gum together;-D

    Blunt Edges: Ofcourse 2 items....if I cd get away with it I wd have made it 3 or 4 even but I had to take into consideration the fact that most of my blogger friends can calculate;-D
    Thank U for the wishes:-))!!!

  34. Nancy, you made 21 dishes really? WOW! hats off to you woman. I wish I had been privy to teh feasting though. ;)

  35. i just realized when i saw my comment on the post that you linked...that ive been reading you for more than a yr! :)

    wow its been long...and u were def missed!!! :)

  36. Only you could make even a post about your own confusing thoughts & busy schedule so interesting !! :)

    Let me also add my wishes - Happy Anniversary, Happy Onam, Happy birthday to Nikita, Good luck for spelling bee :) I'm reeling in shock imagining a table laden with 21 dishes !!!! Phew.. That 1 reason would've been enough for me to stay away from blogging ;)

  37. I always read your blog, but never commented...
    You really write so well that I sort of always wait for your post.
    This, again is a really nice one:-)

  38. Sorry about not calling on your anniversary. Though it came to mind, I decided that it is on Sep 29th! :D

    You do not count the salt, u crazy crazy, woman! Unless ofcourse u were on the dandi march with Gandhi.

    You take ur time and come back with a bombaat post!

  39. Hey..nice to see u back in action.
    BTW i just saw ur comments on my post and i didn't receive any before that..I think blogger is acting up totally. Sorry about that...im just trying to figure whats wrong.
    Bday wishes to you lil one :)

  40. Meira: Thank U for all the wishes:-))!!!!
    About the cooking....this is the 1st time I'm doing everything myself. At tht time I didnt really think about it but now I knw I'm gonna be boasting abt it for years to come;-D

    Solilo: LMHO at the 1st point;-D. Abt 2nd point, I seriously dont have a single mushy bone in my body. The link I gave in the post is my mushiest yet. I'd love to write something like that atleast about my kids but the words just dont come out;-P
    Yeah it was that card which made me feel guilty & at tht time I thot u were fully geared to celebrate it;-D

    Athivas: Thank U for the wishes!!!! Until today we've always celebrated Onam with the parents...making a spread for just 2 adults & 2 kids who show least interest in food didnt really appeal. Glad I made the effort this time:-).
    "come back with YOUR bang,N!!Waiting for the next post"
    Dont say things like tht.....esp when I'm experiencing a bloggers block;-(

    Former sansmerci: Hey, how have u been...good to see u. Take my words, just sit down & put whatever comes to mind onto the paper. Slowly a post u want to publish will emerge...atleast this is how it works for me;-P

    Renu: Yes, yes past 10 days have been very good:-))!!!! As for how we spent it...nothing very dramatic really. Because of this swine flu problem everybody is being very careful but yes I did prepare one elaborate meal & we had another meal out in a fancy restaurant;-D.
    U wrote another comment???? or is this the same one who were talking about???

    Passionate Goof: Yeah, yeah I hope so too;-D
    Nancy, you made 21 dishes really?
    Shhhhh..dont tell anybody this...but I made only 15 of the 21 dishes. The rest were salt, ghee, sugar, banana, chips and curd. Before u say I was leading all of u on please examine what I've written. I have used fancy words like 'created' & 'organised' to gloss over the fact;-D

    Sunshine: I dont remember the post but I still remember ur 1st comment...coz u were the 1st person to tell me that u were delurking...boyyy was I feeling so celebrity-like tht time;-D.
    3 cheers to our blog friendship, Hip, hip...:-))!!!!!

    Rohitha: Thank u, thank u for all the wishes:-))!!!!!
    I'm beginning to feel vaguely guilty abt all the compliments I'm receiving abt the onam meal.
    Hint: Chk out the reply I made to Passionate Goof;-P

    Anonymous: Aha a delurker....but come on why anonymous...get urself a gmail id & join us;-)).
    Or...or...dont tell me u know me in real life & r hiding ur identity;-o.

    Butterfly: Ah-a I knew it...I always knew it, I'm sure papa always called u & reminded u abt it but this time he didnt, right;-/. Sidey!!!!!
    And salt is not the only thing I counted...see the reply I made to Passionate Goof;-D

    An Open Book: U knw now tht I think about it...it cd have been my fault. This word verification thing appears a good 30 seconds after we click submit. Maybe I closed the page before it went thru...just one of the reasons I can think of why u didnt get it:-(.
    And thank u for the wishes:-))!!!!


  41. Had to tell u that my man made a yummy maggi for me today...with chunks of omelette!

  42. LOL ENJOYYYY .....u knw mine makes it for me with tiny sausages & green chilli;-D

  43. absolutely wonderful 'reading' you again!!!!!! :) Now REST from all the cooking - family back home- kids home from school- anniversaries- birthdays-husband coming home early etc!! :)

  44. LOL....haven't u heard Connie, there's no rest for the wicked;-D

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. happy belated anniversary, happy belated onam and all other wishes that I may have missed Nancy. so sorry...I've not been very active myself with the reading and recently got back to writing. so I understand. good to see the Nancy-ness on the blog again :)

  47. oopsss seems like the same comment got posted 3 times...please delete the first two Nancy

  48. Onasamsakal........aathyam.....Sadaya undoh?

    Anniversary wishes-

    Belated birthday wishes to Nikita

    Happy homecoming( I mean blogging)

    Happy cooking

    Happy timepass

    Happy writer's block

    Chill lady............Whenever it is possible peep in here.......we miss your craziness!! ( running to get a cover!LOL)

  49. Wow! So many things happen and you say nothing's happening ;)

    Happy Anniversary and a belated Happy birthday to Nikita :)

    I'm kinda shocked reading the Onam menu, I mean, seriously 21? Seriously? WOW!!!

    And you should know Nancy, everytime you write, none of us fail to smile :)

  50. A: Good to see u:-)!!!!! Yeah I knw tht u too have been missing....came there to chk a coupla times;-D
    Thank U for all the wishes:-))!!!!!

    Maddy: Thank U for all the many wishes. I'm overwhelmed;-P
    Yes, sadya undooo, gambheeram aayirunnu:-)).

  51. Sparkling: Yeah well...none of these happenings are like blog-material or maybe its bcoz 'I've already blogged abt it' kinds. So many days I sat staring at the computer screen blankly....I even wondered whether my blogging days were over...infact I'm still wondering;-o.
    Thank U for all the wishes:-))!!!!!!

  52. I was wondering too as to why you are silent so long! Got the answer!!! :) Same pinch...I completed 10 years too this year..and my daughter is turning 8 as well... how time flies! And not knowing what to write..has been the case with me for the last several months...but wish I could solve it in such an interesting way! :D

  53. Wannabe just sit down & randomly pen down whatever comes to mind. Soon some thought will click & u can focus on that & turn it into a post. At least thts how it works for me....all my posts barring a few are written like this;-P

  54. SURPRISE!!! u have been tagged!!!
    check out my updated post!!! :D:D:D

    i'm sure this would have come up as a total surprise :P:P

  55. I was beginning to wonder..
    Keep 'em coming.

  56. Blunt edges Ohhh nooo how could u???? I have some 20 tags pending already & u add the burden of one more on me;-/

    Lan: Hehe if nothing else there r always the Tags to do;-P

  57. aww thats so sweet Nancy!! :)


  58. Ah! at least I can point you to this post next time you ask me ;)

  59. Sunshine: Oh that I am;-D

    ISH: Just u wait...I'm going to spam ur comment section if u dont put up something within this week;-/

    Colours:Oho so my own post is being used against me;-o

  60. See !! This itself was a grt post...it is grt to see u back nancy ...Kool.

  61. Nancy, I've tagged you. Check my blog.

  62. Prabodh: U r very kind, thank U:-))!!!!!

    Rohitha: Will check it out now!!!!

  63. Nancy, why don't you begin with a tag, atleast? Missing your blogs badly,man!Please come back soon....

  64. LOL Athivas....ur wish is my command;-D!!!!

  65. Ohh Nancy, I have been away from blogger for a really long time too(did you even notice?) :(:( And really if you ask me, I have no specific reason. Just cant think of anything to write about. Your post so perfectly states my mindset as well :)

  66. Piper...u may not be writing but u r tending to beautiful plants which is well worth the effort I think:-))
    I dont know if u noticed but I came there & loved the flowers u put up esp the 1st pic;-D

    psssstttt...do u think we shd start a bloggers block club & share our gum[no no not chewing gum, this is the hindi word for sorrow..u knw, gum] together;-o

  67. It was a coincidence that when you were reading my blog, I was on your's (the collage one)

    Now is that some kind of telepathy and connection :D I am sure its a connection of blogger love..

  68. Really......coooool I tell u...I have this big grin on my face...did u have one too;-D??????

  69. Of course I had it too.. and that brought me here to leave that comment :)

  70. ...yep u r right, its blogger's connection;-D!!!!!

  71. First things first,Nance,belated anniversary wishes to you a& ur husband!Secondly,belated birthday wishes to Nikita!
    As you know,I was on a break(oh no not the rachel-ross kind :D )...lazing around in Delhi,hence missed this post of urs.Pls accept my apologies.Am still on a hiatus though,just had to leave a comment here after reading this post of urs.

    So you made 21dishes...ende daivame!!Kudos,Nance...I was all sweating and panting after making just 3!

    Will be back to read your following posts soon,Nance.Till then take care and keep blogging.
    hugs to the li'l ones and best wishes to you & yours :)

  72. Hey thanks, so nice of u to take the time to come over.
    Hehe 21 dishes sound hep huh....but only around 15 of them were handmade the rest were chips & sharkaravartti & pickle & ghee...u get what I mean;-D

    And hey u have a GOOD vacation...we really earned that time off;-D


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